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Dallas, Texas 

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traveler3  on Goldclub

posted on April 22, 2014
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2014 update for (now called) PT's Still a great lineup of totally nude dancers during the day. Most, if not all, give great closeup views of pussy and ass. One tall brunette has an awesome body, perfect tits and a smooth shaved pussy. She gives long closeup view, from the rear and spread eagle. Love the Texas style small stages where you can get great views for dollars.

visitor3  on Goldclub

posted on April 23, 2010
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Was at the Gold Club this Thursday 1-3pm. Great lineup for a weekday, they were using the main stage and two of the smaller stages when I got there, then switched to all 6 stages with one-song sets. Lots of closeup tipping. Toward the end, two dancers to remember: one girl with really huge pussy lips was giving long poses front view and rear view .. sometimes her pussy lips would open up on their own and were damp on the inside. The other was a tall girl with a really smooth shaved pussy, somewhat puffy with a long well-defined slit and pierced clit .. gave long front and rear poses and even pumped her asshole in and out. Awesome close to the day.

Sam  on Goldclub

posted on September 28, 2009
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Guess I'm not too picky (my friends would say otherwise), but this place is the shit. I have been here twice in three months and both times I spent WAY too much money and enjoyed every dollar spent. Had a great time. Keep up the good work, ladies.

adam  on Goldclub

posted on June 22, 2009
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I have a great time at the gold club. girls is nice and pretty. lap dance is good u can toch the brest . it was fun.

In The Know...  on Goldclub

posted on January 9, 2009
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As the official party headquarters, 2001 Odyssey is the place to be if you are an entertainer and want to work in Tampa for the Superbowl! The NFL Experience kicks off the weeklong event list on Saturday, January 24th! Get a spot early!

Kevin  on Goldclub

posted on December 20, 2008
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I been to eraq for 7 months, i just get back home my friends george in vite me to go to PTs gold club. I have a great time, bring ur ouw beer. the girls is so pretty. exotic joy made my day. shes so hot. beautiful pace. nice and sweet. the little pussy i immagine and bring my fantacy at home.

Tuesday  on Goldclub

posted on September 18, 2008
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went there with a few guys after work didnt expect it to be so crowded on a tuesday but was surprised not that many pretty girls there just average but there was one beautiful little hispanic girl goes by regina gina something of that sort when that girl is on stage all heads turn

Rob Roy  on Goldclub

posted on July 25, 2008
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Is there a girl named Naya that works there and if so, what nights?

Ekim  on Goldclub

posted on July 14, 2008
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Checked this place out recently and was disappointed. Although advertised as a "nude" club only a few girls were actually nude. Paid $6 for a tiny Pepsi. The older Oriental waitress was great. Seemed like you had to be in the "group" if you wanted any attention. The new law in Dallas about the VIP rooms will kill this place.

Harry Koch  on Goldclub

posted on April 27, 2008
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I have been going to PTs since it was on Lawther; had my bach party there. Slow slide down. Girls wills still jerk you off for $20. But very few girls offering table dances. Literally waited 60 minutes Friday PM for a decent girl to wander by. Most girls do their set and stay back stage or sit and bullshit. One available girl looked good from half a room, but was so tweaky look my dick turned inside out. Used to be great, now not so much. GOLD club - get the girls hustling!

Traveler  on Goldclub

posted on September 15, 2007
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I like this Texas-style nude strip club. A large main stage with multiple smaller "viewing" stages. Seating is not directly around the edge of the stage like elsewhere, but at many tables .. leaving the stage edge clear. You walk up to the stage, which is about 3 1/2 feet high, to tip. This puts the dancer's nude pussy or ass literally "in your face" at eye level (depending on your height. They basically are posing for your enjoyment, including some front and back view on-the-floor spreading. Awesome view for a buck or two. Lots of totally shaved pussy, a personal favorite.

Eddie  on Goldclub

posted on August 18, 2006
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Quality of the Girls is up. I go at lunch, hadn't been there in about two months. There were about 4 or 5 girls that I would consider to be 8s or 9s. Won't be two months wait this time.

luvhugs  on Goldclub

posted on June 28, 2006
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It's a Tuesday night. I have my six pack and figure I'll just go drink a few and enjoy the view. They charge $20 to get in...a little steep but ok. Then as I'm moving to go in I'm told I HAVE TO BUY ICE for my beer or I can't go in. I protest but how much is the ice...$6. What! I don't need ice, I say! I'm told I CAN'T GO IN UNLESS I BUY ICE. I tell them I won't go in and to give me my $20 back I'm leaving. They won't give me my $20 back. So I left vowing never to ever go to try and go in this place again. You may think I'm being silly but to me it smelled of rip off at the outset and might as well cut my loses and move on. Enjoy your visit if you go and enjoy being taken.

Rocker  on Goldclub

posted on December 15, 2005
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Was dissapointed in the club. Not as upscale as it used to be. Girls really ignored you until they saw the money. One chick named April was really rude and not much to look at seemed she was burned out and haggered. The other chicks were friendly just not enough of them per customers. The club is starting to become Ghetto like, I would visit other establishments in the area hotter chicks and more for your money, food was good, right price.

StripClubSTAN  on Goldclub

posted on August 13, 2005
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Pro's: Fun, good buffet, fun place to go for the afternoon. Con's: Parking lot is crowded and stalls are too small. The girls aren't as hot as they used to be there. Quality has dropped the last few months. The club is tight quarters at night with all the people.

Walnut  on Goldclub

posted on August 9, 2005
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Loved It!!! Jessie, (night time but rarely seen) Your beautiful baby. It has been a while since good, clean entertainment like you sugar. And that face is glued in my wet dreams. We will be back with more company. The club is PHAT!! Girls are clean and well worth my paycheck.

McKinney  on Goldclub

posted on June 22, 2005
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Was there tonight and unimpressed. 1 hot chick in the entire club and some luck bastard had her wrapped up in the corner for the night. dancer to guy ratio was horrible. I saw maybe 8 girls in the entire club for a full parking lot and like I said only one worth looking at.

sinman  on Goldclub

posted on January 14, 2005
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upstairs is hot... grab the hot little blonde chick and let her entertain you ....!

Roy  on Goldclub

posted on November 6, 2004
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Coming to Dallas for a covention...........How are the dances? Contact? Cost? good looking are the girls.......Is this the best club in Dallas?

Sen - Say  on Goldclub

posted on November 2, 2004
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My O my. You might want to look up a cutie named Suzanna. Day time lady with nice class. Upstairs is the place to go. You will be happy you did.

newone todascene  on Goldclub

posted on October 24, 2004
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Hit the club the past weekend and it was off the hook. The girls were great especially a west indian that was just right. Great mix of cultures. will definitally be back.