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BARRE, Vermont 

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flatlander  on Play Jacks

posted on September 17, 2007
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This "club" might, in fact, just be the adult bookstore that's located upstairs from Planet Rock. Either's not a real strip club. Planet Rock is likely the only strip club in Barre, VT. The town isn't very friendly to strip clubs.

Info  on Play Jacks

posted on September 5, 2005
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this club does not exist at the location listed. Inf act, it is not in Barre at all. It was in White River Junction, but I am not certain it exists there either. it may well be dead, period.

Steve  on Play Jacks

posted on February 2, 2005
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Is this place open - and where is the location in WRJ? THanks

NH Dancer  on Play Jacks

posted on March 19, 2004
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Hey I have been looking to check out this club for awhile now? Is it a good place to work at, can anyone tell me if they have an amature night? Do they need girls right now???Tell me about it please....