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9317 South Fwy

Fort Worth, Texas 76140

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Mariah  on House of Babes

posted on March 1, 2007
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cowboy  on House of Babes

posted on June 22, 2005
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this place needs one of these...

J.  on House of Babes

posted on August 9, 2004
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Been here a few times. Very small place. A couple of small stages, 2 pool tables and small bar. About half of the 12 or so girls that are on staff every night are attractive. Most of the girls are very cold, alot of the girls have their boyfriends with them at the club. $$$ is the factor here. The only reason to go here is to see the girls dance from afar and maybe a get a table dance or wait for $2 dances at 11pm.