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3300 S Fort Hood St

Killeen, Texas 76542

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Dylan  on Bunny Club

posted on October 26, 2015
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Chris does your wife remember a girl that worked the door ( cashier) named Samantha? Im not sure if she worked there or another club though. She had long brown hair and she was pregnant at the time.

chris  on Bunny Club

posted on June 13, 2014
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i remember jessie thats when both clubs where owned along with the country bar by the flow brothers and ike was the manager of teazers and chris managed the bunny club my girl now my wife danielle danced at both clubs thats back in the gap when oz was just made right behind teazers wow time has changed

Mac  on Bunny Club

posted on September 18, 2011
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What ever happened to Jessie, the blond, slender bartender who worked at the Bunny Club in 2003?

re: Oldtimer  on Bunny Club

posted on February 12, 2008
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Silver is still dancing just not at the bunny club. No money to be made there. Still hot as all fuck though

rick  on Bunny Club

posted on January 12, 2008
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hay guys theres this bitch that works there named fantiza that will suck you off good if you dont belive look at the photo. she a whore in a half will fuck anything.

comment to jeffrey  on Bunny Club

posted on October 25, 2007
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listen here you low life sorry excuse for a human bieng. i dont know who lit the fuse on your tampon, but saying bad comments about me like giving head is rediculous! I am taylor, and i wouldn't blow you if you were the last dick left on earth! i dont even fucking know you so grow up and fuck off.

Allen  on Bunny Club

posted on October 17, 2007
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Well maybe your club will get better. I see that nasty bitch Fantasia left town and is not working there. That was the best thing that could happen to the place.

Lady's man  on Bunny Club

posted on August 19, 2007
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If there was a girl that was worth looking at at the Bunny Club was a beautiful Latina that went by the name Isabel back in 1999-2000..just ask Justin the owner who would call her up every now and then to come back and dance. Anyone knows what ever happen to her?

Jason  on Bunny Club

posted on July 17, 2007
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This club sucks. The day shift girls are wore out whores. Theres this one Fantasia who looks like a crack whore drunk. But she did suck my dick in the lap dance booth. But she wasent very good.

tara aka hunny  on Bunny Club

posted on April 23, 2007
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well who ever said i dont have a shot working there ur dumb i do work there again and plan on staying cant help it if ur jealous or just plain stupid any ways yes the club needs improvements but with comments and all we can slow but surely have fun and take it easy

Jeffery  on Bunny Club

posted on March 1, 2007
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These girls here are hoes. especially taylor and alezza. want some great head? hit up them up

G-Unit  on Bunny Club

posted on January 30, 2007
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No, there's no strip joints in Temple. :'( I used to go to the Bunny Club every Friday and Saturday night. It was the first strip club I'd ever been to and I love it! I can't say much about management, because I don't know. Although, a few nights they had a promoter and when they did the place was booming! Most of the girls there are really sweet and down-to-earth. Two in particular...Pandora and Zada? (Not sure about spellling) Anyways, I hear a lot of negative feedback and why? I think that the Bunny Club is a great small strip club. It's great because you get a lot of one-on-one time. You can actually get to know some of these girls. I'd have to say keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you all this weekend. =D *G-Unit*

lone traveler  on Bunny Club

posted on January 21, 2007
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any club in Temple, Tx close to Killeen ?

Maya  on Bunny Club

posted on December 15, 2006
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Hey when did you guys get a two story pole?Did you knock a hole in the wall and joint with Teazers???I'm still looking for girls that used to work there in2000-2002. Contact me under Teasers Hardrock Cabaret in Alabama.

Giselle  on Bunny Club

posted on December 1, 2006
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Two of my fiends and I came and danced 1 night and these are the most ghetto girls I have ever seen!! The only good thing about that club is the two story pole!! Its old, dirty, and worn out and so are the girls!!

Jeremy from Cali  on Bunny Club

posted on November 19, 2006
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The place is not too bad. Some of the girls are a little old and out of shape and should not be working there. The atmosphere is just OK. Could be better. There are a few very nice girls that keep me coming back. Some rif raf but that's normal. To my favorite bartender from Florida who knows how to give a good lap dance. Miss you and your freckles Riakay. (hope i spelled that right).

Hey Tara/Hunny  on Bunny Club

posted on September 4, 2006
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Things have changed a lot since you were here. You now have to pass a spelling and literacy test before they let you dance--you have to get 1 out of 500 correct. I don't think you have much of a shot...

Tara aka Hunny  on Bunny Club

posted on September 3, 2006
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Well i am plainning to come back to dance around Jan. 2007 i was just woundering if its still the same or is it crapy or may i say crapier and to find out about the girls there if any of the girls that i use to still there working and also about the new girls would like to know some about them before i come back or ill just find out while im there and how many still dance to country and how it goes for them and also what the customers think. u can contact me on myspace my url name is tarazurenda so drop a line to let me know. Thanks hunny

Michael  on Bunny Club

posted on August 23, 2006
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Lexy is for sure a bitch. No more comments needed. As a costumer we go in to relax not to hear your complaints. Other than that. This place has an allright atmosphere. Except for the over drunk and drama girls. Keep it up girls. Had a good time afterall

a  on Bunny Club

posted on June 30, 2006
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looking for dancer with tats on her left shoulder. Long dark hair, short build great in the sack, cant remember her stage name, think she is from miss.

Nunya  on Bunny Club

posted on May 15, 2006
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The Bunny has the best atmosphere of all the strip joints in Killeen, but as a former employee (I quit about 3 days ago) I have to say, it has the crappiest management I've ever seen. There is lots of favortism towards certain girls, and others are treated like shit. If you go in there and wonder why your waitresses or bartenders are in a crappy mood, I'll tell you... because they have to deal with too much bullshit from a job that should really be fun for them. I'm already happier since I left. Also, that damn club is going to run into the ground in no time. They need to be diverse with the music selection, and lower the prices on things like shooters and roses. I mean come on, who the hell really wants to buy a rose for a stripper anyway?

EZ-texan  on Bunny Club

posted on May 4, 2006
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Good place. Talked to the owner. He's kept this club running for over two decades. He's the Hugh Hefner of Kileen (party guy). There's variety of girls - most are ok to talk to. Most are amateurs. Working as a side job (not main source of income). The customer has to hustle to warm up the girls. One time I treated three girls to lunch (ordered from chinese restua) - they sat with me and shared tales of the day - girl talk. I do not know if they offer specials but a table dance is $20 and not many girls are table dancing (because of high entry price).

raven  on Bunny Club

posted on March 16, 2006
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used to work there Did everything go down hill? oh no goth allowed , I like rock I am me!! I didnt have big boobs but my ass was nice and I like my music to dance to

natalie  on Bunny Club

posted on March 12, 2006
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hey i really appreciate the compliment about me! come see me im there 5 nights a week!!

Chris Davis  on Bunny Club

posted on February 8, 2006
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Hey, used ta hang out there all the time when I was in the military. Wonderin if any of my favorite friends are still workin there. Victoria, Leah, and others between 2003-04. Just wonderin.

Bob  on Bunny Club

posted on January 17, 2006
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Hey! I was looking for an old friend I used to know I Waco TX. She used to dance at Showtime on LaSalle about 3 years ago. We spent some time together and I wanted to look her up. I have no clue how to find her. Last I heard she had moved to Killeen, Tx. Maybe someone here knows how to find her. I remember her dance name started with a D. I know.... bad memory. She is very petite with short back spikey hair. Would love to hook up again just to see hows shes been. No I am not a perv for anyone whos thinking that. Just wondered what ever happened to her is all... any clues.. please post.. TY in advance

customer  on Bunny Club

posted on January 7, 2006
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The bunny club isn't exactly the hottest club in Texas but it is a great place to hang out have a few beers and look at a few beautiful women. Some of the dancers are hot and give great lap dances but be choosy or the desperate ones won't leave you alone. It's a great place to actually talk to girls without all the hustling. I'd recommend coming and seeing Lilly, Natali and Scarlet Rayn dance.

Old Man  on Bunny Club

posted on December 24, 2005
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This was at one time a good place to pass time. Most all the girls that work in this club are eather to old or to ugly. The Bunny club rank's #1 in this area for one thing. All the girls are for sure Bitches.

Cornoyer  on Bunny Club

posted on August 24, 2005
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Are there any good-looking black chicks working here?

Hunny  on Bunny Club

posted on March 8, 2005
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maya you more than likely dont know me but snow dont work there no more she only comes in every now and than. onix still does shes real good. i only saw josie a few times i think she works else were. and kayla i think is kalie and she stoped dancing cuz fay wouldnt let her waitress so now she works at teazers as a waitress she said she just got tired of dancing but i dont know if its the same person. i dont dance there any more because of fays stuiped desisions so i dance at sams doll house and waitress over there im know alot has changes from what ive heard and since i started there. hope its any help. but alot of dancers are leaving new and old because of fay. dont know if its the same for you too.

maya  on Bunny Club

posted on March 2, 2005
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hey anyone from the old crew still there ?????????? JOJO, SNOW , JOSIE KAYLA ONIX AISHA ADY and everybody i forgott to name off i miss you guys i'm in alabama now don't like it here write back if you get this message

Hunny/little  on Bunny Club

posted on February 19, 2005
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yes i work at the bunny club we are under new management and the club is picking up and being redone. Its looking good there. I have been working there since Sep. i dance to country music mostly. we lost alot of old dancers and now there are new dancers like myself if you dont find me to fit what your looking for im sure there is someone else there youll like. my name is Hunny i have brown hair 5'4 and 21 i wear a black cowboy hat even if im not dancing to country music. there is a veriety of music played. We also have slots and a pool table. And i like working there and know a lot of people who say i dont look ugly and that im one of the hottiest girls there so dont take my word for it come and see for your self.

Oldtimer  on Bunny Club

posted on March 15, 2004
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Looking for a girl that used to work there a few years ago, anyone know what happened to a dancer named Silver? Short Dark hair, great body....

amimaus  on Bunny Club

posted on March 10, 2004
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Looking for a dancer that works there or used to work there. Her name is Aisha. Bitte melde Dich bei Klaudia in Houston!!!!

Number1Nympho  on Bunny Club

posted on February 25, 2004
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you call this place a strip club!!!! It's got nothing but busted up looking housewives, some with no teeth! But hey whatever floats your boat right??? Really though, the place is trash, and so are their dancers. I wouldn't waste my time or money there EVER again.