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6907 MacCorkle Ave

St. Albans, West Virginia 25177

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done in a day  on Shocker's

posted on May 24, 2008
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the worst strip club in the history of strip clubs, absolutely terrible, just a trap

sloth  on Shocker's

posted on April 30, 2008
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wow whats up with that fat bitch there, stopped in and the stupid cunt wouldn't leave me alone, maybe if the people that own this place would get rid of the dumb cunt people would actually come in and spend money, weigh?

Tugga  on Shocker's

posted on January 11, 2008
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I go to all these bars on RT.60 and i tell you this is the worst, ugly women, awful smell and bad atmosphere, Stay away from this place.Check out JB's if you wanna see some real women, that dont way 500lbs.

cl  on Shocker's

posted on September 7, 2007
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You can tell this place sucks when it's been almost a year since anyone has posted here. To the Manager: lose a couple hundred pounds and you might not scare customers away. Just because you hire girls smaller than you they are hot. They are still fat. Fat and pretty I can deal, with but you have fat and ugly.

Skank fest!!!!  on Shocker's

posted on July 24, 2006
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i thought sheer fantasy was a mess until i saw this place. whew!! i lost my breath and my lunch!!! Jesus help this place it ought to be comndmned!!! there is nothing to see in this part of town!!! stay downtown if you know what's good for you

I heard  on Shocker's

posted on May 18, 2006
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That this place has lost its liquor license but I do not know if its true

beer wench 11-7  on Shocker's

posted on May 6, 2006
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I agree with every comment made by everyone on this board. Sorry to have offended anyone, but I was told how to operate it...I did not own it, and I am so glad to be gone after 10 years of working for them I do not understand why they are operating as they are. Does need shut down. Love, P.

Pervey  on Shocker's

posted on March 8, 2006
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Save your money and time - this place is full of skanks who only want your money. they don't really even strip unless you give them 40-60 dollars.

RIg hand  on Shocker's

posted on February 28, 2006
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Rip off rip off, rip off. the bartender, the old battle axe who had to getr a 20 tip before you get close to one of the girls is a washed up cheap old skank. i was in there the other night and was promised a lap dance. the girl danced on the table and would even get close to me. when i asked, she wanted more money, then she didn't do anything different. the old bitch came back for another 20. guess who i vbisited with afterward, the cops and we even had a dd but still got pulled over. this place should be closed.

BIG11BY7  on Shocker's

posted on February 27, 2006
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I have been here the worst place i have ever been to......the sloppy bar-tender used to dance years ago...and she had the same old attitude..get money....this place is greed and don't care to please....go to sheer for the best...that is the place.

crackhead  on Shocker's

posted on February 24, 2006
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Was there yesterday. Skanky, dirty and disgusting is what this one is all about. Drinks were weak and women seemed only interested in the private dances. Sometime, the dance floor is empty for 5-6 songs while the dancers sit at the bar

travellingman  on Shocker's

posted on February 23, 2006
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This place is a real rip off!! I was there the other afternoon, 3 dancers and me. Nobody dancing. I asked if they were dancing this afternoon, yes they would if I bought a drink. I did and the lady said she would dance but didn't. She insisted that I pay 60 for a private dance. then she wouldn't dance at all. I went to the bathroom (wherre you can hear all) and heard the bartender tell the girl to ask one more time then leave. I also heard the bartender telling the other girls that I looked like trouble. Long and short, no dance, 20 in a drink and a call to someone at another bar. This place is a real rip off - STAY AWAY

just wondering  on Shocker's

posted on January 15, 2006
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Does anyone know where the dancer Dallas is now? I saw her there a few months ago but not since. Would love to watch her again.

craiginohio  on Shocker's

posted on February 28, 2005
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what a rip off joint......was there last weekend (feb 25) Pressure to spend money started right away!!! Oh and the drinks for girls are 20 bucks. Which they inform you AFTER its on its way. No attractive women. Very dark and dank. Would not recommend to ANYONE

Ex-Dancer  on Shocker's

posted on February 23, 2005
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I can vouch for the taking money here. I worked there for a very short time some time ago and they refused to pay me my pay from the previous week when I quit. But they got away with it because of the "contract" they make dancers sign. I had not worked the previous shift due to my being very sick and let me tell you they have no sympathy. Therefore someone pocketed my $500. GRRRRRR.

retired dancer  on Shocker's

posted on February 22, 2005
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For the dancers who dont know this, it is ILLEGAL for them to take ANY of your paycheck, or to fine you for any reason. If they do take them to court and sue them for your check plus court costs or most of the time you can go to the cops and they will get it for you

Mr. Nice  on Shocker's

posted on January 7, 2005
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This place really sucks no class.....Ive been to alot of strip bars but this one rates at the very bottom .dancers and staff very pushy....rude and some need to take a bath before comming to work.......I defentily wont be back.and would not recomend .

ray frum wisconsin  on Shocker's

posted on December 29, 2004
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coming down and wondering if becky still dances there yet (incredibly athletic and toned)-pleeeze letme know..

not telling  on Shocker's

posted on October 29, 2004
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All I have to say is " Oops, I caught it again". I will never learn my lesson I guess. Thank god for antibiotics.

someone  on Shocker's

posted on October 20, 2004
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The FAT waitress is pushy and bltchy and if you spend spend spend the moment you come in or if you dont want to sit with a certain girl they will try there best to run you off. OH and the go outside and throw beer bottles at your vehicles. So if you ever had one busted on your car it was someone that works here. Also ladies, this isnt a great bar to work for. I suggest one of the other 3 bars especially if you want to keep your last check.

Anyone seen Buttons?  on Shocker's

posted on April 28, 2004
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Does anyone know what happened to the dancer Buttons?? She had a sister that also used to or still may dance. Can anyone help?

Strip Club Fan  on Shocker's

posted on April 17, 2004
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Everything that's been written below about this bar is true. You're pressured the minute you walk in to start buying drinks. (The last time I was there, I practically turned around and walked out within five minutes of walking in because of this.) The girls are well below average and you're usually the only guy in the damn place, so all eyes (and money-grubbing hands) are on you. For my money, Sheer Fantasy is definitely a better time.

No 1 there cares!  on Shocker's

posted on March 22, 2004
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Put some friggin lights around the stage so customers paying many $$$ can at least see the dancers

JUST THE FACTS  on Shocker's

posted on March 22, 2004
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I was in on the 18th and wasn't there 5 minutes till the bar maid wanted me to by a dancer a drink. The lady on stage dancin was very heavy ( like 180 or so). After i refused to by a drink then i was informed I could take a lady upstairs for like a $150 or something like that. The fact is don't go in there unless you plan on spending mega bucks cause they come on strong and you don't feel real comfortable in their club. Some may like it I didn't and I will never be back. The early post are very correct this is a below average club.

shockergal  on Shocker's

posted on March 18, 2004
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I just wanted to say