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5418 Brewster Street

San Antonio, Texas 78233

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CrimeStoppers  on Rick's Cabaret - San Antonio

posted on June 24, 2019
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anthony1  on  Rick's Cabaret - San Antonio

posted on November 27, 2016
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Don't even go in here thinking you are going to make a fair exchange of dancing for money. These swanky hoes will tries to rip you off. Good times will turn into regret. Don't do it. Management will try to enforce.

igor34  on  Rick's Cabaret - San Antonio

posted on September 15, 2014
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I love ricks. This is one of the only clubs in town I feel comfortable at. I love that its non smoking now. At least when I come home smelling like strippers there isn't smoke too. Drinks can be pricey but they usually run great specials. Steak and shrimp are good especially at $5.99. There is a decent mix of girls. Not saying they are all 10's but you can usually find something for everyone. Huuuuuge tv's for football and ufc. VIP area is clean and has its own bar. Definitely a good place for a few drinks.

curtis17  on  Rick's Cabaret - San Antonio

posted on December 12, 2013
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As a dancer, DO NOT WORK HERE! the management are nothing but womanizing pimps who are NOT looking out for your best interests but their OWN personal gain. I once witnessed a girl being harassed by a customer and the managers (3 work the floor each night) and they just ignored the incident and laughed it off. they are also paid a salary, yet still request tips from the dancers, which is ILLEGAL. horrible place to work, should be shut down

eddyL  on  Rick's Cabaret - San Antonio

posted on September 2, 2012
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Worst service I've ever gotten at a strip club. The waitress brought me the wrong drink 3 times in a row!!! The third time when I told her "Hey this is still a bourbon and coke and I wanted a rum and coke." and she tried to argue with me! Bitch I know what whiskey tastes like. The $2 drinks are ok just so long as you know you're not really getting what you ordered. They use the cheaper off brand "oh well it's just like goldschlager..." But it's not. I went there on a Saturday night and you would think they would bring their A-team as far as girls but I barely saw the D-team through their not very well sectioned off VIP. I sat with my back to the stage and turned around everytime there was a new girl on stage and then I kicked myself for turning around right into someone's stab wound or C-section scar. After a while I lost hope and stopped looking.

harryharry  on  Rick's Cabaret - San Antonio

posted on May 26, 2012
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Hmmm let's see where to start. Ricks is ok I didn't really care to much for the ladies there. There were a few ladies that were ok and gave some decent dances. What really gave it up was like this 50 year old woman was working there and just kinda threw off the vibe. The waiter was excellent she got a good tip from my group. The drinks were good I've been out plenty of times and got water down drinks. Restrooms are clean and another thing that is big to me is it is spacious. So go check it out it is different and better on other nights.

CC  on Rick's Cabaret - San Antonio

posted on December 27, 2009
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Still open? Open Sunday or Monday?