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1928 Josh Road.

Fort Worth, Texas 76131

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EAC  on Showcase II

posted on May 20, 2008
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F.Y.I this club is no longer open... We drove all the out to it and it was all locked up.

Another bit the dust  on Showcase II

posted on January 23, 2008
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I tried calling the club today at the number listed here but its disconnected. I guess it's closed! Too bad!

Visiting Again  on Showcase II

posted on January 22, 2008
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Is this place still open? Drove by tonight and it wasn't lit up as usual.

Passin' Through  on Showcase II

posted on September 17, 2007
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Is this the place called The Hideaway now?

MARIAH  on Showcase II

posted on March 1, 2007
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Average club...  on Showcase II

posted on June 7, 2006
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I tried this club but think it goes by a new name... Cover charge is a bit steep, girls are average but one girl stood out... Tori is better looking than the rest, isn't pushy, and gives very good dances... Some of the other girls are OK too but Tori will be my choice for a lap dance if I go back!

Dan  on Showcase II

posted on March 31, 2006
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I was at Showcase 1, and got a dance from a porn star named Casey Rae. I would love to comeback to Dallas and check her out again. Is she still dancing at either Showcase? If anyone knows where she is dancing, I would like to know. Thanks

Seeker  on Showcase II

posted on December 10, 2004
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Man, I was in there last Saturday night and this totall hot brunett called BLAZE went onstage and did the most amazing FIRE SHOW I have ever seen! This chick lit her tongue on fire! And then, her NIPPLES! I thought damm! Thats insane! But then she lights her pussy on fire man! No shit! She also breaths out huge fireballs at the end! Talking to her afterwards I found out she is like 10 times smarter than your average dancer and damm, what a sweatheart! She said she does the fire thing every saturday night around 1am. So if you get to Showcase 2 on a saturday night, look for the Gothic Goddess Of Fire, Blaze. She will make your night one you'll not soon forget!

J.  on Showcase II

posted on August 9, 2004
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Been here as well. Pretty decent size place! 4 stages and a kitchen. The girls are really friendly and give great lap dances. Seriously! Bad news is maybe 2 of the 8-12 or so girls working every night are lookers. Mixed races though. BYOB "BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE" I never bring any booze, I usually just sit next to a group of guys, say hey and walla free beer. Everyone that comes here seem to just wanna have a good time. Saturdays are the best!

Rick  on Showcase II

posted on June 11, 2004
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Girls are OK, but the most fun is the blong waitress that puts her hands on your shoulders and gives great cleavage, she is beautifull