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1110 Hedgesville Rd

Martinsburg, West Virginia 25403

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DefiniteFan  on Lust Gentlemen's Club

posted on 18 April, 2017
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HOT women here!




... and I could go on..........

(Hot brunette bartender, too)

mathewater12  on  Lust Gentlemen's Club

posted on 3 June, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
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This is the WORST place I've ever been to in my life... And I've been to prison!! In fact, this place was filled with more stupid gang members than there are in prison!! Also, in one night I saw more fights than in my entire time in prison!! 3 times, there was an race-related altercation and nothing was done about it. No one was kicked out or anything. Also, the bouncer asked me if I was carrying a shank - I didn't even get asked that in prison!!!And, finally, the women were absolutely repulsive!! I think I saw hotter women in prison!!! One girl was sitting next to me at the bar and she looked totally methed out. Other creatures were just walking around not putting in any work. In short, this place does not deserved to be called a strip club. It's so unbelievably terrible that I walked out 10 minutes after paying the cover. Honestly, I had more fun in prison. And I'd rather go back to prison than go back to this shit hole place!!

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