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2250 Manana Drive

Dallas, Texas 75220

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fritter17  on  The Clubhouse

posted on August 20, 2015
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For my first experience at a strip club, I am so happy we went here. The girls were beautiful and very welcoming towards me. The building was huge and had plenty of seating, the lighting was cool, and the music was really good. I thought it was awesome that it was BYOB; we didn't have to worry about pricey or watered down drinks. I had a blast and will be going back!

rogerrab2  on  The Clubhouse

posted on December 22, 2014
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Very disappointed. I made reservations for a bachelor party. The person on phone told us a lot of misinformation. admission would be free for party over 10. Pay for parking and dances $30. Byob. Special for bachelor to get on stage $75 for all dancers to dance. We get there they had the wrong date for our reservations and told us would be $17 a piece with $3 off. Manager took $2 more off due to the mishaps. Club was pretty wack. There was only one good looking stripper and 1 decent one and about 13 mudducks. The manager told us we was told wrong about bachelor special on stage and that there are no specials if that were to happen it would be $200. Two thumbs down.

Harrison69  on  The Clubhouse

posted on November 17, 2013
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My 1st strip club these girls made the best experience ever. Even the DJ gave me birthday shout outs! Thanks ladies

AssnTits5  on  The Clubhouse

posted on December 1, 2012
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Um yup that happened. Well it's a strip club that favors heavy metal since it's owned by members of Pantera. Fun times and a perfect way to blow through some cash.

Andre P.  on The Clubhouse

posted on July 18, 2012
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Best full nude strip club in Dallas.

Rob  on The Clubhouse

posted on June 17, 2012
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welp its been a year and 3 months since ive been in town and still no one posts comments here except one. im coming back on the 25th anyway.

tim bamford  on The Clubhouse

posted on January 18, 2012
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I know a girl that works there every few weeks and she says it's a great place then it has to be, she's got class and I trust her judgement totally

harryharry  on  The Clubhouse

posted on April 15, 2011
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It's OK. Many girls go to all nude while some don' t. Inside is big. All kinds of girls. About half girls are good looking. Parking $5, cover $10 in Sunday, lap dance $10 Sunday,$20 other days. Their music is great. The waittress is cute. The seats are not so clean. I went to Men's club before, their seats are really nice. May come to here again with friends to enjoy the music, drink, talk and watch the dance of good looking nacked girls.

Rob  on The Clubhouse

posted on February 18, 2011
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Damn ! This is one kickass club. why doesnt anyone post comments here ?

Rob  on The Clubhouse

posted on October 8, 2010
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Ok Texas people give me an up to date review of this place. Im coming thru on the 12th. How is it ?

sita  on The Clubhouse

posted on March 7, 2010
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tiffany, i remember you! you were going to hongkong after the clubhouse. how'd that work out? you were one hot beyotch! and so brave to travel the world dancing! where r u now? sita in dallas

joseph1k  on  The Clubhouse

posted on October 9, 2009
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I love old school metal. I also love women. In fact, the less clothes, the better... Or so I thought.It's a Sunday night and I'm sitting at The Clubhouse enjoying the newest Tower Defense game on my iPhone instead of focusing on the local flora and fauna. Simply put, I've seen better at the local Barnes and Noble. Sure, the music is a great change from the usual strip club fare, but being groped by someone that could be my grandmother hungrily asking if I want a table dance isn't exactly the memory I want to take home. There is no food to be served. But hey, apparently you can order pizza here and they will bring it to your table. Yeah, no thanks. I would rather go somewhere that I can enjoy mediocre chicken tenders served with greasy fries with my bottle of whatever. All in all, having come on an "off night," I'm really unimpressed. The girls are tolerable at best, outright repulsive at worst. I think next time I'm invited here with my friends, I think I'll stay home and catch up on some video gaming instead of spending money to be dissatisfied. Combine a less than stellar experience with valet only parking and I will definitely find somewhere else to be next time.

joseph  on The Clubhouse

posted on August 16, 2009
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WOW! I loved this place! I live in Arkansas...and me and a couple friends decided to go to dallas to go see cowboys stadium and to go see a new world of strip clubs...becausre the ones in ark suck! its jus topless! So we wanted full nude and we wanted fun and we got it! Anyways I met a dancer in there that I let do a lapdance for me...and shes beautiful. We didnt really get to talk much though...and i would love to find her and talk more because i cant be there every 2 weeks it jus wont be able to happen. So the dancers name is Bree or maybe Brie somewhere in that range.So if your on here babe please let me know and maybe there can be a way we can talk till i come back and get VIP with you!

blahblah  on The Clubhouse

posted on April 13, 2009
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Quick question, I am coming into town for this coming weekend, what are the good all nude clubs that have good VIP room dances, I prefer clubs a little on the sleazier side as the dancers tend to give better dances and what are some of the going rates for 1/2 hrs and 1 hrs

CHRISTINA from KY  on The Clubhouse

posted on April 3, 2009
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If a stripper really likes you response: a stripper likes you when she asks you out without propositioning you for sex or money! some will lead you on to see what they can get out of you (shopping spree or gambling or complaining about bills). if she seems too available, she usually isn't. the easiest way to get a stripper nto go out with you is to go see her, pay her respect by paying her for her time, (she has to move on if you don't) and wait for her to ask you. if she doesn't within 3-4 visits, she probably won't. fyi: don't try to woo more than 1 girl at a time; nwe can read right through that!

If a stripper really likes you  on The Clubhouse

posted on January 24, 2009
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How do you figure out if a stripper really likes you? Do you spend time with her without spending money?

McCarthyism  on The Clubhouse

posted on October 13, 2008
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While McCain has put out an ad with false claims regarding Obama and Ayers, so far it has only appeared on line. Most likely McCain is hoping that the media will pick up the story without it being obvious that the story originated from McCain. Marc Ambinder writes, ?The McCain campaign worries that tough Ayers talk that?s link to McCain will hurt them among certain demographic groups. ......... ?Certain demographic groups? as used here by Ambinder is another term for ?all thinking, rational Americans who would be sickened by the McCain campaign?s practice of McCarthyism in labeling someone un-American merely based upon someone they happen to have met or been on a committee with.?

This isn't Racist  on The Clubhouse

posted on October 13, 2008
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This isn't the racecard, it is just saying that McCain is OBVIOUSLY another hack who represents the people who are destroying this great country!

Team America!  on The Clubhouse

posted on October 13, 2008
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Anybody who has watched Obama and Biden speak and tell their stories would have a much better chance of voting for them than someone who only reads racist message boards and doesn't give them a chance.

Get a Clue!  on The Clubhouse

posted on October 13, 2008
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You dumbass! Since when is it an advantage to be black!!!!!!! I challenge you rightwingers to make a positive comment about John McCain. Something good about him has no McCarthyism type reference about Obama associating with someone a long time ago or about Obama being black and you trying to scare people like you did when you 'swiftboated' the war hero named John Kerry.

The racecard  on The Clubhouse

posted on October 13, 2008
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"God gave you your skin color, so why not use it to your advantage? "

naughty  on The Clubhouse

posted on September 15, 2008
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I was travling and a girlfriend and i came here to work. Nice place!

Dances?  on The Clubhouse

posted on November 18, 2007
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Who can tell me about the dances here? Are they table, or couch? Air? Grind? Touching?

Tiffany  on The Clubhouse

posted on October 24, 2007
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LOVE this club ... it was soooo much fun i didnt want to leave!I travelled all the way from little ol' New Zealand to have the PRIVILEGE of working in Vinnie and Darrels club ... cant wait to go back ROCK ON!!! Tiffany

cd  on The Clubhouse

posted on August 9, 2007
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this club is awesome. the girls are gorgeous and they know how to dance. they play amazing music there. peyton is the best looking by far. but this is strictly a rockers strip club, no wussy fall out boy or all american rejects... queers.

Randy  on The Clubhouse

posted on August 5, 2007
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I am in town on business and have heard great things about this club.. I hope to check it out before I leave town to return home. Hope to see you soon girls.

mmf  on The Clubhouse

posted on July 30, 2007
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i love some of these dancers they are so hot great dancers and fun!!!!

SicOne DAN from MN  on The Clubhouse

posted on July 30, 2007
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Fuck what you think, If your in Dallas go here no matter what. I will drive another 1200 Miles just to see this place again, If your there go see Roxy she is so beautiful and just a great person and then her dancing ohhhh look out. I love you roxy. Dan

Lizica  on The Clubhouse

posted on June 6, 2007
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You guys really need to update your information that way we are able to see what the club looks like inside. also you guys need to show photos of the girls,

Cleopatra  on The Clubhouse

posted on June 5, 2007
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I think it's the most sleaziest club I've ever visited! The chairs had white stains on them ( made me think that girls do more than just dance there). Me and my boyfriend were offered a dance in the VIP-room by a girl who also offered cheap drugs. I told her that we're not interested but this steroid using Frankensteins bride just sat down. I was really offended because I came there to have fun and listen to some old good heavy music but as it happened the club was full of ugly high school drop. We left for another club!

Scott  on The Clubhouse

posted on May 21, 2007
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I love this club. It is the best that Texas has to offer. The dancers are top-notch and the club is very classy. I would recommend it to anyone who would bother to ask.

just a customer  on The Clubhouse

posted on March 12, 2007
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I thought this club was smoky. No ventilation system. Too much base on the sound system it was hard to find a table where you could hear the music well which was a shame considering the affilation with Pantera! No billboard so it was hard to find. Loved the girls! All very pretty. Esp. September, great conversation and looks like demi moore! well come back again!

Mariah  on The Clubhouse

posted on March 1, 2007
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Swing into action with Mariah the Newest beauties of the new millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic nude photos/movies/chat rooms and it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more.

james  on The Clubhouse

posted on December 8, 2006
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Great Club, The VIP room is an EXTRA 35 dollars. That means door fee 20 plus 35. VIP room is worthless cause it all depends on the girl you get. beautiful young girls. Only saw 1 bad one, very nice girls, doormen and staff.

Regrets from Steve  on The Clubhouse

posted on November 27, 2006
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I am sorry that I cannot be there on the 12th for the special get together (someone else fill in for me!). Thank you for the very kind invitations!

Steve  on The Clubhouse

posted on November 27, 2006
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My appreciation for Texas hospitality has been completely renovated by many others as well; I hope that I may meet you again one day: (?spellings) Danni, Misty, Toby, Rock, Bella, Annika, Eve, Carl, Venus, Terra, Brittney, Peyton, Chelsea, Kori, Reagan, Katie, Amy, and several others whose names escape me for the moment (please forgive me; remind me!).

Northern Steve  on The Clubhouse

posted on November 27, 2006
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It was a memorable few days on every level: All of the people who serve at each post are friendly and helpful beyond anything I have ever seen! Candace, especially, great job! Thank you for some most thought-provoking conversations and even words of wisdom--September and Posh in particular ... you could not be more delightful! Your sharp minds are central charming features of your ravishing personalities.

Katie  on The Clubhouse

posted on November 23, 2006
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I worked here this past week. My friend and I were the girls from TN. I did the pole tricks. We just wanted to let you know that we love this club! The girls were super nice to us! Which is odd when you are the "new" girls at a club! I really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere! We will definatly be coming back! You girls keep on makin money! all of you Rock! Thanks!

Rick  on The Clubhouse

posted on November 16, 2006
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When I come through town should I go here or to Jags down the street?

Nat & Bri  on The Clubhouse

posted on September 6, 2006
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My wife and I visited this past holiday weekend and had a blast. Great people all around, my wife went home soaking wet and she is begging to go back! - Thank you!

ferret_20987  on The Clubhouse

posted on August 7, 2006
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Probably the best strip club in Dallas. The local boys hit one out of the park, and they are still going strong. Thanks Vinnie&Darrell

becks  on The Clubhouse

posted on June 12, 2006
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My friends and I visited on a Wednesday night. We were a little unsure of the place because of the neighborhood and the exterior of the building. But, it was a good experience. The BYOB policy is great, so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get boozed up. The girls like you to share your drinks with them, so be sure to bring extra for them. The girls got quite a bit more friendly as the night went on. Some were better than others. I had a good time with Chrissy (or was it Christy). Very sensual. The girls there are willing to pay a little extra attention and talk to you (but it was a slow night). Be prepared for good rock music - no hip-hop like you find in most clubs.

bambi  on The Clubhouse

posted on June 12, 2006
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For the dude who wondered where all the great dancers from the clubhouse are!!! take it from me its been 6 mths and im still being bullied by a bunch of asses w/ too much pussy day it'll come back at em straight up the ass. ha ha ......tapped, bugged, followed, and i've been pulled over 20 times in 6 mths, i'm starting to think there must be a huge diamond hidden in my pussy.i .

Metal chick!  on The Clubhouse

posted on June 11, 2006
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If anyone works here would love to know how itis. Would be an honor to work at pantera's club. Live in Atlanta so please let me know how it is.

Worth the ride...  on The Clubhouse

posted on June 7, 2006
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I was in Fort Worth for business but there are very few clubs on that side of the metrolex so I drove down to the Clubhouse to check it out. It's a little bit out of the way and doesn't look like much from the outside but it is a VERY nice place. Nice layout, lighting, stages, comfortable chairs, and great outfits for the waitresses - school girl outfits. The dancers are above average and some of them are truly HOT! I got a lap dance from September who is gorgeous and really seems to enjoy giving them. Cover is a bit high and the valet "gratuity" is absurd but it was worth it. I'll definitely stop there again!!! Go September!!!

E  on The Clubhouse

posted on March 30, 2006
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Is there still a blonde named micah with a tiger tatoo on her butt that works there?

licking  on The Clubhouse

posted on March 23, 2006
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I was here on business and needed some entertainment on a lonely Wed night. The cost was $20 to get in, $5 for valet parking and 5 more bucks for a small drink of water. I found the girls like to drink so if you want some attention right away bring something to drink, they prefer hard liquor. The girls were very beautiful and some more friendly then others. The later in the night the more they show and for a tip the viewing was great. Candy was a sweet Hershey?s kiss that paid extra attention to me and was a great lap dance ($35). If she is there take sometime to get to know her, it pays in the end.

Brandy  on The Clubhouse

posted on January 30, 2006
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I just wanted to make a comment about your Strippers there the best and there isnt one thing id change about that club its the BOMB!!! I fell in love with a Stripper named Reese.. lol Muah!!

sbr  on The Clubhouse

posted on January 28, 2006
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was there for 2 nights(jan 06). Great place. More than 20 girls, all top of the line. Had a great time, Can not mention all the girls, but Lucky and Sidney was fantastic. Cannot wait to go back.

papalote_texas  on The Clubhouse

posted on September 7, 2005
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Great club!!! VIP is worth the extra $$$, believe me!!! The lap dances in VIP can be VERY entertaining and "satisfying", if you get the drift. Lots of hot girls!!

Riddick  on The Clubhouse

posted on August 29, 2005
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congratulations for ya have been voted the second best club in the nation by Fitness Magazine according to their person, not affiliated with it, and not been to The Clubhouse, Fitness Mag is how i got the website, a friend has the subscription to it, have heard of The Clubhouse just never been, one of the few that i've not been to

PassingThrough  on The Clubhouse

posted on August 24, 2005
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Is the VIP worth anything here? Any tips on who to look for? I'll be there in a couple of weeks and looking forward to it!

Rick  on The Clubhouse

posted on May 4, 2005
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Can anyone tell me whether the extra cost of VIP is worth it in extra mileage, especially with Lexi. She looks great but a regular dance is no contact....Thanks

Sooner  on The Clubhouse

posted on April 17, 2005
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Holly - Thanks for the response. Not sure if it was you or not. I seems like it was closer to a year and a half ago. I think this Holly's dad was a lawyer but not sure about that. She gave me her cell #, but I never got around to calling and don't know if it's still a good #. I should be in Dallas later this month. Maybe I'll try it then.

Dallas Visitor  on The Clubhouse

posted on April 7, 2005
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Checked this club out this week. It was ok, I would definitely go back. The Men's club has hotter girls, but if you like Nude over topless, this place does just fine. Most of the girls here were big breasted, some had a little meat on their bones to support their huge chests though. Got 2 nice dances then a surprise dance from a girl who looked like she was in her mid 20's, but had breasts that looked like they were 85 years old. It's like someone had sucked all the air out of them and what's left, had sagged down to her belt line. Ouch! Lot's of other hotter girls though, so if you can take the good with the bad, check this club out.

A girl named Holly  on The Clubhouse

posted on April 6, 2005
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I don't know if you were asking about me Scooner, but my name is Holly and I worked at the club house about three years ago. From what I hear, I am pretty "hot" I have curlie (spell check on that last word please) blonde hair. If I am the same girl, I now live in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Type back. If I am the same girl then I belive that I remember who you are.

big j  on The Clubhouse

posted on January 23, 2005
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Just got back. Was above my expectations. The chicks were 80% hot as hell. Unfortunately I got the girl who gives the worst dance but all the others looked great.

RIP Dimebag!  on The Clubhouse

posted on January 17, 2005
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My sympathies to Vinnie and his family. I never worked at this club, but did at others a few years ago. I remember hangin out with Darrell and friends in good ol Deep Ellum, not to mention the unforgotten Dallas City Limits. Great times/greater memories. Take care Vin!!!!

Sooner  on The Clubhouse

posted on December 30, 2004
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Been in here a couple of times. Enjoyed it quite a bit. A few hot girls and others who were at least average. Anyone know if Holly still works there? Can't remember her stage name but she's a really hot blond. Thanks.

michelle jacobs  on The Clubhouse

posted on December 25, 2004
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i wanted to pay my respects to dimebag........i went to school with the abbott's back in 83' when they went to bowie, i actually had a class with vinnie. they used to give concerts on friday nights in the auditorium and they rocked! i was so proud of them when they made it big.......they deserved it! i followed their career and always bought their albums. im shocked and so saddened about darrell's death, ........stay strong vinnie!! he loved ya so much .........r.i.p. dimebag!!!

The Metal Girl  on The Clubhouse

posted on December 11, 2004
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I just wanted to pay my respects to the Abbott family. I had the pleasure of working at this club about 2 years ago, it was an awesome time for all. RIP Dime-we will never forget you.

Alana  on The Clubhouse

posted on December 10, 2004
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I worked here last year. I loved this club. Some of the nicest dancers that I have ever worked with. I was wondering if a blonde named Hailey still worked there. Also I give Vinnie and family my support in Darrells passing.

Tervel  on The Clubhouse

posted on November 20, 2004
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Table dances (not LAP dances) are typical of a full Nude club in Dallas, however if you fork over another $30 for VIP they get a lot better. Highly recommend Reese if she's still there - awesome body and a lap dance you'll never forget!

Jazz  on The Clubhouse

posted on November 10, 2004
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Went there on Monday Nov 8 2004. These girls are worth the visit. Sunday is $10 night. Women are goodlooking, friendly and great lappers. Full nekkid and plenty time on task. I'll be back. Laissez les Bon Temp Rouler! Let the Good Times Roll!