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10662 Vista Del Sol Drive

El Paso, Texas 79935

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MARIAH  on Nero's

posted on March 1, 2007
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Ronald  on Nero's

posted on November 27, 2006
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Has anyone seen a red headed that used to work at Pure Platinum, her name was Flame. I am trying to contact her...

Hookworm  on Nero's

posted on May 17, 2006
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This place rocked on 2000, not anymore. The girls won't even ley you play with them. Stay away. Don't even waste your time!

Loner  on Nero's

posted on March 20, 2006
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Nero's is open, but it sux big time...go there once and you will know what I mean. Wonder if Raven is still there.

MoneyShot  on Nero's

posted on June 13, 2005
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Since I no longer live in beanertown USA, and am enjoying Seattle WA, and real strip clubs now, I could care less.. I hear Jags is killing off everyone else, as well as the El Paso PD and its tatics to shut them nasty dirty strip clubs down there.. I guess El paso, forgot that it was founded on the backs of whores, and banditos.. And BigC is right.. thanks for explaining that to the people.

Avalonn  on Nero's

posted on June 11, 2005
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I worked at Neros for a while and it was so much fun...good money to be made there ( and no I dont mean by doing "extra" stuff on the side) lots of military and clean cut men, low drunken idiot factor too....its small, but cozy, nice girls and the mngr is awesome too... It got me through med school, but I would go back anyday to have a few beers and relax...shoot might even take a spin around the stage again for kicks ;)

909 DUDE  on Nero's

posted on October 16, 2004
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What ever happen to shade??

MoneyShot  on Nero's

posted on April 9, 2004
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This Club is no more.. The El Paso Police Department siezed this club and all its property. Took the lic. and closed the doors. This club is gone as of Apr 9th 2004. Gangland Central is gone.. Thank GOD.. They got caught hiring under-aged girls..