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14428 Hempstead Highway

Houston, Texas 77040

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CrimeStoppers  on Glamour Girls

posted on June 24, 2019
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richard95  on  Glamour Girls

posted on July 10, 2014
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Whore house! Dirty ass hell, no atm... pushy wait staff... if you go bring cash... never open a tab...

FWB  on Glamour Girls

posted on March 28, 2012
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Newbie  on Glamour Girls

posted on August 7, 2011
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dancer ? 6/15/2007- Who cares for dances really? Guys cum to the clubs for the extras not the dances!!

NewbieHere  on Glamour Girls

posted on July 1, 2011
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why are a lot of posts blank?

xdancer  on Glamour Girls

posted on May 26, 2009
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ewww this places blows!!!! it has for years! i worked there back in 04 and it was soooooooo trashy!!!!! gross girls! they maybe had one to two girls that were a lil cute!!!! ewww they need to step it up

mancini  on Glamour Girls

posted on December 5, 2008
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I was there briefly yesterday (Thursday), and reached after midnite. 6 or 7 dancers left and they too were bored. One was willing to go the extra mile, others were not to bring fun to my life. The one who said would bring a smile on my face with her hands asked too much for the smile. I declined. Overall, the club is not bad, clean enough, but the pasties rule implemented really sucks.. I don't like it. Now fun requires back room or VIp and that means lot of dough...

asslovr  on Glamour Girls

posted on September 3, 2008
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WOW!!! Breezy was sweet and innocent until the dance and there was another cutie that was definately a must see....

dancer  on Glamour Girls

posted on June 15, 2007
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I danced here for two nights. I remember nothing of the stage dances. I went to this club once and it was pretty empty because of the poor location and the set up was good, although they werent even utilizing a main room in the place. There was a very small bar and the women were less than myself physically... although not stuck up, they were mostly minority. Im fine with that, but there was little class, it was like a race to see who could give a cheaper blow job. I wont go again to work or play. Honestly, Its important for me to see a wide variety and although these ladies were nice... they werent dancers.

SCARLETT  on Glamour Girls

posted on March 1, 2007
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Denise Baldwin  on Glamour Girls

posted on June 23, 2006
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Fraudulent charges were placed on my credit card. This place does not sell their services honestly. Over $700 was placed on my card without my approval.