Miss Lindsay’s Gentleman’s Club



5320 Chambersburg Road, Orrtanna, PA 17353


39.8971015, -77.4058337




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Miss Lindsay’s Gentleman’s Club

  1. monday customer

    I got a vip the other day, which wasn’t very good but i will still go back there cause vayne’s my favorite and her dances are out of this world!!!!! The only reason why i got a lap dance with this girl cause she said she looked like vayne. Let me tell you….NO WHERE CLOSE!!!!!!!

  2. Dont ask

    This place sucks and it’s a dump. The red head who was the best girl they had left a few weeks ago and she was the only reason I went I went back. The bitch that runs the place is nuts and tried to start a fight with my brother and the blond chick was talking shit about the other girls. If I want that kind of drama I’ll stay home with my girlfriend! Also theyll try to rob you so watch your pockets.

  3. none

    love you hotties

  4. vixens girl
  5. Rusty Shackleford

    came in and had a good time will be back to have more fun

  6. brianna

    perrrrr fect

  7. Chris

    Love this place. Stopped in Tuesday at like 11 Am and they had four dancers. All pretty too.

  8. 1st Time

    Do you have a Schedule for last week of February?

    You guys sound awesome!

    I’ll be in the area (Actually in WV off 81) next week.

  9. Greg

    I am going to be in the area this week coming, i was wondering what days tia works. Is it the morning shift or night? i can’t wait to see u.

  10. satisfied customer
  11. upset hunter

    This place fuckin blows!! I went in with a couple of buddies of mine on a hunting trip, cause they said this place was good. I ended up getting smacked upside the head by this fuckin retarded looking blonde, she is lucky I didn’t call the cops and have her arrested for assualt. I am telling everyone to stay away from this place for your own good.

  12. Ryan

    I was in on a friday night Vain and Lindsey were mind-blowing! HOT! You have some serious talent for a shithole club. My V.I.P. with Lindsey was very entertaining. She is sooooo damn flexible!

  13. na
  14. The Man


  15. nick

    I stopped in last week and was very impressed with the changes and was happy to see vayne. She has always been my favorite and she had did my day. Not sure when i will get a chance to go back but just wanted to say that the club looks great! Keep up the good work!

  16. josh

    the girl behind the counter with all the tats is convicted prostitute and is nasty to customers

  17. Adam

    This club was funny as hell. Girls cracked me up. Small room thats the dancing room. You sit on chairs in this room thats 12’x 25′ or so. I went with buddies of mine that went camping and we had to stop in. The girls were small chested but had a booty. Two of my friend did get a lap dance and came out laughing. Its a small room that has a small radio they but a cd in. I suggest to go to get a good laugh and a experience

  18. mad in gettysburg

    never will get anymore of my money untill there is a whole 360

  19. Tia

    Hey, Jason! Thank you 4 stopping in 4 a yummy time. I hope u enjoyed urself as much as I did. Can’t wait til u come out and play w me again!!!

  20. Bozman

    I have been to exotic clubs all over,never been to one like this. I’LL BE BACK

  21. Frank

    This is the worst place ever!

  22. lee

    this club sucks the chick I thik runs it is rude and the girls try to rip you off

  23. Justin

    This Club needs to get good looking girls not just anyone who wants to dance. These girls are trashy looking and not attractive at all. So guys this is not the place to go to spend hundreds of dollars, it’s not the worth the travel or the money.

  24. dancer

    we’re still open! most week days we open after 12pm, some days a bit later.

  25. Guysmiling

    FRIDAY NIGHTS that is all i have to say! FRIDAY NIGHTS! Bring money. Tip well. All the girls on friday nights are HOT! Good variety. Tall. Short. Blonde. Brunette. Red heads. Big tits. Small tits. Nice asses on all but one girl, but she didn’t stay all night anyways. Hot!

  26. Customer

    Who will be working and how many dancers will you have on Wednesday the 6th? I will be in the area and looking to have some fun! Thanks!

  27. Red Hopper

    Best time I have had in a long time. Hot woman Hot time. Will be back soon.

  28. Unknown

    Wow!!! check it out this club is movin up, new bar, rooms, girls. If u been here before come again, i will!!!

  29. steve

    was in two satturdays ago. Girls were very friendly and they were HOT!!

  30. rodney

    vayne me vayne me oh my god!!! vayne me yes i am calm now thank you!!!

  31. noneya
  32. Zaminski

    This was the first strip club I went to back in high school. I really enjoyed myself the girls were awesome, esp. Candi. I am returning for the first time tomorrow night and cant wait.

  33. Bradly Javanavich

    Yes i was in here earlier this week and the place was “cute”

    i have a brother that owns one and his is so much better but this place did catch my eye 1. Its small and lacks commodity but makes up for it in the toystore/dance club 2. The dancer’s here are great they were very nice and very pretty 3. The skills that the dancer’s have are mind blowing!!! I saw this blonde with a tattoo on her leg blew my mind as well as my unsureness of the club 4. I really dont like to say bad things about anything but there was a girl in there that looked a little out of place she looked like she’s old enough to be my mother inlaw she should be at home with her grandchildren baking cookies and serving cold milk but that being said I did have a good time i will tell my brother and we should stop up in a couple of days (The girls here are very beautiful but you should stick a fork in the older women because she is way to I’m trying to say it in a nice way but she’s just to old)

  34. Kevin

    Boring here and only 1 good dancer

  35. mike

    The tattos on the girls are such a turnoff—–place is not very good–other clubs better than this one.

  36. who it concerns

    Ooh by the way they charge $15-$20 a song. And remember the girls work for tips only, so make sure you take of them. Vayne is my favorite, i get the private show and yes she defently puts on a show for me.

  37. lexy

    dont talk nasty about the girls when you know nothing about them. all our girls right now are clean and straight. no drugs no prostitution. if some one is being “nasty” to a customer its due to ignorant or obscene behavior.

  38. Club Regular

    Horrible, most of the girls look like druggies. it’s a shame. they want u to pay out the ass for crap. 1/2 of them are dirty. I’d rather spend the money and travel an hour in any direction. Minus the clubs they own in Harrisburg

  39. luscious

    hey, just wanted to say thanks a bunch for all the nice comments you guys left for us dancer’s. friday and saturday night, we have very sexy ladies working, so bring your beer and have a good time. thanks again!!

  40. Matt

    I was in on a Friday night…..Kimi is just hot, my favorite, the cute girl who did a lot of pole tricks…work that pole!!! I couldn’t do those tricks, very nice work. Another girl new how to use her hips and very friendly. I’ll be back with some friends!

  41. much improved

    Went tonight for the first time in a few years, it’s amazing how much better the dancers are now than were there before. The setup of the club itself (stage area and the seating) is still the worst of any club i’ve seen, but I think the girls could now make up for it. This club was sort of a joke at one time… seeing some of the dancers would make you want to walk out immediatly. The previous reviewer was right, it’s worth giving it another go if it’s been awhile.

  42. Two girl man

    Just wondering when tia and vayne are working together again, because they give the best vip dance show together, i will be in next week, so which day do you ladies work together again? Thank you

  43. franki

    this place is great byob

  44. John

    Not very good–better clubs around than this one

  45. harleylr

    Dances are up close and personal. Very Nice!

  46. Jake

    Came in yesterday morning, the girls were hot!!! I am going back tonight. I hope vayne, lynzi, and tia are there. like the show ladies, keep up the good work!

  47. Bounty Hunter

    Had a real good time. Girls were friendly and sexy. Star’s dancing can really get me hot. Linsey is like a rubber girl. She is so flexible she drives my imagination wild. Can’t wait to go back.

  48. Pete

    The girls don’t get any of the money for a VIP or Lap dance. That is just pathetic. So if you want a good VIP or a good Lap dance you should tip them at least what you spend to purchase your VIP or lap dance. Never heard of such a thing.

  49. Vayne & Management

    Sorry we don’t live up to your standards but not everyone like’s what you like. If you could please keep your comments to yourself that would be great, cause no one doesn’t like it when the girls are pissed off!


    Clean up this NASTY ASS CLUB. This is a slut pit. And the girls are NASTY.

  51. Cody

    This place is awsome! I showed up on a wednesday morning and there was three girls working, all pretty and nice. I will be back!!

  52. YAYA


  53. vdojepfn


  54. Larry

    This club is not as good as everyone keeps saying it is.

  55. regular

    Just was wondering if anyone could tell me where vayne has been? Does she still work here? If not please let me know where she is? If she moved on good for her, it’s about time, she’s the best dancer this club will ever have and if she is gone, well lets just say this club will be going down hill.

  56. bob villa

    on the 6th there will be candi, eva, rose, and jamison

  57. Ronny

    I came here Sunday night. WOW vayne!!! That is all i have to say. the place is really nice.

  58. Jon

    This place ROOCCCKKKSSSS!!!! I am coming back for sure. (i want more)Beautiful LADIESSSS here too!!!!

  59. conserned customer

    There is many reasons why this club has a lot of rules, but are for the best for saftey of dancers, yeah it might not be a great seating area, but the policy about the bottles is for girls saftey as well as smoking. i have seen alot of dancer accidently get burned. Yeah the cd thing to is rediculious but some of the dancer prefer it that way. Yes it still needs improvements, but it has came a long way from what it looked liked before. Anyways i am gonna be up that way friday what time is vayne working?

  60. Vayne/Tia

    Hey boys…. We will be working together this friday, next wed, day shift thur, day shift, and friday day shift. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  61. Happy customer

    This place is great, the girls are really hot in the day shift, i am coming back.

  62. Beer drinker

    Vayne , you are hot! I am coming up this way next week. If you have not checked this club out you should diffently go and get vayned. I know i will again.

  63. this place suucks
  64. Management

    tia will be working mostly morning shift, this week and next.

  65. ja

    This club is small but the girls can get it

  66. His Holiness The Pope

    I have some hot throbbing veins for Vayne! That girl is gorgeous……love to get her in my Pope-mobile and bend her over the steering wheel during a parade. I bet her pussy tastes like apple pie. Praise Jesus bye bye

  67. Gypsy Freek

    Ashley and Midna are two of the cutest dancers i’ve seen in a

    long time! If they’re not Suicide Girls already, they sure as

    hell should be!

  68. Dezirae

    Worked here before, back now. the quality of the girls has def picked up! and the attitudes have changed. pretty impressed w/ the changes. Come in and check it out for yourself!

  69. observer

    just not all that good here

  70. Vayne

    I’m glad you guys are enjoying the new improvements, and managment, we are too. hope to see u guys soon!

  71. Cash Horsedong

    Let me try to wrap my mind around what kind of douchefag wouldnt like a hot sexy girl because she had a tattoo……… probably never been in a fight, doesnt have a motorcycle and pees sitting down. The girls at Miss Lindseys are hot. Vayne is my favorite but i like them all. Maybe you should take your toy poodle to Chippendales instead. Did you ever see the tattoo show on tv with Kat Von D? shes COVERED in tattoos and shes one of the sexiest women on the planet. you wouldnt hit that? please-

  72. tim

    can be better.

  73. of no importance

    i just wanted to say i came in yesterday and i was disgusted how are you going to have an old ugly ass grandma dancer working i your club but what made the whole thing worse was this old hag was coughing all over me you are so lucky i dont bring a law suit on the club for having someone sick with god knows what hackin all over your customers im going to be back in tonight to see lynzi and where is vayne? oh well im coming back in tonight and i better not get coughed on by that old bird again!!

  74. Traveler

    Who is working tomorrow evening?

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