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8503 North Freeway

Houston, Texas 77037

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XXXbeast  on  Fantasy Plaza

posted on 24 January, 2015
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It was my first time to go to a strip club. I really enjoy it. Is byob and is 18+ all females are nude. There are pretty girls and I love how they work it. But I went with a homegirl and didn't know you have to bring a guy with you to let you in. But it was nice of them to let us in but can't communicate with no guys which I was ok with it was a lay back and just watch this girls. I had fun.Just bring cash in hand!! The atm is $6.

Curious  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 24 May, 2010
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What kind of mileage do you get at this joint? Is there contact? Do the gals give head and if so, what are the prices like..

MIKE  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 22 June, 2007
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Yeah....i went over too fantasy as i waited on my flight back too new york got dances with three girls my favorite was isiss she was the only african american there is she was the best thing there i had 2 go 2 the atm spent about a 1000 just on her i will be back in two weeks just 4 isisss

ISYSS  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 24 April, 2007
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If you in town come see me at fantasy north 832-837-4369

ISYSS  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 24 April, 2007
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If your in town come see me working hours thurs-sunday im the number 1 bitch

MARIAH  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 1 March, 2007
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Swing into action with Mariah and the Newest beauties of the new millennium visit wetandplenty This websight includes fantastic nude photos, movies, chat rooms and it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more.

from Illinois  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 21 October, 2006
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I am in search of some info about some clubs in Texas to work at while I vacation for a few weeks over the winter. Can anyone give me any info about what are the best clubs in which to work? I am looking for full nude no contact. What are the best places and how are the house fees? Any help from any other dancers would be greatly appreciated....Thanks!!

joey  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 26 April, 2006
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anyone that can give me alittle info Im an dancer at dejavu in indiana and will be in texas to check out buisness with the option of moving here (just gotta find a job first )anyway what is the house payment here, how many girls work a night, what are the hours of the club and shifts, do you pay out of the dances and what are the rules of the club and what type of people do you normally get in here???if all is well any dancer to give it to me straight will be compensated.thanx

rb  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 2 March, 2005
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continued: I also had a dance from destiny, very pleasant cute hispanic. The dance was not memorable about a 6 though. There was one girl there who was a 9.75 and did she know how to work the crowd great stage presence. I was told she is there every night. Unfortunately I did not get a dance from her but next time for sure. They let the dancers stay on stage as long as the guys tio a nice touch.

rb  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 27 February, 2005
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This club can get expensive but it's well worth of for the mileage you get. $25. cover + $16 one time for the VIP. Dances range from 30 to 40 in the private vip room. I had a very good dance from Nicolle who had some moves I'd not seen before dropped a c note on her. NIcolle was white mid 20's about a 6 nice firm body and long blond hair.Isis was exceptional dropped 250 here, but it was worth every penny for the mileage. Cute black girl about 8 great figure willing to do a lot with out even having to ask, she knew what pleased a guy and how to do it well.

Mike  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 9 September, 2004
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I will be visiting Houston soon. Is this club worth a visit? Are the dancers worth $40? Is this view only or full contact dancing?

sexxxydancer  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 9 May, 2004
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The customers are mostly hispanic & young. Money varies. 200-2000 a just never know. Since the dances cost $40 it only takes a few VIPS to make money.

ourofstate  on Fantasy Plaza

posted on 9 April, 2004
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Wondering what management is like? What kind of customers u get older or youger? Is the money good?

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