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3001 E Ocean View Ave

Norfolk, Virginia 23518

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bunny  on Platinum

posted on January 21, 2007
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It is now called CLub Paradise and it has moved to 3000 military hwy

new guy on  on Platinum

posted on August 3, 2006
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place is close is on sale

Hot Love Productions  on Platinum

posted on May 8, 2006
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I don't appreciate how ya'll treat the dykes that come through your club. When I could bring some hot girls to you. Anyway, some of your "straight" girls look horrible. I employ transexuals. Come see me Jordan!! And bring your twin brother, I mean sister. And dancer Tori, can you at least make sure your wig is on straight. What happened to my girl Angel? She was so skinny. Did she disappear? Holla at me. Remember if you can't beat em, join em....Don't be hatin'.

thick dick  on Platinum

posted on February 14, 2006
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i never been in this club..but its 1 on shore drive (down the street from this 1) with nice females..its called "THE FLAME"

she's hooooooot  on Platinum

posted on February 10, 2006
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i was in there last week from florida and there is many nice looking girls but there is one girl i think she said her name was jordan she is bad bad as hell the best looking lady ive seen in a while she is nice says thank you after she dances for you she is fine i will say she was worth the drive nice music its a really nice place ...........

chiali  on Platinum

posted on March 28, 2005
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we stepped in this place and it was horrible the girls were in shape and all but the guys were too at relaxed/no type of tipping and they all stand on the wall and watch you dance. there are no types of rules there except no can still get high look at a tity and bounce at this place i wuouldnt reccoment it to any dancer in america DO NOT GO HERE

ChiALi  on Platinum

posted on February 28, 2005
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I am a dancer currently living in Jersey Me and my friends will be traveling soon can someon tell me how this club is now i see the last posting was in novemeber thank you

bootylicker  on Platinum

posted on October 23, 2004
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Went back to this club tonight. My mistake, the one white girl who works here may be only 5ft tall. All these broads be wearin' the 6-inch heels that make some of them over 6ft! And if she was a prostitute, she may be a porn star as well. Also, this is another one of those clubs that "bend the VA rules". I saw more bare pussy tonight than ever before. The girls all also like to keep down their panties in the back and show you their bare buttcrack the entire night. Pretty nice to see. There is also one really freaky chic who will let you touch anywhere on her in the lap dance booths in the corner. And I mean touch "ALL ANYWHERE" on her! This place is also starting to get crowded.

bootylicker  on Platinum

posted on October 21, 2004
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I was here last weekend, and there was only one white girl (the blond I assume you are speaking of) that works here. She said her name is Asia, and she used to be a prostitute. Her tits aren't all that big, and she is taller than just 5ft.

James King  on Platinum

posted on October 20, 2004
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Did a stripper who is now a porn star (blonde, hairdresser, 5 ft, big tits ) says she worked at platinum and deja vu work here?

bootylicker  on Platinum

posted on October 17, 2004
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I guess its about time somebody updated this club and posted a new comment. This is another black club just off the Hampton Roads Bridge in Norfolk, similar to the atmosphere of Majic City. Beer is cold and about $4, and the dancers are black girls with phat asses, and they be shakin' it! And they will flash you and show your thier breasts and cooch. One girl had her cooch (peirced n all) showing to me for a long time as I sat infront of the stage. Also there are two booths in the corner where you can get a "half-assed" lap dance for about $10 a song. There is a rope between you and the dancer, but you can do a little touching. Not really worth it if u ask me. A couple pool tables in the back also.