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11377 Gateway Blvd West

El Paso, Texas 79936

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AssnTits5  on  Jaguars Club El Paso

posted on February 11, 2014
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Saw this is a byob establishment so i was bumbed they serve soda n juice only . Walked through the doors and got a nice pat down by security and paid 20 dollar cover charge, walked in and noticed it was pretty large, nice vip area and good stage n sound stage now being that it was a thur night at midnight I counted bout 15 girls on shift good mix of white, black n latina girls u had some regular to cute chicks here. Its pretty dark in the club so watchout for the girls that look like the cookie monster lurking in the shadows only wished I came here on a weekend to see all the action

fuckery12  on  Jaguars Club El Paso

posted on December 19, 2013
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Im a military man, who loves getting out to gentlemen clubs and iv beenTo many around the USA! This is the worst club, i have ever been to. I went on a slow night and the dancer draged me to the privite dance area and then over charged me for the dances...not only that..she was on her PERIOD and got BLOOD all over my shorts....i didnt know till i got back to the hotel...because it was too dark...this place isTHE WORST ive ever been to! Do not go there! And th girls do not look very good at all...very TRASHY place!

adamrod  on  Jaguars Club El Paso

posted on December 15, 2013
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Came here on a Tuesday night around 11. It was $20 to get in, however it is BYOB. Ice buckets were $5 for the drinks. The crowd was alright, not too big, not too small. Most of the action is on stage which is great if you're into tipping but I'm more of a lap dance type of guy. Dances were $20 for a table dance and $40 for VIP (you have to buy a wristband). Overall it was ok, I'm sure they have great nights but this wasn't one of them as one of the dancers tried to jip me for $20 just for talking to her instead of an actual dance so I took off on her as soon as she hit the stage. Other than that, it was alright.