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5614 Hillcroft Avenue

Houston, Texas 77036

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FriendsWBenefits  on Babee

posted on March 28, 2012
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Any gal who is looking to get out of the stripping business and is interested in a friends with benefits arrangement with a guy who can provide u a room to live free and a used car to drive around? email carla98052 at yahoo with a pic of you, a phone number and a description of your situation and what you plan to do.

Curious  on Babee

posted on May 25, 2010
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Why are a lot of posts blank? Have they been deleted? Can you touch and feel the gals here? Do they give the extras and takeouts? Any recommendations?

Michigan dancer  on Babee

posted on July 27, 2009
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Hi, I am a michigan dancer looking to relocate here. I am a120Lbs, 5'3, black girl. I danced in las vegas but its not a place i wanna be, too much of a party town. Hows the money here? Is this club diverse w girls and clientele? Upscale clientele?

Jeff Portunus  on Babee

posted on July 4, 2008
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Overall Rate: A+ Dancers appearance: A Lap Dances: A ( The dancers allow you to touch them anywhere) Stage Performance: A+ Club Waiters: B Dancers: mix race Inside the club: medium size Private VIP room: Yes (cost 25$) Entrances fee: 6$ Lap dance cost: 20$ (the dancers will negotiate the price)

Arturo  on Babee

posted on February 22, 2008
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This hoodrat screwed up my house her number is 1-713-781-5784.She fucks for a dollar and sucks for a drink or a pill.she has curly blonde hair looks white claims she's hispanic and her name is cynthia.#is 7137815784

Francis  on Babee

posted on February 9, 2008
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I was very uncomfortable in Babe's because the place was too cold. Some of the girls were fine, but it was hard to get a lap dance from them. Most of the strippers did not want to give lap dances; they rather sit at the bar and drink. I didn?t get the chance to spend my money ($300).

dancer MN  on Babee

posted on October 30, 2007
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Hi I'm a dancer from MN, looking to move down to Texas trying to find a nice club? I have a couple of questions : Is there touching aloud here? How is the customer to dancer ratio, Do you have a pole to dance on stage, how is the lighting, and what is scheduling like?


posted on November 7, 2006
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Ladies, need a very special massage the way you want it? 713-591-7793. great club!

Visitor Kiss  on Babee

posted on May 15, 2006
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I have been to this place recently. The dancers are pretty friendly and I really like this female venus. Real cute girl talks sweetly and give an awesome dance. Pretty good place..

BIG DEN  on Babee

posted on February 12, 2006
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I will be in the Houston Area in late March. Can some one please tell me if there are any dance specials here (2 for 1 or $10) on Sundays, or one of the week days. Thanks

skylar model dancer  on Babee

posted on February 3, 2006
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this place ok good place to visit

ok club  on Babee

posted on February 2, 2006
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Nice private lap dance area. Grab a Mex chick and get jerked off during your dance. She asked for $50. I told her no, just keep jerking me and you can keep dancing. Took 4 dances before I came all over her tits. I still tipped her 20.

azgirl  on Babee

posted on June 7, 2005
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I would love to come work in texas, what kind of license do you need to work here? How is this club?

austinboy  on Babee

posted on May 26, 2004
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This club is cool. It's changed a bit since I was there last, but it is still nice. I went yesterday afternoon and was VERY impressed with the diversity of the babe's. I had a brilliant lapdance by a petite latina names sasha. Lot's of fun and I'll go back soon.