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2731 Northwest Loop 410

San Antonio, Texas 78230

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CrimeStoppers  on Sugar's

posted on June 24, 2019
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winston12  on  Sugar's

posted on March 5, 2014
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The $3.99 steak is........Actually VERY GOOD. I've had much worse steaks at much....let's say more reputable places? Seasoned perfectly - both the steak and the fries. It was actually a NY strip too and not a bad cut.The beer was $3.75.I went there for the food and my total was like $16 for a 3 beers and the food. If you go there for the girls you will be disappointed.

Joe P  on Sugar's

posted on February 19, 2014
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I left San Antonio back in 1998 and I'm thinking of coming back. I heard the white girls have been ran out of san Antonio gentelmen's club scene and that now all the dancers are mexicans. Is this true?

fuckery12  on  Sugar's

posted on September 15, 2012
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$3.99 Steak and Fries? HELL YEA! and it was delicious just as much as the women. I was eating and staring at the same damn time. I'ma def come during college night. Officially my new after the club spot.

XhXeXy  on  Sugar's

posted on November 1, 2010
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With daily drink specials and some spur of the moment DJ shot specials from time to time, this strip club aims to please without breaking the bank. Definately not on the seedy side. although they don't have a dress code. :( Check out the Friday lunch boom-boom hour. You can get steak, fries, drink and a quickie dance for less than $10. :) There are 4 stages and then a private Grotto room for the high rollers. I hear the women's restroom which is also in the dancer dressing room area is always full of strip club drama for those looking for a little more excitement, but I wouldn't know. Couples are encouraged. not sure about unescourted ladies although I have seen entire parties of all-women having a blast there.

george  on Sugar's

posted on November 13, 2009
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Does anyone know of a dancer named Vanessa? She is a cute little red head. I knew her when she danced in Pittsburgh and wanted to get in touch since I will be in San Antonio next week.

Big Daddy R.R>C  on Sugar's

posted on August 7, 2009
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WOW---- I havent seen a girl this beautiful in all of San Antonio, She is does not belong in this club by far !!. spanish speaking Hottie DAM ARIZONA you are amazing!!!!! club is alright , tuff crowd on friday night when me and my buddys went, we got dances from some pretty chicas, but ARIZONA is Classy, Fun. and oh so very SEXY

nb  on Sugar's

posted on January 13, 2008
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does quinn still work there

Out of State Dancer  on Sugar's

posted on July 29, 2007
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I was in Texas for a little over 4 months and decided to go here one night to see how Texas was, I was sorely disappointed, bored out of my mind, and irritated that I'd wasted a trip. Be warned.

G.I.  on Sugar's

posted on May 2, 2007
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For my first 3 years in S.A. this seemed like the place to go, but no longer. The girls have gone from being 8's to being 5's. The lap dances have stayed the same place, but the contact provided has decreased. The drinks have gone up in cost, but ow they taste a little more watered down. I have became really dissappointed in what the club has turned into and now drive by in search of others on my down time. Save your money and search out better clubs.

MARIAH  on Sugar's

posted on March 1, 2007
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Swing into action with MARIAH and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic Nude photos/Movies/Chat Rooms and it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more.

rick the stick  on Sugar's

posted on December 7, 2006
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man this place was awesome. i recommend wearing a condom so you don't ruin your good church pants. i give it two thumbs up with a big whiff of shrimp fingers.

Billy  on Sugar's

posted on November 17, 2006
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Second favorite club to Tiffanys. No cover if you come early. Drinks are fairly priced. And girls are great. I tried to get a girl there named Bailey to give me her number but the Blonde was not interested that much I guess boy she was Hot.

robert  on Sugar's

posted on October 22, 2006
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this club sucks. Dont waste your time!

texas student  on Sugar's

posted on September 8, 2006
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we went to sugars 5th ann, myself and 5 students from my class as a group we entered 12 noon, and lefted 1100pm the service was great the manger even, came to ask were we having a good time. the food was great and the staff was awesome the girls were beautiful and friendly , however i seen some cheepies there visiting lol if your girls only knew , well guys if you read this reach in that pocket and put out , you get what you pay for :) nit was a great exprience i would highly recommend this place as a hang out for both women and men..........

Traveler  on Sugar's

posted on July 23, 2006
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going to be moving to the area soon, and would like to find a club to work at. can anyone tell me what the money is like here?

Texas Lover  on Sugar's

posted on April 7, 2006
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Does Anyone know if TEXAS still works here? She was so CUTE and SEXY! a real sweet heart

Customer...  on Sugar's

posted on January 2, 2006
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...This place is cool, You wanna have a good time and not spend too much on drinks and good food, visit this place. Like I mentioned earlier the food is really tasty for the price. But I'm a fat pig, The girls vary from average to really fine! If you like Latina's Texas style visit this club, there's something for everyone!!!

Ashton  on Sugar's

posted on December 3, 2004
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Hi. I am a dancer in KC and am moving there in Jan. Can anyone tell me about the club?

Commentator  on Sugar's

posted on May 9, 2004
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I visited Sugar's some time last year. It was an ok experience. The girls were ok looking, nothing beautiful or crazy to go over..They have lots of events to keep you entertained though. This one stripper, a blonde, approached me and made a move on me. Other than her, none of the women really actually come to sit next to you and simply conversate unless youre a regular and they know u pull money through. It's ok. I HIGHLY recommend the Penthouse Club off of Weidner. It's hidden and classy.

Big Dawg  on Sugar's

posted on February 14, 2004
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My wife and I had a great time. Lots of sexy women, good food, good service. What else can ya ask for. Sugars is awesome!!!!

louis  on Sugar's

posted on February 3, 2004
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i reccomend everyone pass up this club, unless you want to take a risk of gettng capped by one of the many dealers who frequent this place.this really did happen to an innocent customer last week.