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8325 Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202


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0 reviews for “Acropolis Steakhouse

  1. Weedman420

    This was the first strip club I went to once I turned 21. I’ve had the food there before & it’s pretty good, especially for the price. Recently they made everything on the menu $1 more due to meat prices increasing, which doesn’t make any sense, because it’s EVERYTHING on the menu, including salad, mac & cheese, etc. Also, I heard the owner owns his own ranch, which is where he gets his meat. Anyways, I digress… The place is kind of dumpy (inside & out), the regulars have said it hasn’t changed decor or at all since it first opened. The wait for my drink wasn’t that long, but the drinks were very weak & pricey. The girls were entertaining, although I really have nothing to compare it to. Overall, it’s a “so-so” club. I probably won’t be returning for the “entertainment” or even going inside for that matter, but definitely for the food!

  2. Chris D.

    That stripper with the ‘daddy’ tramp stamp in Portland said namaste after she slapped her ass on my steak.

  3. Patrick S.

    I can’t really surmise it into just one word so how about I use many words to describe the Acrop With so many “Booty” bars to choose from in the PDX I am happy to report that the Acrop is excellent! I am a personal fan of the Acrop, tonight being my third visit ever. Second time ordering steak first time getting one. Let’s just say that they were gracious about cooking up another ribeye for me after the first one served was char-killed… It was delicious and had the distinct flavor of bacon, great for that cut of beef! Service was… As best can be expected, I mean C’mon folks there’s naked women flaunting body parts all around and it is to say the least, very distracting, and at most very enticing. All dancers here work for stage tips ONLY!!! Which means you need to throw up some $$$Dollars$$$ for these lovely ladies. You know why this is one of my fave “Booty” Bars in PDX? Because the Girls (Dancers)! They are so down to Earth and so exotic while still personal and friendly, it’s hard not to like them and appreciate the entertainment they are providing to you. Bar Service is kind of Hit & Miss, either they’ll hit you with all that you need and want or they’ll miss you from time to time. You can still belly up to the bar when your server is distracted by a naked beauty on stage. All in all I love the Acrop because it’s just so real. 4 stars because there is always room to improve (like a second sneeze guard on the salad bar). Kudos to the owner for raising some fine beef for our devouring at a sweet price!Cheers!

  4. Amber F.

    I love coming here with my husband! The steak is good and VERY cheap! I’m suprised how good the food is everytime we go here! If you’re craving meat and some good people watching (by people, I mean boobs!), hit up the Acrop!

  5. Chris W.

    Best steak in pdx? What are you boneheads talking about? Not even top 50. Worst customer service in the business.

  6. Jerk M.

    Great steak

  7. Peter & Cameron

    Amazing girls, amazing food, the money was definately worth the quality. Definately a time to think expansion!!!!! Has best talent in portland hands down! Giggidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Shaun G.

    steak, eggs, beer and pussy. enough said.

  9. Bill

    Just a great hangout. Love this place for a dinner and a show. The dancers are super friendly and fun, (also HOTTT).

    The food is AWESOME and an uber-bargan. If they had pool tables and darts instead of dancers I’d still go there for food and fun. Haven’t encountered any sleeze or hustle there. Would like to get privet dances but never get there soon enough…oh well. A great place.

  10. Chad H.

    Okay, they have the best food out there as far as Strip Clubs go. If you want a great steak and potato this is the place. Did I mention it’s cheap too? How can it be? Well the rumors I have always heard are the owners raise their own beef, and I can buy that story for a dollar. Either way, who cares, because you can tell that you’re getting a good quality steak when you not only cut into it, but when you sink you teeth and the meat just melts in mouth, skeet skeet. The dancers, meh, they’re good, but who wants that when you can enjoy the grub. Oh wait, just kidding, the dancers are a delight, and full of entertainment.

  11. Chelsea E.

    I went with a girlfriend of mine, she ordered the lamb gyro and said it was okay. I got the lasagna and it was actually pretty good. I know the food here is supposed to be really good and sure it is, but the “Strip club” aspect of it was not so nice. I’m pretty sure one of the dancers was making out with a bunch of male patrons which i’m sure they enjoyed but ew. Also i like my strip clubs with a dj and a staged not shared with the waitresses. The girls actually put a cd on, and literally i saw the waitress use it to get from one side of the bar to the other.

  12. Jodi C.

    I always have this mild anxiety when I’m driving to a new place, like I’ll miss it, get lost, drive the wrong way down a one way road. That sort of thing. But Acropolis is nearly impossible to miss. Right off of McLoughlin is a blue and white striped building that resembles a circus tent. Though I did find a heavily pierced doorman, no bearded ladies or fat ladies were to be found within the confines of Acropolis’ black walls. Not that I could see anyhow. Upon entering from the sunshiney outdoors, I was tempted to hold my hands out in front of me like a blind person stumbling through unfamiliar territory. We managed to safely make our way down a few steps to the bar without attaining any injuries. I was feeling thrifty so I ordered a PBR. The barkeep then informed me that my PBR cost $4. FOUR EFFING DOLLARS! For a PB-freaking-R! Really? Oh yes. Really. But in their defense, all of their beer on draft, all fifty one brands, are $4 for what appears to be slightly less than a pint. For some of the beers they had, that’s not a bad deal. $4 for Rogue Dead Guy? Sure. That’s about average. But when you parallel Dead Guy to Ranier, knowing they cost the same, it’s a bit perplexing. If you don’t mind domestics, your best bet is a pitcher of Miller for $5. Or a whiskey coke, stiff, for $3.50.The food is ridiculously affordable. Though this is a strip club, it’s also a notorious steak house. You can get various steaks with a baked potato, salad, and garlic bread for $5-$9. My friend got a reuben with fries for $4, which he said was “bomb”. I ordered the all-you-can-eat salad bar for $3 and onion rings for $2 (fries are a buck!). Let me just say that I think it was pretty ballsy to order the salad bar not only at a steak house, but at a strip club. I think I pretty much just signed myself up for trouble. We’ll find out tomorrow. Some of the veggies were a bit discouraging and wilted, but there were also plenty of items that didn’t startle me enough to not eat them. One impressive feature of Acropolis is the three stages for dancers.The dancers were refreshingly diverse and got to choose their own music to fit their styles. One gorgeous woman (whom i’d be very surprised to find isn’t a Suicide Girl) impressively flexed her voluptuous pierced breasts to the tune of A Perfect Circle and the Offspring. Miss American Pie played dance music, while the very petite Latina busted out the dirty RnB. Despite the place having a generally dingy feel to it, the bathrooms were pretty amusing. On the stall wall, next to “I heart big cock” was a wiser and more pleasant “tolerance is the gateway to peace”. Next to the tylenol and and tampon dispensers was a Pandora’s Box novelty dispenser: various 50 cent sexual gags are found here. Charming.

  13. Tobi S.

    I love the steak bites, salad bar is amazing! Great place to go hang out with friends!!

  14. winston12

    Best steak around…oh yah naked women too!

  15. felixnada

    I’ve been hearing about Acropolis for some time now (mainly the food/nice strip club). My best friend and I decided to go check it out on Wednesday around 6:30pm. Thanks God I have gps or I would’ve never found it. Casa Diablo II (another strip club) was right next to this place. Don’t get confused like I did and park in that lot or you’ll have to walk allll the way around the building, following a few yellow arrows on the sidewalk, to get to the entrance. When we made it in there was a guy sitting behind a counter who checked our IDs. I think I saw 3-4 different rooms where you could lounge, eat, and watch the dancers. There was a dancer sitting on one stage browsing on her phone (obviously waiting for her turn to go to the main stage, a dancer sitting with a customer chowin’ down, and a dancer on the main stage. It was our first time there so we weren’t sure about the process of ordering food so we walked past a salad bar (you’d probably die if you ate from it) to the bartender who was standing in front of a hoard of alcohol. She just stared at us. Ok? Finally she asked if she could help us and we told her we wanted to order so she told us to go sit down at a table. Along came the waitress who seemed extra bored/annoyed. We both ordered the steak special ($7) which was an 8oz steak, garlic bread, and fries or baked potato. As we were waiting for the food we tipped the dancers. There didn’t seem to be a DJ but I know the dancers were using Pandora because of all the commercials. They kept changing the station/song like no other or turning the volume up and down then back up. It was annoying plus their sound system sucked. I didn’t see anyone work the pole instead they just gave one guy all the attention while everyone else got ignored. We got the food.. It didn’t live up to the hype. The steak was very tender and juicy but the fries were the kind that are frozen then baked and the garlic bread was super duper salty. I was happy they gave us a whole pitcher of water. I asked one of the dancers where the bathroom was.. It was DISGUSTING. It smelled like a** and seemed so dirty. I didn’t use it. I guess I’m just not used to strip clubs being this way. I like the ones that at least seem “clean”, classier, darker, and where everyone is enthusiastic and tries to talk to you. Will I go back? Probably if the customer service gets better. We will see.

  16. James A.

    the coolest strip club / steak house I’ve ever been to. free to get in.. ridiculously cheap drinks & food.. great selection of beautiful women to watch. i definitely will come back to visit on my next trip to Portand ; )

  17. Travis T.

    Tried to go to Acropolis with several friends, but fat dude working the front desk said a couple of us were too drunk. Offered to do a breathalyzer but this high and mighty bouncer refused entry.

  18. brandonresh

    LOVED THIS PLACE! came here with a bunch of girlfriends to celebrate my birthday and has so much fun. The gentleman bartender was so friendly (and knew I wanted my change back in all ones πŸ˜‰ ) haha but the women and absolutely gorgeous, the steak is phenomenal, and they have tonnnns of different beers on tap. What more could you ask for from such a cool dive-y spot? We came down from Tacoma to check out this place and can’t stop talking about how much we all need to take another trip and go back!

  19. eddyL

    More of a grungy strip club compared to the others I have been to. There is a $5 cover charge to get in. It’s free at most other strip clubs in the Portland area though. The place seemed pretty grungy and dirty. The bathrooms were horrible with a gross smell that made me very nauseous. No toilet seat covers and no napkins to wipe. Instead they had one of those reusable towels that you keep pulling down from the dispenser. We came here to eat and see some legs. The food was an awesome deal. Out total bill was $49 for the 7 of us. The steak and the rest of the food were pretty damn good. I don’t know why, but the food at most strip clubs are normally freaken good! The dancers here are very stingy though, compared to other clubs. Yes, I understand strip clubs area only teases and the more money you give, the more they will dance for you and show off their goods. I think it’s more of the management than the dancers that make them stingy. I honestly enjoyed club 205 and lucky devil better because the girls interact with you more and are a lot friendlier. I did love the girl bartender working on the Friday night that we went. Very friendly gal!

  20. Matt S.

    Ever been eating at a Ruth’s Chris Steak House and thought, “This would be so much better with a naked woman gyrating on my table”? Few things go together better than strippers and steak; Acropolis figured this equation out years ago, and became a Portland landmark as a result. According to legend, the owner has a cattle ranch, allowing him to keep the prices low ($5 for an eight-ounce sirloin) and the quality high. It’s not just the beef and the boobs that make the joint so iconic, though: There’s also 51 brews on tap, and bartenders who make ’em stiff (nyuk nyuk). But it’s the piece of meat on your plate that’ll distract you from the one in Lucite heels.

  21. Alex R.

    I met with two female friends and had a great time, only one was carnivorous and had it as rare as I have it. I had such a blast we ended up at another bar for a party and promised to return. So much fun and great service.

  22. Ryan W.

    If you can drink more than two of their Long Islands than you are more of a man than I am. Especially if you are a feminist. This is where you go to see some sweet ink and box shaved so close that you ask if they did it with a laser. FYI – the answer, like everything else will cost you a dollar. I was once black out drunk on my 21st birthday and touched a stripper and was not even kicked out. However, it is by far the best way that I know to get shaken by a naked lady in high heeled boots. Good times. Good luck with the Long Islands.

  23. Bobby l.

    How can you NOT like this place? 50 beers on tap, great food at redonkulous prices, no cover, and decent eye candy.House sirloin was great, steak bites were good, pass on the chili, uber cheap pitchers of cheap beer, and super laid back.4 stages, all with adequate room for you to sit down, enjoy your meal, and toss out some 1’s if you want to.Oh yeah, they have a 5lb hambuger, in which the patty is 2lbs, for $8This place is our MUST CHECK OUT places when visiting Portland.

  24. Scott K.

    I walked in and asked if I should sit down or find a waitress first, hungry for the great steak I was hearing about.”Have you ever been to a restaurant before?” The waitress asks me.That’s easily the most insulting thing I’ve been asked in the last decade.One positive star for decent steak. The dancers are …ok.

  25. dopeboy19

    Best steak breakfast in the area, great service and great prices.

  26. Anna S.

    Ehhhhhh. Some people are into the whole steak deal here – I’ve never had it. I’m not really into steak much. I just don’t dig the dancers here as much as at some place like Devil’s Point, Mary’s Club, or even Union Jack’s – less personality, less skill on the pole, and more barbie-esque. (But I realize that as a woman reviewing this, my criteria for the dancers I want to see might be different than some guys’.) Although the bouncer I chatted with there, was nice enough, I’ve been here several times and it’s never been an evening that I really enjoyed. The clincher for me was when some dude came up to me and grabbed my ass. I whipped around and he saw the look in my eyes and immediately began backing away and apologizing profusely (maybe one of his d-bag friends dared him or something?). He is really lucky I was with a group of sedate ladies because normally I would have knocked his teeth out. Seriously.Now is the venue’s fault? Yes and no. The guys and his friends left pretty quickly after that, but some of it has to do with atmosphere. Obviously there’s no touching the dancers, and it should be equally clear that there is no touching other patrons! That’s assault, brotha! And the last thing I want is to be sexualized by some creep when I’m trying to relax and enjoy some hardworking naked ladies.

  27. rogerrab2

    The waitress was ridiculously rude! The girls were subpar. And DONT get the wings! They were the sz of my pinky. NEVER ever going back! Save your money and 1’s!

  28. Sara T.

    The Acropolis: A LimerickThere once was a club called the Acrop,where the drinks were cheap and the girls were hot.Just a five dollar covergets in you or your brotherfor steak, boobs and fun that won’t stop.

  29. Brian J.

    Yes the food is legit, and they even have a carry out section for people who do not wish to partake in the nude aspect of the club. But that being said, the dancers were pretty f’ing hot compared to other clubs. This place is a decent size too with four staging areas where girls perform. I went on a Friday around 10pm and it was already packed. Unfortunately there were many more patrons than dancers so I didn’t get any one on one time. I wish they had more girls working…only saw about six. Four of them were hot and the other two were still better than anything you’d see at Casa Diablo. As for the club itself, it’s pretty grimey, bathrooms are graffiti digusting and decor is darkly colored. I had a crown and 7 cocktail which set me back $9. I imagine beers are cheaper.

  30. Snatchy B.

    Steakhouse? Not quite.The Acropolis is not really known for their steaks, although the steak is in fact quite delicious. What the Acropolis is known for are the strippers, as it’s more of a strip club than a steakhouse. The strippers are mostly subpar, although I have seen a few good pole tricks. Video poker is loud and annoying. Awesome selection of beers on tap.I enjoy the Acrop, but it’s highly overrated.

  31. George B.

    Great steak for the price and a decent strip club. You’ll go there for the steak everyone tells you about. And it will be good. I would make it a tad thicker but you get a good portion. Also great happy hour prices on pints ($2.50). You will stick around for the girls and the show. Not all 10’s but hey we all need a stepping stone and this place is it. Order the steak, enjoy the show, throw a few bucks or make it rain then go back.

  32. Alex

    got my pussy dripping!

  33. Johnnyboy123

    Ok where to begin for this review, yeah its a….hmmm what is the proper word? Its not a gentleman’s club, what I saw there was nothing gentlemanly just some really sleazy looking guys lol. Well the women were good looking, some really nice dancers a couple had really awesome tattoo’s, one had really awesome sleeve tattoo’s they were beautiful work. My husband and I went there to grab a bite to eat, the ribeye were $7 which is super cheap so we each ordered two, the steaks were a nice size I got full after the first one you get a choice of of baked potato or fries we both had fries, and you get a trip to the salad bar. The service was awesome our waitress was friendly, and made sure we had whatever we needed, I only half paid attention to the dancer’s I was busy playing on the slot machines and having fun there. I like the acropolis the food is good, music is pretty loud but that’s ok, again the food is good and cheap, dancers are pretty good but we go once in a great while just for the steaks that re super cheap πŸ™‚ the cover charge is $4 per person, they have a lot of diff beer on tap and a vast selection in there bar πŸ™‚

  34. Miquel M.

    was craving a juicy burger, and some fries. So we drove down here to get exactly that’s, and more. Their food prices are on point, you get much more than what you pay for as well. Just because they give you quantity, that does NOT mean they skip on quality. The owner has his own cattle ranch, so you know the beef is 100% high quality. $5 16oz burger, $6 24oz, $6 16oz buffalo burger, and then the grand daddy of them all, a $10 burger that clocks in at over 5lbs. Plus this includes all the toppings, and fries! You really cannot lose. We will be returning, and bring our out of town friends there this summer to enjoy their seating area as well.

  35. Steve S.

    I was here years back and can remember getting a steak dinner for like $6 and it was a damn good steak. The girls were better than average, but I didn’t think they wore garters. Guys just threw money on stage. That’s odd to an East Coaster because we like putting the dollar in the garter which gives us a little special attention.

  36. Sean R.

    I am not a strip club guy… (said every guy who ever entered a strip club).But it’s true. In the nearly-three years that I’ve lived in Portland, I’ve been to two strip clubs. The first was Sassy’s. It was… not good. Pretty sure I caught something there.The second was the Acropolis. And it wasn’t bad! Here’s how it went:A friend calls and says, “Hey, wanna go to church tomorrow?” This was not a “church-y” type of friend so I was understandably skeptical. Upon further questioning, it was revealed that she was asking me to rise early-ish on a Sunday, dress to an acceptably presentable level and meet her at the Acropolis for bloody Marys, steak and obscenity. “No, no, I can’t-… ok.”I was admittedly nervous about consuming food in such close proximity to exposed, unfamiliar lady-bits. But I was hungover and I was hungry. Turns out the (famously inexpensive) steak was not half bad. In fact, it was pretty damn good! Would I pay $25 for a steak like this? Probably not. But it was just as good or better than many $25-plus steaks I’ve had! The bloody Mary was spicy but only slightly above par, having obviously been made with a bottled mix.But let’s get down to business. The 7 or 8 people in attendance on this particular day didn’t come for the food. They came for the debauchery! Alas, it seems that at 11am on a Sunday, debauchery is in short supply, even at the A-crop. There were 4 very cute but equally uninspired dancers rotating between the main stage and the “sales floor” where they stoked the fire (there was no heat, so they relied on an old wood-burning stove in the corner) and made small talk with the patrons.My favorite of the dancers (what was her name? Candi? Bambi? Ginger?) wore a cute little white lingerie number with a bra, panties, those huge clear-healed shoes they all wear and – no kidding – a ratty old brown and orange yarn cap that looks like it was made by her aunt Pearl or maybe a shut-in neighbor or something. It all came off… except of course, for the shoes and aunt Pearl’s knit cap.Very Portland of you, Bambi, very Portland, indeed.

  37. mathewater12

    I was super full from The Screen Door so I couldn’t sample the steak…but the girls were cool. With the amount of people around me eating steak I would say it is decent. My only gripe is that you can’t see all the stages at once unless you get the perfect seat. Oh I take that back…one more thing, the stage to the immediate left inside the door has a couple neon bar signs near the corner. The strippers REALLY dislike the signs and say it is too bring. One commented that it was like daylight, and you’re never to see the stripper in daylight. I’m looking forward to coming back to PDX to give the steak a try. This place was a refreshing change from Casa and 205.

  38. Andrew H.

    four dollar cover,five dollar ATM fee,this isn’t a haiku but,eff this place.

  39. Mikhail H.

    I gotta give it a 4 seriously because any place that serves food that damned good for that freaking cheap earns a four immediately. The people in there…wow, pretty young crowd and also pretty scary. It is also probably one of the dirtiest and nastiest places I have stepped food into for serious. Our waitress was a doll but most of the strippers seemed almost hostile…but back to the food and who seriously cares about the strippers when you are buying steak for $3…

  40. Calvin L.

    I had never been to a strip club before, so I was pretty anxious. I had no idea what went on in these institutions. Would it be full of debauchery and shenanigans that my innocent eyes could not handle?! Honestly, that all did not matter to me. I came for the cheap steaks and beer, and boy were they cheap! A pint of Lagunitas was about $4.00, and a steak were about $7.00 with friend and garlic break. Damn can’t beat that! Truthfully, I was pretty drunk, so I can’t give the best opinion on it. I thought it was delicious, and the garlic bread was dope. Bartenders were chill too!As I said, I had never been to a strip club before so I’m not the best judge of that aspect of this place. I walked in and saw topless and bottomless women. I honestly did not know what I was expecting. But yeah, come for the cheap beer and steaks. You can judge the girls and everything else for yourself.

  41. Hollywood

    Ditiest Bathroom I have ever seen. Great Value. Girls a little to Goth for me.

  42. Eli T.

    I would recommend this placein a heart beat if you were to ask where to go in portland for good fun, cheap good food, over a 50 beers on tap, and no cover charge. Yes they are a strip club but who cares about the strippers when you’re hungry.

  43. Amanda W.

    I come here for the meat (no pun intended). I can never resist the promise of a $4 steak and juicy prime rib dip. Being a female with no desire to oggle scantily clad young women I still find this to be a pretty fun place to spend a Saturday night. The girls aren’t half bad either.

  44. m l.

    You’ll be tempted to just sit up at the rail, tossing down dollar after dollar, in a vain attempt to polish off one of each kind of beer they’ve got on tap… but, c’mon, cowboy, you’re living an impossible dream. While you’re tossing ‘washingtons around, throw in an extra buck to upgrade your steak special to the ribeye, keep on tipping the stunning-yet-down-to-earth dancers, and be glad to know you’re enjoying the best of everything life has to offer, in one of the few places that has yet to be corrupted by new-world guilty moralizing.What I mean is, damn, man, it’s the Acrop – go there. Treat yourself. Enjoy.

  45. Huy N.

    5$ cover is a steal!! On top of that the prices for the drinks and food wasnt inflated like most joints. The bartenders were fast and efficient as were the servers once you got their attention. The dancers were all beautiful and talented! Definitely worth a stop if you are looking for a good time.

  46. joseph1k

    Top shelf gentleman’s club in PDX.Been going here intermittently for about 20 years. Really good food. I know. I know. I know. You’re not normally supposed to eat the food in a strip joint.But trust me. Its goooood here. All of it. And cheap.

  47. J B.

    this place was OK. The steaks, while cheap, were equivalent to diner food. You would get a much better steak at a regular restaurant. I hear a lot of raving about these steaks, but it was just ok. You get what you pay for. I had a 8 oz Ribeye for 7 bucks (12 if you add in the $5 cover charge). The girls were not the best Portland has to offer, but they weren’t bad either. All in all, I wouldn’t go back. If you want good strippers, go elsewhere. If you want a good steak, go elsewhere. If you want decent strippers AND a decent steak, Acropolis is it.

  48. Remco L.

    I only go for the food. This is a steak house with nude dancers. So it actually works using the food excuse.Their menu is big and very affordable. I love their steak and salad bar. They do have a door cover at nights.They also have four stages with gorgeous women on busy nights. Cheap food, drinks (64 different beers) talented gorgeous women, this place has it all.My only critic is the waiting staff. They are not the friendliest or most attentive staff I’ve seen.

  49. richard95

    Garbage…. for one of Portland’s “must see” landmarks, I was thoroughly let down. Lived here for three years and always heard about it and decided to give it a try. Wish I would’ve stayed home, eaten moldy leftovers, ordered an escort on craigslist and contracted herpes. Fuck acropolis.

  50. XhXeXy

    ohmygod. this place is atrocious!!! DON’T GET IT TWISTED: i love me a good strip club and it breaks my heart to think that the ultra-notorious acrop did not live up to the hype. bah, humbug.okay i get it, the steaks… whatever dude, they’re alright if you’re begging for the runs afterwards. for reals.there were a few decent dancers but sadly, it always takes just “one” to ruin it for the rest of ’em. the last dancer to grace the stage was absolutely positively awful. i’m sorry, i promise- i’m a nice person but this girl had bruises covering her entire body, she had weird bumps on her derriere and when she got up close and personal- she continued to shake her bumpy butt like it had nothin on it. so gross man. with this being said, i left with the runs and a desperate need to sanitize my eyeballz. so not worth it for the $4 steak bites. i’d rather hit up albertsons, make my own steak, and dance by myself in front of a mirror in the safety of my own clean home. thank you very much!

  51. rickywho2

    Went here as a customer. It might have been because it was the middle of the week, but the place was just depressing. I walked out feeling really sad. A few weeks later I started working next door and some guy came in with beer all over his shirt. He said some girl at Acrop dumped a drink on him because he wasn’t tipping, but to be fair he was eating… He ended up spending lots of money on me so too bad she didn’t just let him finish his supper first.

  52. StripClub431

    The Steak and potatoe special still some of the best eats in the area. It takes away from the special deal when beers are ten bucks. I guess thats the price of no admission. Wait staff has an attitude. Like tip me three bucks every time I walk by or you will never get a second beer. If I wanted a salad bar I think this would be the last place i would go. Its jist not well maintained enough for me. Plus nothing really on it other than out of the jar usually.

  53. The East Coaster

    A great club. Let Tawny borrow some ice and get wet for you.

  54. Paula W.

    I’ve been here several times for dinner – I mean, who can pass up $4 steaks?!?! I’ve always paid a cover charge so assumed that was just the way it was.Saturday, a female friend and I went to the Acropolis to try out breakfast. I was surprised there was no cover. Apparently they only charge after 5 pm. We arrived at 11 am and were surprised that there were so few people and no dancer for most of the time we had breakfast.We each had three egg ham and cheese omelettes with hashbrowns and toast. Plus a large glass of juice. Our total for all that was $8. Are you paying attention? Eight dollars! That’s what we would have paid for ONE of the omelettes anywhere else. The prices on their food is out of control. They have a 10 egg omelette for $6, steaks for $4, a two-pound burger on a 14″ bun for $8 with all the fixins.I learned (the hard way) that if you sit at the rack near the girls you need to put money up for each song that they dance. Now I sit at one of the tables further from the action and if I think the girls have picked some good tunes or are particularily friendly, I will walk over and put some cash up.Bottom line – great place for cheap food that is really good, go before 5 pm to avoid the cover charge, sit back from the action to save some tip money.

  55. Buford C.

    How can you complain about a four dollar steak? Even if it might be over cooked.Add some nakedness to the situation and well, you have a quintessential Portland experience.The only thing that stinks is their cigarette machine. PITA!!!

  56. Sam Y.

    i saw marilyn manson here. they got the best pork chops and lamb chops for cheap. i heard the owner has his own meat ranch!oh they got naked girls too btw.

  57. pdx_clubber

    excellent food. you have to try the steak bites. steak dinner and a pitcher of microbrew for about $15. tons of beer on tap.

  58. Jamie C.

    Came here on a party bus after visiting Diablo because my girlfriend with me said it was the best. Boy was I disappointed. I’ve heard the food is good but frankly eating in a strip club has never appealed to me I might be a little germ phobic and public health nerd. The inside was dirty and dark which seems normal for a strip club and only one girl was dancing. Maybe my experience was lackluster because it was so empty. I honestly couldn’t see why it wasn’t packed like sardines on New Years Eve.

  59. Alexandria S.

    Sharai…best dancer I have ever seen!! I know everyone has their favorites but for me, by far, she is the best. Steak bites are really good with feta on them. It’s my little secret menu. P.s. If you ever see her with ice in her hand get to the rack!

  60. Courtney W.

    Had a blast here for a combined bachelor and bachelorette party! Almost all of the dancers are extremely friendly and fun and the food is great and cheap! The staff is at a minimum though! Will definitely return!

  61. Tres B.

    I really wanted to love the Acropolis.But there’s s difference between divy and deltoid acted and dirty. The raggity run down grafetti filled bathroom, dirty napkins on the floor, musty smell, 5 dancers but four were laying on the stages as you walk in, three were texting.I know this is a hallmark historic strip club, but it’s just gross and the owners take no pride.

  62. Andy N.

    I’ve also heard that this spot is the RIGHT of passage for a guy if he comes through Portland. It’s a stripclub/steakhouse. It may sound disgusting to see a girl get naked while eating steak but it’s pretty awesome. The quality of the steak was surprisingly awesome for the low price. I spent $10 and got a filet mignon bacon wrapped steak with a baked potato, salad , and garlic bread. I’ve been to places that serve steak for $10 bucks but never tasted this good. I do recommend this place if you enter Portland because other than that you may get bored of the city quick. The girls aren’t the hottest but hey at least you got a great steak and a good time.

  63. Bella P.

    I love the food I get here everytime. I love the five pound burger always my favorite because you can share with a couple friends and it just tastes amazing. They have an easy take out window. Only had bad service one time. Other than that, great place to eat. If you’re willing to wait for some awesome grub, it is well worth the wait. Wouldn’t suggest if you’re in a hurry to go somewhere though.

  64. Olivia T.

    Four stars for Acropolis are for:* Awesomely delicious $8 Top Sirloin Steak* Tasty steak bites for $3.75* A friendly exotic dancer who also has the nicest smile in the whole joint.* Friendly and fast serviceI couldn’t give five stars because of the $4 cover charge on Thursday night even before 9 pm. I will for sure come back here again for some steaks. They are just that good…

  65. Jimmy A.

    Wouldn’t go back if they paid me. The food is cheap sure. But the “waitress” was worthless and totally rude. We had to clean our own table. They ran low and salad and so they didn’t tell us and just chose not to bring our salad bars. Waitress was swearing at us because we asked for silverware and messed up our order and said no refunds it’s not her fault cause she’s busy so we couldn’t expect our order to be correct and that we had to take it up with the bar. If i were the health department I’d shut the place down. And no cabs in that area!

  66. Allison D.

    This place is known for its cheap eats and its debauchery. The places does charge a cover, so factor that in if your just going to eat.

  67. Noah K.

    Now that I’m married I really don’t get to go to A-Crop as much as I’d like (only for the steaks of course πŸ˜‰ ), and I haven’t yet been able to convince my wife to give it a shot, but I’m still working on it, and I will succeed one of these days. The only excuses I have to go there much anymore are for bachelor parties! But when I do go there I at the very least order some steak bites. This place gets 5 stars for me because its the only titty bar I know of that has their own steaks that are cheap, the drinks aren’t outrageous, and to boot they have an old man (the owner) who rolls around stoking the fire, he keeps it about 85 degrees in there (which must make you thirstier) when the fire is going, its pretty cool cuz the guy is like Portland’s small-time Hugh Hefner, but I doubt Hugh has his own cattle ranch. So back in the day when I was single, my friends and I would roll in for the $10 bacon-wrapped filet about 3 times a week. I swear to god its the best $10 filet you will ever have, and partly because you will never find a $10 filet (with bacon!). What makes their steaks good is the owner had a cattle farm in eastern Oregon, and so all of their meat is from the cattle farm. My advice is that if you are going to A-Crop to try their steak, don’t go for the $3 house special, maybe its $5 for the special, I can’t remember. The point is, is only $10 for a bacon-wrapped filet. Their Texas toast is freaking bomb too, and the baked potato is solid. I stay away from the salad bar, kinda makes me laugh when I watch people go up there and pile up a huge salad. I might go for the salad bar if I was heading there for lunch, but no thanks after its been sitting out there all day, and you have to walk right by it to go to the bathroom or get a drink. The only thing with A-Crop is the cook, its hit or miss on who is cooking the steaks, I always get the filet, and I’d say about 70% of the time its cooked right, but the other 30% it is overcooked, I don’t think they have the most experienced ‘chefs’ there at all times.I read a couple reviews that people were not very happy with the service, I don’t know if you all know this, but its a titty bar, a strip club, what do you expect? I’m not going to get into the girls there because I’m a bit out of the loop these days, but they were always pretty solid in the past, HOWEVER that does depend on what time of day you go. Think about it, if you roll in there at 4 or 5 pm they aren’t going to have the best girls out there because they aren’t busy, they save the good ones for when they are busy, and this is no Spyce but there are some solid ladies there. There is one benefit of going there during down times, you get to see some crazy schit, I’ve seen girls get into screaming matches there twice, or girls talk smack about the girl on the main stage who is playing music the other ones dont like. I have also been there two times and seen a girl who was obviously high on meth or cocaine or something, wigging out, its pretty entertaining. Its pretty funny cuz the bouncers have to regulate the girls from one another sometimes. A-Crop rules! Check it out if you’ve never been, if you go during the busy time you will have a hard time finding a good spot to sit and eat your steak. If you go with your girlfriend, don’t be pissed when random dudes send blow-job shots to your girl and her other friend the moment you sit down(happened to me once), hey at least I didn’t have to pay for their drinks!

  68. justinlk

    Girls are hot! I don’t know what other ppl are talking about. Food is super cheap but the taste was just okay. Good value.

  69. Sarah C.

    Best place in Portland to get steak eggs and a stripper….

  70. Bree C.

    As far as strip clubs go, not that I’m an expert-this place is pretty casually cool-definitely not the seediest I’ve been in, and you can choose your stripper between a few tables. Less creepy clientele than some I’ve been to as well. As far as steak goes however, this places is a carnivores dream come true. Good quality steak, baked potato on steroids, salad bar, FIVE POUND BURGER ($9), and enough food options to blow your mind-which probably happens often in the restrooms. Today I found my heaven-their walk-up window. Good thing I don’t work in the area, because they have the $6 steak, $4 lasagna, $3 gyros, $3.50 hot wings, $4 16 oz. burgers, and more. Now I see why Acrop is a regular recommendation in the talk threads-regardless of intended sarcasm.

  71. GarryWas

    If you’re a woman, expect no service from the dancers and the servers. Worst experience in a strip club.

  72. larry1

    Excuse me if you don’t agree with me, but straight up–this is home to one of the BEST STEAKS you will eat in Portland. Hands down. If you don’t agree, please point out to me which other place in PDX (or maybe just North America in general) combines strippers, salad bar, and dirt-cheap succulent steaks straight from the ranch of the club’s owner. I converted a modest friend who claimed she “couldn’t visit a strip club unless she was beyond wasted” on account of the meal she had here. I celebrated my last birthday here, and the stripper gave us a private dance on a 2 for 1 deal. The A-crop is awesome, and a Portland mainstay for sure. They will always have my patronage. No five star rating only because i’m a salad bar rapist, and the A-crop only allows one measly trip to the salad bar with a tiny little bowl.

  73. Sami H.

    A friend and I went for the steak and I have to say I was disappointed in it~ but that was my main complaint as far as the food went. My meat (heh heh) was really fatty but the rest of my meal was good. The dancers were cute but the DJ SUCKED that night. Maybe I just don’t get how you’re supposed to be seductive while dancing to bagpipes and screaming. *shrug*And it was a little annoying when the guy sitting next to me at the rack was saying how he “f*cking hates strip clubs” while trying to holler at the dancer. Sure, dude. I’d go back but just for a drunken good time. If the DJ was better.

  74. Jack F.

    As we start staring down the year 2015, I believe the ol’ Acrop is just about ready to be put out to pasture. Much like Mary’s Club, it’s now entered into Portland Lore to the degree that the idea or memory of Acrop far surpasses the blandness of the reality that stands before you. As a diner it beats other strip clubs. As a strip club, it beats other diners.The problem is that as a strip club it doesn’t beat other strip clubs and as a diner it doesn’t beat other diners. So you need to be in a real mood of compromise to really want to come here. Either that or you’re in a mixed group with vastly different ideas of what constitutes a good time.And so be it. If that’s the case, it’s an okay place. Decent food, decent girls, decent drinks. Some of the girls were very hot, but nobody really inspired me with their pole work. There’s 5 “stages” and even on a Friday night I saw the place struggle to keep each pit filled with a single girl.That’s a real downer IMHO. Like many smaller clubs in Portland, this place suffers Clockwork Stripping. That’s when there’s too many guys, couples, or ladies-of-a-persuasion sitting around waiting for one stripper who just has to go in a circle or it gets awkward for other patrons. The ladies couldn’t even try to get friendly with any of the customers or there would be an empty stage and like 12 other people staring into space. I can’t imagine how a private dance works here. Presumably they had a fenced in area for it, but it was still pretty open…and empty all night.Call me old-fashioned, but I like my strip clubs to be more of an orgy of T&A where the patrons have to hold fast to their wallets (among other things) because of the sheer number of freaky strippers trying to grind on them in an explosion of glitter, sweat, and champagne breath.I’m basically not willing to trade that vibe for a cool mermaid statue and the ability to order steak and eggs.Now that all being said, I can still see occasions where you might want to come here, but I can’t imagine being a regular. One final note. If anything, other reviewers have undersold the horror that is the salad bar at this place. After being one of the only strip clubs able to serve decent appetizers and burgers, they clearly got overconfident and overreached.I am a cynical man with not much fear of death, but even I would not eat from the salad bar at Acropolis. Even looking at it as I walked by it, made me uncomfortable in the same way I imagine being in a haunted house would.GET OUT. GET. OUT.

  75. Jordanp

    Waitresses are rude and don’t serve water with food. Question wether tables are sanitary. Dancers are ok. Food not bad.

  76. John T.

    After a dissapointing first half of an evening, this place just totally rocks. Hells cheap food, burgers steaks and such which tasted good. Then you get friendly girls who are hot dancing and talking to people. I don’t know what was better. my face buried into the burger or her tits. This will be a definately must visit for my friends and i when they are in town. the place might not be clean looking and more of a dive bar. but the food and the service here makes up for it.

  77. Raff

    I was thinking a triple bachelorette party in PDX might not be complete without a stop at Acropolis, so I took my party here for dinner to celebrate the occasion one Saturday evening. No one in the group was ever big on strip clubs, but we were supposed to be a little bit more adventurous that weekend, so there we went.We’re not prudes, but we all felt a little weird about the concept of eating food from the same table that completely nude dancers were dancing on. We wanted to move to a table reserved entirely for eating, but there were no vacant ones. So we dealt with it.The medium steak I ordered was made well done, but it tasted good. Pleasantly seasoned. I loved the garlic toast that came with it on the side. Most importantly, it was AMAZINGLY cheap.All my girlfriends liked the way their food tasted as well.The dancers we saw were mostly good-looking and fit and worked the pole really well. Oh yeah, there was a $5 cover at the door, but given that the food was so cheap, I was okay with that.All in all, I understand why Acropolis is deemed to be a Portland institution, but personally, I do NOT have to eat in a strip club. That’s all. It’s too awkward. Also, the ladies’ restroom? If you’re not on the brink of getting UTI, hold it.

  78. Jana S.

    Hangover cure!!!Where to go after a long Saturday night? Acrop! Cheap food straight from the farm, and good on top of it. The strippers? Meh..depends on what night you go. Usually you can stay away from the C troop if you know what I mean. The bloody marys are solid and the beer selection is massive! The burgers and steaks are great. And you can opt to go to the salad bar if you dare. Mainly this place is great because of its value.Plus it is always amusing to watch the women play DJ prior to putting on another dance. πŸ˜‰

  79. XXXbeast

    Steak. Bites. Really good value for 6 bucks with some pieces of french bread. A little A1 and 57 on the plate and in little cups. Perfect. It was a little overseasoned but still great. Drinks and strippers are good too.

  80. billtheguy12

    Food is incredibly reasonably priced, however, the quality really depends on when you choose to go. If you go on a weeknight, everything is freshly prepared, as opposed to a Saturday night rush hour. If you are going for just the food, choose you times wisely.

  81. Peter S.

    Tacky atmosphere, tacky waiters, but hey it’s a strip club and they have cheap meat!!! Seems like I can never get good service here. Wait at the bar to only be ignored, they have so many beers on tap, but you can prolly brew your own by the time you get a drink. Try the Colossal Burger, it’s enough to feed four adults!

  82. Melissa P.

    Tattoos that glow in the black light, bitchin ($4 cover). A burger the length of my forearm and the width of a football, hot damn ($8). Pints of beers off my friends’ pitchers ($0). The look on the fiances face when black light tattoo maven thwaps me in the face with her crazy boobs (worth the $4 cover). Ok, I wasn’t exactly thwapped, but close. It’s my new found firm belief that if you are a female with more clothes on than any of your surrounding friends (cause come on it’s freezing these days) that the dancers will come up to you and sway all their girly bits.. ALL those bits, yeeps.. in your face. Of course maybe it was cause I said her corset was fabulous.It was refreshing to see the girls wipe down the counter in front of you before they splay. But I was disheartened by the obvious +10 year old wood/bar/counter accomodating the display, which doesn’t look too clean. Speaking of clean.. the variety of dancer wasn’t all that diverse at my pit. Pretty barbie to goth dominatrix to the well known RHPAW lady.The unfortunate but appropriately timed (1.5-2hr) end to the Acrop stop, drunken friend spilling above free beer in my lap. Those counters are narrow.

  83. Franklyn

    Every time I’m in Portland I go here to get a cheap steak and a pitcher of good beer. Going during the week or on Sunday is preferable to Friday or Saturday night due to the crowds. Each time I go, the wait staff is nothing but friendly and full of suggestions about what to drink. Sometimes it’s difficult to make a choice since they have about 50+ beers on tap. After a certain time at night there is a $5 cover charge. It’s pretty grungy but the dancers always clean up before/after their performances and the wait staff always clean off the tables after people are done eating.

  84. Andy B.

    I’ve listened to many friends talk about Acropolis and how good/cheap the steaks are for a while now, but coming from Texas I was a bit leery of a cheap steak being good. Well, a friend said they would buy – No how could I pass up a free steak even if it did suck. Entering there was a $4 cover. The inside looked typical to a strip club. There were 2 of the 4 stages active. Each had a decent crowd & nice looking talent. Taking a seat back toward the bar, the waitress quickly came over with the menus – I ordered a 12oz Sirloin ($7) and my friend an 8oz Ribeye ($5) each of which came with baked potato or fries and a salad bar. The salad bar was somewhat small, but who wants greens anyway, we came for steak. Other steak options were 12oz T-bone ($7) and I think an 8oz fillet ($5). When the steak arrived. I was pleasantly surprised and after the first bite I completely forgot about the naked girls around. I was entirely engulfed in a very tasty steak and large bake potato. This Texas boy has to admit that it’s probably one of the best steaks he has had since in Portland; and when you throw in the price, it becomes #1. The only thing missing was a nice glass of wine.I will be back for beef & to check for consistency.

  85. AssnTits5

    Known for the good steak came here today ordered it med rare came out well done, the prices are good but I could not eat it, I raved about how good it was n came here to ahhhhh, just returned the steaks let’s give the cooks another try it is nye 2014, our waitress along with the doorman was welcoming 64 beers on tap

  86. Don B.

    It’s a testament to the strip club scene in Portland that Acropolis can be packed at 2:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. So packed that it takes upwards of 30 minutes to score a drink. Anomalous, maybe. But damn. That’s proper Sunday service.

  87. Hollyanna M.

    I love that the Willamette Week categorizes Acropolis as a FLESH joint. Not Steakhouse, not American, not Strip Club, but FLESH. Beautiful. I have to say, I was appalled at the idea of tearing through a steak while watching some girl gyrate to Closer by NIN. That is, until I did it. I felt like a true American animal. I wanted to growl. The food is actually pretty good and it’s super cheap. The drinks are strong, but I think that’s just because it can take forever to get one. If you go, try and go when Aine is dancing. She’s the reason I got dragged out to The Acropolis in the first place and she was well worth the trip. I said to my (then) boyfriend, “I don’t just want to watch her, I want to BE her.” To which he replied, ” I want you to be her, too.”

  88. Andrew Y.

    There is no way that this place is anything lower than 5 stars. The food is pretty good. The food is pretty cheap. The firs day we went, we had 16oz T-bone’s for $10. Yes, you read that correctly! Not bad. I mean, we were not in a well known steakhouse, but a lot of bang for your buck. The next time we were in, I had the ribs…it was $4 and I had a gyro, that was $3. What a deal. If I lived closer…The food was great…did I already say that? They also have a wood burning stove. Pretty key for those cold days in Portland. We had a great time here. There’s a lot of stages, but not all of them are open all the time.

  89. Jeni M.

    I come here for steak. Because I’m poor and the steak is pretty good and the portions are pretty big and the price is pretty cheap.However, the staff is usually pretty rude. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a chick and this is a boys only kind of place but even when I’ve come with a bunch of dudes the service is still pretty bitchy.The dancers are boring and not my style. I’ll take Sassy’s or Devil’s Point if I wanna see some moves.

  90. fuckery12

    I’m tempted to give 5 Stars but the reason I’m not is ONLY because I have only been to one strip club in my life and this is it. I don’t know if this is really “as good as it gets” but my manpanion INSISTS that I am pretty lucky that this is my first strip club experience.First, I loved the girls. Loved em. There were maybe two that weren’t really redeeming. Seriously. Lots of itty bitty blondes (yawn) and then maybe two that just had no rhythm and bored me to tears. My man and I are drawn to a couple of things with our strippers:1. Be hot. We don’t care if you have huge boobs or small boobs. We just want you to love your body and be good looking to us. 2. Enjoy your job/have fun. If you’re gyrating your cooter near my plate of steak and are smacking your gum as you look begrudgingly across the room? Yeah – move on Stripper-Ann.3. Engage me AND my man. I like you just fine lady friend but really? Please shove your bubble butt in my man’s direction. He likes butts more than I do so give some love.So really…. steak bites? Frikken tasty. Really good. It’s sort of weird to have really good steak, bourbon, and cooter all in the same venue. It took me half a plate and two drinks before I could relax. The steak-cut fries were fantastic too! The perfect combo of crispy and potato-y. Waitress was sorta slow and didn’t come around all that much to serve us… but that’s my biggest complaint.Jenna is my favorite girl hands down. No matter what she was doing when dancing near us she was making eye contact and engaging the patrons around the pen. She was tattooed up the hilt with a bunch of crazy-ass piercings. Literally… she had her lower lips near her frenulum pierced with a “diamond.” WTF? Bizarre as fuck, but yet? Hot. She was really top drawer and we followed her around for two sets.All in all the place was packed and the girls were hot AND told us of other places to go and drink after we were done there. I am a fan!

  91. Justin C.

    Absolutely amazing, the steak is great (make sure to order it medium rare, the medium was too cooked). The “A” squad doesn’t show up until 9 pm at the earliest, so if you go before then its still good but the talent really improves later in the night.

  92. Blorch H.

    The Acropolis is a mixed bag, with just about everything that’s good and bad about Portland Strip Clubs in one place. For everything there is to like, there’s something to dislike with equal intensity.Some of the dancers are quite good looking, but too many of them should have quit ‘performing’ when Dick Cheney was still hiding in his secure undisclosed location. If you want to see what boob jobs, piercings, and over the top tattoos look like when they’ve started to migrate, ooze, or otherwise degrade look no further. Over the years, I’ve noticed that the performer’s attitudes generally correspond with the age of the metal, ink, or scar tissue encapsulated titbags they’re carrying around.The food is cheap, but the kitchen usually just barely passes health inspections. The men’s bathroom frequently doesn’t have towels or hot running water, so enjoy your food and beer knowing that your cooks, servers, and fellow customers haven’t washed their hands properly after using the toilet. Occasionally there is hot water, but that usually seems to correspond with the nights that there’s a coating of barf and urine on the floor.While the staff is generally friendly, the service is so bad it makes you wish you were enjoying the comparatively speedy service at the DMV. The fact that you’ll even notice the service when there’s four-eight naked women working should tell you how poor it is.The customers are a fairly good cross-sample of Portland, with everyone from Reed College dykes to Freighliner blue collars to Gresham gangsta wannabees. It’s the only place I’ve ever been in Portland where I’ve had other customers buy me drinks, and it’s also the only place where I’ve had other customers physically threaten me.Fridays 4-Midnight and Saturdays 4-Midnight are usually excellent, with all other time brackets scoring somewhere between average and awful. If you come after midnight, expect an early service cut-off and exhausted performers.

  93. fritter17

    Only a monster could turn down steak and naked girls. Acrop is tons of fun regardless of which night you visit. If you want cheap beer, mac and cheese and boobs, this place is heaven. Most, if not all, of the girls are friendly and know what they’re doing. It’s busy, but rarely overcrowded. Promise me you’ll go.

  94. Shawn G.

    Seven dollars will get you a really good steak and five dollars will get the steak bites. Yes it seems weird to go to this place for only steak lol.

  95. curtis17

    This place is always talked about how good/cheap the steaks are and all I have to say is you get what you pay for. I would give it 3 stars because it is kind of on the cheap side but for how dirty the place looks, I have a hard time looking at my food. The tables aren’t clean, so why would you believe that the plate your eating off of is clean then? The steaks range from $5.95 to $10.95 I believe… It comes with a bake potato and maybe a salad? Ribeyes were what we ordered and they were too chewy/hard. I personally think mystics (another strip club) has better steaks and its $5.00! It comes with has browns or bake potatoes and two eggs with toast! The place is clean and the girls look better there ; )Don’t speed around acrop area because the cops and photo radar vans are around this area a lot.CHEERS!

  96. Madeline H.

    After reading all these reviews online, my friends and I decided to venture to this fine establishment for their widely acclaimed filets. First of all, nobody mentioned it was so far in the middle of nowhere – you really have to want to have $3 steaks to drive this far.While I personally don’t eat red meat, I was thrilled to see the variety of options on the menu. After speaking extensively with one of the performers, I decided to get a grilled cheese with tomatoes. I asked the waitress to cut the ends off and she rudely refused. But I suppose its understandable given I was not at a restaurant for those under 10.Although my friends did not want to admit it, my read on their reaction was that the filet was better eaten by animals and not humans. (Speaking of which, what was most disturbing was watching the ladies on all fours picking up change). However, their french fries were adequate. I also enjoyed that they had a slot machine for those interested. I unfortunately did not get to take a trip to the salad bar, but I’m sure the lettuce was as fresh as it seems from these reviews.Overall, I plan to never return but I hope all that do decide to order a grilled cheese with the crust cut off. Just stick to the local restaurants

  97. marlonmoney12

    They have a $3.50 5 oz. filet mignon & frites special. I was beyond skeptical when I was visiting PDX, and a buddy of mine wanted to go there. No fucking way, I said. But I went, reluctantly, and came away convinced. The steak was really good, and so were the dancers. It’s incredibly popular in Portland. While there, I saw normal-looking *families,* having dinner right at the rail: Mom, Dad, adult daughter, chowing down while a stranger was on stage flicking her cooch piercing, not 5 feet away from their frites, Pennywise blasting on the speakers. Apparently the owner has a ranch, and this is kind of an at-cost hobby for him. A must-visit if you’re visiting PDX, and really must be seen to be believed.

  98. Ai M.

    So, it was my boy friend’s birthday party we’ve planning for two weeks. The day before the big day, unfortunately my wallet goes missing. I contacted the Acropolis politely asking if my passport would work as a substitute, even confirming it with the manager, and I was told it would be no problem. Next day, I have had hard enough time contacting the banks and getting everything resolved, it would have been nice to enjoy quality time with all our friends. We get there, and I present my passport and I get the weird look. That’s fine, I’m Asian and I look young despite the fact I’d be 25 in less than two weeks. He hands it back to me and states image does not resemble me. Well, but passports are good for ten years so sure, I’m under-aged image wise, but I am not a kid now. He asks me to sign the paper, which I do. He looks at the signatures, then says it does not match, and he’d know due to his penmanship class. It looks close to me, and my penmanship has changed in the last eight years considering I took penmanship courses on calligraphy myself, and I was only learning how to write cursive at the time as I came from Japan, so of course there is going to be some disparity, but the style was the same! I felt completely humiliated, rejected, and felt terrible for preventing all my friends from enjoying the night, as we all left. Since the place was reputably known for good steak, I tried the ones our other friends has gotten in earlier. Texture was that of fat and rubber, and I barely managed to swallow it. Perhaps I was biased as steak I’m familiar are either kobe beef or ones I had was at Ringside Steakhouse, but even comparing to ones I ate at Marathon Taverna it was no good. Well, at least I have experienced both extremes of spectrum in steaks. I cannot write a review for the strippers, but considering I’m a girl and I never got to go in there, there is not much to say except my other friends that went in ahead of us were not impressed, and that was before the whole incident happened to tarnish the image. Overall, I did not get a very good impression of this place and won’t be going back. Perhaps it was good thing we did not blow the money there, as it wouldn’t have improved lack of quality and customer service regardless of how much we spent.

  99. Nathan B.

    I flew into Portland on Saturday morning for a bachelor party. After the guys picked me up at PDX we headed immediately to the A-Crop. It was 10:00 AM….I have heard about the Acropolis from everybody who has ever been to a strip club, so it was good to finally get to go there. While it would have been more fun to hit it 12 hours later at 10:00 PM, we still had a fun time. The one lonely stripper on stage was a little absurd, especially when she was grinding on my buddy’s beer (yeah, he started drinking at 10:00 AM too) and knocked my water into my lap. But, whattaya gonna do – embrace the outrageous!What this little place shines, is it’s food. While it may look like a dive bar from the outside and a dirty strip club on the inside, hiding behind those back doors is a kitchen that can put out some damn good steak. And not only that, but it’s cheap! Overall, an interesting experience, a fun time, and good food!

  100. Adam R.

    Awesome $5 steak with a side and and fun entertainment. Place cant be beat.Amazing how many people show up just for the steak,especially of both sexes AND on a Sunday morning, its that good of a deal. As an FYI entertainment doesn’t start till noon on Sundays.

  101. DexterRexter

    Our strippers were very kind and personable. Our darling performer Chelsea talked about the current crisis in Syria with us. Unfortunately, the bouncers and management were truly revolting. I attempted to withdraw $40 from the ATM. No money came out. HOWEVER, my bank account was charged $43.00 immediately. I attempted to show this to several employees. And EVERY SINGLE ONE rudely said variations “You are drunk, you don’t know what you are talking about”. Little did they know I am 15 years sober. The fact that they are attempting to con sincere customers out of money like a pay less mafia is crass. I recommend that you visit more reputable establishments.

  102. Katie L.

    I went here on recommendation from multiple people for the steak.My friend and I were unbelievably hungover so this COULD have contributed to the “meh” time. We came during the day on Friday, the talent was…pretty sloppy, or maybe casual is a better word.The service was reaaaaaallllyyyy bad, but what do I expect from a strip club?The steaks and potatoes and whatnot, nothing to write home about, would not repeat. Bloody Mary’s were pretty ok. That open air salad bar though…it is still giving me nightmares after over a year.

  103. Paco G.

    From what I can remember of each of the two or three times I’ve ever stepped into this place. Each time being absolutely hungover from a weekend of debauchery. That debauchery being a Portland scooter rally. I found myself here around dawn recovering from one of the worst hangovers of my life. I ordered what everyone else told me to ordered. The $5 Steak breakfast… Steak, Baked Potato, and a Coffee. Hangover cured! I’ll be back for more steak and legs another time!

  104. Jon Q.

    For stars for the overall experience, especially if you are a tourist. This was a strip club unlike any other. If it weren’t for the dancers, this would just be a fun bar. Cheap food, lots of beer taps, and dive bar decor. The food is pretty cheap and plentiful. The beer is cheap and they have 65 taps. Get the colossal burger, just because its freaking huge and only $10. Its actually pretty good and comes with a ton of fries. The have slot machines, and instead of raised stages, they have pits. Its also really bright in here.The only complaint I had was that the dancers don’t really dance, they just circle in their pits until their song ends. If the dancers had more energy, this would be a 5! Its still amazing to me that strip clubs are no big deal in Portland… couples abound, bright lighting, no cover, and food and drink at normal restaurant/bar prices.Amazing.

  105. Rachel V.

    You get what you pay for. Huge 14in cheeseburger for $10 with fries. Not very tasty, over cooked and tasted mostly of sausage, not hamburger. Great late night food, I guess. This thing was monsterous, though. Perfect for a meal for 3!! The steak wasn’t anything to write home about either. Some curvy girls were hot but mostly none of them really peaked my interest. I love divey places like this but the food could have at least tasted better!

  106. Corey G.

    For Bachelor Party weekend, this was the first steak & gentleman’s club we hit up. Within minutes, I was scared.We walked in to find an artist performing on the stage. This is all fine and good. Expected.She was her own DJ. I don’t know what was up, but she was playing some German metal music. She didn’t dance so much as muscle her way around the stage like a boxer. Like a blonde Mike Tyson. I don’t know, but I just wasn’t feeling the “flexing her pecs” moves she was throwing down. And she also looked mad. I felt liked she wanted to fight me.Now granted, it was hot as Hades outside, and not much cooler inside the club. I heard her say something about how hot it was to the next dancer as she ended her act.At this point, I was a little scared for the weekend, but sure enough the NEXT dancer calmed nerves. Her skills and and smile were enough, but her choice of 80s songs sealed the deal.One regret: we didn’t have any steak! πŸ™

  107. William W.

    I think the beef is above average, the salad bar is poor, the beers are average with a wide selection with all prices the same, the dancers are across the board and really depends on when you go. The mens bathroom is pretty digusting, the old ladies who seve have been there for years, and its a bit farther south then I’d like. All in all, I come when ever I am in town usually right when I get off the plane – gotta get your trip started off right.

  108. harryharry

    Ok portland…I see you…I visited Acrop on Memorial day with 2 of my friends both of whom were virgins to the strip club… All in all this is how it played out…Arrived at 6is pm…had to pay a door fee of 3per person…Found an open table near the stage…the things we order were 4 vodka cranberry, 1 specialty redbull drink, 2 order of gyros w/ fries and that came to 34 dollars…Not bad at all… Didnt try the steak but on my next visit im so down…While eating we enjoy the performers…and there was 1 lady who even my lady friend was enjoying…My guy friend finally sat near the stage…and yes…pussy power at its best…he was hooked, lined, and sinker…I love the fact that they picked their own music via iphone/ipod…Great place to hang out…Decen looking girls…but didnt see any pole skills…but a whole lot of smackin ass and shoes…Good time…Unlike other strip clubs I been to; no one came up and ask if we wanted a dance…My friend finally went and asked a stripper…and just like his first time…he busted a nut…lol…yea…Funny thing was his second dance (different stripper) felt the wetness lol…Overall i’ll be back again…but wish it was easier to get a dance; I didnt like the fact that we had to go and ask the stripper…Like i said…i’ll prolly be back again…

  109. Geoff P.

    I’m not a huge fan of strip clubs, but when I’m in Portland, I always go. The vibe is so much different than San Francisco, Las Vegas, and other parts of the US. In Portland they’re more like bars where you can hang with your buddies, have some drinks, maybe some food, and there happens to be hot naked girls dancing. Who wouldn’t like that?I went to Acropolis on the eve of my birthday, and after eating a 1lb steak while watching talented dancers pull insane acrobatic moves, I feel like my life is complete. I even fed a bite of my steak to the dancer. Haha!

  110. Michael B.

    It is a rite of passage that one visits the Acropolis when in P-town. Who could pass up a dish of “steak and legs” at one sitting? Ok, that doesn’t include the $20 for a private dance. During my recent visit, I didn’t taste any of the steaks, but had a great time at the rack. The dancers were attractive, diverse, and attentive. Dancers tended to be more of the enhanced chest variety, but there were a couple of naturals on stage. At our stage there were probably as many women at the rack as men. The dancers gave equal opportunity to everyone and were up close and personable as could be for this type of genre. Befitting its reputation as a P-town staple, a solid 4 stars worth a return visit. Next time I’ve gotta try the steak!

  111. Tara S.

    Here’s what you need to know: The menu is online, and to-go items are 25cents more for each item. I know. Why do you want it to go? Because the food is good and reasonably-priced. Best of all, since it doesn’t go on the floor, it’s fairly certain that it’s generally clean. The best part: Acropolis knows that some people don’t care about the chicks inside. You can avoid a cover charge (and a view of the ladies) by heading to the south side of the building. There, you’ll find the take-out window, where you can pick up your food. So convenient.Look, the food is good, and there’s something kind of…novelty…in the experience of calling in your order to a strip joint, going there to pick it up, and yes, taking it home to eat. It just feels so Portland-right. Do it for the novelty of it all, if nothing else. But hey, the food is good, and you paid for the to-go packaging, so do it. Maybe put on a show of your own at home.

  112. Thunder P.

    I’ve been to steakhouses all over… I honestly had the best steak ever here… cooked perfect medium, 8oz filet, I ate every last piece… that never happens. $4, are you kiing me and I got texas garlic toast with it. Full bar, full nudes… I don’t frequent the ol nudey bars, but this place was something special. Even the waitresses quickly and politely bring your drinks and food. Quality performers… I’ll be going back next time I’m in Portland, for sure.

  113. CaLiLu H.

    I don’t make it a habit to frequent strip clubs, but really, can one pass up cheap food?? We came to Acropolis for a friend’s birthday dinner (upon her request) and wanted to check out the infamous cheap menu. And we were not disappointed! Everything on the menu was super cheap ($5 steak dinner complete with a salad bar and fries, $4 fish ‘n chips, $2 pitchers of soda) we ended up ordering way more food than we could eat but didn’t mind for once because it was so inexpensive! We arrived pretty early so were able to be seated around a stage where there weren’t any dancers yet and was able to stick around for one dance where the girl displayed some impressive skills around the pole (we were lucky to have that dancer apparently because even our server mentioned that this dancer was her favorite out of all the others!) Overall, Acropolis is A-Ok because of the cheap food, but because it’s not a top priority to come to strip clubs, I don’t know when I’ll be coming back!

  114. Stain Larkin

    This is an excellent place to take the male members of your family when your tired of sitting around listening to all the family BS. Its also a great place for a Batchlor party. Or if your getting bored during anytime of the day or night just head down to the Acropolis and you’ll have fun.

  115. Mike S.

    Best steak in town, at the price they offer. Great for lunch! Amazing selection of beers, full liquor selection. P.S. – I saw Marilyn Manson’s bottom two ribs from his rib cage sitting at the rack, eating a juicy steak and enjoying a beer.

  116. Mike Q.

    Did you know that due to some of the most liberal free speech laws in the country, Portland has the most strip clubs, per capita, in the good ol’ US of A? If you ever forget that factoid, many local Portlandians will cheerfully remind you of it. I’ve heard it from cabbies, bellboys (bell men?), bartenders, and other assorted residents, but I first learned of it from PDX’s very own CM, Don B. Apparently Portland is fiercely proud of its strip club heritage; who knew? Also, who knew you could juxtapose strip club and heritage in the same sentence?Upon learning that we were there for a bachelor party, most locals we spoke to quickly replied with suggestions of which club to visit. Most mentions of Acropolis (or A-crop as it’s sometimes known colloquially), however, came with bemused looks and sly grins. Obviously, we were intrigued. And having experienced the A-crop for ourselves, can I just say…OK, GUYS, I GET IT. I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down. ::wink, wink, nudge-nudge, high-five!::Trekking over to the Acropolis club from downtown, the first thought that popped into my head as we walked in was: “Did we just walk into the set of a Porky’s remake?” My second thought: “I can’t wait to have me a steak!” Let’s rewind for a second: We were told that the A-crop’s owner also kept a personal herd of cattle. NOT a euphemism, folks – he actually is a cattle rancher. Hats off to this fine gentleman entrepreneur. Thanks to Mr. Cropolis (I’m assuming A. is his first initial), customers can have the novel experience of watching fully nude lady dancers cavorting and gyrating in front of them while they enjoy a fine steak dinner right there on the rail. It made me feel like Ron Effing Swanson for a night. Yeah, it’s a little surreal, but I dare say my $6 ribeye at the Acropolis was better than any similarly cheap steak I ever had in Vegas. Maybe it’s because the steak came seasoned with glitter. Sorry, hippie friends – Portland is for the most part very vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, but I’d advise you stay away from the salad bar. The only sadder sight than the salad options that night was the lonely middle-aged dude with the handlebar mustache sitting in the corner by himself. I mean, come on, you have a handlebar mustache on your face, a steak on your plate, and some boobs in your grill! How sad could you be?Anyway, I’m a fan just for the sheer novelty of it. If the point of traveling is to experience new things you can’t find back home, the A-crop surely fits the bill.

  117. StripClub431

    Dinner and a show! What more can you ask for? It was a Saturday night so it was poppin’… lots of good ole’ fun to be had! Sat down at a food table first to be served (and so we could eat our food without getting hot stripper sweat in it). Prices were very cheap for the steak and two sides I think (baked potato and fries maybe), but you get what you paid for. Steak was way overcooked and they like dropped a pound of sour dough on my (also) overcooked baked potato. Did I mention that it took like an hour for our food to get to us? I guess we couldn’t complain though. We had lots of great visuals during our wait. The girls here are hot (lez be honest! ;)), and some of them had some wicked pole tricks to WOW me with, but most did like to get up close and personal with their customers and start crawling all over them. Since we were at the food tables, we weren’t required to tip… nice not having dancers breathing down your back for tips. You gotta earn it girl!After finishing our steaks (albeit mediocre), we then proceeded to motor boat heaven over at the dance tables. The girl with tats was super seductive and put on a great show! I was not disappointed! She was really bringing out my inner-lesbian! ;)Having never been to too many strip clubs in my short life, I would say Acropolis was down right entertaining, but I did dislike the food, plus I was not feeling the DISGUSTING and stinky bathrooms. I also feel like they should update the look and perform some renovations because the place is seriously old and run down. At last, overall experience leaves it with a three.

  118. igor34

    The food is good and cheap.

  119. Bubba

    AURORA!!!!!!! HOTTT BLONDE! And what a pro! Here’s what she dealt with… one guy try to pull on her panties. Another try to stick a bill in panties. Yet another sad sap try to take her picture with his cell phone (security erased that dude.) Then when I asked for a private table dance, I got the biggest smile and an “I’d love too!” And she indeed knows how to work it in a private dance. My only regret is not chowing down on an $8 T-Bone and consuming a $4 draft (what the Acrop is famous for) while watching Aurora mesmorize. $4 cover.

  120. Latisha W.

    two dollar steak bites w/ texas toast, dollar fries.are you serious?where else can you get that? yes you have to tolerate ugly girls parading around you nekkid but the food is pretty damn good.The only downside to this strip club is a lot of the strippers dance to hard rock which I don’t like at all and even just eating to music like that, not paying attention to them, made me wanna shove my food down my throat as fast as possible and get the hell out so I didn’t have to listen to it.But two dollar steak bites w/ texas toast!!! I have to say its worth it. Or shit, order it to go cause they do have a walk up window on the outside of the club!!!

  121. Thai D.

    Finally, I try the famous Acropolis. Wow! The steak really is good here! And cheap!Hooray boobies and steak!

  122. williamr

    Seriously some of the best steak I have ever had. At about $7, as well. Plus, over 60 beers and ciders on taps, as well. Not to mention some phenomenal dancers, to book. Oh, and they open at 11 AM and the most amazing steak and eggs I have ever had. Ever.

  123. Tell It Like It Is K.

    The food is really good. The burgers and steaks are good quality and really cheap, they also have a huge beer selection. However there are a lot of really bad boob jobs and the strippers look really bored. It wouldnt be my frist choice

  124. Erica W.

    Great cheap food….not expecting that huh? But if you know anything about this joint then you do. We brought a friend here and while he was enjoying himself by the stage, I enjoyed my gyro and fries, with some strong kick ass drinks. I mean those drinks had some real punch to them, just how i like it, a light pink vodka cranberry πŸ˜‰ And my gyro wasn’t bad either! The dancers weren’t too bad, there was one who was very good. They don’t have a DJ there and the dancers pick their own music which is pretty cool but there was one girl whose music just killed the mood for like half the place, she put on some country music after we were all listening to some hip hop for like an hour (not to mention she wasn’t a good dancer) but oh well that was our cue to leave.

  125. Casey S.

    Usually a favorite place to lots of cash but the last few sundays I have been there I can not understand how the shitty day time bar tender keeps his job. The food is great the waitress’s do thier best to keep up with the demands of the patron but the lazy no giving a fuck bartender has managed to send me and my groups money the fuck can he act like he hates his life so much and the rest of the world owes him and still maintain his job? He doesnt have to be there till 11 am on sunday and has boobies present .the old me would have loved to kick the dogshit out of his punk bitch ass …..go there for a great steak and the worst bartender ever,ENJOY

  126. Raff

    Service here sucks. We’ve gone 2 times over the past few months, can’t say it got any better the 2nd time. The waitress had long hair, Mexican girl, poor attitude and avoided us. Very disappointed this trip. The music is now Pandora, no live dj on a Friday night. The strippers music is a poor choice, put me to sleep! We left following dinner and would’ve liked to stay for a few hours but, not happening. Too many clubs for this poor service, terrible music, and boring environment. Need a new management team to revamp the atmosphere!

  127. Hambone W.

    On the up side, your steak is served with a side of booty shaking. Let’s be honest the food is passable, not great and the talent is somewhat lacking, but together it’s a can’t miss place on your tour of titty bars — if your into that sort of thing.

  128. John C.

    I talk about The Acropolis as though it were legendary! My visit was completed in two fold; $5 steak baskets and attractive women dancing to heavy metal. I saw a women dance to War Pigs by Black Sabbath and that single moment is expressed to everyone as the epicness of The Acropolis Club. I can’t wait for my next visit!!!!

  129. Judah L.

    Five stars for some of the best steak I’ve ever had, and because the strippers leave me the hell alone when I come in and eat my steak. Strong drinks, too. Dancers are pretty enough to not make the experience horrific.

  130. Jenn W.

    I had high hopes for this place. I really did. First of all it has a terrible location. It is hard to get too. Second of all their watiers/waitresses suck. Mixed up all our orders. The steak was worth the money, but it wasnt very good. The place is packed, and you have to order your drinks through a waitress if you dont want to wait an hour. Plus most of the seats are around the stage and you have to tip 1 buck per song. However…the drinks are magical. I got nicely buzzed off of two drinks πŸ™‚

  131. Rachael J.

    Yes. I have been to the A-Crop. I am starting to think it is a right of passage here in PDX. Yes, there were naked ladies. Yes, the atmosphere is a wee bit divey. And yes, the steak was good and cheap. Overall had a great time with group of friends. I am sure I will be convinced to make another visit again. So much fun to be had with booze and cheap meat. Tee Hee Hee.

  132. Tommy L.

    Cost efficient, slightly fatty, but generous portions and a varied menu – and that’s just the girls! Did I mention 51 beers on tap? 51 – all priced like they should be. I can’t argue with that. The steaks are freaking cheap – 6 bucks for a filet (albeit 10 bucks for center cut). Not the best I’ve ever had, but with bread and fries, all for 6 bucks – its a hell of a lot better than what you get for 6 dollars at any fast food joint. And I didn’t see any bare breasts gyrating last time I was in McDonalds either….As others have commented, you wouldn’t think eating a steak goes with watching girls strip down and twirl around a pole. Actually, what doesn’t go with that? But its a diverse crowd – men and women, young and old, I’m guessing simply because where else do you get a 6$ filet, or even cheaper sirloin or burger? You don’t find it anywhere. So if you don’t mind some reddish lighting to complement the complete darkness, its one heck of a deal for steak and beer. And don’t forget the women – we went for lunch so might be better for dinner – but worth checking out for the experience alone.

  133. Angie T.

    I went to the Acropolis Club with my boyfriend. The steak was good and cheap. It was only 5 dollars!! After our meal, we decided to wait for the best looking girl to go up and dance. Gave her a few bucks for a jiggle here and there. After she went off the stage, we went home. It was an awesome experience. Will definitely be back, if not for the girls..the cheap food!

  134. Nancy T.

    Stopped in here on a Sunday night. It was my first time here (in Portland, too) and the place was mentioned in a top 10 thing to do in Portland. For a strip club, it was a great experience. The food was excellent and relatively inexpensive. The dancers were very sociable. It was a very unique experience. From what my friend was telling me, each club has its own theme and some have that neighborhood bar feel. If I come back, I’d definitely take my friends here for a meal. The girls were pretty, service was okay, food was yummy! I can’t talk about the drink prices since I only had a diet coke but they have a full bar, way better than the places up in Washington where I live.

  135. Chris S.

    I have been here a few times, once before I lived in portland and a couple since I have moved here. It is for sure one of those places you should go to when you visit town. Coming from Cali its great to find a place like this. Its a strip club but its a steak house but its a full bar w/ 54 beers on tap. This equals awesome. I normally go after working grave yard with friends from work. Great steak and eggs, beer, and a naked girl after working in a high stress hospital job.

  136. Kevin S.

    Acropolis is nearly legendary and so on our recent trip through Portland we had to stop in for dinner. Given what I’d heard I expected a “steakhouse” experience plus some naked girls. Acrop felt more like a dive bar than a steakhouse, but some of the old decor perhaps showed a more ambitious past. Once I got over the fact this wasn’t Ruth’s Chris, we ordered a couple filet minions and a “16oz” buffalo burger. The steaks include a trip to the well stocked salad bar which is a nice touch. The filets were well cooked and I think larger than the advertised weight. They were bacon wrapped which was a plus for me, not as much as my good Jewish bud. The steak was tender and tasty, certainly the best $12 filet minion I’ve had…also the only one. The buffalo burger was excellent but by no means a 16oz burger. The taps were plentiful and quite cheap. As for the stage, they were talented on the pole and thin, but a bit lacking in my favorite spots. Okay I’m hammering this home, it was a convention of the itty bitty titty committee. Basically this place is the opposite of Casa Diablo – the meat is on the plate, not on stage.

  137. Erin P.

    Yeah, I’ve been inside this place a ton of times, was even a regular at one point, at least once or twice a week we’d go in at 4:30 or 5pm when there was no cover and get dinner and drinks. I haven’t been IN there in ages though, I do however still get their food pretty regularly. The takeout window on the back of the building is the best. I usually call ahead so I don’t have to wait (can be a challenge as some of the kitchen guys don’t speak the best english, coupled with the ridiculous background noise level, but it’s not horrible, just don’t try asking a bunch of silly questions, have what you want ready and be direct), when they get busy inside there can be a bit of a wait out back. Why do I go here so often… The steak of course. Why spend six something at McDonald’s for a mediocre burger when you can get the house special, an 8oz steak, fries or baked potato with fixins, and garlic bread for $5.50? I always order rare, it usually ends up medium rare, so probably keep that in mind. And steaks are not the only thing that’s good here! The Greek salad (has a name but I don’t remember what they call it) is really good, and it’s been a while since I ordered one, but the burgers used to be pretty good also. It’s all so cheap, how can anyone complain really?

  138. Joey O.

    After reading the reviews I feel that I noticed a few things that havent been mentioned.First, the breakfast menu is AMAZING.Most items are $3.50 and Delicious AND in big portions.My girlfriend didnt much care for the waffles but I cant judge because I hate ordering waffles from diners as it is (dont ask me why).I do however LOVE French Toast. So I make it my duty to try French Toast at any place I go that serves it.I cant say 100% for sure but I feel like Acrop may have the best French Toast Ive ever had :)Second, lots and lots of beers and theyre all $4. This is actually not the best thing in the world for someone that is ridiculously indecisive, but I was impressed nonetheless.Third, (this is one Im a little ashamed to mention) the toilets in the mens room were fantastic (I heard the ones in the womens room were pretty nasty though). They had what appeared to be brand new Toto (supposedly good brand) toilets and they had quilted two-ply toilet paper!! I dont know that Ive ever seen two-ply in a public restroom, not even the “nice” places. About half way through the huge breakfast (I ordered two items) I really needed to drop a duke. I kept it in for a while because seriously, who wants to poop when theyre out, let alone at a strip joint! Finally I bit the bullet and made for the bathroom. When I saw the toilet and two ply I was so enthused! So let that be a lesson to you fellas, if youre at the acrop dont let a full colon ruin your meal/drink/dance.

  139. Ron T.

    OMG!Awesome and cheap steaks!

  140. Jesy B.

    Whenever someone asks where to get a good steak in PDX I really have to resist blurting out Acrop (mostly to avoid offending) – even though it’s really a decent steak given the environment. I mean if you really want to give a friend a PDX experience for food and fun – here you go! My experience was coming here on a weekday with a group of bachelor friends who tasked me with picking out the strip clubs since they journeyed down from Seattle. I knew Acrop was the first place to hit since they were hungry. It was d-e-a-d inside so they promptly ordered. I skipped out on the food but sampled some bites and was well pleased. Starting at as low as $3.50, you can’t go wrong if it tastes so right. There was only one lady on stage and she initially was just resting on her knees knitting, though every so often looking up and bouncing around. As the place filled up, away went the needles and the clothes and the dolla bills kept rollin’ in. Besides liquor, there’s a bunch of beers on tap. Enough to satisfy just about every person. They charge a cover later in the day (boo hiss) but that’s not unusual. Hooray for boobies!

  141. Mistercap12

    Sad day for one of the most well known strip joints in the city.This place has been around since even ‘ol Jonny Hancock at the age of 75 can remember. It’s an older joint, the inside and outside truly shows it. Nothing too exciting to see here, the girls are alright, a little too thin for my taste, pretty and decent in the face, just wish they were thicker or curvier. The guy that owns the place has the money to fix this place up and remake it what it used to be. They are known for their meat here, haaa *pun intended* but their selection for the steak and burgers is supposed to be top notch, I’d have to say I could live without the steak bites or any meat here really. It has a bland taste and an odd sauce and cooked inconsistently, the few times I’ve had them they’ve always tasted different every time.. The parking lot is small just FYI. The wait staff is just incredibly rude, one gal when I walked up to the bar, kind of a shorter more roundy gal, I smiled at her and she just glanced at me with stink face and looked me up and down and turned away and started talking to the other waitress. Sorry that I’m just “another female” in the strip club that doesn’t actually work there or anything and thanks for making me feel extremely awkward and like I’m imposing on your day by simply smiling at you, she acted as if she was well above me, whatever, just note to self, only deal with the older bartender gal who’s just there to do her job, not the friendliest but she does her job and does it well. Long story short, after now visiting for a period of time and spending money here*which I mention this because it makes me cringe to spend money that I earned towards a place that should be top notch and isn’t and that I’m paying for a service(food,drinks) that all I get back from the workers is attitude* I still don’t understand the hype of this place. It was a big let down for me which really sucks because I actually enjoy stop joints, but it might be some others forte just not really mine, but I’ll really only ever get food here anymore, that’s for sure. Because aside from the famous meat and dancers they’re known for, I’ve had other menu items I really enjoyed. But I’ve also had other experiences elsewhere at an even more dumpy joint that I actually enjoyed.

  142. fisherdex1

    came here on a recommendation of a friend that went to Reed. Prior to this I did not understand the high stripper per capita ratio in Portland. The girlfriend loved the strippers and hada lot of fun and we got the steak. The toast was amazing and the steak was so tender you wou;dn’t imagine yourself in a strip club.

  143. Clara O.

    Now listen, I love the acropolis. Great steak for cheap and 64 beers on tap. I am a frequent costumer. However, the “mongrols” apparently run this joint. I have come in pretty much every day of the week and had no problem. But on this particular Friday I came in and ‘claimed’ a few seats for myself and our friends. The “mongrols” came in and tried to take over our seats while my buddies were getting beer. I am a woman and tried to tell these blokes that these seats (which they had been sitting next to while occupied) were taken. They knew that our friends had been sitting there and tried to move in as soon as they left to get drinks. I said “hey, these seats are taken” and was given the death eye by this bald headed man with sleeved arms (mind you I have many tattoos/piercings of my own, this description is simply to identify the individual). I was then threatened that I would be followed home and taken care of if my friends did not give up their seats. I responded with sticking my tongue out and a big eff you because that is not how the world works. They cannot threaten me and I tried to make that clear. The staff at the Acropolis did not seem to give a shit and give themselves over to the “mongrols”. Way to go, Acrop. Some greasy man sluts rule your company and the revenue that comes through will surely run in the direction of the vegan club if you keep up these antics.

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