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12835 Montana Avenue

El Paso, Texas 79938

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Me  on Montana Hideaway

posted on December 29, 2013
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Johanna was a great chick. Got her to agree to a private party. Turned out to be 3 hot experiences. Not sure where she disappeared to but I'm hoping she is still working some where. I want to lick that asshole again

Rick  on Montana Hideaway

posted on November 12, 2010
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Ok, I'm in town on business, and a local told me this is the place to go... No comments in a while, what gives? Is this place worth my effort?? C'mon, guys, lemme know!!!

Visiting and looking for suggestions  on Montana Hideaway

posted on November 22, 2008
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In town for a few days and looking for suggestions on the best dancers to spend some time and money on. Most likely days I will visit the club are Tuesday the 25th and/or Wednesday the 26th. Looking for dancers who are willing to go that extra mile or two to show a guy a good time and I have the $s to make it worth their while.

AZ Man  on Montana Hideaway

posted on September 4, 2008
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This is a good place to drop some serious cash on VIP dances (believe me, I dropped a bundle on two recent weekends). The $20 VIP dances are money well spent. The stage show is lame and the female DJ likes to cut every song short, which sucks. The best girls are Candy, Erica and Emily. Chanel was awesome but she quit last weekend. There are some very nice Hispanic chicks but I cannot remember their names. A few heavies, but not too bad ( I am heavy too so it all works out). Remember, take lots of cash because you will want more.

Happy I Went  on Montana Hideaway

posted on August 21, 2008
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This place is awesome, Pretty sure Johanna is hispanic. She is real hot though. And Erica gives some good dances. One problem is that most of the girls speak little english(Not a prob with johanna). The private dances are just plain amazing!!!

Gopher  on Montana Hideaway

posted on July 20, 2008
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I know Samantha is great. I don't know Johanna. Help me ID her, is she Hispanic or Anglo?

WOW  on Montana Hideaway

posted on July 5, 2008
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IF you are looking for something extra then hit this place up. Private dances are well worth the 20 dollars. Samantha is great as well as Johanna

Gopher  on Montana Hideaway

posted on June 26, 2008
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Going to be back in El Paso soon. Anything changed here?

heyyoman  on Montana Hideaway

posted on March 3, 2008
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Anyone know if Priscilla still works here?

spent  on Montana Hideaway

posted on November 3, 2007
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What's the name of the hot blonde from Maryland that took me in the broom closet and let me paint her face? Beyond FS.

flipside  on Montana Hideaway

posted on October 13, 2007
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i dont know how you guys could come here i mean the 6' ft rule didn't do anything to this place since its out of city limits but you should see the girls in here i would rate them 3-4 there old and ugly dont even waste your $10 coming in here and $40 vip if you do you must be really desperate like you never seen a girl before

Re: Hookworm  on Montana Hideaway

posted on July 4, 2007
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I thought you were bullshitting us so I went to see for myself. Yes BBBJWCIM! Very neat-no mess!

Anonymous  on Montana Hideaway

posted on May 2, 2007
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I have always had fun when coming here and it was always awesome but now city council is trying to pass a six feet rule who is going to pay $20 for a dance when the dancer is 6' feet away not me. This is not fair for dancers in this club and others in El Paso.

MARIAH  on Montana Hideaway

posted on March 1, 2007
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Ronald  on Montana Hideaway

posted on November 27, 2006
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Has anyone seen a red headed that used to work at Pure Platinum, her name was Flame. I am trying to contact her...

LONER  on Montana Hideaway

posted on July 4, 2006
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?????What the hell...are u talking about???

Hookworm  on Montana Hideaway

posted on May 17, 2006
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I think this is a great club! A few times I have gotten a BBBJCIM there, and for only a jackson over the dances. Try going on Sunday to Thursday night when the bouncer isn't there. Otherwise, don't go into the VIP, you won't be able to do much anyways. I can easily get DATY there and have had to use a condom, if you know what I mean. ;)

Loner  on Montana Hideaway

posted on March 20, 2006
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Montana Hideaway, is a mixed bag. Sometimes hot girls, sometimes not. Best bet is Fridays. Sherry? Yea she's still there, she's chubby though. One more thing, the DJ sux, it's a dude now, and he cuts the music big time., about 2' 20" per song.

MO'Money  on Montana Hideaway

posted on June 13, 2005
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Hey Bush, how much is JAGS paying you to post in all the other clubs comment sections.. you must be a beaner from over he river.. JAGS SUCKS and not in a good way. If you want to be ripped off, or have your picture taken by the local PD, they are always in there undercover, yeah hang out at JAGS.. get ripped off, and put on the El Paso Strip Club Blotter.. Way to be a looser.