Hunk-O-Mania Male Strip Club



1300 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401


39.3726076, -74.4134264




9AM- 11PM


9AM- 11PM


9AM- 11PM


9AM- 11PM


9AM- 11PM


9AM- 11PM


9AM- 11PM


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1 review for “Hunk-O-Mania Male Strip Club

  1. Daddy 1

    Took my wife and her drunk bitches out to a male strip club and they were behaving like drunken wild bitches sucking dicks and trying to get fucked all over the club. Crystal made the first move by flashing her gorgeous natural tits at the stripper. The guy’s cock was standing at attention and the girls would take turns touching and stroking it. It was all quite casual and the girls sort of seemed kind of timid in a way. Kacey stepped up and started to rub her hot little body all over the guy and he gyrated right back. They ground their crotches together and groped each other openly. Katie and Tracey took turns touching his ass. He would reach around and grab one by the hand and help them out. They giggled like 5th grade girls each time they touched him.

    Another guy came to my group and started to dance with Crystal and Krissy. Krissy is somewhat of a priss and I figured this trip was beyond her likes. I was really shocked at how comfortable she looked. Both girls were rubbing his chest and stomach but avoided his cock. He pulled out some whipped cream and the games began. He stood on one of the small stages and gave the girls a sexy little twirl. They all hooted and hollered. The stage was nothing more than a wooden box that was 4 feet square and 2feet tall.

    He squirted some cream on his cock and pulled Krissy over to him. He pulled out a towel and wrapped it around her like a privacy curtain. As she stood there with his cock at her face level, I was really wondering if she would actually lick it off.

    Just as she bent her head down for a lick, he pulled the towel aside so the girls could see, by then it was too late for Krissy to stop. She had closed her eyes and took a long slow lick from the tip of his dick to the base. She sucked and slurped the whipped cream right off this stranger’s dick. I now see my sister-in-law in a whole new light. The rest of the girls just gawked in amazement as she did so, then they gave her a round of applause.

    Krissy looked shocked at first, and then gave a playful little bow. The guys squirted more whipped cream and Crystal lunged for his cock. He was turned sideways to the mirror so I had a great view. Crystal just devoured his cock; she didn’t even bother with the whipped cream. She grabbed his hard did and jerked in and slurped her mouth up and down the full length. He whispered something in her ear and she then stopped. Krissy jumped back in and did the same.

    I looked back to Kacey to see that her shirt was now lifted above her little tits and the guy was sucking on them while rubbing her pussy right through her shorts. He hips were moving in unison with his hand and the look on her face was of total ecstasy. Katie had moved behind him and had her hands on his hips and her boobs pressed tight against his back. She was also moving in unison with them. Tracey was standing there taking it all in, waiting her turn.

    Krissy was doing a really good job sucking this guy off. I would have shot my load by now, but he just kept smiling away. Crystal got on stage too and was behind him, much like Katie; accept Crystals hands were rubbing his chest from behind. She would even let her hand slide down to his cock and feed it into Krissy’s mouth. What a sight to see. My sister-in-law sucking this guy off with great technique and sexy Crystal humping him from behind.

    I looked back in time to see Katie’s guy turn so I had a view from the side also. The girls were switching up and Katie was now in front of him. Tracey and Katie were both stroking his cock while he played with their plentiful boobs through their shirts. He must have asked them something as they both shook their head ‘NO’. At one point, he even reached down and rubbed his hand on Tracey’s crotch and her body jolted in response.

    Kasey was now behind the guy and grinding her little tits into his back. She would also steal a lick on his upper back as she caressed his hips and waist. Her ass was in constant motion which made my cock twitch with excitement. My hand moved to my cock as I could go no longer. I had dreams of seeing this little slut naked and thinking it might actually come true tonight.

    It must have been dick sucking time again as Katie and Tracey’s guy got another stage. Same thing, he shot whipped cream on his dick and produced the fake privacy towel. The girls fell for it and moved in for a lick. He didn’t even bother putting the towel up, he just let everybody watch them lick the cream off his rock hard cock. The girls giggled as they licked and sort of looked a little embarrassed, but kept going. After finishing, he bent down and gave each one a little kiss.

    It was pretty hot seeing my wife lick a stranger’s cock. She is not usually that wild, but I enjoyed it very much. Tracey got a little bold and leaned right back over to his cock again. This time, she just wrapped her lips around his knob and took the whole thing down to the root. He thrust his hips forward as her hand went to his ass and pulled him in further. His cock had to be half way down her throat. Her head whipped back and forth as she throated him deeply.


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