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330 W Washington Drive

San Angelo, Texas 76903

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rickywho2  on  Desiree's

posted on September 8, 2015
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Great place to have a guys night out. Girls were nice and attractive. They had specials almost every 30 minutes. Offering $4 shots, and $1 dances. Place was clean with good music and had plenty of girls to go around. I must add that the drinks are expensive!

maxxy1  on  Desiree's

posted on August 20, 2012
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Avoid this place at all cost! Terrible service, ugly women... I would not return if you paid me. I was not expecting much for San Angelo, but this strip club is way worse than I could ever imagine. If you pay the cover for this place you are just plain stupid! Don't know how they are still in business.

Boston  on Desiree's

posted on July 14, 2009
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hello, I am moving from boston in 2 months and wanted to know if this is a good club to work at and if there are any others driving distance from san angelo. thanks for your help

SCARLETT  on Desiree's

posted on March 1, 2007
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To Dad  on Desiree's

posted on August 12, 2006
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Keep better tabs on your kids. And remember kids learn from the their parents, so what have you been doing. Finally, why are you posting this info here unless you are blowing smoke because you work at another club and want to cause trouble

FOR TODD  on Desiree's

posted on February 21, 2006
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Stop letting in under age kids.

CUSTMOR  on Desiree's

posted on February 20, 2006
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I heard my 11 old son was going to this club and the guy todd who works there was letting him go thru the back you know you can get shut down from that