Pirate’s Cove



7417 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97213


45.5493484, -122.5863421




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pirate’s Cove

  1. Franklyn

    Not really my kind of place, I get dragged there with friends.Bartenders are outside half the time. And its really small when there is twenty people in it it feels packed. I would hate to be a dancer here because it seems like a local bar where they ignore the naked women, and they sit and pray a bachelor party will happen at any moment.

  2. fritter17

    This place is a fun and quirky hangout. I like it because all the girls are friendly and so unique. Ive yet to run into a snobby girl and you get the full portland experience here. Bartenders are awesome too!Love it here!

  3. Hole in the Wall

    Hole in the Wall

  4. curtis17

    Great staff, great dancers, great prices! Listed as a dive bar but doesn’t smell like one. Everyone is friendly and fun. Great smoking area too. Huge stage.

  5. Harrison69

    Oh Pirate’s Cove, I used to adore you. From the ladies that worked here to the awesome bartenders to the dive bar atmosphere. I know that things change, and like most things, you have too. And not in a good way. A few of the girls working last night were flat out rude even when plenty of money was laid down on the rack. Pretty sure working the crowd is what gets the money flowing. Ignoring a patron that has a stack of money laid out in front of her to pay attention to a gentleman that has zero dollars out..not a smart move if you want to make a good impression/more money. Just sayin… Speaking of money, this is now a Cash Only establishment, which is a trend that’s been happening around town. That is quite alright.

  6. maxxy1

    This place was alright. I mean.. can’t be too upset about the layout of the building… Huge pillars in the way of your view, from nearly every angle… I think they tried to work around this by putting up huge mirrors all around the stage to help out with blocked views. The drinks were good. The dancers were fine. The DJ… okay. The Pirate Cove just seems like the type of place that scummy old dudes would frequent.

  7. Ember L.

    Casual, fun, good service and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect dark hide out for all kinds.

  8. Holly H.

    A stripper bar in a weird, round building. Some of the performers have excellent, realistic bodies- all soft and roundy instead of stick-shaped like a hungry boy. They play some good music, too, for the deep soulled amongst us. The video poker machines are in a little walled off area so you can hide.

  9. arachnea

    isn’t the sandy jug anymore- now Pirate’s Cove. new management, new girls…quality of club vastly improving

  10. james1412

    My only problem with this place is that the bartender cut me off from Makers Mark after one and then would only serve me beer. I had already spent 200 dollars at this point. If you want to make money either be a naked women or serve me my whisky.

  11. mathewater12

    OK, I was entertaining an out of town guest and quirky, vintage neighborhood bars are something we both like to check out. Being that this is Portland where a stripper pole is never out of style, we were not surprised to find one here. We were driving down Sandy Blvd. and spotted the building, you have to take notice, the building is truly unique. So we decided to check it out. This is not a stripper joint friends, yes there is a dancer pole and there are strippers, but my guess is that people looking for a strip joint can find better options in Portland, the naked girl capital of the universe. This place is about ambiance and old school bars. They got that part down pat. It is a bit divey, but the bar is absolutely classic. You won’t find me reviewing places with strippers as that is not my scene but as many reviewers have already pointed out, this place sort of epitomizes the “Portland Experience”. For better or worse, I suppose.

  12. larry1

    Hands down my favorite bar in Portland! Given, not everyone is going to like it here and that’s fine, it keeps it homey for the rest of us. If you’re part of the Pirate’s Cove you will love it. It will live inside you. It’s small, it’s dark, it’s got good strippers, bad strippers, drunk strippers, loud strippers, lazy strippers. Everything you could ask for in a dive bar. It also has Vincent. There is only one Vincent in Portland. He’s a simple quite kind of bartender unless you find him on the other side of the bar, in which case watch out! Go in, chat up a regular and have fun. Fridays are the best.

  13. Brett L.

    I really feel like I’m in Portland when I visit this bar. Bartenders – Amazing! Vincent is the MAN! The Girls – Depends on the day. Sage and Valentine are unbeatable… but some of the others 8{ This bar is just like a woman; So AWESOME sometimes… then other times… It is a must for anyone wanting the full Portland experience regardless of the staff on hand or the night in question.A Unique Portland Experience!

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