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6224 Westheimer Rd

Houston, Texas 77057

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Whitney  on Riviera

posted on August 17, 2008
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This club was a rip off. Two months ago the changed it to a bikini bar, no nude anything, And then a $20 cover charge, for nothing!! pissed me off.

Justin  on Riviera

posted on February 20, 2008
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man for a hole in the wall spot they had a couple of dimes in there........but there was one chick there Dallas or Showtime huge tits lil waist.......man she put on one hell of a show .......i love going to see here ive never seen that routine done anywhere

MARIAH  on Riviera

posted on March 1, 2007
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daniel  on Riviera

posted on April 1, 2006
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went to club tonight march 31, 2006 was reallly slow not a lot happening there..average looking girls best part of the night was when one of the secruity guys threw a beer bottle at the DJ and they started out fighting. Funny shit ever seen in my life lol They need to get better music

out4fun  on Riviera

posted on March 2, 2004
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my wife and i went to Riveria the other night and had a great time. the club was a little slow, not many dancers. There was a dancer working there named Dana and we had a great time with her. I would say go and check it out.