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11415 North Freeway

Houston, Texas 77060

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mn dancer  on XTC Cabaret

posted on October 30, 2007
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Hi , I'm a dancer from MN. Looking to find a nice club I have a couple of questions: Is there touching aloud here, if so what kind, how is the dancer to customer ratio, how is the lighting, how is the scheduling, how many stages, and do they have poles?

Texas  on XTC Cabaret

posted on August 27, 2007
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That was some laughable shit that was written about killing terrorists. He's creating them, multiplying and uniting them while bankrupting us better than Osama bin Laden could have ever dreamed to have done. Republicans who have sat quiet about this out of party (not country) loyalty are the lowest form of scum. We need to rid ourselves of every single last bit of these vermin. The last 6 years have been a train wreck with much more to pay as a result for the rest of our lives. This terrorism problem will now be permanant, bigger, and more dangerous while we have shrunk and China will begin to dominate.

GIADA  on XTC Cabaret

posted on March 1, 2007
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Need a Place To Work  on XTC Cabaret

posted on September 2, 2005
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For all you girls that are in need of a place to work while your clubs are closed due to hurricane damage, come to CT and work in our clubs. We are willing to pay for airfare and we have newly renovated housing. Please call 203-331-8524 if interested.

lburnz  on XTC Cabaret

posted on May 25, 2005
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hey -I LOVE TEXAS first off texas is for gay hillbillies who are homo phobes a racists...secondly people like u and george w make this country the huge pile of shit its become ...if u all think that way in that state then i hope the next attack is right there in the big gay ass lone fag state

I love Texas  on XTC Cabaret

posted on December 4, 2004
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love Texas. Why? - you may ask. Well, because Texas is the home of George W. Bush, and how can you not love this guy? He's killing the terrorists where they live and plan, and he's making America safer. In his own words: "I'll never relent in defending America: whatever it takes."

Mike  on XTC Cabaret

posted on September 9, 2004
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I will be visiting Houston soon. Is this club worth a visit? Are the dancers worth $35? Is this view only or full contact dancing?

The Legend  on XTC Cabaret

posted on August 14, 2004
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See ya in Houston, Texas I m coming from Laval, Quebec

outofstate  on XTC Cabaret

posted on April 9, 2004
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Looking for a nice place to work. Is the money good?