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0 reviews for “Pink Pony

  1. fritter17

    I was there buy myself in a Friday night and I was surprised how big this place is and lots of hot sexi girls especially an Asian girl caught my eyes….besides that they charge me 10$ for a bottle of water and one pushy girl tricked me with a lap dance I didn’t ask for saying if I want to see her maphin… Well English is second lenguege so it worked for her….food can be better and it’s cold in there so cover up…

  2. tonycluber

    Great bar But after 10pm it’s like Hooters none of the girls take off their g-strings. The management is trying to sell table dances. So if you want totally nude come before 10pm. The servers and staff where all great, and we felt safe with 2 cops checking IDs at the front door. Some of the girl where great dancers much better than the Cheetah. Not the best looking girls but they made up for it in personability

  3. Ivan S.

    Oh My Little Pink Pony, you dirty little minx. In all honesty, I resisted going here fro my bachelor party. “Too crowded,” I said. That’s when I was reminded by another naked lady connoisseur who shall remain nameless (but his name rhymes with “James H.”) that it was Thursday night and it shouldn’t be crowded at all. And really, after the Tattletale’s debacle (100% my fault), how could I argue?The Pony still is the Pony–all neon and mirrors. And yes, it wasn’t that crowded on a Thursday night. The women? Thanks to the generosity of my friends, I got to see most of them up close. Some were good, mostly of the artificial variety. I did have a couple of favorites that I liked. (But don’t worry, my new wife! No touching!) And apologies to that one woman who took me to the back and tried to be all sexy with her lapdances, but I ended up nodding off a few times. It was the booze! I swear it! Also, you were the one our group called “the scary one,” so that didn’t help. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you’d sewed buttons over my eyes at some point. (Shudder.)The shooter girls were nice and suitably enthusiastic about fellating a test tube of kool-aid and liquor. (Ladies, if you don’t understand that last statement, don’t even ask.) The DJ was your standard-issue strip club DJ. I wonder what happens if that guy ever has kids?”KATIE! KATIE! Come to the living ROOM! I need to talk to you about your CHORES! Oh yeeeeeeah.”On second thought, there are probably some things best left unimagined. However, I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that the DJ announced that we were leaving.”Hey, GUYS! You were here for a WHILE! Thanks for COMING! Now Savannah, come to the main STAGE!”And yes, if you’re wondering, all strip club Djs overemphasize the last word of every sentence they say, especially if that sentence ends with “stage.” Hmmm…maybe a better career choice for this guy would be the play-by-play announcer guy at NASA.”And the rocket is nearing the mesosphere and ejecting its second STAGE! Oh yeeeeeeaaaaaah!”Anyway, the drinks definitely have booze in them, if my nodding off during the mean lady’s lap dance was any indication. They’re priced according to most bars and not like, say, when I went to Scores in NYC and bought an $8 Bud Light.All in all, I had a good, harmless time of seeing many boobies. Probably not harmless to my friends’ wallets, but hey, I was the bachelor! I also forgot about the “museum” exhibit in the back of the building which is a must see. Well, not really, but it’s there. (By the way, don’t bother with the valets. Just park further up in the parking lot like we did.)

  4. David P.

    Atlanta is known for it’s quality strip clubs and the Pink Pony is one of the reasons why. In fact, it is the setting for one of the segments of HBO’s Real Sex series. I believe they are also home to some sort of annual national exotic dancer competition. Often times, on the weekends, you’ll find nationally known girls from adult movies doing guest performances. This is all just icing on the cake because the “Pony” is home of a variety of local girls most of whom are quite beautiful. The shooter girls steal the show though with their unbelievable methods of delivering booze from a test tube to your mouth. Hosting a bachelor party? Let the DJ know and the groom-to-be will be dragged on stage by three girls … I don’t want to go into too many details but let’s just say his underwear will not be leaving the stage with him. Exxxcellent!

  5. Clayton

    No Braves or Falcons hat allowed anymore. We go eleswhere cause of it

  6. Kim H.

    Me and my hubby went for a night out had an ok time they were busy as hell and we never did get a lap dance so def not running back there.

  7. Marci Y.

    A Ponderosa of tits and assess!!! The girls were nice and the place was popping off on a Wednesday!!! $3 to park $10 to get in….not bad. The place is set up so that everywhere you look there is something to look at.

  8. ryan123

    I came here with a group of friends on a saturday and had so much fun. The girls are hot and the drinks are strong. I wish I could write more, but I was way to drunk too remember.

  9. Sarah H.

    I barely stepped through the first set of doors, and I can already sense the thick layer of cigarette smoke that is spewing into the foyer area. I knew when I walked in, I would need a stiff drink.Did I mention The Pony has the honor of being my first? My first strip club, that is. It was as I imagined it– lots of nekid ladies wandering around, lots of smoke and lots of men oogling. I swiftly proceeded to obtain my strong vodka sour (1st star) and soak in all the T & A around me. I soon realized that I haven’t eaten a decent meal in like 8 hours and I concluded that if the drinks were going to be this strong, I’ll need some food in my belly– so I proceeded to break all sorts of conventional wisdom and ordered the chicken quesadilla. After what seemed like an eternity, the food arrived– and it was delicious!! I don’t know if that was my “I could eat my hand” hunger talking, or if the food was in fact good. Overall, I survived the food at the club and it was very tasty (2nd star).I soon settled into the overall crazy behavior. And rather than put on my anthropology/psychology hat– I just had a great time seeing all the cool moves on the pole, creating fake story lines about the girls and guys in the club– and the music is really good (3rd star)– BUT you can’t dance!!! It’s such BS– like I could compete with those girls! (I retract that star).I give my last two stars b/c in all the times I’ve been to the Pony since and including that first time it has been loads of fun, lots of laughs and great stories afterwards.

  10. winston12

    Oh boy! Yesterday was my 21st birthday and my boyfriend and I went to the pink pony last night. It was my first strip club and I loved it. There are lots of pretty ladies and lots of not so pretty ladies walking around. My favorite dancer was Jonna she was so pretty and had some good moves. I did not have any food but Sarah the bar tender was very sweet and got me all the drinks i desired. I had a great time and I will be back. Eventually. Lol

  11. Ian B.

    So, like my other reviews for Atlanta, I was there on business. Strictly business. I don’t even know how the group ended up at that place. But end up there we did. To be honest this was not one of my better nights. This review will be from what I can remember. Reading what some of the other reviews from some of the Pink Pony’s patrons, they need to realize what the business model is. Complaining about dancers trying to get tips for nothing is like saying you do a full days work at your job. $235 dollars for the VIP room, and we all know what happens there (nothing), the beer prices are really good ($5) and the bar tender Jamie (at least that’s what i think it was) was out of this world. She actually texted me some pictures of herself.good times, good times… Very good, very drunken times.

  12. mathewater12

    It’s a wonderful place to come and relax. Chanel and Alexis are awesome. Eden, Trish and Taylor and excellent shooter girls. CJ is very sensual. Jade is very pleasing to the eyes.

  13. Franklyn

    i exspecially love this one,,it even has the best food where else can you get a t-bone and fries or tator tots for $7.25 yes thats all it cost!!!!!!

  14. Kathleen M.

    I’ve got nothing against strip clubs. In fact, I sometimes quite enjoy them as they’re usually really nice to women and the music is fun. Plus, the people watching is the absolute best.The Pink Pony is just a tad too “strip warehouse” for me. Seriously, this is the biggest strip club I’ve ever been in, with at least 5 or 6 girls on stage at one time, all viewable from any place in the club. It’s just one huge room with mirrors everywhere and lacks any real atmosphere. What can I say, I like my strip clubs cozy!I was driving so I couldn’t partake in the beverages, but our cocktail waitress seemed to be on top of things (and no, I don’t mean that euphemistically). There was a $10 cover to get in, for which I’m never a fan, and you also had to pay for parking. It definitely felt like they were just nickel and dime-ing you, but I suppose that’s what strip clubs are often all about. This could certainly be a VERY expensive outing.

  15. The Music Man

    Had a great time – wow! Gemini…my cell phone misses you already! Lots of fun – I’ll be back again soon!

  16. Jason B.

    Management sucks, girls good, drinks expensive, open Sundays, smoky as hell. All in all a typical strip club. I go b/c my friend’s like them but I never really understood having to pay for sex/to look at women either. Maybe it’s just me.

  17. Jake

    Dancers and waitresses are great. Great place to have a bachelor party.



  19. notgonnablowu

    It’s the most fun in Atlanta unless u are willing to settle for lower quality.

  20. "Kitty"

    This place is has a very laid back atmosphere. The girls seemed a little intimidated maybe because I was a chic. Some girls were great dancers while others just kinds stood there and waited for money. When I walked up to tip the girls, they didn’t dance they just stuck there garters out…that’s not good…some of the waitresses were way more friendly and cuter than the dancers!!! The dj was great..he played a variety of music…if you are looking for a laid back club to chill and have a pocket full of money for drinks this would be the place to go.

  21. Yuly M.

    Well!!! Don’t wanna write 2 much 2 get myself in trouble but HOTlanta, completely naked ladies? Nuff said. minus one star cuz they actually charge girls to get in here!

  22. Kelli S.

    Wow. Hot, nice girls (and lots of ’em) on stage and off all night. Drinks were strong enough, shot girls were of the same quality as the strippers and everyone was chill. Can’t ask for more from a strip joint. Pink Pony makes sure you enjoy spending every dollar.

  23. Josh

    This club makes me want to move to Atlanta – I am already scheduling my next business trip there early in fact this is a great club and the Girls are HOT!!!!

    Way better then any club in Minnesota –

  24. Captain S.

    This is where I go when I feel like blowing my entire paycheck, which isn’t very often. It’s a strip club. What can I say? Probably the best in town based on the hotness of the girls. It’s got a laid back atmosphere, and by that I mean that the girls don’t circle you like a bunch of vultures. If you don’t want a dance then they will just ignore you and leave you alone. Ya get what ya pay for. If you want a girl to sit down, talk to you, and pretend that they care then go to Tattletales or the Oasis. The girls at Pink Pony are too busy making money, and good for them. Just sit back, relax, and have a good time.Some advice, though. Do not use the ATM. It spits out “Pink Pony bucks” not real money. You can only use it there. So, think twice before withdrawing anything over $20 because you’re going to be left with a bunch of fake monopoly money.Oh yeah, they serve food, but I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot stripper pole 🙂

  25. Tracy L.

    ATMOSPHERE: Fun and relaxed. Interior is okay but not fancy. Super crowded on Sundays, which I would avoid since sometimes it’s so crowded that there’s standing room only. Girls are pretty and some of them pretty talented on poles, so it’s very entertaining here. There’s always a lot going on with multiple stages. Bartenders are nice, especially Dee. PARKING: In the lot. In the daytime when there were PLENTY of parking spaces they still charged $3. Forget how much at peak hours.PRICES: Drink are expensive but that’s expected for a strip club. No cover in daytime. Cover was $20 Sunday night, but we paid extra to bypass the line because cold outside otherwise $10.CONCLUSION: This is not the nicest place but you’ll have fun when you go!

  26. ParisNights

    The SCL “Free Passes” will not work at most of the clubs in ATL. Most of the clubs have NEVER seen the passes much less let you in with a piece of paper printed off the internet. What a waste of my time.

  27. StripClub431

    Y’all – this is the most entertaining place in Atlanta. I smiled and laughed the whole damn night at Pink Pony.First off – I’m a rookie when it comes to strip clubs. I’ve maybe been to three titty bars in my whole life, but when one of my best friends came into town from San Francisco on the quest for Southern strippers, I said f*** it. Apparently the girls out there in the “City of 6s” aren’t much to write home about.So our crew arrived on a rainy Saturday night at around 10 p.m. We were able to get a table right next to the main stage. Our server was prompt, at least at first, but as the night went on it got harder to track her down for another round of overpriced beers. My pal just kept ordering lots of shots because he thought the shot girl was adorable. Now I have to give my husband credit here, because as we walked in he handed me $50 in $1 bills. “Have fun” he smiled. That was a clutch move on my man’s part. I was a bit nervous at first. There were girls everywhere…naked ones…like…really naked. I wasn’t expecting full nudity, but lo and behold there they were in the buff on multiple stages. There wasn’t an ugly one in the bunch. I approached my first dancer, and sort of just threw a dollar bill at her. She smiled and asked if this was my first time, which I confirmed. She then did this crazy move pulling her leg behind her head and proffered up her gartered thigh pointing to where I should slip my money. I can’t remember her name, but later when she got on the main stage she was swinging from the rafters like a trapeze artist. There were girls doing headstands, upside-down-splits, and bending every which way. You just don’t see this kind of thing everyday. Another thing I wasn’t expecting was the shot where the girls drool all over the shot tube, licking it up and down before they give it to you. Is that even sanitary? Another interesting moment was learning the ladies room is also the strippers’ locker room. Really with all the money this place makes, they can’t afford a separate area for the dancers?Anyways, I had a blast. I ended up only spending about half of the $50 my husband gave me, but watching the girls and getting rowdy with my friends was a helluva lot of fun.Minus one star for the intermittent waitress/overpriced drinks. Would I come back? Maybe the next time my Cali pal is in town. Until then, ride on Pink Pony!

  28. Adam R.

    I have never been a huge fan of strip clubs, there are just too many disturbing patrons that are really, really into it. The first thing that turned me off was paying $3 for parking. This is Buford Highway people, not downtown or Midtown.Paying $10 to get in was okay, could be worse. The drinks were expensive and small so I was pretty annoyed at that. We should have stayed at Famous longer to drink, it was so much better. I guess they know they can charge anything they want here since people are not coming for the alcohol.The girls were nice and pretty enough. One looked like Sarah Palin which was hot. There was an argument between a customer and a girl about lap dance payments which is always funny. The manager was trying to smooth things over. I think Berlin got about eight lap dances.We managed to get a nice table on the side and stuck around there most of the night. One member of our party touched a girl inappropriately with a dollar but the girl liked it so she got away with it. A few minutes later another member of our party got yelled at even though she did not do anything except put a dollar where the girl had all her other money.The guys bathroom was nice, but I heard the girl’s had the strippers’ locker room inside and was pretty sketchy. One big pet peeve of mine is when a place has a guy in the bathroom who gives you soap and a towel and expects to be paid for it. Besides valet parking, this is one of the most useless things I can think of. I can put soap on my own hands and dry them! Come on, this is not the Plaza or a nice restaurant, this is the freaking Pink Pony! Of course they allow smoking too. Meh.Overall it was a fun and…interesting evening. I doubt I will come back unless it is to celebrate something for someone else though.

  29. Tom E.

    Forewarning- this may be slightly profane, so I apologize in advance- I wanted you all to experience my frustration of last night. I am doing my best to keep my tongue tied…This could easily be one of those overthe5kcharacterlimit reviews, but I will do my best to keep it down. Ahh, the f’in pony- one of those places that ALWAYS come up in convo when it comes to SCs in ATL… Last night was guys night out- and there were 6-7 of us in the group. Mind you, none of us are amateurs when it comes to these kind of outings. We clubbed hopped around, and due to the proximity of where we were, we decided the pony would be the dessert spot of choice. Damn, were we wrong or WHAT??Pulling into to the lot (I think it was around 11ish at the time), the lot was about 60% capacity. There was a line out the door to get in as well (should have been our first red flag, and we contemplated going, but stuck with the plan). As we were in line, I noticed a security guy with a toy badge (and hell, coulda been a toy Glock as well) was checking IDs- and apparently charging people for parking. Thankfully, no one in our group got charged for parking (which also questions his legitimacy). A few minutes later, we got to get groped by his brother at the top of the steps (the most action we all got at the pony that night)- who also had a toy gun and badge. Then it was time to go in. Cover was $10, and then I just realized, why in the hell would there be a tip jar for someone taking your cover money (wow, am I supposed to be impressed you can multiply X by $10??)? I had a raggy ass dollar bill, so I threw it in the jar.Then, we entered. Reminded me of the same as the last time I went 7 years ago. Except this time, was complete horse shit. When you walk in, you are greeted by a chick with a beer tub, asking if you want a drink. Pass. We wanted a table! We all just drained our debit cards in search of glory and tears of strippers. Waitresses kept walking by, and we asked about tables. That whole system was so fucked up, offering them $$$$ wouldn’t even give us a table (which is BS, the last time I was here, I got a VIP table, no issues- unless they were racially profiling my fellow friends last night). We kept watching tables clear, and then randoms would fill it up- they kept saying they were for other guests (yea right).So as we are standing near the back watching the pathetic crowd (I would say maybe 10% of the people looked like they were enjoying themselves) waiting for them to leave, I overheard (I think she did that on purpose) the stripper behind us on the pole she was working saying “how RUDE of you all to have your backs turned towards me! I want my fucking money!” Please, your not even attractive, your should keep your clothes on, and your silicon is about to pop. Get the hell off stage and cry to momma. I couldn’t believe she said that crap. Left a real sour taste. We were even thinkin about tipping her before that happened!So we stood around for about 40 minutes, and still never got a table. And this was after asking 3 different waitresses. At this point, one of the comrades got sick- I wouldn’t doubt if they put something in his drink. I ended up actually not getting a drink here. It is real hard to get a lap dance standing up, and I was shocked at the lack of effort of the girls walking around not even attempting to mingle with the standing room crowds. And then they wonder why so don’t get as much $$$ as possible…Moral of the story- you wouldn’t have to be a vulture if you A)knew how to shake your ass B) Knew how to utilize your standing room crowd C) got the stick out of your ass(es)- unless you like that kind of thing. I would just like to give a final F U pony, you won’t be seeing this face ever again!

  30. William

    I went to this club last night, lame, lame, lame. I had $600 in my pocket when I walked in, not a single woman asked me for a dance.

  31. Sebastiaan

    At least 20 great looking girls and very hospitable.. Love this place… better than oasis , cheetah or anything else i have been at!

  32. sean and ann

    could have a little more to choose from in dancers,but all around it is lay back place to bring friends

  33. Gatt

    My first time going, I was a bit edgy. Plenty to look at. There is always that one gir for someone, when looking for that right image.

  34. Raian V.

    Maybe it’s because it is my first time in Atlanta or a Southern gentlemen club, but it was fun! There is a huge difference between here and every other clubs you’ve been to, even Las Vegas. People here actually tips and make it rain when the performers are on stage. There are multiple stages by the way. But I find it fun because people actually spend here, unlike the ones even in Las Vegas where guys are just sitting far from the stage and doesn’t even tip a dollar. I mean, we’re all there to have fun and the girls are doing what they can. Sometimes, I feel bad for the girls because there are nobody who tips and I’m just tipping by myself. But in Atlanta? No, no…there’s at least $50-100+ each time a girl perform even if she’s not the hottest girl. Reasonable entrance fee and drinks. I would gave it a 5 stars but the bouncer outside asked for a $3 for parking which I know for damn sure isn’t legit because I didn’t see him ask the people in front of me. Maybe because my ID is from Cali but still, the people in front of me said they were from South Carolina.

  35. rickywho2

    Please take the time to read, because YOU could be treated the same way I was.This review is for the individuals like me, that wonder if the Pink Pony is worth going to instead of another venue of a similar genre. Let me start by mentioning how incredibly overcrowded this place is by people who would never care to notice there are better places to go spend their money. I wanna say I probably saw no more than 6 strippers the entire hour or two I spent here. My girlfriend and I got a lap dance from a very polite girl that is the only insignificant ‘hail Mary’ that gave this place a second star in my review, however, knowing that the girls are private contractors, their likeness says nothing about the establishment which I am reviewing. Now to move on to the part that ruined my entire night. When I arrived, I went in, paid covers for my girlfriend and I, then went to the ATM as I had no cash on me. Decided to take out $100. The ATM didn’t dispense the cash and did not produce a receipt, which I requested. I went to the front to let the cashier know that I hadn’t received the money, and she quickly said “Go lift the flap so somebody else doesn’t take it!” I had already done this, but this indicates that they are aware of a separate issue in which people lose their money. She called the manager, he requested I pull up my bank account on my phone, because I didn’t have a receipt. I obliged. He said “I can’t see that”. I put my phone closer to his face and pointed to the transaction. He said “No, I can’t see because I need reading glasses to read”, to which I reply, “Okay, put them on”. He said “I don’t have any”. Then he said “The ATM is owned by a separate company and you’ll have to dispute the charge with your ba-“You and I both know I’m not getting my money”, pointing to his face. He continued to babble nonsense while I walked away. I am not upset about the way this man behaved, because his life as a manager of a terrible place is likely unfulfilled and lacking of moral substance, nonetheless, he handled the situation horribly. YOU could be treated this way, and I want people to know what they face if there is some kind of issue where you need the management to do what’s right. It will not be handled fairly, or with any kind of respect.

  36. maurice
  37. rogerrab2


  38. Steve

    Was there in June and it seemed a bit stuck up. Many of the girls were sitting with their boyfriends and counldn’t care less about dancing. Some girls did not even get nude on stage, just walked around as they were. Will not go back.

  39. felixnada

    Never mad it inside, but I asked a guy in the parking lot what’s it’s like in there and he said “it’s the pink pony, what do you expect?”

  40. Harrison69

    We went here after Onyx and I dont know if it was that we were late in the night or what but this place was PACKED with patrons but only a dozen girls. There were 20 or 30 girls selling shots but only 12 performers for probably 200 people. Also, it was SMOKY. I couldnt hang, I bailed after an hour and a single dance.

  41. denniswhiplash

    I hope Jack and Dennis can both join Jack’s son Mike at club Fed this year. They deserve it!

  42. ziggy

    i love autumn.

  43. james1412

    I wish there was an option to give Pink Pony zero stars. This was the absolute worst Adult Club I’ve ever been to in my life. The cheesy bouncer at the door was holding the line and telling horrible jokes. By the way it was 30 degrees outside. The old, unattractive bar tenders had major attitude from the second we walked in the door. My friends and I were celebrating a birthday and we were not able to get one dance the entire night because the bottom-of-my-shoe strippers were “too busy”. The DJ was horrible. Even the people that attend this club are trash. The highlight of our night were the jerk wings that we ordered. Atlanta is known for their night life….this is NOT the place to go. You’ve been forewarned.

  44. larry1

    Where do you go when everything else is closed? Come here, but watch out cause it’s a hustle. Like, for real real.I realize all strip clubs are trying to get money from you. I swear these folks shake the change out of the couch. I’ve come here some nights when parking was free. One time, really late on a Friday it was $20. Last Monday it was $10, but only because we threw the car in the front space.Cover varies depending on whether or not someone is at the door. The shot girls are broke and apparently end up owing the house if they don’t sell everything. The mirrors make it seem a lot larger… and that’s what she said.

  45. didi
  46. igor34

    It’s like a right of passage in Atlanta to go to the Pink Pony at least once. I’ve been many times.

  47. Dr. P.

    I will never return to the Pink Pony as the management there is racist. A couple of years ago me and a couple of my friends went there on a Saturday night. It was packed so we had to wait about half an hour for a table to sit down. After procuring our table we continued to order drinks and lap dances. About half an hour later this group of Caucasian males comes in and begin to do like we did and wait for a table to open up. To our utter surprise and indignation we were asked to give up our table to the group of white people that just walked in. Of course, we refused stating that they could wait just like us. First the waitress asked us to get up, then the manager of the establishment. I thought we were reliving a Civil Rights moment! Had segregation been reinstated! After we refused to give up our table for the second time the manager got security to throw us out. Needless to say I would not give this establishment 1 star if that option existed. By the way, I’m an African-American male and my two friends are Asian males. They should change the name from The Pink Pony to The Pale Horse.

  48. XXXbeast

    Last night was the second time I had been to the Pink Pony and the second time I’ve found it utterly disappointing. After having cut my teeth at their now closed South side location I thought the original would be comparable. However, I was wrong. The girls really aren’t that attractive; most of them look like they confused the place with a meeting of the itty-bitty titty committee. There are several that have nice rear-ends, but they don’t seem to care enough to actually do anything with them. The hottest girl there (to me) literally got on the main stage and walked from end to end. When she would get to one end she would shake her butt for a minute and then walk to the other end and do the same. Maybe she thought she was at a livestock show? Another one got on a satellite stage and leaned on a railing for 3 songs and never took off an item of clothing. I’ve heard that this is the best in Atlanta and if that’s so I’ll just move to another city. I initially got $100 in singles at the door and I left with 98 of them. Maybe I’ll find a place where the ladies aren’t so lazy and are willing to actually dance.

  49. curtis17

    This place was a trip!! The women were mostly all white (maybe 2 mixed girls) and all skinny. One broad had the thinnest waist and the fattest ass. And she was white!! It was just insane. The place was so crowded so it was hard to enjoy the entertainment. The drinks were watered down because I had 4 drinks and walked out of there discussing shit I shouldn’t have had on my mind if I were drunk or buzzing. I’d go again but I’d have to be invited. I wouldn’t suggest it.

  50. cruz

    had a wild exp

  51. BDR
  52. Officer

    AN EXCELLENT CLUB OVERALL, WITH VERY PRETTY GIRLS AND FULL NUDITY; club is easy to find as it is located very close to the interstate, there is ample free parking; cover is usually $10, but I went during a special event so the cover was $20; club seemed safe and secure inside, and the patrons looked respectable; I went on Sunday night and the club was hopping because this club can stay open on Sundays when other Atlanta area clubs cannot because it is in a different county or something; drinks: domestic bottled beers are $5 and imported bottled beers are $6; layout: at the front of the club, there are two stages–directly across from the stages are two bars, there are also two stages at the back of the club (one large main stage and one side stage), one girl dances on each stage at a time, each girl dances a two or three song set, and the final song is fully nude; best place to sit is at one of the bars across from the two stages at the front of the club, this allows a great view of the dancers without having to sit at the tip rail; THIS IS A FULLY NUDE CLUB, ALL GIRLS DANCED FULLY NUDE except for four, those four girls did, however, later dance nude during private dances; club has a great atmosphere, no pressure to tip, or to buy dances or drinks; club had roughly 35-50 dancers, 95% of the girls were white and 5% were black, there was also one Asian girl, almost all of the girls were buxom, almost all of the girls had large (C cup or D cup) boobs, the vast majority of girls had natural boobs, maybe a few of the girls had fake boobs, pubic hair: Atlanta city law prohibits girls from having a fully shaved pubic area, thus, most of the girls had shaved off almost all of their pubic hair, leaving a small landing strip at the top, some of the girls had some or all of their pubic hair, GIRLS ARE VERY PRETTY, CLOSE TO SOME OF THE HOTTEST GIRLS I HAVE SEEN IN A STRIP CLUB, ALMOST ALL GIRLS WERE 8’S AND 9’S AND 1 OR 2 WERE 10’S; private dances: dances cost $10/ song and are performed fully nude in the main seating area, these are AIR (NO CONTACT) dances, girls and customers cannot touch each other, ATLANTA CITY LAW PROHIBITS CONTACT OF ANY KNID SO GO TO ANOTHER CITY IF YOU WANT CONTACT; FINAL RATINGS: (on a scale of 1-10, 1 is the worst and 10 is the best) location/ parking: 8; safety/ security: 6; cover cost: 5 (regular days), 2 (special events); drink cost: 4; atmosphere: 10; number of girls: 10; quality of girls: 8 or 9; private dances: 7; OVERALL RATING 9 OUT OF 10, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CLUBS I HAVE VISITED BECAUSE OF THE FULL NUDITY, THE LARGE NUMBER OF GIRLS, AND THE HIGH QUALITY OF THE GIRLS

  53. Josh W.

    Maybe I arrived a bit late, but I was sadly disappointed. The parking lot is huge, but guess what you have to pay for parking. Only $3 but come on the parking lot is huge it should be free. ( Hint, if you are with The cover is $10, but if you get there close to closing time, there is usually no one at the desk, so you can just walk in. The set up is kind of awkward and I wish there was a bit more seating away from the actual stages. The dancers are not the most attractive I ever seen , and compared to other gentlemen clubs in the city, left much to be desired as far as dancing on the pole. Oh and by the way, the bathroom attendant will harass you for not tipping. I used the bathroom and washed my hands, and attempted to talk out , the bath room attendant taps me on the shoulder and asked me if I had ever heard of tipping? I’m like come on now, you didn’t help me with anything I couldnt do by myself. Anyway, if you have the option of going to Magic City or Onyx go there first, let Pink Pony be your last option.

  54. richard95

    I think strip clubs are fun sometimes. In fact, I have no problem checking out smokin’ hot babes and watching them work the pole. Strip clubs are amusing, are sexy if I am in the right mood, and are certainly a different change of scenery for the BF and I.However, I think the Pony has gone downhill recently. Most of the girls there were not very cute, and, even moreso, did not really entertain (by this, I mean working it on the pole… Those moves are crazy if they do it well!). While my visits to strip clubs are few and far in between, next time Matt and I will take it elsewhere.

  55. Colbys

    The girls were very nice inside, bar service was great but the alcohol quality must not have been that great (my body was upset with me lol). The pony does have great events though like volleyball and even car shows.

  56. Art C.

    Daytime strippers are a lot different then night time strippers. Try going during your lunch break, cool strippers & excellent networking . From Lawyers, to Athletes and even local CDC employees (it’s an Atlanta thing).

  57. joseph1k

    I always have a cool time at the Pony. I live in New York, and i have to say that the strip clubs down in ATL are 1000x better than anything we have in New York, both in terms of the quality of girls, and the overall experience. On a packed night at the Pony, it’s nearly impossible to get a table or a lap dance, and you’ll be standing around with a drink in your hand. But on a not-so-crowded night, when you’re able to get a table, and the place isn’t overly-packed, it can be a wonderful, enjoyable night out. Gorgeous girls, most of whom are cool as hell. Yes, you’re going to spend a lot of money in here. The place is designed for you to spend money at every instance. But that’s what you should expect when you go to a place like this. Why else would there be girls walking around buck-ass naked, dancing? lol It cracks me up when i read dudes writing bitter reviews on here expressing disappointment that they had to spend so much money. If you don’t want to spend money, don’t go to a strip club. Period. Really friendly staff, for the most part. Wonderful waitresses, many of whom are just as, if not more, gorgeous than some of the strippers, and are really friendly. Went there on a Sunday night and got several dances from a beautiful natural-bodied red-head named “Ginger” who was one of the coolest girls in the place. She chilled and shot the breeze with me for a while, gave me several dances, and just made me feel right at home. Went there more recently on a rainy sunday and there was actually a black out in the place due to a downed power line or something outside. It wasn’t crowded at all, and all the lights went out, but the girls were still soldiering on, entertaining the patrons. One of the girls actually came over and gave me a lap dance with the music playing on her phone, lol. But despite the blackout, I still had a wonderful time. The quality of women is great. Beautiful white and black girls, some big-breasted, some all-naturale. Every time I visit ATL from NY, I always make a point of going to the Pony. I’ll be there again in another 2 weeks, lol. This place truly is a Georgia Gem, and I hope it stays around for years to come. Long live the Pony! 🙂 – Rudy

  58. Richard Smith
  59. Veronica
  60. daniel

    well i got a table dance at the end of the nite before i left and the girl just walked up got totaly nude and danced all half ass for me and she had a tattoo of her name in arabic on her arm and i hate that language so that totaly killed it for me and she was talking about a movie to another girl it sucked balls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Pink Pony
  62. Johnnyboy123

    Spent Halloween at the Pony and it was a blast! Great performance by gothic entertainer, Mina Harker. Loved her, and loved the kitty cats. *smile*

  63. DexterRexter

    This is a pretty cool strip club. The women are nice but I also love the buffets they have at 5:30 everyday that way I don’t have to pay for food. They also have people who give you massages too even though I haven’t gotten one yet. I have no desire to get a private dance here because they are way too expensive and the glass walls are gone due to a legal dispute tat occurred in the past. Depending on the girl, they will allow you to touch them. However, don’t just assume that they all want to be touched and don’t be creepy.

  64. Dave


    When you walk in, turn right to the first bar, the bartender Diane has a HOT ASS and is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet! Get to know her, and she will take care of you with drinks and send the best girls your way!! All my love D!!

  65. BAD06VETT

    There were plenty of girls,A Nice mix of music, A good variety of food and vip is GREAT! you should go there now. I will every time im in town. Be sure to check out my fav. dancer Angel mmmmm has a smile and a body that kills

  66. iluvstrippers

    This club was great. The girls were all very nice and pretty. I have never seen such a variety of beautiful girls. It was like being in an ice cream shop, all flavors. The table dances were good, but I would suggest going in the VIP, at least for a half hour. You will love it. There are 2 cousins that work there, Iman and Mimi, they are the BEST!! Find them when you get there.

  67. justinlk

    Fun place!Can’t explain why it’s so great but don’t worry, you’ll have fun!Love coming here!

  68. Luis L.

    I had a great time here. Wasn’t the best club I visited while in Atlanta but it was by far way better than anything back in SF. Beautiful & Talented Staff!

  69. vtinatlanta

    Lots of girls, several very good looking, some average but none that I’d say were unattractive. With four stages at any one time, there’s always something nice to look at. Several very personable girls. This club would have gotten a very good rating from me, but our bill was about $40 over. I’ve never been overcharged at any club, the waitress and I talked it out and got it down. I appreciate her understanding, but I don’t think that was a mistake. I will go again, but this time I’m paying with each round.

  70. Matt

    I was in town on business. Had dinner right before and took a cab to the place. First impression from the outside was “what a dump”, however I’ve never seen a strip club from that didn’t look that way on the outside. $10 cover a pat down to get in… No big deal. However, I noticed tip jar from the girl collecting the cover at the front… Seemed odd. I get in the the club is probably 1/3 full. It was a monday night so probably normal. I sit at the bar and order a beer for 5 bucks, not too terrible. During my first beer I dancer comes and sits next to me. I won’t say her name but she was white with an eastern european accent. She was about 5’10” with heels. A little tall for me. Not bad looking at all, probably a 7, but not the hottest in the club. She orders a drink for herself and charges it to me… OK I guess I’ll go with that. She half ass flirts, demands I drink liquor. So I oblige and have two whiskey drinks myself. I buy her again one more drink and she says “you don’t know how this works do you?”. I’m caught off guard and ask what she means. She says you “have” to go to the VIP. I ask how much “200”, no interested. She gets mad and demands a tip for her time. I give her $6 and she again is miffed, saying she deserves more. She finally leaves me alone and I can finally watch the rest of the girls.

    With all that being said the rest of the night was great. The other girls I encountered weren’t like the european girl. $10 will get you a private lap dance at your seat for one song… Totally nude. I tipped a girl that was dancing on one of the side stages. She came up after her dance was over and thanked me. We spoke a moment, she was polite and friendly. I got a lap dance, and did go to the VIP for 200 plus room fee which was 35. 30 minutes go too fast when the girl is incredibly hot.

    I sit at the bar and have a few more drinks. The club is starting to clear out. Two more dancers come up to me and offer a 2 for 1 deal. I oblige again. 500 for an hour to close out the night. Touching and such was allowed in the VIP but I never got out of line. Great experience.

  71. Aubrey C.

    The Pink Pony exists for no other reason than to separate people from their money; customers, dancers or anyone who crosses their threshold. I recently met a friend there for a couple of drinks after work. When i pulled up to the club’s entrance the majority of parking spaces were marked off for the valet even though the parking lot was almost empty. I was running late & decided to go ahead & valet . It’s obvious the owner of this place hasn’t put a penny into any updating or maintenance to this place since it was was opened, I felt like I had walked into a worn out, tattered “Nagel” painting. My friend was already seated at the bar and had opened a tab. I ordered a Beer & he ordered another Vodka & Tonic. We decided that we would move to a table on the main floor where we would have more space; he asked the bartender to close his tab. As we sat down he told that before i had arrived he had gotten a dance from an attractive young lady who gave him a great dance. When he told her that he wanted to tip her $20 for the dance she told him; ” you’ll actually have to tip me more than $20 for me to actually get $20″, Huh? It seems, as she explained that the club takes a percentage of all the dancer’s tips that are put on a credit card! My friend said OK & asked the bartender how much more he would have to add to the dance so that she would clear $20, the bartender was unable to calculate or explain how this system worked; can you say “RIP OFF”!!! I was wiping the tears away from eyes I was laughing so hard, little did i know I was next! We had been sitting at our table for 30 minutes and had not been greeted or approached by a waitress. I took it upon myself to walk up to the bar & order directly from the same Bartender. We were headed to a local sports bar to watch some Football so this was our last round. I ordered two beers and handed the Bartender my credit card, she looked down at my credit card then at me & said; ” there’s a $25 minimum to use a credit card”, what????? We finished our beers & headed out to the car. I handed the valet my ticket which seemed a little silly since my car was one of three parked in valet 20′ away. The Valet grabbed my ticket & jogged 20′ to my car in a manner befitting “George Costanza”. He pulled the car up and stood there breathlessly as though he just run a marathon, I handed him $4, he looked at the money like I had just given him a dog turd; ” It’s $10 ” he said. Wow, $10 to park my car 20 ‘ away, what a deal! The dancers we spoke with who were very attractive & sweet, they complained about how much they have to “tip out” to the DJ, Doorman, Manager, Bathroom Valet & to the club! This place is a worn out rip off joint stay away, go to Oasis instead where your treated like a customer.

  72. Vincent V.

    You’ll need a shower when you leave here, more from the mildewed and crumbling building than anything you’ll see on stage. The cover and dance costs are the Atlanta standards, but it’s just a gross building: leaky ceilings, the carpet looks like it’s seen decades of hard use, and the bathrooms here are frightening. It’s good for bachelor parties due to the stage antics, but if you’re taking clients out for “business” I’d stick to the Cheetah.

  73. barbie3000

    Ok club. Pretty girls, if the club was a little nicer on the inside, I would go back.

  74. Chris H.

    Its the pony, for city prices the drinks are the same cost as a regular bar. Girls are not OVERLY annoying. If you tell them your not interested they move on and do not bother you again. Fun place to end up after a night out or before. Nothing really negative about this place, except its depressing to see all the old men there talking to their “girlfriends” I just feel bad for them and wonder why they cant you eharmony or something if they need companionship.

  75. Sean E.

    You’ll never have a bad night…or day, at the Pony. They don’t haggle you to throw money around or buy drinks like the Cheetah. It’s more like a cool bar with naked girls walking around.

  76. XhXeXy

    My boyfriend and I visited this strip club last night and we had a good time.Parking $3, they charge it at the door. we thought if we parked far away we could skip on this, but the bouncer was niceCover: $10 and they called the waitress up so I could pay the cover on a credit card so we would have more cash for the girlsDrinks: we got 3 each which came out to $60 which I think is pricey considering 4 of the drinks were beersThe women were gorgeous and came in all shapes and sizes and alot of them were very pretty. The shot girls came around often but weren’t very attractive but put on a good show. The music was actually really good, and the DJ didnt talk too much which I liked. The only thing was that we sat in an awkward location so although alot of girls walked by we had no easy way to go up to any of the stages to give the girls dollar bills. Also, it was very crowded which was fine, everyone was partying having a good time, and the crowd was diverse which is good.Overall, my boyfriend and I had a really good time and the place is only about 7 mins away from our place so we will definitely go again

  77. Going Back To Tampa

    All show and no go here. no touchy = no money from me. Boring!

  78. harryharry

    And this review is dedicated to the best lemon pepper chicken wings on the planet. The place was a fun time. Good music. Awesome wings! I think I’ll fly back to ATL shawty just for these!

  79. Russ G.

    The best strip club in Atlanta. Why? The girls are completely unpretentious. That’s the bottom line for me, I like going to a club where you’re not ignored if you’re only flashing a 20, your money is as good as the rest of the crowd and the girls understand that and aren’t afraid to offer you a dance knowing you may not blow a grand on them. It’s one of the only clubs I’ve found like that, and has girls you actually want to see naked. Some of the lesser clubs will gladly take your money too but you’d be better off asking them to stay clothed. It’s a huge place too, plenty of room inside, and although the drinks are pricey, the first few are poured strong to make up for it. Lots of parking, easy to get to, overall it’s a way better choice than a flashy place like the Cheetah where you’ll leave broke from just getting in, sober from the watered down drinks, and disappointed because the only girl you saw naked was 30feet away on some ball player’s lap.

  80. Fernando C.

    I had a great time. Tracy the bartender was so nice and I didn’t feel harassed by the beautifulLadies which there were many. I did go during the day which I like more than the evenings. Three stages and they even have food-to-order. Winning!