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3105 South Interstate 35

Round Rock, Texas 78664

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CrimeStoppers  on Rick

posted on June 24, 2019
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scladmin (management)  on  Rick

posted on August 24, 2016
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Military Tribute Party

Join us September 3rd for the Military Tribute Party.

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joseph1k  on  Rick

posted on January 26, 2016
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Food, liquor, and titties: Winning Combination.Expensive food, somewhat good liquor, and titties: Bit a rip off, but still good combination.

igor34  on  Rick

posted on November 12, 2014
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Rude staff poor service from everyone there worst experience here than at yellow rose even which is a trashy club anyway. Definitely would recommend Palazio or Expose over Ricks any day!!!

fritter17  on  Rick

posted on June 16, 2014
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I've honestly never heard anything really positive of this place, other than "if you're not fat or ugly you will make money." Well, I'm not fat or ugly so I thought I would give it a go. I applied here to work as a dancer and quickly got hired, the management seemed pretty nice and professional so kudos for that. On the other hand,the music was terrible, just terrible. As far as the dancers lets just say no. Anyways I left after 5 hours and will not be coming back. This place is to ghetto for my taste.

winston12  on  Rick

posted on March 17, 2014
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Horrible service. Staff does not follow same regulations. Very unpredictable. Will not be coming back. Charge different prices on each round. Seem to make up as they go along.

Captain W K.  on Rick

posted on February 10, 2014
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This place an service is awful. Stopped in with the wife to have a few drinks. Paid the nominal afternoon cover charge. Sat at table waiting to be served. The waitress kept walking by ignoring us. I wave at her several times but she seemed to be ignoring us. 15 minutes went by as we watched her serve other customers. Walked by us again and I spoke up trying to get her to stop. No luck at all. Looks like couples are not welcome here. 15 more minutes of no service we gave up and left. We will never go back or refer this place to our friends. Worst place we have been to in years. Pass it by...

XhXeXy  on  Rick

posted on June 18, 2013
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Haven't bought a dance here ever...so i cant really attest to the quality of the scenery.Ive played hold'em every time...its a lot of fun, expensive but fun. Buy a couple drinks, listen to shortened songs, and admire a beautiful lady or two. Weekend security gives a full service pat down at the doors...happy ending is extra....Not a bad locale.Foood has been reported as fantastic, coming from regulars and not dancers.

really  on Rick

posted on November 29, 2012
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The club and the girls are beautiful, but the city should be ashamed for allowing this place to stay open. Boyfriends or girlfriends should be ashamed that their partner works in such a place. $20 hand jobs, $40 blow jobs, $200 fcks in the VIP while managers get paid to turn their heads. This club is the epitome of why people dont want strip clubs open!

harryharry  on  Rick

posted on January 24, 2012
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The Dancers ignore you, even in the VIP room, for the last 7 visits. DO NOT GO HERE. All of the dancers dances are bad, they all try to hustle you. One huge waste of money and a bad night. go to yellow rose or perfect 10.

Johnnyboy123  on  Rick

posted on October 3, 2011
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I will give a neutral review even though I was disappointed. I went with someone and before we sat down with our drink, we spent $51 (I like to get comfy before I spend over $50). This was on: Valet, cover charge and a drink for me and my husband. I do not mind paying $8-9 for a Long Island Iced Tea. There is a reason they are expensive and I love them. I ordered one and was handed a 6oz tumbler full of ice and little alcohol. The drink was so weak that I thought that I was drinking coke and seltzer water for a moment. The only drink that had a decent amount of alcohol was the Jack and Coke. The drinks were all weak and I couldn't even get a buzz. I do not mind paying for expensive drinks if they actually put alcohol in them.Now to the women: The women were pretty-but they all looked the same!!! Blond, skinny (like a 12 year old boy) and college co-ed cute. There is nothing wrong with this except for the fact that a club that specializes in this genre of entertainment must consider that not everyone finds the same thing beautiful. There was not enough diversity. Just because we like to exercize and be healthy in Austin, it doesn't mean we want to see only skinny runner types on-stage.I wouldn't be surprised if the manager read these reviews about the "saggy" and "flabby" bodies and tried to fix it. I only saw two dancers out of thirty who were more curvaceous. I spoke to a dancer and she told me that the manager told her to loose ten lbs. She did not have any cellulite. She had a figure like Shakira...If Shakira or Beyonce are "fat" then a lot of men love fat women so it's OK to eat some food and jiggle a little if it jiggles in the right spot. The dancers were nice and did not act stuck-up. The place was classy with great seating. I believe that I might try it one more time to see if this was just a fluke, but I will probably bring a flask so that I can actually taste the alcohol in my drinks.

Franklyn  on  Rick

posted on September 4, 2011
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nice place, you can see stage from any table...vip gets the cuter girls..lolbut free breakfast...cool

oorah  on Rick

posted on August 24, 2008
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reyna so sexy best in i know not think

????????????????????  on Rick

posted on July 23, 2008
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anyone know a whore named TORI

Clinton cleans mess  on Rick

posted on February 19, 2008
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Why would the Bush/Clinton trend have to stop? Face it, when a Bush fucks it all up, it has been proven that a Clinton can get it all straightened out again. We should have stopped the Bush/Clinton game after the first Clinton, but it's too late to stop it now. The 2nd Bush fucked it up real good this time.

re; Damn it!  on Rick

posted on February 19, 2008
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What, but the leader of the Republicans in Congress, Tom DeLay, was the most honest man on earth! They are all so close to God, and don't hesitate to tell us so!

re; Damn it!  on Rick

posted on February 19, 2008
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Hate to break it to you, but the Republic of Texas has beem completely run by republicans in every branch of government for a long time now. And they are corrupt to the core as well as full of shit. And we gave the country our resident recovering alcoholic, coke freak and rich boy underachiever, Dubyah Bush, and he made Clinton look great. But I agree Clinton is a form of scum, and the Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush-Clinton cycle has got to fucking end once and for all.

Damn it!  on Rick

posted on February 19, 2008
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When Bill Clinton took our money, I thought he was supposed to make sure that everybody in Texas had a computer. What the hell happened? This State gets less action than the former Soviet Union.

re: traveler  on Rick

posted on February 19, 2008
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did they know you were from out of town? Maybe u were taken for a ride.

James  on Rick

posted on June 21, 2007
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Ginger, you are a peach. ;-) Dix fois!

Traveler  on Rick

posted on May 14, 2007
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Stopped in on a wednesday night and had a great time. Not from TX, but the comments here are pretty confusing, does not sound like the same place I went to. Few things I noted. Drink prices seemed to change over the 3 hours I was there. I was drinking soda and paid $3.50 at the bar, then $4.50 at a table then $3.00 at my table a bit later. Maybe it was in my head, but seemed like they were changing. Also, had a tough time understanding dance prices. I had a few for $20 that were great, but it seems like there were $10 dances and $50 dances too, but I could not get a straight answer from a girl on the types of dances or the prices. Any one understand that stuff? Anyway, I would highly recommend the club to any travelers.


posted on March 1, 2007
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Lily Thai fan  on Rick

posted on December 5, 2006
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If you're looking for Lily Thai she is working at Yellow Rose. I've seen her every weekend there and also random weekday nights.

Dancer in PA  on Rick

posted on August 15, 2006
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I work at Delilah's in Philadelphia, and I'm moving to Austin at the end of the year. I'm looking for the highest-end club in Austin - the one that's closest in style, entertainment, prices, events and customers to Delilah's. Can anyone who's familiar with both D's and the various gentlemen's clubs in Austin point me in the right direction? If I have to, I will travel to Dallas to dance in the high-end clubs there, but it would be much easier if I were able to work in the same town in which I will be living. Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thanks!

XDawnX  on Rick

posted on July 4, 2006
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Joy is one of the most horrible clubs i have ever had the misfortune to work at. lefty is a prick bastard. if a guy grabs a girl lefty won't kick him out as long as he is spending enough money. they treat their girls like dogs in the street. the managers are so far up the owner's ass i can't tell where he ends and they begin. the bouncers believe themselves to be total badasses. i told one of them that he was nothing a 45 cal couldn't stop. lol he didn't like that too much. moron. the girls there seem pretty sweet. i don't know how they put up with all the bullshit though. anyway, i give this club a 0 on a scale of 1-10. fuck you lefty!

Honeyhere  on Rick

posted on June 29, 2006
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The club is beautiful, but be warned.. the managment is horrible. They don't give a rats ass about their girls or their customers and will turn on anyone is a second. The friends that I made working there are too good of girls to put up with that crap from some lowlife greek guys who rip their girls and clientel off. Men who go in there and use their credit cards.. be warned (they will rip you off) and dancers be careful.

Tony from Dallas  on Rick

posted on June 26, 2006
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I wen to Austin to visit a friend but we end up in the strip club we went to JOY men all the girls are all beuatiful I meet an asian check her name Tetchie my goodness she so so hot the body is so incredible big butt and can shake really good, I ask 2 lap dance and I can't resist her I keep on asking for more i end up paying $160.00 8 dances, oh my! she can make you turn on especially the way she look at you and the smiles.I will definitely recomend her...

hopeful  on Rick

posted on May 2, 2006
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This was a good club with a lot of hot girls until a couple of months back. Where there used to be 30 girls at a time, now you can hardly find 10-12. Seems all girls have gone to other clubs. I like the laid-back environment of this club but we need more hot girls in here if people are to come!!

shooter  on Rick

posted on March 30, 2006
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This use to be the hottest club in the Austin area. But it has its ups an down. Everything seems to be uptight right now. For the next few months I think I would go Sugars in Austin or Babes in SA. Better still, Head to Houston. Treasures or Sugars on the Gulf Freeway in Clear Lake. Fun, fun, fun with lots of mutual touching

X Dancer  on Rick

posted on February 8, 2006
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You are cheap if you are complaining about $7 cover and couldn't touch.That means you don't need to go to a gentlemen's club. I've worked at a club before where if you wanted to touch, you had to pay $400 for 20 minutes and that meant no grabbing the privates.

Visitor  on Rick

posted on February 4, 2006
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I was there on a Friday night. I felt like I wasted my $7 cover fee. There was only one hot girl in the whole play and she had a no touch policy.

satisfied  on Rick

posted on January 22, 2006
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I met Jennifer showed up and I mean, she is drop dead gorgeous. I visited the stage, gave her 5 bucks and told her I would appreciate it if she could gave me a private dance and she agreed. She came to me after the show on stage.I asked her if I could gently touch her body and she said yes. Basically she led me touch and kiss almost anywhere on her body, not lips though, said he was not permitted to do that. She gave me two lap dances, not a superb dancer, I should say, but to me that was ways enough. I asked her schedule and she gave me her phone num and saved my num in her phone, told me to call her. Over all, I would gave her a 8 out of 10 for dance and 9 out of 10 for her beauty and charm.

Jered  on Rick

posted on January 16, 2006
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the women are generally above average in the appearance category. there are a number of really beautiful goddesses, but they're always in high demand. if you're finding that you're waiting a while to get some attention from the ladies, try tipping the ones you like the most when they're on stage. Giving them something more than a dollar increases the chances they'll visit you over those fellows that only tip one dollar. on tuesdays, the dances are only $5. this means that the place is usually pretty packed on tuesday nites. i wonder how long this ($5-on-tuesday) policy will remain in effect. the waitresses are very attentive.

Also a Local Guy  on Rick

posted on January 6, 2005
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I have to say, things are better at Joy these days. Check out Nicole and Suki on Friday nights. She's really quiet but the dances are phenomenal. Worth every penny. I've also been stopping by over lunch and day shift is looking much better too. Princess, as someone else mentioned, is very nice and Linda has a great body as well. And if you get a chance to dance with Pearl....mmmmmm.

Peter  on Rick

posted on December 14, 2004
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This is a great place to go. The girls are pretty laid back and friendly. No real pressure to get dances. There are a few good looking girls in the day time but the night is the time to go. I haven't been there for a while but I've had fun in the past. Just want to give a shout out to Kiara, Lola and Tanya. They are all great ladies to be with.

Also a local guy  on Rick

posted on March 21, 2004
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I've been disappointed recently with the quality of the dancers on the day shift. It would appear that the really quality women only work during the full price dance hours. But I've been to a bunch of clubs in several states and Joy is where I've gotten the highest mileage dances. And the atmosphere is very comfortable. Some clubs are very high pressure to spend as much money as possible. Not Joy. It's a very friendly place all the way around.

steve  on Rick

posted on February 12, 2004
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I have to agree that at least during dayshift the girls here are surpisingly poor quality. The girl with the best body still had bad acne scars. Waitress was very nice and good at remembering my order and checked up on me periodically. Lots of groping and extras go on in the back of the club. Would eat somewhere else before you stop in here.

Also a local guy  on Rick

posted on February 1, 2004
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I disagree. It is kind of hit or miss some nights but there are some really pretty girls here too. Sara comes to mind as does Princess. I miss Vivian. She hasn't been around for awhile.