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101 Solo Road

Odessa, Texas 79762

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xo  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on June 1, 2013
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that's a strippers job. idiot.

MARIAH  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on March 1, 2007
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Satin Jaguars Page  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on May 13, 2006
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Now called Jaguars Platinum....I wish someone would update this site.

TO Jack  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on April 8, 2006
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At least you got home. I?m not gonna call any names, but I fell for this stripper, see. All I was to her was a cash cow, but I was too crazy about her to see that. She kept me on the hook with lies and promises, and I never even so much as got my finger wet. Looking back, I see what a sucker I was, but at the time I believed her because I wanted to believe her, you know what I mean? When I finally started to wise up and ask questions, she dropped me like a hot potato and disappeared. Last I heard, she was in Japan. Living it up on my dough, I presume.

Tater  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on February 7, 2006
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Club went topless, now its back nude and BYOB. Someone needs to update name

jack  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on December 29, 2005
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need to stay out of the back room. i got taken by three girls , plyed with tequila shots, ended up broke , and woke up on porch at home.

Candace  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on August 30, 2005
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apparently they forgot to renew their SOB license and had to close for a month for it to renew... makes you wonder where their heads were

slim  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on January 23, 2005
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can anyone tell me what happened to dezzy

Chillin'  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on August 4, 2004
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Apparently this place now goes "after hours" on Friday and Saturday. From what I hear from the dancers, they police up all the alcohol at 2:00am and then this place stays open til 5:00am. Many of the dancers from Jags come over after Jags closes and work the stages here after hours.

chillin'  on Rick's Cabaret

posted on April 6, 2004
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I've been in the club before and after the change from Satins to Show Palace. The interior is much nicer now, but there is no VIP area and there isn't a lot of privacy for table dances. The girls were ok, but I didn't think the talent was as good as the other club in town. It's been a few months since I went now, so I may go back to see if things have improved.