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3420 State Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

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XhXeXy  on  Southern X-Posure

posted on August 12, 2014
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Some attractive girls with a good variety. They offer a "shower show", however, the hostess booking the shower shows Ally was terrible. She was extremely difficult to work with and extremely rude. She gave time frames of 15 minutes and after waiting 45 minutes we left without receiving a refund for services we paid for. She also insulted my friend and due to her poor attitude we left early. On the bright side we ended up saving the $550 we had intended to spend tonight. Please find another hostess that is competent and will actually deliver on the services you have paid for. Please stay away from this place and provide Ally with an application for McDonalds where her customer service skills may be moderately acceptable.

ryan123  on  Southern X-Posure

posted on June 17, 2012
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Got here after leaving Pinky's. I spent an hour there and decided to roll up the road for better / different scene. Southern X-Posure International is located in what appears to be an abandoned Chinese shopping center. Maybe the club used to be an old Chinese Buffet. Anyways, walked into the entryway and showed my idea. Dude behind the counter WROTE DOWN MY NAME! What the Efff!!! No Cover charge Monday night at 10pm.Anyway, personally identifiable information aside, walked into the club and went for a stroll. Four stages throughout the club with the main act near the front. Strange thing, the girls dance on the front stage during their set and then move to the back...noone's really hanging out in the back. Not much to say...same deal...absolutely no contact, three foot rule, and no lap dances. Ordered a soda for $3.50. 75% more expensive than Pinky's.There were about 5 girls working there...ranged from 5-8. They also advertise free lunch until 1PM. Oh...when I left the club, I talked to DOORMAN WHO WRITES NAMES and he gave me a few coupons to Southern X-Posure Showgirls.

Lexi & Cheetara  on Southern X-Posure

posted on May 5, 2009
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Does anyone know if Lexi & Cheetara are still dancing here? If so can someone post a schedule.

Phil  on Southern X-Posure

posted on July 9, 2007
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First off, Utah does have a law that if liquor is served, it is a pastie club, if no alcohol is served it is 18+. I have been to many strip clubs around the world and the US, and have found this one to be tasteful and friendly. Most clubs the girls are just trying to get your money and you can tell by their dancing. These girls actually look you in the eye (yes they make eye contact) and smile at you. This makes your experience more personal, if you ask them they will usually sit and have a drink with you and talk until they have to get up and dance again.

gmoney  on Southern X-Posure

posted on August 8, 2006
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this place blows compared to trails. its a pastie club & female dancers in case you were wondering. most dancers not hot here and the cocktail service blows, kind of a seedy atmosphere here.

Pinky  on Southern X-Posure

posted on May 21, 2005
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This place is not a male nude place. This is a female pasty club. The women were attractive, but the club is probably the most lame strip club I have ever been to in my life. When on stage, the girls can never touch you and seldom even talk to you. There are three stages, each with a rail to keep the customers back.

girl  on Southern X-Posure

posted on February 7, 2005
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If you noticed the riff about this place being a male dancers club, it is not. At least not when I was there in Aug. 04. I lived near there for many years but wasn't old enough to go in until recently. I went there with my hubby, who is somewhat of a strip club fanatic, and we were not impressed. I understand that the religion has a lot to say on the law in this state but is it really against the law to have girls who can DANCE? Some sensuality would be nice, not just have people watching you take off your clothes like you're getting ready for bed. Good luck!