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0 reviews for “Sassy’s

  1. Matt S.

    Among the more famous strip clubs in town, Sassy’s is simultaneously the least “Portlandian” of the city’s high-profile nudie joints. Although it employs a few “alt” dancers-a girl with a foot-high mohawk, another who jiggles around the stage while wearing a hat with furry ear-warmers–it doesn’t have any sort of hook beyond the naked women. It’s pretty much just a strip club, where ladies emerge from behind red curtains, undulate to shitty music, and have dudes with baseball caps cocked to the side toss singles at them like they’re in a rap video. And that’s actually refreshing–sometimes, all you want is to look at a pair of fake breasts hanging upside down from a pole while listening to Marilyn Manson.

  2. tonycluber

    two year anniversary with bae. would throw dollas again.

  3. curtis17

    Probably my favorite amongst the PDX strip clubs, for a few reasons.Hot chicks, drink service at your table, no cover, and an unpretentious vibe to be had. I will say: the quality of “hot chicks” has dipped a bit in the past year, but that’s fine. The ladies still climb and squeak up the pole like pro’s, and the music doesn’t suck.Sassy’s is definitely one of the handful of strip joints I recommend to out-of-towners.

  4. Jasmine O.

    The best, raddest and most exciting strip club EVER! No cover and the place was pumping! I think there was 4 stages… We had an amazing time. The rule is at least $1 per song if you sit at the stage. We had no problem with that….

  5. Kimberly V.

    Have you heard? There’s a place in France where the naked ladies dance. Except it’s not France. It’s Portland. And sometimes dancing means “shaking one’s twins one at a time while not really moving the rest of one’s body.” Still, just in case I need more inspiration to try some crunches every now and then, I am glad I made it to Sassy’s. Clearly, I blame and thank JW for strong-arming the decision to come (not an innuendo – or is it?!?). And I am glad Skylar did not sink into the cracked vinyl hole (not a stripper innuendo – or is it?!?) in the middle of the booth. Because if we had to fish her out in addition to scrounging for ones in the dark, the night would have been more stressful. I did not want stress to affect the work of the ladies on the poles. Now I strangely want to invest in baby wipes.

  6. Gallie G.

    The Best Chicken Strip(pers) and Stripper Fries. I went there with a group of people and loved that to our left there were a group of people there that had obviously had a business meeting earlier that day, it was the boss and a few of his employees guys and girls and then on our right there was this cute couple on a date (the girl was more into it than the guy was… I think he was trying to play it cool which seemed to be working in his favor)What I like about Sassy’s was that it didn’t feel sleazy or dirty at all, everyone, dancers, bartender, security and patrons all seemed really easy going and very positive.

  7. Steven G.

    Was expecting steak, Mac n cheese, and high energy, received mushed chicken tenders, previously frozen French fries, and a naked serene yoga stretching session. The ESPN-esque announcer had more passion and energy in his voice than the dancers had in their faces.

  8. Lester W.

    A kind of small place with two stages. It has a lot of ladies considering what a small place it is. Security here is sometimes kind of tight, both to patrons and to the talent. This is the only place in Pornland I’ve been to where the ladies have promotional posters on the walls. I’ll bet your favorite might even sign one for ya…

  9. Oliver

    Pros: usually very attractive girls doing very sexy all nude stage dances with plenty of explicit views offered. relaxed tavern atmosphere. no hustle.

    Cons: please let’s be honest: place is a complete dump. restrooms are frightful, ceiling is coming undone. just a dirty grimey place. private dances are available but not emphasized and they are very tame. also its a regulars bar and between sets the girls prefer to hang out with the drunks at the bar rather than mingle with the tippers.

    Bottom line: its a dirty bar with hot stage shows but not really a “strip club.” Good place if that’s what ya want..

  10. GarryWas

    I actually first came here because a friend from out of town asked me to bring him and we ended up having a great time. The girls were hot and very friendly and chatting with us at the stage. We made it rain on a few of them and got what felt like some seriously special treatment because of it. I liked the variety of dancers, they weren’t all cookie-cutter girls with the same style but some were old, young, white, black, alternative, traditional and more. I’m not a big fan of the top 40 music but it seemed like some girls opt for more alternative and underground stuff so there was a range of styles. Also enjoyed the cheap drinks they were seriously priced like we were at any old dive bar and no cover charge made it appealing as well.

  11. dannyboy7

    WATCH your drinks and never leave them alone. I have female friends who have had similar experiences.Sounds like a great place for ruffies… Ehh Paul?

  12. james1412

    It was a different experience for me I’m a east coast guy. Where the word “ratchet”, does not refer to a tool but rather a lifestyle commonly found in strip clubs. None of that would be found in this fine establishment. Instead of the sound of large butt cheeks coming together in a quick repetitive motion to a beat. I found myself being entertained by a charming emo lady covered in elaborate tattoos and fake boobs that where a good fit for her body type. She seemed to be a veteran at her craft, she gracefully worked the small group of customers that sat before her show everyone a good amount of attention including my wife. She didn’t dance in the traditional clear high heels but instead dawned a pair of blue low top chuck Taylor’s, I assume because there just more practical. Me and my wife where in the bar for about a hour or two thanks to happy hour $2.50 beer on tap. There where three other dancers on that night, a tall read head, a super emo, and lady who had to super dope hip hop tracks she dance to. I gave four stars out of five because the super emo chicks music made me sad and I like to be a happy drunk

  13. Lauren G.

    Oh Sassy’s, my first strip club. I don’t know if that’s cause for fondness or not; I must be feeling sentimental today.Anyway, yeah, it’s Sassy’s. It’s a crappy dive bar with strippers. It’s real dark and crowded and people leer at you when you walk around.You’ll probably get drunk.

  14. Julianna C.

    Okay, I have long-harbored mixed feelings about strips clubs. This mainly boils down to my love for boobies and looking at beautiful naked women in general, but my hatred when women exploit themselves for $$$ to crusty perverts, potentially with serial-killer flair. You know, just like how virtually every media depiction of strip joints paints them as seedy, herpes-infested cesspools where only gruesome criminal acts transpire. That said, I’ve never actively sought out an opportunity to venture out to one though I’ve long had a fighting curiosity to at some point in my adult life. I knew there at least had to be, um, “nicer” strip clubs to see than the aforementioned stereotypical shitholes, and on my very recent visit to Portland, I’ve discovered that Sassy’s is one of these lesser of two evils. :)NO COVER THIS NIGHT! And what can I say, I just plain had a nice time. It may have not been the most classiest-looking place (ugh, that unisex bathroom was a great indicator of this) but on the particular day I went (a Sunday night), it didn’t seem to be infiltrated with too many doucherockets or geriatric slimeballs, unable to control their salivating. There were surprisingly a good number of ladies in the audience, enthusiastically throwing dollar bills on the stage and cat-calling the strippers (who seemed to be very pleased with their attention of course). There were only a handful of girls dancing that night, but what I appreciated was that most of them didn’t have that cookie-cutter combination look of fake tan, peroxide blonde hair, Bratz doll make-up and volleyball-sized breasts. From ample tattoos to partially-buzzed heads to eyeglasses and plenty of curves to go around, each of the dancers brought their own offbeat, uniquely beautiful attributes to the stage. Best of all, not one of them seemed bored and like she’d rather be doing anything else. You gotta hand it to exotic dancers who genuinely enjoy their job, or at least act like they do. Having never seen a live strip show myself, I have to say, I was mighty impressed with many of the moves those ladies could do. Firemen can only go down poles; strippers can go down AND up ’em. 😀 In fact, any girl can take her clothes off and make her booty jiggle and she grinds against the floor, but a naked girl who can contort and question what you know about human body capabilities?! Now THATs talent. Never felt more inspired to take up pole-dancing lessons myself…

  15. Darren H.

    Always been a fan of Sassy’s and they rarely dissapoint. The bouncers are jackasses, but isn’t that they way its supposed to be, especially having to deal with drunk idiots all night i can’t blame them.Anyhow, the girls are friendly and the new layout is refreshing for the space.Enjoy!

  16. Neal L.

    I’m from MN, and just like everywhere but Portland, the strip club is a douchey and pricey ordeal, leaving you broke and buzzed on soda pop or lacking a buzz from a $12 watered down bottom shelf drink. To every Portlander who complains about a place like this, drive up to Deja Vu in Seattle and return thankful that your city is free and unafraid to take risks. This place has not just $4 taps ($2 at happy hour?!?!?!?!), but awesome beers at that. Great service from the waitress with quick turnaround. The dancers are quirky, fit and without artificial enhancement. A buck gets you a nice show, and the girls aren’t begging for private dances and escorting you to the ATM. The best part was the music. Die Antwoord, Uffie, E-40, and weird oldies tunes stood out. Not one Def Leppard or Nu Metal show. So, things that suck about strip clubs: huge covers, no alcohol/insanely overpriced alcohol, terrible music, private dance agro-hookers. All solved by Sassy’s, the “Best Value in America.”

  17. Harrison M.

    This was my first time at a strip club and I can’t say I had a bad time. It was a little weird at first. A first I didn’t know if I should be watching or looking away, but my gf eased the tension by just saying they wanted to be there just like everyone else so I got over it. TE drinks weren’t super expensive and the general atmosphere w pretty good, i.e lighting and music and layout. It was fairly crowded but not overwhelming. The dancers themselves were pretty gorgeous for the most part and also pretty alternative i.e tattoos and piercings which was pretty sick. I haven’t been to a strip club before so I guess I can’t say if the dancing itself was good, but I was def impressed with the moves.I’d recommend the place again to visitors.

  18. T B.

    I used to like this place but not so much these days. They used to be known as one of the few strip clubs in town that actually had decent food, but it’s really gone downhill lately and I wouldn’t eat here anymore. Dancers are ok (nothing exceptional anymore), but with the overzealous bouncers, gross food and overpriced weak drinks, there’s no reason to go here in a city with so many strip club options.

  19. Richard J.

    Dude your getting a Dell and the the happy hour is long! almost all day. You can get a New Castle for the same price as some tall can crap. You know what? Your safe from lap dance hustles. The girls just want to have fun just like Cindy and Captain Lou and Rowdy Piper. They flipped the menu and all the food is ORGANIC. Minus the potstickers, tots and chicken fingers. Mac n Cheese is creamy thighs. Tip the cocktail waitresses cause I love em.

  20. moneyman2

    This place is a bit off the strip but definitely on pole. Almost lost my shirt. Thanks for the mammaries.

  21. XhXeXy

    It’s a decent bar, good prices on drinks however the ladies are middleOf the road and the lap dances are air dances…. Kinda like getting a lap dance in church…. Pointless.Get drinks and move on to the next strip club don’t waste your money on dances there.

  22. Naomi

    From the outside the club doesn’t look like much. However my point of view changed when I saw that Sassy’s had beautiful and talented girls. Also the drinks are stiff and the food is great. I think its one of the hidden gems of Portland.

  23. Jeff S.

    I went into this club not expecting much,Was I wrong!I first looked at the menu and was amazed on the variety and great prices.Let me tell you,They pour a mean drink too!!!I’ve been to many of the clubs in town and when ever I’m in town for buisness I have to stop in!The girls are what dreams are made of!NO LIE!!!!HOT!!!!!!Thanks Jeff S.

  24. Scott S.

    Not a bad place to go if you have nothing else to do. The crowd there was nice, the entertainers were definatly the A crew. Overall I would recommend, but not over a place like the acropolis. Then again no place beats the crop.

  25. Jody B.

    I finally understand twerking.

  26. Corey V.

    I hate strip clubs. I was a valet at one in college and pretty much never really liked them, but Sassy’s was great! Good drinks, no pressure and plenty of people watching. It’s exactly what it should be – fun!

  27. Franklyn

    This place is great!I’m really surprised how many people agree and then give it 2 or 3 stars.These girls are very talented. I don’t necessarily even think of myself being at a strip club, I feel like I’m watching works of art. The way they dance is provocative but still with in a realm where a chic doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Be amazed as they climb the pole with ease! Dangle upside down with NO hands. They will be at the top and then dive bomb to the bottom with such grace; it is both impressive and sexy. And don’t forget the pull up/splits combo. You’ll know it when you see it.Sassy’s is a must for any of my Portland visits. And yeah, don’t forget to tip and tips lots. These girls should be compensated for their remarkable talents!

  28. Chris L.

    you want a strip club with a chip on its shoulder and a stick up its backside? then come here. thumbs down. this is a skin bar, not the Louvre.never again.

  29. fuckery12

    I don’t have much experience at strip clubs but Sassy’s was pretty cool considering most of these places are a little sticky and icky. What surprised me most about this club was the demographic. A vast majority of the people in here were A) not gawking or ogling the women but were actually entrenched in conversations at their respective tables. Just like at a regular bar! So the creep factor was pretty low. I also noticed a lot of women in here! So again, not too creepy. Just random young folks at a bar hanging out and drinking….While naked women dance on poles. So if you want a first-time strip club experience, Sassy’s is a decent option. I mean, it’s still a place where there are naked women and people are in the front row throwing money at them, but it’s also a place where you can opt to sit elsewhere, admire from afar and hang out with friends. In fact, a friend of mine’s mother in law was part of our group. This was her first experience at such an establishment and she even had fun! So there… It even gets mom’s stamp of approval!

  30. Annie S.

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch because I’m a woman reviewer. I’ve seen a fair amount of strip clubs and this one in particular I’ve been to quite a few times. It’s very, meh, I go to it because it’s convenient at the time and I want a cheap drink. The tables are wobbly, the lighting is bizarre, the layout of the club with the poles is random at best and the private dance room is like totally visible. The waitress looked like she didn’t even work there, she looked like she should be working in a Starbucks but she was quick to bring the drinks! I always see it busy so it obviously isn’t horrible but it’s nothing to write home about. I guess it’s just a good place to make your last stop after a night on the town, if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

  31. winston12

    I really like this club. I’ve lived in Portland for years and go here pretty frequently, not on a first name basis kinda-thing, but enough. I get that you need to ALWAYS tip at the rack but also if you’re just kind peeking at the show. I have been to many clubs around the country, and I like the vibe of Sassy’s. Lots of beers on tap, strong pours (whoa.. I’ve been down that road..), bouncers who know their shit, food is pretty good, (it use to be better, not sure what happened) & DJ’s playing good music. The dancers are super hot, & very talented… for the most part. Some put on a much better show than others. There is a very good variety of skin colors, body shapes, tattooed & not. But there are a few girls on “the busy shifts”, like Thur-Sun, that have really let themselves go. If I notice that they’re putting on weight, how come the owners don’t? I always thought Sassy’s had really fit girls, but it looks like they’re not really paying attention lately. I work out a lot & I like ladies who look like they do too, but that’s just my preference. I’ll just go sit at the racks of the girls who have flat tummies & nicely toned butts, doing cool tricks, & looking gorgeous.

  32. Jordanp

    I just went to this bar for the first time. I am a journalist for the New York Times, researching what bars and strip clubs hold up to a modern standard of complete acceptance of human rights and sexuality in Portland. This is NOT an LGBT friendly bar. A long story short, my trans friend went into the women’s bathroom (her identifying sexuality) and was aggressively kicked out of the bathroom and had her beer taken away. She was announced as CUT OFF from drinking even though it was her first beer and we had just arrived to the place. It is illegal to discriminate based on a persons sexual orientation, race and more at any public establishment. It is in fact law to be able to claim whatever sexuality you please including non binary. As of 2013 it is a REQUIREMENT for multnomah county to have gender neutral bathrooms. This establishment does NOT. I recommend Sassy’s immediately fire any employee that would discriminate, as our experience today would be grounds to sue for discrimination. The employee that made a scene was working today at 7pm. A female with long dark hair. She must be fired if you want your establishment to last in Portland.

  33. Joseph M.

    A solid, more rock and roll style club. Pretty girls, mostly tattooed, but not all of them. Friendly and laid back vibe. I’d go back.

  34. Lindsey C.

    I live quite close to Sassy’s. After a drunken bbq at my house, we decided that going there was a good idea. And actually, it was. That is, if you’re already drunk and just want to buy the shyest person you know a lapdance and then try to watch through the curtain without him seeing you. Good times.The strippers were quite impressive with their pole tricks…except for maybe the one that fell on her head. Also, I didn’t even see any fake boobs. Their boobs were quite tiny actually.Oh, and the stripper that gave my friend a lapdance…she apologized for being so soft because she just ate a bunch of weed brownies. She then put her vagina in his face…All in all, a good night.

  35. billtheguy12

    Sassy’s embodies it’s name. It’s a sassy little joint that fully embraces what it is. Which is a small laid back bar with great drinks and pretty ladies on stage. Drinks are competitively priced, the ladies are quirky, smoking hot, and all around it’s a great vibe. Atmosphere is fun and light, drinks are stiff, and the crowd is a good mix of men and women all looking to chill and have a good time. Great place just to grab a drink and see some eye candy or take a large group to cut loose. Nothing but fun at Sassy’s.

  36. Jake M.

    Always have a great time here no matter who I am with or what kind of crowd is there..despite what other reviewers have said the bouncers there take care of their customers and performers alike and just try to make sure everyone has a great time..the happy hour here is awesome, bartenders are fast and know how to make anything..thanks for the good times once again!!!

  37. Nick E.

    I’m originally from St Louis. Going to a club like Sassy’s in the STL area means you’re going to pay $15 or more for entry, and like $9 or more for a drink. The quality of the show is not that great either. And getting food is completely out of thr question.Sassy’s is a great example of pdx doing something very well. There’s no cover. The drinks are priced normally. You can order food. The performers are nice to look at. On the topic of drink here, there is beer. And lots of it. Like 12-15 taps or so i’d guess in addition to a selection of cans and bottles. A selection befitting of a place i would like to have a beer at in Portland. There’s a full a bar as well, so in the event your out of town buddy wants to do jaeger bombs, the bartenders can accomodate.Food. The menu used to be a bit bigger i think. Nevertheless, you can still get standard bar fare late into the night. Fries, tater tots, chicken strips, etc. if you ‘end up’ at sassy’s on a given night and you’re hungry, you probably don’t need to be spending your money on something fancier than what they offer anyway. And to be clear, i had the chicken strips and they are pretty decent. The crust is passable and they are fairly meaty. You know you aren’t eating a frozen Tyson chicken strip.The girls. Pretty good looking. Some better than others. Never seen a really really good looking girl here, but this isn’t the type of place you see one of those doing this job. Pancake butt runs rampant here some nights.

  38. Abbey M.

    I have a list of about 12 things that define Portland. Sassy’s is on my list. With a dive bar ambiance and bartenders who pour with a heavy hand, Sassy’s successfully caters to patrons with ties or tattoos alike. On busy weekend nights, it can get pretty smoky. The security staff is friendly and courteous (if you are). The dancers are quite varied in appearance, so on most nights, there is a girl for anyone’s taste, so long as your taste is for attractive, fit women.Sassy’s also offers a decent-sized menu, with reasonably priced steaks, burgers, crinkle-cut fries, and salads. There is also a couple of pool tables, video poker, and Buck Hunter for arcade game enthusiasts.Just remember that while Sassy’s is not a huge bar in size, it draws a huge crowd, so you may be standing around waiting for a seat to free up when it gets busy.No Portlander can have a truly fantastic night out on the town without stopping for a round at Sassy’s!

  39. eddyL

    The fck is everyone talking about ? This place is bomb. The girls are beautiful, the drinks are cheap, service is good, music is fun, and no cover! Yah the tables are cheap and wobbly but who the fuck gives a shit? Byeee

  40. felixnada

    It was my friends first time at a strip club and it was really positive! 1. No cover! On a Saturday night. So awesome.2. $1 mandatory tip per song if you sit at the counter

  41. Andrew Y.

    Wasn’t our favourite place of the weekend. It was crowded. There were a lot of dudes just hanging out not spending money while those that sit at the front have to tip per song. The private dances happen in a little room behind the main stage. Lots of tattoos everywhere. I will say that the door guy was awesome. He looked like a police officer, but then he had a billion tattoos all over. It was rad.

  42. Dan E.

    I had fun until the asshole bouncer kept harassing me and my girl for not throwing down enough cash. I was tipping at least $2 per dancer, and my girl was too. If the dancer actually deserved it, we were throwing much more down.After my girl bought me a lap dance, and paid double because we really liked the girl, the bouncer was still being a dick. Based on previous reviews, I think it was Jason. I say this because he ended up kicking us out after I tried talking to him to get him to back off. He pushed my girl down as we were on our way out. Fucking dickhead knew his meathead homies had his back when I tried to step toe to toe with him.This place was fun enough to deserve another star or two, but not until that guy is gone or dead.

  43. brattlebop18

    I handed the bar tender a $20 bill and asked for change. And a minute later she denies that I gave her any money. I was polite and sober and told her she had made a mistake and handed her another bill and she got really rude and told me to leave. She ripped me off.

  44. Hollyanna M.

    Sassy’s is where all the hipsters go to see hipster boobies…and girls in tube socks instead of stockings. It’s a fun joint and it’s definitely a touch divey in that I-don’t-take-myself-seriously kind of way. It fails for me sometimes because the place gets packed with those I-am-serious-about-not-taking-myself-seriously crowd. Do you know the sort? Those folks who think PBR is a statement and that flannel is the new black?

  45. Malice W.

    Sassy’s is great. A cool dive bar with plenty of eye candy. Very Portland.

  46. Danielle D.

    I like Sassy’s. It’s my Go-To Strip Club, for out-of-towners, first-timers, birthday celebrations. I concur with the douchiness factor, but c’mon, it’s a strip club. Tonight we witnessed a drunken bunch celebrating a guy’s 21st birthday. He wasn’t ill-behaved and it was fun to watch the girls tease him. Nobody spilled booze on me, and I didn’t have to perch between the broken booth cushions (that spring will get ya). The Hubs and I have never been harassed while sitting at the rack, even if I skip a round of dollars (which rarely happens… if I’m not feeling a girl, I’ll move back to a table). Also, our favorite stripper works there! Eartha Kitt, we love your treble clef.

  47. Kenny H.

    I had a good time here. No pushy strippers faking they want you with fake laughs and enlarged drug induced pupils. I will come back. The strippers were unpretentious, would lean over to show you a little more, and had some personality. Not much a strip club kinda guy…but if someone wanted to see what a strip club “is” or experience Portland’s Strip Bars Because it is Your Liberal Right type of Ambience….I would totally come back. The drinks did suck a little ass. Luckily there is no charge to get in.

  48. Annie H.

    The only thing about this place that doesn’t totally ick me out are the strong drinks. The ventilation is practically non-existant, the stages are sunk into the rack, and the clientele is composed nearly entirely of creeps. Smelling and/or blowing on dancers is totally inappropriate, invasive, and manipulative, and I witnessed both these behaviors here for the first time. Condoning this type of crap sets a bad industry standard, in my humble opinion. Seriously, there a ton of places that are oodles more fun than this in pdx. Skip it.

  49. John B.

    Very cool spot. A little dive barish like to me however it was great. Good dancers good cheap beers and lots of fun. I would check it out.

  50. Nathan B.

    We stopped in here for happy hour and had a blast!Our waitresses was literally the sweetest and best waitress I have had in ANY type of bar or restaurant. She was helpful and lots of fun. We had 11 guys there, as it was a bachelor party weekend, and she kept the cocktails, beers, and drinks flowing. She also gave us some good recomendations on the food – the pita pizza was actually quite good.There were a couple girls cycling through the stage and all of them were very good on the pole. They were also friendly and down to earth it seemed.Our total for the 11 of us was like $120 before tip – a very good deal in my opinion for multiple drinks and food – and especially considering the service. The tip we left was well deserved!

  51. Renee L.

    the bouncer was a douche about letting the girls in our party in, the drinks were weak, the place was full of creeps (one of them continuously smelling the dancer’s asses), and the “great view” was pretty mediocre and lacking in skills. there are better places to go in portland, but i guess if you don’t want to pay a cover to sniff some ass one night then come here.

  52. Olivia T.

    Dear Sassy’s,You deserved one more star just because one of your bartenders was friendly to me. He made me a strong Vodka Cran for this lightweight girl. By strong, meaning I got a pounding headache when I got home. He’s also nice by not charging me for Sprite. Besides that, you are still the same ol Sassy’s. Only a couple of your dancers that are worth the dollar. This review doesn’t include the good time that I had with my yeeps, but with yeeps doesn’t matter where it is, I always have a good time with them.

  53. Rowena T.

    My first time ever at an adult entertainment club.So you know what you see in movies, tv shows.. is what you think you might be experiencing, but this was the total opposite. Everyone was having a great time, it was sooo diverse. No one was just sitting there and STARING at the girls…It was right down the street from Holocene, a hip hop club we were at earlier so it seemed like everyone just went to the next location which was Sassy’s. The girls there were sooo talented! The vibe was just like a regular club, no creepers, and everyone having a good time at the bar, walking around, or spending their dolla dolla bills.

  54. Johnnyboy123

    Let’s get down to it.I’m a naughty guy ladies. However I had never been in a strip club for very long. It is definitely something I’d like, but I never saw the point. Pay a bunch of money and go home alone. I can do that for free. Be that as it may, I went with some friends. It was cool. Wasn’t dirty or smelly. I found it to be very tame for the stereotype out there. It seemed like a bar that happened to have naked girls. Calm, not very noisy. Medium sized place. The girls were pretty. Some had fake attributes if you’re in to that. No cover and drinks were inexpensive. All in all, a PG rating. It was cool, but for my debauchery laden sexuality, I may want something a little more risque if I am gonna go.

  55. Kyle R.

    Malice, need i say more…. n the door man rides a shark

  56. maxxy1

    Sooooooo not my favorite strip club by far. Anyone that has given this place a shitty review pretty much has the same complaints. Assholes for bouncers, annoying semi douchey dj, snotty, stuck up strippers, etc……. The last time I was there I actually had a stripper give my money back to me and point out that there were open seats in the back if I wanted to go and sit there. Listen (insert nasty c word here) ! If I want to sit at the rack and give you my money, that’s my right! I’m not a girl who’s scared of a strip club. If I wanted to sit in the corner I would. And after 2 songs she still had her top on! Not sure who some of these chicks think they are??? Rude girls that don’t follow through .

  57. jimmy l.

    strippers, booze, and BUFFET. first strip club i went to in Portland and the fact that there was a buffet going on was some other shit. if i ever told my dad about it, he would probably just go for the buffet and shove the leftovers down his pants too. the bouncers are dicks though. you don’t even need to be sitting at the rack, and if you’re at a table near it, they’ll give you a hard time about tipping, even if you’re not watching.

  58. Mistercap12

    Don’t trust a man with a neck tattoo to run your door. We had a group of five chicks in wonderful moods looking forward to go to a strip club at the tail end of a great weekend in Portland. As we were checking in to Sassy’s with a nice bouncer, an obscure man with a neck tattoo that spread into his head and a mean face came out to tell us all we couldn’t come in. Bouncer 101 is generally if five good looking chicks in great moods come in to spend money and power up your dance floor, you let them in, but the only thing bigger than this mans head was his ego. He said to me, “I know it’s your birthday, but…” And proceeded to explain that it wasn’t cause we were drunk, but because we had drank a beer in the parking lot we weren’t allowed in. I didn’t realize fun was outlawed in Portland. Shame on this guy for his facial display choices, but mostly for his attitude. What a twat. Luckily, we moved on and brought the entire line of 15+ people with us. Guy needs a new profession, more in line with a pimp. Clearly only depressed middle aged men are allowed in strip clubs in a perfect face tat world.

  59. Kimberly D.

    Besides our waitress, people working there were rude. You get yelled at for dancing with your friends and beers snatched out of your hands. The strippers also seemed bored and uninspired. Much better dancers at Devils point and they actually interact with people.

  60. Johnson12

    If you want to go into a club where everything is sticky and it smells like a urinal cake this is the place for you. From the second you get to the door the tattooed face bouncer will greet you by being the biggest asshole in the world (must be because of the shitty tribal tats). Take a big gulp of fresh air because once you walk in your eyes will start watering from the smell leaking from the bathroom. Head on over to the bar where you can get a flat draft that’s half foam. After that you can have a seat near the pole and tip a dollar everytime a new song comes on over the blown out sound system. The girls are ok but as with most strip clubs you can smell the cheap perfume from 10 feet away. Which I didn’t mind because everything smells like a frat house trash can. On your way out don’t forget to say good by to wanna be gi joe tat face because he will have some stupid comment your way.

  61. Skylar L.

    ‘So, before you leave, how about it?’That little prompt from JW led to my first trip to a strip bar. That and a generous Scotch poor at that new Matador bar/chain place on E Burnside and 24th. So, after getting a tad lost with a non-driver’s directions, I parked in the small parking lot. Turns out I had passed this place before when I was walking to the bowling alley for the election day tallies. Even then it looked a little sketch. Still, it’s a strip club. I’d rather it be sketch then Klazzy. Klazzy freaks me out, sketch seems OK. I entered the place to get stop short by the velvet rope. Oh yeah, velvet rope. The bouncer with the Maori Tattoos on his face checked my ID and let me in. From that point forward I would never be able to say I have yet to step foot inside a strip club. A little bit of my innocence was taken from me. Or not. Either way, no cover! Woot. The inside is even worse than the outside lets on. After getting fairly cheap beer ($3.50 PBR) the group (9 people) got the circle table on the back wall. I scootched in first so I discovered the giant holes in the booth. My back is still aching do to the constant battle I waged with the booth no to fall into the springs. Did I mention there was not too-expensive beer and no cover? I had to keep on reminding myself. So I felt really weird looking at the chicks. All of them were Suicide Girl-esque. We got there before 9 so at first there were either butterfaces, inexperienced pole workers or chicks who could work out a little more. Suffice it to say there was a lot of “Here’s my cervix! See it? Let me spread a little more.” It wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t interesting, it was just odd. I did enjoy when the pole dancing though. How the hell do they do that? It was really beautiful — like ballet beautiful — to watch. As the night wore on, more beers were consumed and the whole nakedness thing lost it’s shockingness. A couple guys I with insisted I come with them to sit at the edge of the strip pit. It was really awkward. I kept on laughing. I mean, how else am I supposed to react to a girl rubbing herself in front of my face? It wasn’t a secret turn-on, it was just kind of gross. I did find out where she got her cute though-high stalking though! So there you go. A skeezy place with seemingly nice conversationalists who happen to strip. I thought Striptease was a sexier experience than this place (and no, I didn’t think Striptease was a sexy movie in the slightest), but it was fun. I doubt I’ll ever go to a strip joint again, but now at least I can say I have been to one.

  62. Harrison69

    These two stars are for the tricks on the pole…strictly. I didn’t appreciate the vomit all over the floor of the bathroom nor getting nearly punched out by a bouncer who kept screaming at me not to take photos (I wasn’t).

  63. Larry S.

    Strong drinks, Great food and an Incredible view. The bar has a friendly local atmosphere with a great variety of Hot Dancers. Probably the best overall strip club in Portland.

  64. Bobbi J.

    I have been here a couple of time since I have a cousin that dances here and I stop in to say HI. The place is definitly a hole in the wall place, and seems like a total dive…but the girls are sweet.

  65. Jenn W.

    Best strip club in town. They have a full menu that is filled with more than greasy food. They have a to die for hummus plate. Maeghan is the best bartender there! She works every week night but Wednesday! The bouncers are nice and do their job. The drinks are cheap. My fiancee and I can go here for 60 bucks and eat our fill, drink to our hearts content, watch the awesome dancers, tip and play video poker. Parking is easy and the bouncers will watch you go to your car. NO COVER!The ladies do not pester you for dances or to buy them shots, and they are tattooed and periced and not enhancements! VIP room is awesome!

  66. larry1

    So Friday night ended with a trip to Sassy’s. I wasn’t expecting that out of my Friday night, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. I usually avoid strip clubs like the plague. For me it is a bachelor party thing and I like to keep it at that. Saying that, this is the second “strip club” I have been to in Portland and neither one of them really felt like strip clubs.This place reminds me of a larger version of Magic Gardens downtown. This is a bar that happens to have a few small stages where there happen to be naked women dancing. They apparently specialize in food (I didn’t have any) if you believe the signs outside of the club. They have 24 beers on tap including a bunch that you don’t normally see around town. They play a good range of music. Everything from hip hop to hair metal to classic rock. Most of the girls have at least one tattoo, but you can say that about most non-stripping women in this town.All in all not a horrible experience. The crowd can tend to be of the bro variety which is definitely not my crowd, but ultimately they are harmless and didn’t make my night any better or worse.

  67. Dan

    One of Portland’s best

  68. Samantha S.

    Maybe it’s because I know a bouncer-slash-DJ that works there, but I have absolutely no complaints about this place. The music was hoppin’, the dancers (although some a little TOO thin for my taste) were enthusiastic, and the drinks were strong. What more could you possibly want from a strip club??? My friend had her birthday party there, and she ordered a Spanish Coffee – ZOMGWTFBBQ WOW. From our seat in the balcony, we had a great view of not only both poles, but the bar, where the incredibly fine barmaid skillfully torched the coffee just so. The food was only so-so, but really… Who goes to a strip club for food? Overall, 4 stars for the place – it loses one for the truly awful falafel.

  69. danielson

    Sassys is a Portland institution. Known city wide as the place great dancers want to dance. I’ve been going for years and am very happy they’re finally serving burgers. This place has the highest quality human beings for your viewing pleasure. I have to recommend the dancer, Saber, if you’re going for the first time. Find her shifts. She’s an absolute 10 inside and out and she makes you feel like you’re home as soon as she steps on stage. I have texts from friends whom I brought to Sassys that say, I still tear up when I remember Saber. If you’re going to a strip club in Portland, you’re a ridiculous clown if you don’t try Sassys on for size.

  70. Linus N.

    The bouncers are trans phobic bigot. The dancers were great and cool and I hate to lump them into this bad review but the bouncers are bad news.Beware of this place if you are trans.I was taken there by my friends for my bachelor party.I was having a great time until I had to wiz. After a lap dance( which was awesome) I headed to the john. One of the bouncers approached me while I was peeing and asked to seem my id. I asked him why I was getting cared to take a piss. When he saw that I still had a “F” as my gender marker he told me I would have to use the woman’s bathroom. I told him that would be a problem since I was not a woman. Without and further discussion he got two other bouncer and herded me out the door. They kept calling me “she” and “her” even when I directly asked them to stop and told them I was a guy. After my friends found me outside (they were confused because I went for a piss and never came back) we went to a different club to spend the big wad of cash we were planning to spend as Sassy’s. At the other strip club I was also able to piss in the men’s room without being accosted and see awesome naked ladies.In case your wondering I pass fairly well and had been using the men’s room for years before this incident. This is the only time I’ve ever been carded to pee. If you are trans or have respect for trans people please think twice about supporting this establishment with your money .

  71. Ross B.

    I usually have 3-4 star experiences at Sassy’s, but my most recent experience there was tarnished enough to warrant a write-up.Even in this economy, I always adhere to the etiquette of one dollar per song, per person minimum, whether the dancers seem inspired or not, and I always buy at least one drink from the bar. This particular occasion (Wednesday, Nov 18th, 2009) was no different. During one three-song set at the stage, my two friends and I each put a dollar down for the first song. At the end of the song, the dancer swept the dollars onto the stage, as is customary. As the second song began, we all put a another dollar on the counter, but this time, the dancer came over and immediately swept the dollars onto the stage, probably to give her room to perch on the counter.Toward the end of that second song, a person who I can only assume was the manager (he never identified himself) came up to us and sternly informed us that we were not honoring the dollar-per-song minimum. I explained the recent order of events vis-a-vis the tipping, but he then repeated the same stone-faced charge as if he didn’t hear anything I had said.I left shortly after this episode, costing his dancers the last $14 I had in my wallet. It will also cost his club whatever I spend on such entertainment in the future, because there are many other places in town where I can have a similar experience without being accused of loitering.

  72. fritter17

    I love me some Sassy’s, especially ending up there at the end of many a drunken night partying on the town. I’m adding the club to my “Best Lady-Friendly Titty Bars” list because I’ve been there so many times and never gotten hassled by the guys hanging out. I’ve been there both with friends and alone, believe it or not, just to grab a quick grilled cheese or beer or to stop and say hi to some of my favorite dancers in town (I love Sandria the gorgeous retro queen, and Mimi the hilarious comedian, etc.) Sassy’s is extremely queer-friendly for a strip club, which I think is due in part to its location across the street from Holocene, a club with many a gay dance night. The lesbians pour into Sassy’s after Gaycation and other queer club nights, and we all feel at home! The only problem I’ve ever had there was when the bouncer pepper-sprayed a guy IN THE DOORWAY, and the entire club filled up with toxic gas that set off a chaotic bout of mass coughing and rush to the door- that was a major party fail. Oh, and I think the majority of girls there are waaaaay too skinny. I mean, tiny and thin is “a” hot look, but it’s boring when all the dancers look like that. Sassy’s use to be more mixed and lately it feels as if they are starving the dancers, or they have some kind of 100 lb weight limit for hiring. As a result, it’s starting to resemble a jungle gym for tattooed naked children. Get some curvy ladies up in this B! Some grown women!But other than that, it’s always a good time. Thank you.

  73. rogerrab2

    Not bad for a strip club. Naked women and drinks.

  74. DexterRexter

    $120 for a couples dance that lasts a song and a half? No thanks! Sassy’s came highly recommend and we were stoked to check it out, unfortunately it didn’t live up to its name or reputation!

  75. Sara T.

    Here’s a little secret: Sassy’s is one of the best dive bars in all of Portland. The hot naked ladies are just a bonus! (but tip them and tip them well)

  76. Natalie S.

    The incredible rudeness of the bouncer outweighed the beauty and charm of the girls. I went in for a beer with another female friend, and the horrible bouncer screamed at us very aggressively in front of a packed house, accusing us of not tipping- we were- quite generously in fact. Pointing out that we each has a wad of dollar bills in our hands did nothing to convince him. A humiliating experience. We won’t ever go back, and hope you won’t either.

  77. Petra L.

    If you’d asked me to write a review of this place six months ago, I’d be hovering around two stars. But, surprisingly enough, I’m capable of change and admitting when I’ve judged a place a little too hastily. My first experience with this club was the night of our own JW’s birthday. We were given the upstairs balcony for our group which, I have to admit, was not a bad place. We were kept a safe distance from the brotient (yes, bro quotient) and the top of the pole ended right in front of our balcony which, depending on the dancer, made for some very amusing views. However, I was turned off by basically everything else. The crowd seemed to be rife with douchebags, the girls were of varying quality, and I resent the “MINIMUM $1 PER SONG WHILE AT THE RACK” signs, even though I’d never dream of sitting at the rack unless I planned to tip at LEAST a couple of bucks per song. My most recent visit was stunningly different, though. Let me be clear here, though – I give 90% of the credit for this four star review to Malice. Oh, Malice. Tattoo-covered, giant-deathhawk-sporting, ever-so-flirtatious Malice. She’s stunningly natural when she dances and her pole work seems effortless. She’s a joy to watch and uh, yeah, smokin’ hot. The crowd, while still riding high in the bro-zone layer, seemed pretty laid back. With the Christmas lights and free-flowing booze, it reminded me of one of my favorite dive bars back home.. but with strippers. No one seemed overly aggro or creepy and I genuinely enjoyed myself. Oh, and one of the security guys helped my drunk friend find her phone without any hint of exasperation or condescension. What a guy.

  78. Diana H.

    This is definitely not a place for first timers. As someone new to Portland, I went here for my first night strip club experience in this town. The club is dingy and disgusting. If there are signs stating the rule that if you sit at the stage you must tip for every song, they aren’t easy to see. In my experience back home, there weren’t seats lining the stage, so when you wanted to tip a girl, you walked up to the stage and awaited your turn for an up close peep. Apparently, that is not the case here. So when I decided a girl didn’t earn the first song tip I had laid down and I didn’t want to tip again, I was screamed at and humiliated, without being explained the rule, by the dancer. Then she lied to the bouncer and said I harassed her and so when I was trying to close my tab I was thrown out into the cold without my coat or my card. Not once was I asked why I hadn’t tipped for the second song (which was bc she just walked by and flung the cash to the floor and kept walking during the first song) and not once was it explained to me that the rules here are that if you sit at the stage, you must tip every song. If you are an out of towner going alone, don’t go to this joint. Not worth the money or the time. This place is NOT classy. In fact, if I could give it zero stars, I would.

  79. igor34

    I’m not a huge fan of strip clubs, but when I’m in Portland, I always go. The vibe is so much different than San Francisco, Las Vegas, and other parts of the US. In Portland they’re more like bars where you can hang with your buddies, have some drinks, maybe some food, and there happens to be hot naked girls dancing. Who wouldn’t like that?That being said, Sassy’s is a great example of a proper Portland strip club. The dancers are talented, hot, and the drinks and food are cheap and plentiful. The only reason I’m giving it less than 5 stars is because one of the dancers was very rude to me because I texted my friend while sitting at the stage.Her: you know you can text for free somewhere else.Me: I can text free here too.Her: no you can’t, you have to put a dollar on the stage for this song.Me: (pointing to my dollar that was already sitting there) yup, there it is.Her: yeah but you have to pay for the next song and the next song and the next song.Me: I’m not complaining.Oh well, maybe she was on the rag.

  80. Anna S.

    Nahhhh. Overzealous bouncers. Mean, shifty dancers. For some reason when I try to remember the atmosphere, I always think of fryer grease permeating the air and tinging it yellow. But maybe that is more of a metaphorical (yet truthful) recollection than an accurate one.

  81. Weedman420

    Came in on our last night of our trip to Portland, as 3 girls from California, Sassy’s has some of the sweetest girls you’ll meet. They all absolutely killed it, in every way possible. Beautiful tattoos, beautiful bodies and beautiful personalities. Definitely a must if your in town! Going to tell all the hippies back home about these rad ladies.

  82. Rhadford C.

    RACIST STRIPCLUB. RACIST. First of all, as soon as you get in there, the place smells like feet and Willie Nelson’s beard. I asked a stripper for a lap dance, she said yes. The stripper never gave me that lapdance, as she acted like she forgot. RACIST. Then 30 minutes later , I asked another stripper for a lapdance, she said yes. She danced half a song, and gave me a weak lapdance. The worst lapdance I ever got. RACIST. The only thing good about this place was that I met this cool guy at the bar. We talked about the good old days of NBA basketball in the 1990’s. The bartenders are really cool, too. One of them looked like Joannie off the TV show, Happy days. If the strippers were a little nicer to the BLACK custumers, than this place would of gotten 4 stars. Right now, I just can’t believe a stripclub can be this BAD. This is place was a big disappointment. Im EMBARRASED I came in here.

  83. ryan123

    CREEPY! Most homophobic injust bar in Portland. Never come here. Ever. They are homophobic. They hate lesbians. My girlfriend and I came, flirting with the girls, and the bartender said “no more drinks for you.” Even though we had ONE yes ONE drink. Meanwhile all the other people there were wasted. We felt like a couple sobers in a room of drunks. But all the other guys were creepy and my girlfriend was hot. They hate any alternative expression. First time in my life I got cut off for alcohol. They should get forced out of business. If you have any inclination at all other than what KKK people think – go anywhere else. This place is pure evil.

  84. Joel B.

    Seriously, for the in-town ish, this is the pick of the litter. 2 dollar oly’s and reasonable food that i wouldn’t recommend, but shit, it’s not directly out of a deep fryer or microwave, which is what you can expect at most places in town. Dancers have explained to me that this is a club which caters to the “exotic” ( nonwhite/ nonblonde) dancers of the city, and many of them have told me they really like working here, as opposed to other clubs. Plus, it’s aesthetically quintessential; when you think about a strip club in your mind, chances are, you’re thinking about something like sassy’s.

  85. joseph1k

    I really have a soft spot for Sassy’s. The first and only strip club I’ve been to, and I’ve been several times now. Obviously I don’t have any comparisons, but when I’m in the mood, this atmosphere is perfect. The place is definitely divey, but that adds to the charm in my opinion, and pretty much what I expected. I’m not particularly interested in going to an “upscale” gentlemen’s club. I especially love the place decorated around Halloween. Some reviews state that it’s too dark. I think it’s fitting, and I love the red light and that slightly clandestine feel it gives. I enjoy having the option of sitting back at the tables and still having a great view, or sitting at one of the few stages up close and personal. The drinks seem strong and they FLOW. I have to recognize the waitresses because they are so attentive and pleasant. One surprised our group with tequila shots and that was so appreciated! I wish I could remember the drink prices. I always spend a good amount of money here as it is so it probably doesn’t matter in the end. And I do recommend getting drunk. The $1 minimum per song at the stages can add up pretty quickly, especially if you’re feeling generous and here all night.As far as the girls go – overall attractive. Most tattooed, energetic and have fun personalities. I do love how they interact with the female patrons and they are pretty hands on with us, which results in more tips and a great time had by all. After reading some of the lower reviews, I must be on the lucky side because I have yet to deal with a stuck-up girl or a rude bouncer. One of the only things I’ve found irritating is one of the girls was singing every song she was dancing to extremely loudly. She wasn’t really interacting with the crowd, but was way more into herself. It was a little obnoxious. That said, it’s only one girl and this is still my favorite spot on occasion.

  86. Chris B.

    If you’ve ever walked into a place like Stars and said to yourself, “man, this place is awesome!”, then stop reading now, Sassy’s is not for you. Sassy’s is about grit, and a good time, not a sex show. It’s about a fun atmosphere. The girls aren’t barbie dolls straight out of a poor man’s Playboy. They’re funny, acrobatic, sexy women. Hard bodies that have and are a work of art. I’ve been going to sassy’s for years and never ONCE have I been asked if I want a lapdance. As I once heard Mimi say (not to me), “If you want to get grinded on or a handjob, take your A$$ to Diablo!” And that’s the truth.Sassy’s is crowded, has dirty bathrooms, and a bouncer that looks like he belongs in Hayden, ID. But the the drinks are cheap, the girls do excellent pole work, and if you’re a respectful person you’ll be treated well. But if you’re an arrogant loudmouth with a group of equally arrogant loudmouth’s (read douchebag) you’re going to be treated that way. As you should. It’s like the classic neighborhood bar. It’s not going to try and be something its not, and if it works for you, come on in. If not, take it elsewhere.Side note: Would be five starts if not for the recent influx of aforementioned arrogant loudmouths.

  87. Mike S.

    Girls seriously lacking in pole and entertaining skills. Drink pours were the weakest i have seen in a PDX strip club. The crowd looked like they came from a frat convention. The door guy was rude and unnecessarily intimidating and aggressive. The manager rude. Only redeeming factor- Servers were good. I don’t come to strip clubs for the servers. After going to/working in strip clubs all over Portland for the last ten years, i can honestly say: Sassy’s is totally overrated.

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