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1737 Beck Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

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Dan  on Southern X-Posure

posted on June 4, 2017
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Went tonight ( 6/4/17) looking to see something naked. Didn't have high expectations, but was greatly surprised. $20 to get in, water $2, soda free (I think). Buying "juice" for the girls was $7. Hartley and Summer were awesome! Stage shows go topless, some go full nude for tips. No pole, but instead like a cage that dancers can swing around on. Had a shower show with each girl. $15 for 15 minutes, $30 for 30. Girls don't get any of that money, so ripping is necessary. But they go full nude. They can't touch their tits or pussy, but they show you everything. Would definitely go back again.

Simon  on Southern X-Posure

posted on November 16, 2012
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Full nudity allowed but not guaranteed -- you have to tip enough. Stage dances and semi-private shower shows only. No touching. No alcohol. 18+. Open till 4AM, apparently lots of people show up after the bars close at 1AM. Possibly no smoking allowed? Some bouncers were smoking outside the front door, but they were friendly enough.

Mark  on Southern X-Posure

posted on June 28, 2010
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I went out there tonight(6/29/2010). I started to park and there were some thugs hanging out at the entry. Not the kind of people I wanted to leave my car unattented with. Once I saw that, I left and went to another club. I would have liked to go check it out, but the trash at the door turned me away.

For a Friend  on Southern X-Posure

posted on June 25, 2009
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My friend used to live out there... there was a girl that went by the name Jordan... anyone know if she's working anywhere?

BOTTOM LINE  on Southern X-Posure

posted on February 15, 2009
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Utah sucks and so does everyone and every thing. What a fucking waste of time. No redeeming qualities in the state and the fucking mormons can go fuck themselves.

Gary  on Southern X-Posure

posted on February 10, 2008
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I went here last night and it is totally nude. It was $20 to get in, and they have a food menu now. Certain drinks and food are free, while others cost, but not much. You can get a 8 oz. steak for $3. No alcohol since it's part of how they can do fully nude. Some of the most beautiful girls I have seen in Utah. Can end up costing alot as you're tipping the dancers. They also have pool tables, but didn't see anything about private dances or even lapdances. Not as good as clubs in Texas, but still better then 90% of the other clubs in Utah.

Florida Dude  on Southern X-Posure

posted on September 29, 2007
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Hi all. I will be in town for the first time Oct 15 and am pleasantly surprised that there are actually strip clubs in Mormon country. Is this the one I should check out? Being from FL with full licquor bars, full nudity and full contact friction dances I am of course spoiled but I am very curious about your places. Some insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike.

that one guy  on Southern X-Posure

posted on December 8, 2006
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completely nude club. 18+, no alcohol, no contact with dancers, not going to lap dances because it's illegal in Utah when nude, private shows look to be up soon. No contact tho, watch girl in private room through a pane of glass. &20 entry before 8 pm, $25 entry after 8 pm. No re entry, have to pay again, no smoking either. Only fully nude club in Utah, much props on that. No re entry, not so hot there. Good for a once in a while visit, would cost too much to go on a regular basis.

Nude!  on Southern X-Posure

posted on November 18, 2006
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This place is now all nude. Still no touching, but when I asked about lap-dances they said not *yet* 7-9's all around