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10520 Gulf Freeway

Houston, Texas 77034

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CrimeStoppers  on The Ritz

posted on June 24, 2019
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rogerrab2  on  The Ritz

posted on October 10, 2016
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Went here Saturday night for my brother n laws bachelor party. Management and wait staff was top notch! They took really good care of me and my group.I will definitely be back...

timmykilla  on  The Ritz

posted on July 22, 2016
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I love this place so much!! Great dancers great food and drinks! The music is fun and they have a pole that spins!! It's so awesome! I suggest seafood Friday's! And Saturday is couples night ! You willll have an excellent time !

@ carla  on The Ritz

posted on December 17, 2012
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Are you nuts? Half of them are from Heartbreakers and fucked the staff nightly, no rubbers used. You are at your own risk.

FriendsWBenefits  on The Ritz

posted on March 28, 2012
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Any gal who is looking to get out of the stripping business and is interested in a friends with benefits arrangement with a guy who can provide u a room to live free and a used car to drive around? email carla98052 at yahoo with a pic of you, a phone number and a description of your situation and what you plan to do.

jersey guy  on The Ritz

posted on February 29, 2012
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I'v been coming here for years and never had a problem until today. Getting a dance and the bouncer comes over and starts hassling the girl. Real turn off. Enough so that I left without spending any of the money I had planned on. I will never go back there are too many other clubs in this town.

el gringo mucho el moneyo  on The Ritz

posted on December 26, 2011
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niggers, wetbacks and white trash is all there is in this fucking nasty ass club

richard95  on  The Ritz

posted on March 8, 2011
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Awesome place with a brand new remodeled sports bar. Huge TV screens everywhere. Also, lots of great looking ladies on stages. They have a full menu and open until 2AM, 7 days a week. Reminds me of the kind of bar where everyone knows your name after a while. Awesome place.

homan  on The Ritz

posted on May 13, 2010
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Damn, I thought all the skank whores were being held hostage in brothels in the barrio and on Richmond!!! They arent, they are all in here. Walk in the door and can't even relax and get a drink bfore some skank is wanting to take you to VIp and fuck, 750.00 just to go in VIP!!!! Ridiculous.

gringo  on The Ritz

posted on February 21, 2010
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what the hell happened to this place? it was bad enough before but now its fuckin rediculous. stopped in mid afternoon friday after about a years hiatus and there was only two decent lookings girls in the place. after getting a closer look one of them had a big zit or something on her ass so that reduced it down to only one decent looking girl. every girl also had pasties too when the fuck did that shit happen? 6 years ago this was the best club on the south side now i think its beat out lipstick as the worst

Awed  on The Ritz

posted on June 18, 2009
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this is one skanky whorehouse, not even hello, its "160 for fuck, 100 for blowjob". scary place, very scary place. i wouldnt let one of them gals touch my hooter with one of the illegal aliens hooters that are in there, or even the big fat blackneck sob scouring the club for a victim. never go back, advise others not to go either..and you know they want 750.00 for vip!!!! lololol all the way home back to grandma's house.. houston pd!!!!!!!!! where are you? save us!!!!!!!

gringoloco  on The Ritz

posted on February 27, 2008
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can i trade tacos or goats for pussy at dis club? is der a taco truck in da parkin lot yet? how many tacos for a wetback bitch suck my massive white cock!

for julie from IL/WI  on The Ritz

posted on October 29, 2007
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julie last i heard you were at the ritz in htown. you still around. will you be coming home anytime soon

southsider  on The Ritz

posted on July 6, 2007
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this place gets worse everytime i fucking go. maybe once every 4 or 5 months a new girl show up that looks good enough to spend some money on but they are short lived at this hellhole of a stripclub. i came in, sat down at the bar & ordered a beer so i could check out the extreme lack of tallent this place normally has to offer, hopping a new girl wandered in. then mr dickhead manager walks up and says you'll have to sit somewhere else because this is mr wetbacks seat & in 10 or 20 minutes he might get tired of the jelly rolls on his dancer that he couldn't afford to take upstairs & he just may want his seat at the bar back you piece of scum white man.

re: mighty whitey  on The Ritz

posted on May 9, 2007
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That's a whole LOT of white trash woman there, boy! Chunk Tuna. White meat. With lots of mayo. Smells like fish. Likely nasty bitch. Pure Texan. Ugh...

mighty whitey  on The Ritz

posted on May 9, 2007
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this place sucks. went there friday night for a few hours & the girls are way below average & the only decent looking bitch there gave a fucking lame dance. i'm sure i could have got more mileage from some of the other skanks, but why bother when treasures in only 45 min away & the whores there are at least good looking. click the pic below to see what kind of skanks work here

MARIAH  on The Ritz

posted on March 1, 2007
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pedro sucks  on The Ritz

posted on July 30, 2006
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the wtbacks have taken over this once fine club. they have turned it into a filthy place with fat ugly wetback skanks that no one in their right mind would want to see naked. fuck this place, fuck all you filthy wetbacks, this is not a 3rd world country like mexico, if you wanted to live in filth why the fuck didn't you stay in mexico you fucking wetbacks.

big D  on The Ritz

posted on June 22, 2006
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does anyone know if denise still works the day shift?

DANCER  on The Ritz

posted on April 27, 2006
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This club is extremely nice. Lots of "playing" goes on. But overall, very upscale club, attractive girls, and staff is great!

dirty  on The Ritz

posted on December 31, 2005
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this club was great about 4 or 5 years ago, before the invasion. now its full of fat skanky wetbacks who don't know this is the USA. speak english your fucking fat whores. 14/88

way out willy  on The Ritz

posted on February 27, 2005
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wasn't impressed.other clubs in the area are much better & have lower drink prices

Marco  on The Ritz

posted on October 9, 2004
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If you get a chance to go to this club look up Nikki (aka Blisha Brown). She did everything imaginable to me right in the Champange Room. It cost a lot but well worth the money.

JJ  on The Ritz

posted on August 13, 2004
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Wouldn't be half bad if even half of the girls were sober. Beauty truly is only skin deep, especially in this place!

James  on The Ritz

posted on May 26, 2004
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I am reading and believing! I went there last week during the day and this dancer( I would say her name, but I can be nice too) convinced me to buy a vip pass. She said it had all kinds of extra privlages and tons of free drink tickets. I went upstairs and there was a bar, a pool table and couches where other dancers were giving (extra) special treatment to guys. Then she offered to take care of me for a fee of course. I left. I thought it was going to be a classy bar. I will not be back!!!!!!!

J  on The Ritz

posted on April 16, 2004
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My boyfriend and I went one night, and it was horrible. The dancer's were not very attractive, and the club did not seem to be a welcome place for women. The only women's restroom is in the dancer's dressing room. (Awkward) Supposedly, the dancer's are better looking during the day around lunch time, however Saturday night was unimpressive, to say the least.

Roger  on The Ritz

posted on April 11, 2004
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Upstairs at this club is great! Most dancers are very active. Regulars get extra special attention. Will be on my regular list of clubs to make at least twice a month. Staff was very considerate.

question for mike  on The Ritz

posted on February 5, 2004
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Ever think of wearing a condom you toothless ladder climber?

Roger  on The Ritz

posted on January 28, 2004
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Great Place! Went there for lunch on Mon. Good food. Loved Amanda. Great ass!!! Great Dances!!! Will be back.