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Houston, Texas 77034

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Jordanp  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on October 30, 2016
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Average is what comes to mind as fast as the food goes and service. I got the blackened tilapia with two sides of veggies asking with an extra suffer of the jalapeno sausage ( which for the price is not with it).Lots of TVs do good for games, the service wasn't amazing but neither was it bad.

Randy F.  on Bombshells Houston-South

posted on October 23, 2016
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Been here for 10 min and no service. Pretty much sucks. It goes along with most every other review. When I told the waitress I was leaving, she acted like I insulted her.

DexterRexter  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on June 29, 2016
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So we came here on a Sunday after a movie and it was the only place not busy... we sit in Holly's section... and she seemed to be in a rush... she was really impatient and rude... if she didn't want to wait on our table because her shift was up... she rushed us... brought us our food and immediately closed our tab... before we even had a change to taste our food which by the way was cold ... ughh... this is such a bummer cause I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere...

Mistercap12  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on June 5, 2016
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The service was great! the waitress Blake is the best she did an excellent job , I would most definitely request her the next time ... :)

adamrod  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on May 9, 2016
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For a sports bar, there are worse places you can pick. The food is average at best, not as good as Twin Peaks or Hooters, however the menu does offer a large variety. Service in the evening that I went was very good, even though there was a large crowd in attendance for the fight. Overall it offers a nice atmosphere with a military theme. It's more of a club on weekend nights. Not really my type of crowd.

justinlk  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on April 9, 2016
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After moving into the South Belt area, I am always in search of new establishments to support. After having dinner at Kim Hai next door, I noticed that there was a very LOUD bar next door. The thing was huge and the majority of the parking lot was for this place.So a the very next weekend, we decided to come here for dinner and drinks. It reminds me of a somewhat more urban version of twin peaks. The girls dress up in skimpy outfits and you get alcohol and food. The service was actually very attentive and the food was solid. We had an order of wings. I could see myself coming here every so often, if I do not want to go into town for drinks.

danielson  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on March 30, 2016
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This has to be the worst service I've had in a long time...and I'm sitting at the bar!The bartender here is horrible, just going through the motions. Obviously not too worried about a tip...not to worry won't be getting much from me! Unfortunately she doesn't have a name tag so i can't tell you her name, a latina working the HH shift. but I'm sure others have complained about her. If not the management here isn't doing a very good job. I won't be stopping here anytime soon!

yanard12  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on November 28, 2015
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Loved our server. Beautiful young lady. The food was at best fair. The prices very high. I didn't think it was worth it

Ashley P.  on Bombshells Houston-South

posted on October 19, 2015
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This place was freezing beyond belief, but I still enjoyed a quick we'll have lemon pepper wings with fries and it was really good the fries were like the best fries I think I've ever had but it was just really really cold in there. Service was fine atmosphere is what you would expect at a bar.

felixnada  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on September 29, 2015
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Food is great, but the service is horrible. 6 staff members giggling and laughing by the front door playing with their phones. No one paying attention to the rables, I had to go up and ask repeatedly for refills.

Harrison69  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on September 6, 2015
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Horrible service, if you're not a regular don't even expect anyone to care that you are here. I have been here 20 minutes and the bartenders have spent all the time talking to a regular. On top of that one employee a female either management or cook staff has been reaching into the drink condiments and just pulling out and eating them. Her hands must have contaminated the condiments the way she was picking though them. Certainly don't feel welcome here.

Ivan B.  on Bombshells Houston-South

posted on August 11, 2015
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Let's start with the positives! Food was good, it has awesome atmosphere. TV's everywhere you look. The waitresses were gorgeous. The pizza is even better than most pizza places. The burgers are cooked perfectly. The negatives, the service is lousy. The only smile I saw came from the hostess. Our waitress came to the table with two trainees. Our drinks ran dry at a 6 person table. The only drink refilled was tea. For water and sodas we got up and went to the bar. While we were eating our waitress who was training began braiding another girls hair. Then we looked over at a bar and the bartender was eating behind the bar.I asked to speak to the manager, after waiting he finally arrived. He told me,"I can't be everywhere at one time". He also told me that I came on an off day. After reading the reviews, it seems to be a normal day. This place is poorly managed.

fritter17  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on July 1, 2015
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Horrible food & slow service which I didn't understand because the place was dead. I ordered one of the wraps & the chicken instead of being grilled was dried out & crispy. It was just way overcooked!! It was like I was biting into croutons instead of chicken!! Sooo gross but at least they removed it from our bill. It's really a shame because the restaurant itself is pretty cool.

tonycluber  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on May 13, 2015
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The fact this place has ANY stars is because people have no taste buds... There is absolutely zero redeeming about this place.Terrible foodLousy serviceThe waitress walked over to our table after waiting 25 minutes for food and said, "are you guys ok?"So I'm thinking, "OK as in OK with life or the fact that it's been 25 minutes and we have no food?"The food is really not good and the service is just clueless...

ryan123  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on May 3, 2015
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Awful service. I mean awful. We got there, one girl seated us and told us waitress would be right with us, after like 20 minutes, someone dressed in plain clothes (not the slutty military girl outfits) who seemed to be a manager came and asked us if we had been helped. We told her no, we had been waiting and she got us our first round of beers. Finally after that a waitress appears and takes our order. We got a battalion platter, which is their name for a sampler appetizer platter and yet another round of beers. After she leaves, another waitress pops up and asks us if we need anything. We took that as our cue for the second round of beers. After another endless wait(long enough to kill the second round of beers)yet another waitress (third waitress) comes with our food and no beer. I quickly let her know to bring the third round, which she did pretty quick. Food was ehh. Standard fried bar munchies. They have something called firecrackers, a rip off of chilis southwest eggrolls. At the end of the night our check was brought and they had only charged us for one beer and the sampler platter. That's how I know they are super unorganized. 6 beers and we only got charged for one. The concept of the place is pretty cool, with the outdoor seating and all the TVs. It'd be a great place to watch tonight's Rockets game if they'd get their crap together. One star for the free beer and the cool outdoor concept

mathewater12  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on April 26, 2015
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This place won't let you in cause of tattoo is really dumb ....... foods is too salty... and you have 2 Wait for 20 mins 2 put a drink order is not good service

V M.  on Bombshells Houston-South

posted on April 16, 2015
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Extremely slow service! I had to walk up to the bar numerous times to get my own beer. Sad thing was it wasn't even busy!! The waitresses just sit around talking! Sit at the bar... At least you'll get your beer in a timely manner!

Christopher C.  on Bombshells Houston-South

posted on April 8, 2015
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If I could give zero stars, I definitely would. After hearing much about this place I decided to try it out and see what it had to offer. I was well aware of the horrible reviews this place has received but that did not deter me from giving it a shot. Boy what a horrible mistake that was. I expect service to be somewhat slow on a busy Saturday, however this place was not remotely as packed as one would expect on the weekend. This, however, did not mean it didn't take more than 25 minutes to have someone take our drink order. A horde of useless hostesses stood around with their backs against the wall while we sat there watching the clock tick by. We asked one of the hostess if we were going to get any service at which point she congregated with a few waitresses around our table. As opposed to taking our order, this pack of birdbrained waitresses began to argue amongst each other on who our table of two should be assigned to. Extremely unprofessional, but yet again what could I expect from a pack of brain dead women with no social skills whatsoever. We stayed for one round of drinks and decided to leave once the cops began arresting rowdy folks, something which apparently happens "all the time" according to a regular patron we chatted with. Before I sign off on my receipt I notice I was being charged for drinks I never ordered. After waiting around another 30 mins just to close my tab, the waitress corrects this mistake. I sign off on my receipt and leave never looking to come again. The next morning I check my bank account and to my surprise, I WAS CHARGED TWICE, one for the incorrect tab with the extra drinks and another for my actual charges. Heed this advice. STAY AWAY.

joseph1k  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on March 24, 2015
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very upset!!had hair in my boyfriend burger then it was long...we are not going back ever

winston12  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on February 28, 2015
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The food was great, even though my salad came out late and with the wrong dressing. The restaurant is gorgeous, but the main problem here is the service is subpar. It took an excessive amount of time for us to be greeted, and my food came out nearly 12 minutes after the rest of the table's order. (Remember I ordered a salad.) Even after multiple reminders, the waitress kept forgetting to order our drinks. (Which are great, if you can get them.) This place has the makings to be awesome, if only they could bring their service level up.

Maria H.  on Bombshells Houston-South

posted on January 23, 2015
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I have been here 3 times within the last couple months. First time service sucked. There were many bartenders just standing there and I still couldn't get a beer. Finally flagged a waitress down and she was able to help me. So I gave it a second chance. This time it was just as bad with service. There are many people working. I'm amazed that there are so many waitresses and you can't get a drink.Went again this past weekend for a friends party that really wanted to try out Bombshells. We sat outside and no one and I mean no one came to ask if we needed drinks. Don't mind going to the giant bar that had 7 bartenders that I counted and it took 15 mins to get a beer. Maybe 2 of the bartenders were actually working. The rest just hanging out behind the bar. We moved our party of 10 to a table inside. Not one time did a waitress come up to our table. We still had to go to the bar and wait. However I will say if you're a man then you will get service a lot quicker. The beer is cold, the atmosphere is good but when you can't get service, there is NO WAY I will ever step another foot in this place.

james1412  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on December 24, 2014
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Rated it 4 stars because I found it to be ok. Yes it's true they have hundreds of Tv's, the environment was great, but my drink was weak. Ordered the bombshell punch....drank it in like 5 gulps. I'm a lightweight with alcohol and I didn't taste a thing. The burger I ordered on the other hand was awesome!! Great sports environment if you're into that.

harryharry  on  Bombshells Houston-South

posted on December 3, 2014
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I still can't understand why this place falls short my second time around. It's been open for a few weeks now and I still see little things here and there that should have been fixed after week one. The margarita machines were still not fully frozen yet and it was already 1 o'clock. Who sets up for Sunday football and doesn't turn on the margarita machines? On top of that we asked to get Johnny Appleseed on draft and they said they were out. The final strike was when I ordered a double crown and coke and when I took a sip I didn't even taste any crown. Usually when I get a double crown and coke I have to sip on it because it's pretty strong. I pretty much chugged my drink in 20 seconds. I don't know if it's just me being picky but I think they should have higher standards than this. Now don't get me wrong our waitress was super nice but its just the quality of service behind the bar that lacks. We get way better service at other bars in the area so we decided to leave at half time. I'm sure it's not bad for everybody that comes here but for us it hasn't been that great.