Cloud Nine Gentlemens Club



4807 East 31st Street, Tulsa, OK 74135


36.119148, -95.923281




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cloud Nine Gentlemens Club

  1. elmer fudd

    Not a couples friendly place. cover was reasonable, thats about the only positive thing I can say. I know the next time I am in Tulsa not to spend my money on the clubs here. Will spend my money at the clubs in MO and IL. I know the dancers are there to make money (I mean hell my fiance works at a club, so I know how it works), but when you are sitting with guys that arent willing to part with their money move to others that are.

  2. crazy44

    this is not a nude club topless only great looking dancers though

  3. fritter17

    I only went to this club because the bachelorette party I went to was meeting the bachelor party there. I was not really impressed. It was a Saturday night and 1st off I had to have a man accompanying me to enter the club. 2nd they served food there (disgusting looking)3rd NO TOILET PAPER lastly, but most importantly the dancers:All of the looked upset!They give lap dances in the back corner but have bored facial expressions. If a guy wants a bored woman he would stay home and get it for free! ***** The best dancer I saw was Anastasia and her and her sister work there

  4. Justsomeguywhohasbeenthere

    I believe this is now the Lipstick Cabaret. The place isn’t bad, but it can get pretty expensive if you start buying drinks for the dancers. Seating is still tables and chairs which I much prefer over those stupid little low hugging chairs most places have. Unfortunately the girl I went there to see was no longer working there. Still not a bad place overall.

  5. OK

    It was ok

  6. ShadowcatX
  7. MG

    I travel alot and go to these clubs alot. This club is very dark inside.. It is also very packed.. its to small.. Not a very wide variety of differnet girls 95% white…they all looked like they had a kid. Did not enjoy it at all you walk up to the stage to tip and all the guys around the stage look at you crazy like they are the girls men or pimps… LOL will not go back there are other options in Tulsa…

  8. Buster Cherry

    Right along the lines of Night Trips, a little small and crowded but really good atmosphere.

  9. HAILEYScomet

    Omg This is my Strip Club home! Love Management, miss Autumn and Candy and Margo – there arent staff as good anywhere else!

  10. guest

    this place has a lot of free food! I’ve been on monday night with free pizza and no cover charge! the dancers are it’s hard to say some are really freaky into it some are air dancers! you have to watch the stage dances to get an idea. what I don’t like is the constant drink hustles it’s not just once it’s constant no matter if you’re a repeat customer, and some dancers have a lot of attitude if you turn them down. the bartender at night is pretty good at getting you your drink quickly and doesn’t try to jip you out of change like another unnamed guy bartenter in t-town,so I would say try this out on a monday before you pay the cover charge. oh I don’t like the parking lot.

  11. Johnnyboy123

    parking lot sucks put once your inside most likely best Gentlemens club in Tulsa

  12. Clud

    I wasn’t really impressed but I have seen worst

  13. Jim

    Club was OK but very small. Had about 10-12 dancers and some

    were in the 7-8 range but the drink hustle was constant. Just

    passing through so will see what Dallas has to offer.

  14. Not bad

    I have seen better clubs but they had a few nice girls

  15. Yeah

    Club was to dark

  16. joe

    WOW!!! Love it!!! If you go you have to try a lap dance from Samantha, BEST one I’ve ever had!!!!!

  17. Tom of Maryland

    I was an interstate traveler who discovered this place on a rainy Thursday afternoon in August after getting gas and had to check it out. I found that my stopin was quite pleasant there – no entry fee and a reasonable price for a pint, and I enjoyed talking with one particular beauty named Hailee, who was a very tall (5’11”) attractive, slender blond. She gave me several nice private dances in which I grew to fully appreciate her nice breasts. She made the place for me, and everyone else was friendly so I will stop in again. But anyone who is local and who likes tall beauties should check out Hailee, who said she works Tues-Friday afternoons only.

  18. Chuck

    Kind of a nice club the free food is a real plus and the

    girls are above average. But the drink hustles are constant

    and whats with the jukebox jar hustle. I now know how they

    give you free food.

  19. Emerson F.

    Man… Cloud 9 brings back memories. Long before I became a gentlemen’s club connoisseur, there was cloud 9. I don’t exactly know why every surface in the place is covered in Metal Plate, but it somehow works. That and the $3 big ass beer made this place a good time.The dancer’s are well… dancers. Nothing too special here. It’s hit or miss. I do miss the legs n eggs breakfast buffet. That was always fun. It’s a good time over there.

  20. Jerry

    Just so you know Hailee is into blacks only and will tell you anything to get your money.If you dont mind that its a ok place.

  21. jeb
  22. john

    big variety of girls. always upbeat and easy going highly recomended!!!!!!!!

  23. Mac

    Hot friendly girls. Jesse is smokin hot.

  24. Ugly

    There was a ugly chick that would not leave me alone

  25. Not

    Not for me

  26. MnM

    club is to small & to loud for the type of atmospher. most girls are good looking but some of the staff are coniving.

    best time to go is days with fewer people and better quality atmosphere.

  27. Brad

    I have been a local customer. Some good waitress and girls, but overall do not bring any credit cards only small amount of cash or they take it all. And they trick you in buying drinks while your drunk. Consider Night trips or Elysuim instead, about as hott girls but save more money. cloud9 worst mistake ever. Watch out for Becky the waitress a whore.

  28. Tommy

    This is the best strip club in Tulsa. The staff is always friendly and the girls are always hot. Brooke is the finest dancer in Tulsa and very sweet too! I have been to all the clubs in Tulsa and surrounding areas and this is my favorite hands down. Don’t waste your time or money being scammed at the Ritz, that place is a HO House with nasty girls and over priced drinks. The VIP room smells nasty and like funky vsginia. Gross! The bartender is a bitch and make sure you don’t give them your charge card they will run your card for thousands of dollars and threaten you if you don’t sign it. Cloud 9 has always been fair and honest when I have used my card and they don’t cheat you because they think you might be drunk. If you are in Tulsa check it out.

  29. William

    Hott Dancers!!!! Legs And Eggs Are Great!!!!

  30. Bill

    A decent club

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