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3601 FM 157N

Fort Worth, Texas 75462

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the dude  on Baby Dolls

posted on May 25, 2013
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99% of the women are either obese, addicts or wanna-be prostitutes. The managers believe they're the dancers' pimps. The place is not clean and not worn it at all. The only positive is the tvs for sports. Other than that, you're better off at Cab East.

bennyho1  on Baby Dolls

posted on July 6, 2010
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this club was ok it was 3 to get in had about 10 girls.the waitress and girl behind bar was the best looking in there the black waitress was there.but some of them waitresses should not ben there.they had fat white girl and a old lady should ben getting ss check and not in there.dancers was ok nothing to get me back in there.they didnt have any black dancers..seen better clubs by far.dances was only 20 but still not worth going back too.

Poler Bare  on Baby Dolls

posted on June 30, 2009
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Is black waitress "Suga" still working here?

johnnyblaze  on Baby Dolls

posted on September 3, 2007
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"caroline" and "honey" are THE finest pieces of ass at this place. mos def the reasons i go back. the other dancers aren't very sexy at all.

AP  on Baby Dolls

posted on March 27, 2007
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Joey, if she's still there, is a nasty lying skank! Stay the fuck away from her!

Beta  on Baby Dolls

posted on February 18, 2007
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Caroline is a thing of beauty. The best girl at the club.

MRL  on Baby Dolls

posted on December 2, 2006
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Eva on day shift is the reason to go to BDFW...a petite AA lady who is pure class...drop dead gorgeous and elegant. She's also a very nice lady...which is how you ought to treat a lady. She puts the rest of these girls to shame.

Bob  on Baby Dolls

posted on November 21, 2006
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Great club, women are soooo hot! You gotta go!

I'm Republican  on Baby Dolls

posted on November 6, 2006
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If democrats can't have their way, they have to protest in the streets. Do you ever notice what a bunch of lowclass human failures they look like whenever they protest in Washington D.C. for another one of their leftist causes (opposing the liberation of Iraq, wanting to ban handguns, pro-reparations). Since the 60s the democrats have been the party of high taxes and waste. They have gone too left and have represented unproductive "people" of America (leftists, criminals, single, unwed welfare mothers who abuse the welfare and entitlement system (Especially the afro-American welfare moms), afro-American underclass, radical left abortionists & feminists.

Jeff  on Baby Dolls

posted on August 12, 2006
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This club has tuned into a total shit hole.they allow anything with a pair of tits that walks through the front door to dance here.damn, i miss the old days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M Sampson  on Baby Dolls

posted on January 21, 2006
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We went to this club on Friday 1/20/2006. We entered, paid cover and paid for 3 beers when a stripper approached my friend and asked to give him a lap dance. He said no and she turned away and walked to the bouncers and they started pointing at us. Next thing I know a bouncer told my friend to "get the fuck out." My friend asked why, then the bouncer closelined him and dragged him out of the club by his throat. They did not give us our money back for cover or the beers we never saw. Extremely unprofessional!

Motion  on Baby Dolls

posted on September 13, 2005
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If Hugh Hephner came to Ft.Worth, he most likely would recruit his bunnies from this strip club. These girls are hot especially Zoe, Alexis and Chocolate. Maybe the best strip club in the metroplex.

David Dieson  on Baby Dolls

posted on April 12, 2005
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Had good time with everone in tell the mangers got rude with the girls that was at my table.The mangers left the table and the fun was on.

J.  on Baby Dolls

posted on September 4, 2004
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O.k here we go. Babydolls is one of the best if not the best strip club i've been to in the DFW metroplex. Why? The women. More than half of the dancers are young, childless and attractive. Some were even model worthy. Lap dances are a must, bring lots of money! Most of the girls let you touch anything during your lap dance! I mean anything! The atmosphere is basically a big bar with 1 pool table, 1 main stage and 5 very small ones. The only down side to Baby Dolls is the waitreses ask you for drinks every min or so, I had to move seats a few times just to not get asked for another drink every min. Baby Dolls is a must in my opinion if you want a good lap dance in the DFW metroplex.

I know what you mean  on Baby Dolls

posted on April 23, 2004
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Wow, Naughty and hotwomen..great prepared to empty your wallet though but it will be worth it. They do have way to many waitresses pushing drinks in here though, its annoying

Scott  on Baby Dolls

posted on March 3, 2004
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This place is a den of sin!!! Awsome club with nice dancers who get dirty. Wow, I will go back soon.