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4000 North PanAm Expressway

San Antonio, Texas 78219

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CrimeStoppers  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on June 24, 2019
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tonycluber  on  Paradise Entertainment

posted on February 25, 2014
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You have got to be kidding me! This place is bad. It is $25.00 to get in, but the benefit is that it is BYOB! Now most of the women are ugly. You have two options for private dances. One is a $20.00 dance and the other is get a wrist band and pay $10 for each dance.Now if a girl asks if she can keep you company say no! You will have to pay her to keep you company. If you don't pay the bouncers will start to harass you for money in order to pay the girls. Most of the girls are wearing skimpy clothing but this place is neither full nude or topless. In the end, I would not recommend Paradise.

JRG  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on September 19, 2009
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If your looking for the most bang for your buck try the VIP. It will usually cost you $100 plus a tip, but you'll leave smiling. Otherwise the regular lap are pretty good with fairly high mileage. As far as how the girls look it really varies. Overall they range from 3's to 8's. No 10's. Expect to be approached for a dance early and often as their pretty aggressive. This club won't be for everyone. However if you like mileage then is the best I've been to in this town.

up2date  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on May 27, 2009
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I recently was in San antonio and paradise was recommended, they play the best in hiphop, its B.Y.O.B and they have private v.i.p dances, which are good but u should try a couple, because they usually have a wide select of girls something for everybody if u know what i mean!

newcomer  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on July 1, 2007
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Dunno about this one...went there and paid the $20.00 cover since a friend says that "later in the evening, all the fine girls show up!" Yeah, one or two cute high school grads( I hope...) But not much if you like sloppy, overweight mexican/black girls....the female patrons just coming in looked better than the dancers!...stay far away...It's BYOB, and it shows since there are beer bottles lining the floor...Kinda seedy area of town, and the sign outdoors? The bullbs need to be replaced(it kinda helps for advertising at night, you know?)

Easter Egg Hunt  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on April 29, 2007
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anyone know if Bunny still works here. The last time I went to this club was months ago and I met this sexy blonde with a really nice body and several clit piercings. I always wondered what happened to her. She was so hot. Also does anyone know if she goes that extra mile for guys. cuz my buddy said that he and a friend of his got down with her but its possible that they were just talking SH*T...any info helps...Thx

Mariah  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on March 1, 2007
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kim4u  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on December 6, 2006
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my husband and i went in early november and were so disapointed...this tittie bar has gone downhill fast!!! the girls and that is what they are girls (maybe 18) are so skanky but i guess that is what your paying husband and i have been regulars there. but not anymore were going to xtc from now on.So if your considering paradise think flat chested girls right out of high school.

MD 20/20  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on October 24, 2006
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My boy and I got fucked up on MD 20/20 at Dick's downtown and somehow ended up at Paradise. I remember little of my experience, but I do recall the DJ giving a shout out to the white boys after we walked in ($20 cover at 2 am?), I got a lap dance from two girls on one dance (the first was hot and smelled nice, the second was a dead fish), and I saw three cops arresting a guy in the washroom. That was all I needed to get the hell out of there. Not to mention it's a $20 cab ride from downtown SA.

Toner  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on September 7, 2006
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to Temp. When are your days that you work. Is there a Malena that works there. I just got back and was wondering if she still works there.

TEMPTATION  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on August 10, 2006
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Paradise is the best club in san antonio i should know i work there.... if you ever go ask for temptation

Crawjam  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on April 30, 2006
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Great club. $20 cover, $20 nude dances. The club is large and rather run down. They have a big video screen with X- rated movies playing. You can bring in your own drinks. There are some very hot looking girls, and a few others that were mediocre. There were probably 20 girls on a Wednesday night. Sylvia was the first dancer to approach me. She was Mexican and a bit older (she later told me she was 35), but she was attractive. I spent most of the next 2 hours with her. Dance, talk, dance, talk, etc. She was amazing and I would definitely say I had a better time with her than with any other stripper. If the other dancers are as good as her, I think this is definitely a worthwhile stop. Highly recommended.

San AntoLuva  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on March 20, 2006
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wsup, this club is some girls there by far are Velvet, and my personal favorite, Creation....yummy....Creation is by far Ms. Paradise, shes the hottest girl there, nice lil body, face like maria carey.....whew....catch her when shes tipsy and shes the best....=)......

ARMY IN IRAQ JAMES  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on December 20, 2005
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Being in the army i sure have seen lots of mens clubs this club is absolutely my favorite club ma-ga-fl-ca-ok-ks-ct-ny-nh-ri - down to good tx paradise beats all others hands down. the women r real women sexy not silly fake wannabe movie stars the $20 full nude dances are worth $100. these women get str8 tx- bout it my 2 favorite women r angel and alexis (her cute candy bra and lovely freckles) by far 2 friends 2 great women way 2 sexy - the dj tears the club up- friday before i left for iraq there was 53 women getting on stage in 1 night 7pm-3am never seen or heard of that anywhere else ladies please keep up the great work -us soldiers love you

JTR  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on June 18, 2005
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This place is a dump. I was charged $3 just to park in the lot; they had a sign that said "Valet parking $3." I parked myself and they still charged me $3. I never saw a waitress my whole hour in there. The place is run by a bunch of gangsters, the women are skanks, and the only music they play is dirty rap. I had one lapdance and the chick had so much baby powder on it took me five minutes to get the stuff off my pants. Nude is good, but not here.

MGD  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on June 4, 2005
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all my info is from dec 2004 so it might have changed? not sure on the cover? $$$? late at night ( after 10 ) they have some ghetto dancers but 2-10 will look hot a lot of african-american dancers as well private dances are 10 for topless and 20 all nude. some of those girls are super shady and only give you half you're moneys worth also the announcers can be a dicks ( calling out who has and hasn't got money ) you can really tell theyre mad after your cash. service there sucks. but if the dancers are looking for cash they'll find you.

Mike  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on May 11, 2005
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I went to Paradise a while back and I met a sexy friendly dancer that went by the name of Bambi. This girl is so cute and always wears the sexiest costumes! Paradise is defintly #1 on my list!

monk  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on January 8, 2005
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I thought this was a pretty neat club. Even though I didn't see any private girls, there was plenty of grindage and good spirit from the girls.

kylie  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on December 4, 2004
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you know becky. i just keep going back to this place. i love it so much. the girls are great the managers are great. very laied back place to just go have a good time.i should be back in there next week. either on tues. or thurs.

traveler dude  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on November 1, 2004
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I was in this place this past weekend and it was an awesome experience. The girls are hot and very touchy. You get more action for $1 at the edge of the stage than you do for a $20 lap dance at a lot of clubs I've been to. The Lap dances are awesome. As good as I've had anywhere.

advice?  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on May 9, 2004
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It says that the cover charge is thirty it true? besides that...i head bad rumors that the women there are that true? and are they nude? is that true? and...would u recommend it? are there ever any specials?

Mike  on Paradise Entertainment

posted on February 9, 2004
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Is this club really Nude? Last time I was there they were no longer nude. I understand they were fighting a new city ordinance against nude dancing. Anyone know what the real deal is?