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6333 Richmond Avenue

Houston, Texas 77057

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CrimeStoppers  on Legends

posted on June 24, 2019
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Joe Schmo  on Legends

posted on August 16, 2018
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That goes by the name of Lotus that works here once in awhile? She is about 5 foot 5, 120 lb half Vietnamese half German, long black hair down to about the middle of her back, nice dark tan skin, very athletic and muscular legs

Hayden H.  on Legends

posted on June 13, 2016
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Though I wasn't expecting Gypsy Rose Lee to revive the Golden Age of American Burlesque right before my eyes, I was not, however, prepared for an adult entertainment experience quite as mediocre as "Legends." With a $20 cover, no bar, and lackluster performances all throughout, "Legends" aims to just shamelessly meet par, hurriedly gluing all the basic parts together and saying "look ma, it's a strip klub!" However, there were a few brief spots that worked, courtesy to a particular contact dance from one fearless performer. As I fondled her breasts and rear end, it was as if we were both striving to forge a human connection amidst all commercial and environmental barriers. But after an attempt to rummage down the nether areas, it was clear that she, along with this institution, refused to break the bounds of the format to explore new territories. In turn, all this place left me were two chipped pool tables seemingly designed by a retard shitting himself, and an extra $20 fee to play the sorry excuse of the game. All in all, within the context of the adult entertainment industry, there was no new "legend" to be found here.

anthony1  on  Legends

posted on March 25, 2016
Joined 3 years ago
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Yeah this place needs resuscitation. When I went it was probably like 4 or 5 dancers and like 5 guys. It was a bad yellow bone (really thick) on stage when I walked in. I got a dance from this one pretty petite brown skin girl. She was cool. After she gave me a lap dance, this other chick with stank breath and smelly weave tried to dance on me. Um..no thanks. Don't you make money from your looks? Why do you stink? Lol I couldn't understand it. When i was leaving, this other dancer stopped me and started feeling on my breasts and shit. I was too through after that. I won't be back unless they do a complete change. Starting with the entertainers.

Harrison69  on  Legends

posted on December 16, 2014
Joined 7 years ago
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so we've been here 3 times now and I can say it's safe to say it's gotten better for us each time. my only complaint is our second time we were not charged for our cooler, but the next time we went we were. let's stay consistent please! besides that we've enjoyed our time here it doesn't get too packed but I kind of like it like that more personal attention if you catch my drift. The girls definitely put on a show and for someone like me I admire the things that I know I can't do lol Tip well and you will have a good time...

Weedman420  on  Legends

posted on March 7, 2014
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One word for this adult entertainment business is nasty. Save your $20 cover and go down the road a few blocks. Cheaper, cleaner and better entertainment.

richard95  on  Legends

posted on March 18, 2013
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Never again. The girls were out of shape big time. Even the few that were in shape did not know how to use the pole...... this place is such a joke. Its BYOB and I had no clue so I was sober n mad as hell. Couldn't even get my giggle on by being tipsy cuz I didnt bring a thing. It cost me $20 to get it...I think its free before ten but It is not worth it after that tho. And they have a boom boom room that definatley BOOMS. Desprate men were traveling back there for whatever reason with a girl or two ......They were frying free chicken that night. I couldnt barely feel my eyes with the chicken grease in the air. They do not have a kitchen so it was like strippers dancing 2 feet away from where they cook this chicken at and ppl all around them.....sooo rachet

fritter17  on  Legends

posted on October 31, 2012
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I'm never going to this ratchet ass strip club again. It stinks in here like sweat, jalapenos and fish AND you should see the line for "boom boom room".

Vicky G.  on Legends

posted on July 10, 2010
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Love love loved it! I'm from out of town and despite the surprising no nudity law, this place delivers. Its byob and that's kinda cool when u save money on bar tabs. There is a cover but its well worth it. Thegirls are hot and happy to serve and the DJ was awesome playing real hip hop and very little top forty pop crap if any at all. There is no smoking inside but who has time for that when you have beautiful and bountiful bodies grinding in your face? I had a blast and look forward to my next trip

ryan123  on  Legends

posted on November 21, 2009
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What happened to this place?I went to Legends about 2 years ago; the girls were pretty, the music was decent, and the drinks were (as per strip club usual) expensive. But I went on Saturday and all of the women were overweight and dancing in bikinis. You don't get much more than you'd get at Hooters with some of these women. I spoke to one of the dancers and she said they are required to wear pasties (nipple covers) now by City of Houston. I'm not sure about the information, because I didn't really look into my source, obviously. But I was extremely disappointed. Also, there was an extremely rude cocktail waitress (I'm assuming) who kept making people move from tables that were "reserved" but they didn't have any sign or anything on them. After about the 3rd customer you'd think she'd at least write "reserved" on a post-it or something. Instead she grabbed my purse (a HUGE no-no) and made me and my group of about 5 others move. Bitch, for sure. It is BYOB and the cover is free before 10pm. So I can comfortably say you get what you pay for.

What a complete dump  on Legends

posted on April 2, 2009
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After shelling out $20 to get in we fled before 1st song was over. Empty with fat ugly nasty girls. Worst club I have ever been in.

keith  on Legends

posted on September 7, 2008
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hey wussup im ready to have my 24th birthday party so girls show me a good time

jack  on Legends

posted on February 17, 2008
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do they test the girls there

re to rachel frm ex  on Legends

posted on February 11, 2008
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boob jobs are fake, a fraud, a form of lie. It's emoty, like the emoty headed bimbos that are so insecure that they need to do it. It's like loser dudes with micro-penises looking for surgery to make it bigger.

Katarina!!  on Legends

posted on January 23, 2008
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Hey everyone! I worked at Legends 2002-2005. I remember you Stormy! Hows it goin? I miss everyone so much. Not workin ne where right now. Just kickin it with my hubby and kids. Hows everone doing?!?!

PSSST  on Legends

posted on October 8, 2007
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its all gonna end up here, lover.

steve  on Legends

posted on July 3, 2007
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is this place still open went by there a couple of times and it looked like it had closed down if it is still open does anyone know if ivy still works there

mad guy  on Legends

posted on May 27, 2007
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ok so the strip club use to be only 6 bucks a person if you went there before 6pm now its 20 bucks at all times! why!! why!!!

to rachel frm ex mil  on Legends

posted on March 20, 2007
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I own my own club in the houston area, after many years of my wife dancing, our son, and a c-section scar she is beautiful as ever. The point was is that wether the girls that dance have scars, or boob jobs like barby it's no difference. Who was HE to judge them.. he is not perfect himself. "no one is" If he thinks he is and thinks he can do it better then give it a shot. But I doubt it. I majored in psycology and he definately lashes out due to his own insecurities and jealousness. and society's demand for air brushed girls in magazines, which in reality are few and far between. Now if YOUR offended I am sorry.. only venting some frustration on the same typical idiots that harass some girls at my club, some, friends as well...

Rachel?Ex Military  on Legends

posted on March 14, 2007
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Rachel, do yourself a favor, don't type anymore responses, you are too stupid and you'll only embarrass yourself further. Ex Mil, you too sound like a dumbass, do yourself a favor and read what you wrote before hitting the send button, you make no sense at all. Christ I feel dumber for having read your two imbeciles comments.

to Ex-Military  on Legends

posted on March 13, 2007
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Hey girl friend. Long time no see. I will be in town and would love to see you again. 3

Ex-MilitaryClubOwner  on Legends

posted on March 13, 2007
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I would like to see a pic of you, fucking idiot. The girls that work at these clubs as well as mine make a million times more money off thier looks "c-section" scars included. Don't get jealous because your fat ass can't do the same.... EVERY DANCER WANTS YOUR MONEY.... I'm goin' out on a limb here but I am guessing you have NO MONEY and constantly get rejected by dancer and thats why you have nothing better to do than put them down..... get off your fat ass, goto the gym, try out at la bares and see if they even look twice before kicking your still UGLY ass out of the club.....

you  on Legends

posted on March 8, 2007
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your a fat fuckin slob in the pic, nice c section whore

Rachel  on Legends

posted on March 8, 2007
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of course some of those girls are after your monney, are you fucking dumb? girls have to pay for their children and college expensives, they are NOT there to get some nasty old guy to rub them down. way to make a girl feel unrespected. FUCK YOU and your GAY ASS bullshit. great club, lovely women who WORK HARD for their money.

Mariah  on Legends

posted on March 1, 2007
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A Stripper  on Legends

posted on February 19, 2007
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To "Just Looking": If you ever happen to look at this page again, know this: EVERY STRIPPER YOU WILL EVER MEET is just after your money. Some have a hell of a lot more fun than others, some are great actresses, but at the end of the day they don't give a damn about anything but the payoff.

stephen  on Legends

posted on November 18, 2006
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was there last Wednesday night. good crowd, nice ladies, all very friendly. Had a great time with Kelly, who was new to the club. Does anyone know her schedule. Will be back.

James  on Legends

posted on October 22, 2006
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Does Island still work at this club??

Will  on Legends

posted on October 22, 2006
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we went on a Tuesday night, and actually had a AWESOME time. We thought we had made a mistake at first because from 7pm-8:30ish there was not much going on. After about 8:30 though things were looking better, and we got a couple AWESOME lapdances from two really sexy girls... great times. I'll be back.

Ronnie G  on Legends

posted on July 16, 2006
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Do a dancer name Blaze still work thhere?

STORMY  on Legends

posted on June 15, 2006
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Hey everyone this is stormy i was just wondering how is everyone doing i know dana is not working there anymore anyways hope everyone is good and to the person who asked bout paco hes at st james i think not really sure the last i heard he was well miss everyone

Just looking  on Legends

posted on June 14, 2006
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Went there tuesday night and the place is quiet. No good-looking girls what so ever. Had 3 privates dances and they are all terrible. Some are nice and talkive but others just here for your money and had very bad attitude. Won't go there again.

Aj  on Legends

posted on April 1, 2006
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pretty decent strip joint cute girls maybe one of 2 that was ass ugly

BIG DEN  on Legends

posted on February 16, 2006
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I will be in the Houston Area in late March. Can some one please tell me if there are any dance specials here (2 for 1 or $10) on Sundays, or one of the week days. Thanks

Pretty Eyed Boi  on Legends

posted on February 16, 2006
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Man I went about a month or so ago and I was very impressed. There are these two dancers there, Paige and Island...FINE AS HELL. Very professional. The atmosphere is superb. Make sure you get a private dance from one of these two.

princess  on Legends

posted on February 16, 2006
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hey what happend to the comments? just checking cause me and my feature friend elektra came about 2 years ago and had lots of fun where is the manager d.j paco at now hope you girls are making money answer if you have a clue where he is thanks from me

Mr. XyZ  on Legends

posted on May 16, 2005
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Any updates from recent visitors?

???update  on Legends

posted on April 30, 2005
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i think its about that time to update ur page there guys.when in the club, its nice, girls are cool and hot. midnight is my favorite. keep up the good work

anh  on Legends

posted on December 11, 2004
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I'm a girl...I went with several guy friends and 2 other girls. We brought a lot of alcohol and we had a great time! I think some of the dancers preferred us girls up there...we tipped and talked to them and didn't just stare at their crotch. Anyway, some of the girls are awesome and fun to talk to. Others were rude and said that my little group sucked (funny others that could dance actually thought we were a great group to be with). I'm actually going back there tonight with the same group. its worth checking out...its not loud and crazy (unless we are there we a toasting everything and yelling and having a great time) everyone is pretty chilled. just don't forget to bring booze!

Bilbo  on Legends

posted on November 19, 2004
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Do you have any recollection of the number/quality of black chicks that may have been there?

sbr  on Legends

posted on November 19, 2004
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I was here last Wednesday night. Not a lot of dancers, but all top quality. Did not go to back, but my buddy did and said it was well worth it. We will be back soon. Bring your own beer and have fun.