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7029 McCorkcle Ave

St. Albans, West Virginia 25177

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kat  on Playmates

posted on January 10, 2009
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I used to work there for like a day and I got jumped by the old blonde bartender for selling a dance. there was no bouncer just a bunch of women. I could have seriously got hurt. I think this place sucks and it is a filthy place to work.

Tugga  on Playmates

posted on January 11, 2008
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This place is nasty, the women, the bar all of it should go away.This and Shockers by far are the worse bars on rt. 60.Dont waste your time unlessyou hate yourself.Check out JB'S dayshift...

Guy001  on Playmates

posted on May 21, 2007
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I went to this place tonight, a monday night, i had been to three other clubs and this one was the best, granted, there was not much competition . The one thing this club had that the others did not was a woman that could speak well, all the other clubs the women just keep asking for dollar bill for the music, keep asking for drinks and keep asking for this club the woman that sat next to me was well versed and a 9 on a 10 scale, very sexxy while on stage and very hot at the bar......of all the places, i would go back to this one (granted, that is not saying much) the other women there.....well one was a 5 and the other was at best a 1......i would have given her cash to keep dressed, lots of cash!!!

angelfans  on Playmates

posted on March 16, 2007
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we miss you angel and we really had a GREAT time! please let us know how to get in contact with you

curious  on Playmates

posted on December 19, 2006
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whatever happened to Jasmine? Dark hair, indian lookin girl. I wouldn't mind seeing her again.

mean ass hooker  on Playmates

posted on September 4, 2006
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give these girls a break! they dance way too hard for the measely tips these rednecks around here give. im a regular here and more often than not i see these girls dancing their asses off for homers that wont even tip a buck! kiki and raven i 3 you girls such a trip! and im still referring guys to ya ! 3 T.

Jenna  on Playmates

posted on August 26, 2006
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i loved working at playmates i made great money there and rae is a great boss and a great friend i miss her and moe so much... AKA : ANGEL :)

dan  on Playmates

posted on August 25, 2006
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Sick just flat out FUCKING SICK!! NASTY WOMEN NASTY BAR!!!! just all together horrible

lost my lunch  on Playmates

posted on June 18, 2006
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I went to every club on this strip saturday saw no one who should be taking their clothes off in public.or anywhere else for that matter.i saw one pretty girl in sheer fantasyand none anywhere else.these places are shitholes the whole lot of them

Neal  on Playmates

posted on May 3, 2006
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I'm looking for 2 girls to perform at a bachelor party this weekend in Oak Hill. Any suggestions?

wowed west virginian  on Playmates

posted on April 27, 2006
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I was there over the weekend and there was a dancer there named brooke, and she was smokin to say the least !

about Cherry  on Playmates

posted on April 5, 2006
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I work at Sheer with lots of Cherrys other friends and she is at Babydolls now. She may be coming back to Sheer or Playmates

now that cherry  on Playmates

posted on April 5, 2006
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is gone that takes the roster of pretty girls down to what? A big fat ZERO. all of route 60 is full of nasty looking skanks better head to huntington or cap city boys these places are a bust.

Cherry Fan  on Playmates

posted on March 17, 2006
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Cherry is in Mineral Wells at the VIP Club.

me  on Playmates

posted on March 14, 2006
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does cherry bomb still work here?

GEORGIA  on Playmates

posted on February 24, 2006
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Hey its cedes im not working here anymore. just got back from new york, call me soon@home. jesse has the # if u dont!! take care sweetie!!!

ga  on Playmates

posted on February 13, 2006
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hi cedes i hope you had a good new years i have just been really busy with work i havent forgotten you though lol

TOM  on Playmates

posted on January 13, 2006
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Sorry, but paris doesn't work here anymore, she came to visit us about a week ago and is doing good, she calls or stops in every so often, i will tell her u was asking about her!! mercedes

mercedes?  on Playmates

posted on January 2, 2006
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u seem to be the one too ask from prior postings Could you tell me if Paris works here I pretty sure this is where I seen her thank you Tom

GEORGIA  on Playmates

posted on September 4, 2005
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ok guys if a dancer by the name of mercedes works there she is hott i worked with her at cap city so i should know lots of love mercedes

MarkFromLouisiana  on Playmates

posted on June 15, 2005
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I went to this club about a year ago during an extended visit. The dancers were real nice and the manager was this dude from atlanta, who was real cool. I met the bartender Moe back when she was still dancing. She is real cool, once you get to know her. Moe come of is just a front. She actually took me on a date and she paid. Nothing sleazy...she was just a normal girl trying to grind out the days. (Funny how the girls in my PhD program are the real slutty ones...which is cool...wink!) To be honest, all of the girls were cool. I look at it like this: It is not a New Orleans or Atlanta calliber club, so when in Rome (or WV) do as the Romans do. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 6.

just a guy  on Playmates

posted on June 7, 2005
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don't know her name but the dark headed new girl is off the charts hot!!!!!!!!!!! great big...............and a nice azzz good work finding that one

Jesse  on Playmates

posted on April 17, 2005
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the only hot girl is cherybomb she rules if u read this darlin give me a call

Racquel  on Playmates

posted on January 17, 2005
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I am a dancer from Girls Girls Girls in Bluefield, WV. My friend Destiny and I stopped to see what this club was like back in September. The girls were friendly and very pretty. We especially liked Baby Blue. She really went out of her way to talk to us and make us feel comfortable. The manager/bartender was also a lovely lady. We hope to come back soon and possibly work, but if not, just to visit.

STEVE  on Playmates

posted on October 15, 2004
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I stopped in the other night and was amzed to see how the bar has changed. the girls and the bartenders were all beautiful and friendly. they also have been remodeling. i had a great time and will definetly return. keep up the great job ladies and staff, its making a big difference!!! see ya soon

yehright  on Playmates

posted on August 23, 2004
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this bar blew too... in case you read my other post about jb's. one girl on a saturday night, she was old and used up, the bartender at the time was a damn hottie though, cute lil blonde, but she wouldnt strip or do nething that u really wanted her to do. its been awhile since ive visted these two clubs, and its dissapointing to come home from military leave where showing it all is legal as hell and not seein a damn thing.... and paying a cover to not see a damn thing on top of all that just makes me want to go home, flush my wallett down the toilet and beat off mercifully for hours. you suck!!@!!!

to cutie  on Playmates

posted on June 6, 2004
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Go to SouthernX or Capitol City Gold.These are the only classy clubs in the area bar none.

cutie  on Playmates

posted on May 28, 2004
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I worked here for all of two weeks. It was horrible. There is no money, and no customers. The manager is now a female and she does not now what the hell she is doing. She is so worried about her ex-fiance messing with a stripper named destiny that she ignores the other dancers. If you have not been there for a long time than don't go because you will be an outcast. And if you don't do nasty stuff, than you won't make anything. Cause the other girls will do.

anyone know?  on Playmates

posted on April 28, 2004
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Does anyone know what happened to the dancer Buttons?? She had a sister that also used to or still may dance. Can anyone help?

q-  on Playmates

posted on March 18, 2004
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you should have went to Sheer Fantasy. They made me sign after EVERY single thing I bought and they didnt try to rip me off. -J-

qwerty  on Playmates

posted on March 14, 2004
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I'd advise anyone who goes here to use cash and cash only since the bartender will try to get more money out of your debit card than what you have authorized. I signed a receipt for $150 thinking that was the amount charged to my checking account. I woke up the next morning and happened to check my checking account balance. What did I see? NSF posted to my account. Playmates tried to authorized an extra $150 on my card. Because of other outstanding debit purchases, my available balance wasn't enough to cover them, thanks to the UNAUTHORIZED postings to my acccount. USE CASH HERE!

Dancer  on Playmates

posted on March 5, 2004
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Jade, glad you finally seen how things were there. Is Moe the one with the long dark hair that never dances? I figured she was like that. I am trying to remember if we met. Did you ever work at Southern X? who should I talk to there? Where are you working now? Maybe we can goto X together. I heard this place only has 4 girls now? Be honest, was the Manager really that great once you got to know him?

Zannifer Jade  on Playmates

posted on February 26, 2004
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You know that is the truth it took me two nights to see this but if you want a B J then go see Moe she doess the best V I P s you have ever seen you can see her from the bar on the balcony doing her job. Thanks for the input down south do not waste your time and this place run down i made a hole $100.00 here and would not waste my time again by the way you don't get any money here until tues. just tips is all you get no drink money or vip money until tues go to sxp in barboursville southern they will be very good to you i promise

wow  on Playmates

posted on February 26, 2004
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I worked here for about 2 hours. that is all i could stand. the things that go on in there. whew. Plus, the manager might be from Atlanta, but does the south really work well with the north? think about that next time you want to say how great he is. I have worked down south, that is a totally different game than is going on in Jeffereson, WEST VIRGINIA!. lol. Anyway, guys, this club is just like the rest i guess.... USED UP. girls go from one club to another, customers wanting sex all the time, some getting it some not. and watch those big credit cards... they seemed to never be paid. If you go in here good luck, hope you make it back out without a bad taste in your mouth. ;)

to angry 1  on Playmates

posted on February 20, 2004
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I do not think that it is nice of you to say that. I have never worked in a club in charleston and you do not know me. I am a Lady do you even understand what that word means. You seem like a person either mad at this club or a very angry person in general so please go some where else to bad mouth. I feel that it is people like you that make these sites so bad, yes its true that in this business you come across some really bad girls but I'm not one of them and do not appreciate your comment. Who ever done you wrong is the one you need to talk to not me. Either that or you just like talking trash because know one can see you so please take your anger else where.

whatever jannifer  on Playmates

posted on February 19, 2004
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i know guys who have had bjs at this bar. probably by you

Zannifer  on Playmates

posted on February 18, 2004
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I was in this club a week ago and was greeted by the Manager he seems to be a great guy he's from Atlanta and is from a real Gentlemen's Club where there are Ladies in evening gowns, good entertainment, and beautiful women, haven't seen club like that around here. I also visited all the other club in the area and found that they were more like club dancers not exotic at all. I'm a lady and choose to work at this club. I feel that when you go to a gentlemen's club you should be entertained, put on a show be exotic not trashy. To me i feel that this club has alot of potential and could be a bit darker more black lights and needs a paint job that he is doing all right now so come by and see us this friday and saturday night..

CUSTOMER  on Playmates

posted on January 30, 2004
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Your right mike was a great guy, when he left most of the girls left also, i asked someone and they said he isnt in the bar bsiness anymore, too bad. i agree with the other comments about it being dead it is probably employee cars, or just parked cars, cause there is never anyone in there.

Customer  on Playmates

posted on January 27, 2004
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I have to agree it always looks busy, but every time I go in there it is dead!! Where are all the people that the cars belong too? Also, anyone know what happen to Mike the Manager that use to be there? He use to be so cool with the Customers and the girls really appreciated him!! He was a class act. Always had the best girls. Please let me know if anyone knows where he is working now, I am sure it is a good spot to visit.

Ed  on Playmates

posted on January 18, 2004
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I stopped here because there were like 20 cars. It looked busy , I went in and there wasn't even 1 customer.