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1411 Spencer Highway

South Houston, Texas 77587

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CrimeStoppers  on Show Palace

posted on June 24, 2019
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Something way better  on Show Palace

posted on September 30, 2016
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Man strip clubs get worse and worse . I used to be a big tipper but I found this camgirl on myfreecams - leeannstar and holy shit . Perfection in every way including personality which is like finding a fuckin unicorn. Just trying to help out my guys who might wanna give that a whirl . I included a pic . There's some aight girls on the site but none come close to this girl like NO way but its fun and they have raffles that you can win a date and shit too as well as the avn awards so its pretty cool her Twitter and Instagram is leeannstar23 more nude shit on Twitter obv

rickywho2  on  Show Palace

posted on October 7, 2015
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Make sure you bring all your belongings when you go in. The car dealership next door has an operation going on where they send a guy to break in to your car.

billtheguy12  on  Show Palace

posted on September 17, 2015
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There's only 2-3 girls who were nice and actually approached us when we put a dollar out. They also had no toilet paper in the ladies bathroom and someone seriously took NAPKINS from (out of my hands) me so that I could wipe. So inappropriate. They also had candy and other things I. The men's bathroom. Ridiculous.

ryan123  on  Show Palace

posted on April 1, 2015
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I'm in love with that CO CO!bring your on liguor and Beer, with a cooler of ICE and you will have a blast!

fritter17  on  Show Palace

posted on August 24, 2014
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Bring cash or suffer the ATM fees. That's the only minus star. Other than that, the girls look great, lap dances at your seat or in the back, BYOB, fully nude, I don't think it's gonna get any better than Show Palace. I would come here regularly if I was a strip club kinda guy. Even the waitresses looked good. Highly recommend I had a good time my first time here. I know eventually I'm going to end my night in here again.

goodlooking  on Show Palace

posted on January 6, 2010
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In case you are guys are to dumb if you guys need anything more ask for lyric she dors anything for money and weed i had her the other night and it only cost me 20 and a joint she loves it when you force her head down and during lap dance rub her cunt let me know if anyone has her and if it was as easy for you

CONCERN FATHER  on Show Palace

posted on December 31, 2009
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The girl iam talking about is lyric she is no good if you give her time you are wasting ur money ya she does things for money but rember what she did before you and she is a know herion user so be carefull with the hep c that she has look to other mess if you dont beleave me i left a review in the other one to and girl that i am talking about there is lyric

sucks  on Show Palace

posted on December 25, 2009
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If you guys go to the club over christmas just be carefull around a girl name lyric i have found that she got some kind of vd or hep c if you dont beleave me she as a growth on the side of her pussy just look and be very carefull u can catch this also she is a drug user she shoots up herion

CONCERN MOTHER  on Show Palace

posted on December 24, 2009
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I am very open mind mother but when you got girls offering my son things i dont know what they have all for girls that come from fla i guess i have to public knowledge i thought this was agood club it only takes one apple to spoil a good place if you want that is you want

CONCERN FATHER  on Show Palace

posted on December 24, 2009
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You got a new girl there name lyric she said she was fla she tryed to offer my son drugs and also she told him that if he had extra money that he could have more i dont know what kind of club this is but i guess i have to talk to the police and find out and file a police report all because of this girl from fla i dont know if this is the kind of girls you have but it seems to me you might not want this kind of public knoweledge

travler  on Show Palace

posted on November 15, 2009
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would like to come to houston to give it a try, is this club tattoo friendly?

David  on Show Palace

posted on March 9, 2009
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Went for the first time a few nights ago by myself. Definitely a must-try club. $5 parking, $20 cover, $7 drinks, $20 dances. If the girls don't blow you away with looks alone, try to catch 'em giving a dance or up on stage. Several of them have some major hidden talents. VIP bracelets are an extra $20 and VIP dances are twice the price of normal ones. The dances are much better, but I wouldn't recommend getting the bracelet unless you plan on getting at least three private dances.

Redbag  on Show Palace

posted on June 27, 2008
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This is a really good club. The girls are nice and most are pretty with good bodies. There's a system like most clubs where the best looking and sexiest girls work mostly on the weekends. You have your usual great looking to "interesting" looking girl ratio. Got a lapdance from Tyra. She's pretty as hell, and has an ass that WILL NOT QUIT. I recommend it. The dancers let you touch legs, ass, and breasts during a lap dance. I've seldom had a problem there in dozens of trips. Haven't tried the VIP dance yet but will soon. Give it a try.

JAY  on Show Palace

posted on May 26, 2008
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this place is great, they say no cober till 9 but if your under 21 u still have to pay wich sucks, i went right before 9 and they charged 20 bucks, i eneded up going in and had a great time had 4 lapdances, each $20, first one was alright the other 3 were awesome, definetely going back. The girls are all pretty good only saw 1 girl that was overweight and ugly, lapdances are full contact, still havent done the private dances because think its overpriced, but i will recommend this place, does get packed after 9pm so go early!

CHRISTIAN  on Show Palace

posted on February 28, 2008
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Well its a cool club if you love watching people get hit in the head with bottles. the mexican girls try 2 act black talk and try 2 dance black give up ladies

Hector  on Show Palace

posted on February 20, 2008
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Damn i recently went to s. p. and all the pretty chicks had left the building........Anatasia, Dallas, Mandy & Cheyenne..........straight up next time i will ask for them at the door and if they arent there i aint coming in.....those girls made the show........if yal find them let me know .......

jay  on Show Palace

posted on November 23, 2007
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this club rips you off at the door. supposively it says its no cover till 9 but for 21 and up. also you dont get in free because once you sit down you have to buy a drink or leave.! drinks are overprized as well. and lap dances are 20 bucks non private. and private who knows!

Mark  on Show Palace

posted on June 15, 2007
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This club sucks ass. It gets too crowded, smells like B.O. ...the price for the wristband and dance is so fucking outrageous. If you go in as a couple, the chicks don't even look your way. The whole reason you go as a couple is to get dances for both male and female, but the dancers are scared or something. It's in the ghetto, so that basically is a clue that the club is ghetto.

SCOTT  on Show Palace

posted on June 13, 2007
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I had my bachlor party at show palace and i had a great time!! the dancers came up and introduced themselves right away and didnt pressure us into buying dances..we just sat around and chatted like 'old friends" & honey & ebony were very personable & asia gives great lap dances. so needless to say i will definetly be visiting houston again!

Matt G.  on Show Palace

posted on June 10, 2007
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Day Shift has the best looking girls & Most of them are pretty friendly..So If you have time Show palace is definetly a Spot to check out..

MARIAH  on Show Palace

posted on March 1, 2007
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Micheal  on Show Palace

posted on August 25, 2006
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Dallas is the best hands down. Her body her face her dances i think i spent my whole rent check on this girl. But it was worth it Dallas is the shit

Redbag  on Show Palace

posted on August 12, 2006
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Georgia has the best ass ever. She's also really cute and talks like she's doing a Shirley Temple imitation. Quite a turn-on. There's a pretty high dancer turn over so you won't see your favorites that long, but for the money, you can't beat it! A high percentage Hispanic crowd, but they're pretty nice. The management is pretty friendly.

dirty3rd  on Show Palace

posted on August 10, 2006
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my ex workz there or at least i think she still does ... her stagename is candy .... girl had all them niggaz sprung ...

sean  on Show Palace

posted on May 18, 2005
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yeah went to the club about a week ago and thought it was a little expensive. That 20 dollar wrist band thing is wack, and just to go to the back it would cost atleast 50. that doesn't even promise that the dance is long, i mean 3 or 6 minutes top. For 50 dollars that blows. if there get the birthday special. Ask for summer she knows what to do. All the girls there are pretty cute, but a few are just horrible.

Don  on Show Palace

posted on March 8, 2005
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I will be visiting Houston in April. Can anyone provide a recent scouting report on this club? Are the dancers attractive? Are they friendly? How much is a table/private dance? Is this a look only club or can you touch the girls? Would you recommend this place to someone from out of town?

need2know  on Show Palace

posted on June 8, 2004
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i just wanted to know if anyone knows if there is any action with the girls in this club. im hoping for the right price that maybe!!! i hope. theres a girl that's just very cute.

Chavez  on Show Palace

posted on June 7, 2004
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This club is most full of drunk Mexicans who are very rude. Best looking gal I saw was a black chick named Nija.

edward  on Show Palace

posted on June 7, 2004
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went this past friday night with some friends. had a great time and the girls were beautiful. One in particular. i believe her name starts with an N and ends with a E. this girl knows how to move. check it out.