Rick’s Cabaret



135 9th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


40.4442439, -79.998333




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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327 reviews for “Rick’s Cabaret

  1. Matt

    Rick’s was a winner at the ED awards for the best club in the east. It is the real best club in Pittsburgh with the best dancers. Don’t listen to the shills from the other clubs.

  2. Edison

    What happened to this club? Most of the strippers are fat.

  3. No good

    The best girls from Ricks have gone to Cheerleaders and are telling everyone there is no money at Ricks. Ricks is left with below average girls.

  4. Raymond

    Rick’s is easily the top club in the whole Pittsburgh area. The girls here are superb and the VIP rooms are the best around.

  5. Naw Really?

    Pray for Rodney Shhitcough and Rodney Shhitcough will pray for you…

  6. !@#$%^&

    The best girls have all gone to Cheerleaders where the real money is.

  7. Antwan Williams Antwan Williams

    Rick’s is beautiful. It is the place to go when you stuck in Pittsburgh.

  8. Honey let me be your salty dog..

    I was getting the $250 package with the $300 tab for drinks and food, the VIP table and your people getting in for free. Now I am about to go for the luxury package with a $600 dollar tab for drinks and food, the best VIP table, and free admission for up to 10 people and it is only $475. That’s so cheap that it is a joke! Where else do you get that? Bring it on brother. Bring it on..

  9. Some Dude

    Wad Wasted is such a pussy. Wad Wasted takes it up the butt from Ricky Rhino. Rick’s Cabaret is great. It is the most wonderful club in all of Western Pennsylvania. Those of you who are not cunts can come celebrate Jayden Cole’s Birthday!

  10. Wad Wasted

    I got my pocket picked by a dancer while her friend distracted me here.
    Gives whole new meaning to “rick rolled”!

  11. Roger Maris Roger Maris

    Ding Dong, the Swine is Dead… He stunk the place up until some ho gave him head. I like Rick’s. It is still the top club in Downtown Pittsburgh. Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee…

  12. Jimmy

    As long as Blush is the only strip club in downtown Pittsburgh, Blush will never be hurting for business, no matter what. If the US economy collapses, Blush will still have customers in the club, because of their location. When they complete the renovation, it will probably be busier than ever.

  13. sds@sdfasd.com

    Blush may not be the largest, most extravagant gentleman’s club in the Pittsburgh area, but it is the best of the bunch. The near weekly feature entertainers, along with the incredible roster of ever-changing dancers is not equaled by any of the other clubs in the area. As part of the club, Blush has a sports bar, with a full menu of food, which is a wonderful place to sit down and eat the food! No other strip club in Pittsburgh has that. If you order their food at Cheerleaders, you got to sit at the bar, and try to woof it down while the strippers come along, trying to pick from your plate. Forget it! Blush is the best n the Burgh.

  14. Hucklebuck

    Blush may not be the largest, most extravagant gentleman’s club in the Pittsburgh area, but it is the best of the bunch. The near weekly feature entertainers, along with the incredible roster of ever-changing dancers is not equaled by any of the other clubs in the area. As part of the club, Blush has a sports bar, with a full menu of food, which is a wonderful place to sit down and eat the food! No other strip club in Pittsburgh has that. If you order their food at Cheerleaders, you got to sit at the bar, and try to woof it down while the strippers come along, trying to pick from your plate. Forget it! Blush is the best n the Burgh.

  15. Location Location Location

    As long as Blush is the only strip club in downtown Pittsburgh, Blush will never be hurting for business, no matter what. If the US economy collapses, Blush will still have customers in the club, because of their location. When they complete the renovation, it will probably be busier than ever.

  16. Georgie
  17. marie
  18. Love this club
  19. Greg

    Management was extremely attentive to the customers needs

  20. Boring

    As a road warrior I have seen good and bad clubs. Blush is among the worst. The dancers were not very attractive and none of them were dressed sexy. I was shocked by the high cost of everything especially in Pittsburgh. On top of everything, it is a dump.

  21. Getting worse

    Rick’s has alienated the customers who made Blush successful. The quality and quantity of girls keeps going down. They would be embarrassed to publish a schedule.

  22. cheer
  23. outoftowner

    forget about the dancers….hellloooo bartenders….was there on a friday don’t remember their names…the young one was super hot old one not bad

  24. Why bother?

    Blush advertises it is a fully nude club but that is misleading. During the first two songs the girls do all the moves we know and love. After the bottoms come off they just walk around. Many of them look like they don’t know what to do. If you want to see it all go to Club Erotica or Silky’s or even the Cricket. They are true fully nude clubs.

  25. reg customer

    Blush is an amazing place to hang out . Alot of the DAncer are filled with talent and great to talk to yes it cost a little more for dr inks but there are naked girls included with that drink. The rooms are awesome yes there are cameras but thats only for the safety of the girls top girls are nadia vanessa, fiona , barbie , Gia , and many more albert is also great he even comes down and greets his costomers what other club owners do that not many fyi Best club in the burgh Will always chooose blush over all other clubs

  26. tom
  27. Blush

    What happened to this club?

  28. RC

    I keep coming here after Steelers games b/c the place rocks. I drive in from DC about 3-4 times a season and the place has treated me right the past few months. Anybody leaving a poor review should look themselves in the mirror.

  29. Paranoid management

    Management is forced to post fake review after fake review to cover up for the place being a shithole.

  30. 5 stars

    The place to be downtown on the weekends.

  31. FakeReviews

    This will offset the obvious fake reviews that put down other clubs.

  32. Albert Bortz

    Hi I am Albert Bortz and I was cheating on my tranny wife with Marie Blanchard aka Vanessa

  33. Gino

    I love dis place. I love all of Pittsburgh. It is like my home town.

  34. Dan S

    This club is great. Pretty girls. Friendly atmosphere. Speedy service. 10/10 would recommend spending a Friday or Saturday night here with the boys.

  35. Self rated
  36. former employee

    i used to work here too. the majority of the girls are friendly; the more expensive vip rooms are upstairs, but they’re only open and available at certain times WHEN THEY CAN BE SUPERVISED. i would recommend bringin a sweater or a jacket if you come as a customer..oh and drink before you come in so you don’t have drop a lot of money at the bar. as for the dancers, the split is not 60/40. if you have a good stage presence and know how to appeal to the customers, you can make a lot of money!

  37. The little drunk girl

    This place was cool I liked it. Lots of people bought me drinks. They had like bottle service too. It was hard to find the rest room thats the only thing.

  38. Bill Peduto

    If I was attracted to women at all, I would be here every night.

  39. Chase Winovich

    Rick’s has lots of incredible dancers, a great atmosphere and they treat the customers well. I highly recommend it.

  40. c c

    this place sucks way to small girls are trash besides the features they get

  41. Rod

    Pussy good! Club good!

  42. Don't be fooled by fake reviews

    A boring and expensive club. They post fake reviews to mislead customers.

  43. Love it

    This club pisses excellence

  44. kristen

    i rate it a ten

  45. NotNude

    Rick’s is now a topless club. The strippers are not nude on stage.

  46. bleh

    This club is awful, Goto CE or the cricket if you want to see beautiful women and enjoy an evening.

  47. Jack

    Albert is the biggest prick alive. He Man handles all his employees. Last time I was in there he made the Bartender cry.

  48. Jen

    Great management

  49. Nick
  50. Rose!

    What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

  51. Perry
  52. Keshawn Marques Armani Windsor, Earl of Dumbarton, 7th in line to the throne yo!

    I like what they are doing to this place. The dancers are hot. The female staff is sexy. Man I like it.

  53. Jimmy

    I Love this place

  54. Dangerous location and no security

    Dangerous location and no security.

  55. slick

    It is not very good at all.

  56. Ghetto

    Fat white girls and lots of black girls. Music is hip hop and rap. Violent crime all around Rick’s. Customer and employees bring weapons and drugs in the club.

  57. Carl

    Girls are sub par, expensive drinks

  58. Terrell Edmunds

    Blush is a very exciting, first class establishment. The dancers here are nothing short of mind-blowing, Can’t wait to come back.

  59. Jill D

    Went here for a bachelorette party with the girls a couple weeks ago. Management was super nice and the girls were awesome on stage. Everyone made sure we were comfortable and happy. Drinks were strong, and the music was good. Only thing I would recommend was the cute manager Craig giving me his number next time, he seemed very approachable and professional though. 10/10.

  60. pleased
  61. Trash

    Ghetto as Fuck!!!

  62. Tucker

    Hot girls!

  63. Bridget
  64. Dan

    This club continues to allow full service workers like Cassidy work there. She tried to get me to purchase more than a lap dance from her, but that’s how you end up with STDs. Gross. She becomes a giant bitch when you turn her down too. Blush, I’ll be back once you take out the trash.

  65. Spin Doctor

    Albert’s family has been in the Pittsburgh

    entertainment business for many decades. They

    know how to survive changing economic

    times…so they should be applauded for taking

    the financial risk to upgrade their business.

    “Build it and they will come”, once again will

    hold true as ALL who long for a comfortable

    place to enjoy adult entertainment will visit this

    new facility…and let the “riff raff” know they are

    not welcome.

  66. J.M.

    I agree, the girls smell like raunchy pussy. This place is a dive. Clean yourselves!!!

  67. AssnTits5

    It’s a small club, but they have some nice looking white girls, in there. I would of gave it, 5 stars, if it was a little bit bigger. It’s walking distance from the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium. I would of gave it 2 stars, if it wasn’t for the lapdance got. This white girl, really put it on me. She took off her pannies, and started grinding and grabbing my sausage. Dam, Im getting HOT, just thinking about it. That dance, put it over the TOP for me. It’s a great place to hang out and chill, after a Pirates game, too, Im gotta back there, for sure.

  68. Bad

    Bad (fat) dancers, $30 three minute dances, expensive drinks, parking is a hassle. Not worth it.

  69. Weird

    What up with the creepy wolverine dude that follows around this strip club? Could the dude just not find another gig so he tags along with trashy strippers ? Then they have that old foreign lady with the fake boobs doing weird stuff on stage? Place is more like a creepy circus not a strip club.

  70. Jessica
  71. Regular

    Nice club. Beautiful girls.

  72. Target

    Rick’s is perfect for the guy looking for below average girls but premium prices.

  73. Lauren

    DO NOT GO HERE!!! I also came here with my husband and we got treated like shit. The girls have absolutley no talent. And they are not even pretty. Nobody even talked to us, and we intended to spend money. We left and went to Bare Eegance/ Club Royale, and we had a great time there. The dancers could actually dance and they talked to us to!!

  74. Genuine Review

    Ricks is awesome. It is so much better than those sleazy clubs like the one on the North Side.

  75. airdance
  76. Andy

    I just came back from Blush. I was there for Sunday afternoon because my favorite club is not open on Sunday. There was no cover charge because it was Sunday afternoon. There was a one drink minimum which was very high ($4.00 for a small glass of pepsi). The girls were above average. The place was very clean and run well. The stage show was average(no contact at all by the girls). Lap dances were excellent and reasonably priced. My main complaint was the Air Conditioning was way to cold (dress warm). If I would have brought a sweatshirt it would have been a very good experience.

  77. Disappointed

    Blush has gone downhill over the last year. Very few hot girls

    work there and the dances and drinks cost more than any other

    club. Almost all of the hottest Blush dancers have gone to

    other clubs. The replacements are in the 3 to 6 range (some

    lower). Not recommended.

  78. James

    This club is smaller than my walk-in closet the fat ass

    owners big ego(and stomach) barely fit in this place.

    Will definitely NEVER come back to this shit hole.

    Besides most of these girls I would never give a second

    look at even naked, let alone actually spend money on

    them. But I guess with a low class club you get low

    class girls.

  79. past employee.

    This club is DISGUSTING. The girls look and act like trash. The management has no idea what they’re doing. It is a hole in the wall with plastic poles that feel like they’re going to break with every trick. The stage has cheap glitter tiles. It is a 60/40 cut so you are totally screwed out of a lot of money. The bartender slams the drinks down at you that hardly even have alcohol in them. The vip room is upstairs and you’re taken in a sketchy elevator to cheap hotel room type situation. There are no cameras and no supervision. If I wanted to be a prostitute and contract STDs I would just go to a bunny ranch in vegas. Multiple people asked me for sex. Almost every girl was staring me down and snubbed me out. I would NEVER go here as a customer and would recommend out of town dancers who aren’t knowledgeable of the area to stay FAR AWAY from here. I thought I was going to get some kind of disease, get beat up, or have my things stolen ALL NIGHT. As a blush survivor i felt it was my obligation to warn you all!

  80. Love the new management

    This club seems to have updated everything from furniture to girls to music, etc. Last time I was here last year this place was a dump. Management is really on their A game pulling this new place together. Hats off to the manager Craig who took the time to speak to the customers and make sure everyone was having a great time. Happy to see the club finally picking up.

  81. Bad

    Bad dancers, bad features, expensive

  82. Truthisadvertising

    ripoff short songs and fat pushy strippers

  83. ed
  84. Tony Manero

    This place is good. They got the dancers. They go the dances. They got the rooms. What more?

  85. Dancer
  86. Water Bottle Man

    Blush is the epitome of everything that a strip club should be. It is by far the best venue in which to observe naked women in all their nakedness.

  87. Where are they?

    What happened to all the strippers? Not many strippers and the quality is bad.

  88. MP

    great spot to play

  89. Ian
  90. informed

    Blush is one of the two premier clubs in Pittsburgh. As a person that frequents multiple clubs in the ‘burgh, i know that it is top 2. Who cares if the owner is an asshole? He’s not the one giving you a hard-on! Do you know how hard it is to keep 20+ girls in line and on time to work, especially strippers. I think all the petty slander from other clubs/strippers should stop, it’s not accomplishing anything, as Blush is still thriving. xo

  91. dave
  92. Trevor

    Stay here instead of rhino that place smears poop on the walls in the private rooms

  93. SR

    People don’t go to a stripclub to see artistic dances.This is the reality of nightlife. Its not clean, no nice people and money is everything.What do you expect when you go to a strip contest? what is the diffenece between giving a lapdance & showing your vagina or giving a handj.? Is the firstone an art and the second one prostitution?

  94. Albert

    I own this dive. My club is horrible. My dancers are all ugly whores. My prices are way to high. You suckers still come here and blow your money. I hope you never find out how much better Chearleaders is or I will be out of business

  95. Xxx

    Xxx abc

  96. Bobby

    Great club to get away from the craziness of the larger clubs in Pittsburgh, enjoyed the lap dances

  97. Do they ever clean this club?

    Do they ever clean this club?

  98. News

    Two fights and a shooting nearby this week. Only at Rick’s Cabaret Pittsburgh.

  99. Leighton Vander Esch

    Blush is a very exciting, first class establishment. The dancers here are nothing short of mind-blowing. Can’t wait to come back.

  100. kev

    I went here thinking this club was nice but it was the worst club experience I ever had. The girls were bitchy with the customers and were fighting with each other. They are pushy and treat you like shit. I will never come here again.

  101. Philly

    Been there 4 times this year and had a good time every one of them. Nice little low key club. Girls will come and talk to you and not always hounding you for a buck. Good rotation of girls and plenty of them and all types for all different people. Isis is a real doll and a joy to talk to. Respect her, she deserves it! Thanks for finding the name of the artist for that song for me this past week…Damn she’s a sexy chick, sexy chick…Damn girl! And hopefully you don’t get too many crazy deep grunts from your customers for a while….creepy! Keep smiling because it lights up the room. I’ll be back sometime and we can talk over a Labatt’s Blue again.

  102. regular guy

    This place is JUST ok. There drinks are way over priced. Most of the dancers are lard asses. There is probably at best 5 hot girls in that entire club. Nadya, Vanessa, and the Bartender Marie who doesn’t even dance, just serves drinks. Cheerleaders is cheaper, less crowed and over all a nicer club. I feel like every time I go into this dump its the same thing.

  103. honesty

    Tara is amazing. The bartenders are great.

  104. Worst club in Pittsburgh

    All the girls are old and fat, management is horrible and the drinks are expensive and watered down.

  105. Ben
  106. Expensive

    Most expensive dances in the ‘burgh.

  107. Seth

    Food is amazing, drinks are delicious, the girls are beautiful. I will never go anywhere else again. Love this place.

  108. Fun

    BEST NIGHT EVER. The ladies were so pretty and really seemed to enjoy working there. Also thought it was cool the managers were going around talking to customers.

  109. froggy


  110. SCOTT W.
  111. edw


  112. Great

    Loved it!

  113. nickstrip

    This place was horrible. There were maybe two girls that were worth throwing cash at. They didn’t climb the polls or do that many tricks. Also, I ordered two drinks and when I got home and checked my card there were two $100 charges on my card. Now either the drinks I ordered were $100 a piece or there is some messy business going on at this establishment. NEVER AGAIN.

  114. Fatties

    You can’t even get to the bar without these buffalo stampeding and demanding a dance.

  115. Josh G.

    Hark, all boob lovers!The owner fixed the problem.All nude, all the time.

  116. Nogood
  117. Could not be better

    This is the best strip club in the Pittsburgh area. Don’t believe any of the fake negative reviews from the Blush/Rick’s troll.

  118. dfdfd


  119. Expensive dump

    Ripped up chairs, dripping ac, dirty and fat strippers in wearing tents.

  120. jd
  121. Someone's wife
  122. Good food sexy women
  123. Dennis

    The VIP specials here a worth it when you come in with a few friends. The Single and Double Bottle specials are the way to go. It is not expensive when we all chip in. The VIP packages include the admission charge, so everybody gets in free. So, you got to figure how much that is going to cost on its own. The Premier package is only $300 after the gratuity but you you get a $300 tab for drinks and food, along with the VIP table. And the $300 includes the cover charge for up to 5. It is well worth it when you come with more than 3 people. With 4 guys you got it made with that package. And the best dancers in the club will come up to you at the VIP tables. It is good choice.

  124. Who's Bad?
  125. Genuine Review

    The review by “Fake Review Alert” is obviously Fake.. Rick’s Cabaret is a fine upscale gentlemen’s club, located in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. Rick’s has the most, and the most talented dancers in the entire area. Atop the club is the sports bar. Atop the sports bar there are a variety of private, champagne rooms that are second to none. Often emulated, but never replicated. Rick’s Cabaret is the Real Deal.

  126. Amazing Place!

    This place is truly the top club in the Pgh area!

  127. Adam

    Each level seems to be a tight squeeze, due to that the club can seem to be busier than it really is with the customers and all the dancers. They have some pretty dancers there but much more unattractive out of shape ones.

  128. Always dead
  129. Kilroy

    No other club in the Pittsburgh area is anything like Blush. They have feature entertainers nearly every week.

  130. NotTheSAme

    Just not the same as the Blush days.

  131. Les Nessman

    There are so many retards that used to get in Blush as VIP’s, but they were never VIP’s. Now they are trying to trash the place, because they get free admission at the Rhino. Fuck that shit. Weirdos!


    Blush sucks!!! The Filly Rocks!

  133. Safest Strip Club Around!

    Some guy snatched a woman’s purse, then jumped into a car. Cops chased him out onto the Brooklyn bridge, were he got out of the car and jumped. Shit Happens! But, it don’t happen at Rick’s! It’s a cool place to hang. No problems.

  134. jim

    You DO NOT want to see these girls nude!! Trust me, this place is a dive.

  135. Alek

    The tacos on Taco Tues are great!

  136. glen

    I stopped in on a Friday around 1:30 PM. The place was absolutely rocking. There were about 10 dancers, 2 bartenders, and some girls who were serving drinks around the stage area. Every one of them was good looking. I am not saying drop dead beautiful, but really cute, better than most of us mere mortals would get in the real world. They were not all the cookie-cutter, dancer, artificial look. But, a lot of them had those humongous boob jobs that I don’t really care for. The girls were friendly, although with the huge crowd that was in there, they did not get a chance to chat with me alot. I did notice that most of the girls were sitting around drinking and/or smoking with guys, and seemed genuinely nice. I got a 20 minute private dance with a thin, brunette, a touch goth, but actually more exotic looking. Great, natural and perfectly sized to her body boobs, really dark beautiful eyes, and a playfull personality. It cost me $120.00 plus I left her a $50 tip. She gave me a really good lap dance, and kind of just talked and cuddled on the couch. Really a warm sweet girl, and worth the money. Her name was Annabella. She smelled great, as did all the girls, hair, body whatever. All the letters that I have been reading here, about the way the women look and smell are way off base.

  137. stantheman

    i think this is the best club in pittsburgh everyone with negative comments needs to remember…this is pittsburgh!! would be even better if we could figure out how to get those bartenders on stage!

  138. Patty
  139. Corporate tourist trap

    High dance prices, short songs, overpriced bad food, limited seating unless buying a bottle, no schedule, fat dancers in long dresses.

  140. c1125x

    Best club in Pittsburgh; dancers spend time with you not ‘get the money and run’; club is not big; some very hot dancers

  141. Jack black
  142. de

    its cool

  143. Thwatch man

    I really like the spot, girls are great, But I do notice a lot of haters (other strippers) towards some of top dancers at blush!

  144. Mark Madden

    Small club, fat jiggly junkie dancers, super small stage. Unfriendly bar and waitstaff… Go to cheerleaders

  145. Fake Review Alert

    The review by Blush Is Superior is FAKE. Note it just an attack on another club and does not mention anything else. It was probably written by a stripper who could not make it at Spearmint Rhino.

  146. bob licks vomit


  147. jason
  148. Yoi!

    Double Yoi!

  149. ugly

    Fat girls ugly girls anorexic girls

  150. Redbull

    What does a guest DJ have to do with a strip bar? Get some better strippers and tell us when they work. Have competitive prices and clean the place.

  151. Mark mcavoy
  152. Fat dancers

    Rick’s features many fat dancers.

  153. coronavirus

    No effort was made to clean the club before reopening. They did spend big $$$ for a roll of duct tape.

  154. tom

    only 2 out of the 20 girls that work there are good looking.


    CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB will be opening JANUARY 28TH 2009!! This 16 thousand sq ft Adult Entertainment Complex offers state-of-the-art light, sound and we have hand-selected hundreds of the area’s HOTTEST LADIES!!! Come down and Play With Us!!! We’re at 3100 Liberty Avenue and open daily from noon till 2AM



    Tons of you have already applied at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, but in case you’re still on the fence, come down, see what a spectacular establishment you could work for!! We are taking applications M-F 10am till 6pm. Give us a call & come down today! Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club 3100 Liberty Avenue 412-281-3110

  156. Mark

    Went here as my first club in Pitts. Will NOT be back again; will NOT recomend. First dancer i talked to poured a drink down the front of me for no reason, and thought it was funny.

  157. The Other Eddie O

    This club is still stuck in the same little closet it was when it was The Edison Hotel (Well it’s a little bigger. They knocked out a few walls)and it’s kinda cramped but the women are fantastic!!!If you want five stages and 40 women on stage at one time this is not the place for you.

  158. Nice club
  159. fuckery12

    so i was at blush doing a beer promo, meaning i had to try to get people to drink bud light while it was on special for a couple hours. first of all, for anyone that does beer promos, a strip club is the best place to do it because the girls are so competitive they don’t even want you to walk around and talk to customers, so i just stood in the corner, giving t shirts to people that asked for them. but enough about me.blush is a relatively small strip club (aside from the private rooms upstairs that i can’t say i have any experience with). there’s a main stage that usually 2 girls perform on and the creepiest side stage ever… it’s basically a go-go dancer cage in the very back corner. now, i didn’t buy any drinks so i don’t know what the prices are like, but i watched the bartenders and they were really friendly and attentive. the dancers themselves ranged from hottttt to ehhhh and friendly (even to us, and not just the customers) to bi*ches. some of them were very talented dancers, and some looked like they had just started. so all in all, the dancers were pretty hit or miss. one cool thing though, is that they had a famous porn star come out to perform… courtney cumz or something like that. actually, it probably would have been a lot cooler if i knew who she was or if she were actually better than the regular dancers. oh well, not the best titty bar i’ve been to, but not the worst either.

  160. Ripoff

    Fat strippers, $30 dances which are half a song, lots of rap and hip hop, generic energy drinks at Red Bull prices, miniature bottles of water, weak but expense drinks, small bottles for bottle service.

  161. dick
  162. Dangerous

    Another shooting within a block or two of Rick’s. Rick’s does not screen customers for weapons or drugs. Tits and ass are not worth getting shot.

  163. jess
  164. Boutros Boutros

    The Hummus Plate is delicious! It’s delicious!

  165. Crispy

    I love Rick’s. I love tits and ass. I love Rick’s

  166. stripperswearingmasks
  167. Ohio

    Air dances and cow manure…No Way!

  168. matt
  169. strip joint not a gentlemen's club

    Average to below average dancers, expensive drinks and food , ripoff dances, filthy. This is strip joint not a gentlemen’s club.

  170. Theresa

    Had a great time !

  171. Truth

    Ghetto ripoff club. $30 songs cut to almost half a song. Targets the urban crowd at night. Not recommend. Bring back Albert.

  172. John Hickenlooper

    They could install a ventilation system to cut down on the methane gas in the air, but overall not a bad experience.

  173. mathewater12

    Went to Blush with my boyfriend for something to do after leaving PNC. The cover was $15 each and they do in fact charge females a cover. The bartenders were really nice and made the drinks fairly strong and kept them coming.The club really didn’t have a lot of seating and the stage was kind of scuffed up with a really low ceiling. There was a diverse group of girls who were attractive and friendly. The patrons were kind of obnoxious and rowdy which really took away from the experience, but that might have been because of the huge influx of people coming in after the concert.

  174. Jesse James
  175. Not the best

    Blush was once a great club but it has gone downhill. The quality of the dancers has gone down dramatically. Many of the girls are bad. Blush has a bunch of fat girls. The prices for drinks are the highest around. The dances are poor because the price is the highest and the songs are the shortest (3 minutes). The place is a dump and is maintained poorly. There are better option in Pittsburgh.

  176. Rick's ruined Blush

    Blush was a good place. Rick’s has ruined it.

  177. G
  178. MooseNScottie

    Very small club, dancers were not hard on the eye. Overall pretty good time, bartender was hot as hell, wish she had been dancing.

  179. Anon

    Management has no concern for the dancers, their well being or how they are doing. Albert is only concerned with how much money he can make each night, and has no interest in the mental/physical/emotional well being of his girls.

  180. jojo
  181. Hunter
  182. Fred
  183. Jenkins

    Best club there is and they nude!

  184. Re: Past Contest Winner

    Damn, bitter much? Some places have standards for what goes on their stage, and that’s why they have such a large clientele. Some places do not, and that’s why they don’t have a large client base. Ask yourself: what kind of places have YOU worked at — the former or the latter?

  185. Owen
  186. John
  187. NotRichie

    Cheerleaders is the Best Club in the City Hands down!!

  188. .
  189. rrEGULAR


  190. NotClean

    Why does it reek of ammonia and chlorine at the bar?

  191. bob

    Had a great time it was much fun!

  192. B

    The girls are phenomenal! you guys say how rude they are………y dont you try to talk to a few of them, they are overall pretty nice ladies. if they are being rude to you……you probably deserve it. try a tip or a smile……..might change a lot

  193. Mason

    This place blows spearmint rhino out of the water. I love it here. Will be bringing my buddies next weekend.

  194. Ad

    did not have a good time to small

  195. Disappointed

    Bad — girls seem stressed — manager was an asshole — everyone knows this club is shady

  196. Pricey

    A little Pricey for Pittsburgh, both Ricks and Rhino want tourists or travelling customers. They dont cater to the Pittsburgh people.

  197. Overpriced & uncomfortable!

    The first impression after entering Blush is it is very small. Blush is also very expensive. The entrance fee is high and the drink prices are outrageous. The sight lines on the main stage are poor and the strong colored lights make it impossible to see anything. The club itself is very uncomfortable. It is cold and the bar stools are uncomfortable and dangerous. The private dance area makes a phone booth seem spacious. The music is so loud it is impossible to talk to the dancers. All in all, this club is very overpriced, uncomfortable, and a bad place to see dancers. Blush does offer a few hot girls.

  198. Topless club with long dresses

    Rick’s is now a topless club with long dresses. No longer full nude.

  199. GoodTime

    Had a great time I will be back

  200. Albert

    It’s not a landmark, I’m actually selling my place to pay for all the legal fees I have coming my way, the less assets I have the less they can take from me.

  201. Blush Is Superior

    I would rate Blush so much higher than the Spearmint Rhino. Everything form the atmosphere, to the dancers, to the food, Blush has that other place beat.

  202. Juke

    being in this club is like being in a shoebox filled with smoke and no airholes. the girls are merely average, i wasnsn’t turned on by anyones dancing. they’re all amatuers. they douse themselves in cheap body spray to cover up the smoke smell but it doesn’t work. i rate it a 1 out of 10 and do not recommend it to anyone. Go to club royale, much nicer looking girls might i add.

  203. Lenny

    I love Blush! I would have no life without it.

  204. Hellhole

    too crowded and the owner is a jew all about his money….

  205. Bad

    The Christmas party was a bust. No headliner, no drink specials, poor buffet.

  206. FuckTheOwner

    My friends and I were in this club last wednesday, and this old ass man, apparently the owner, kicked us out because, “we were taking too long to finish our drinks.” Fuck this place and the piece of shit owner that looks like the judge from the movie, Nothing But Trouble.

  207. Eric

    What a waste of space! I live in Miami, and this club is nothing like what im used too! Ill never be back!

  208. Justin
  209. Rick

    Rip-off high prices, short songs ghetto music, many fat dancers. Other clubs are a better value.

  210. stepvan

    Outstanding!!!! Especially Veronica, hell I love you all !! Very clean, respectable and proffesional. Kudos to a club where all are felt welcome !

  211. Re: NotRichie

    It is not your true intention to tout Cheerleaders on the Rick’s review page. You are here to post false negative reviews on the Rick’s page to drive its review rating down, while posting high score reviews of the Spearmint Rhino on their page to drive their rating above the other clubs, including Cheerleaders, where you are also posting fake low ratings.
    You suck cock…

  212. Jason

    I love this place! I love Bacon! I love this place!

  213. Eddie

    Maybe i went on the wrong night where everyone was in a bad mood, but it was like everyone from the staff to the dancers was rude all night. im not a big spender. I like to have a few beers and maybe a cocktail ill tip on stage and thats about it. I’m clearly not the kind of customer that they want in there.

  214. Correct Prices

    Dances: $30 for 3 minutes

    Drinks: $6.25 domestic beer, drinks much higher

    Highest prices in the area

  215. Try it

    Blush management should try being a customer. Upon arrival they can pay the high cover charge to see a second rate headliner who may not have ever been on stage before. If they sit at the stage they will feel the icy cold air blowing on their neck and head. Then they will discover they cannot see the girls because of the over bright colored lights that over power the dark club. After that they can move to the bar for a ridiculously high priced drink. Soon they will discover how uncomfortable the bar stools are and maybe they will rip their shirt on the sharp points. They might try talking to one of the girls but they will not be able to talk over the music that is so loud it causes physical pain. If they get a lap dance they will have to be a contortionist due to the tiny booths. If they buy the girl a drink before the dance they can expect to spend up to $10 or even more. Admission, one beer, one song lap dance, and a drink for the dancer totals $60+.

  216. James
  217. Cherry Pop

    great private dance!…Had me wanting her bad!

  218. Tony

    Wow, the guys that constantly post comments about this club are nothing more than a bunch of whining bitches. They complain about the cover price at the door, the girls, the drink prices, and the air conditioning. The prices at this club are very reasonable. Just for an example. Most of the club in Las Vegas charge $30.00 at the door, $10.00 to $11.00 dollars per drink, and about $300.00 per have hour for a VIP room, which also has a extra $50.00 dollar bar tab for you and the dancer. So basically stop complaining about everything that is wrong about this club. It takes a real man to hide behind his computer and just post comments on some strip club website. Maybe if you had bothered to pay attention in school, you could have gotten a better job, and then been able to afford to spend a few dollars at the club.

  219. Inspector

    Look at the seats at the stage. This reveals the quality of club this is.

  220. Jack

    Excellent place

  221. Waste of time

    Expensive with many fat strippers. The club is uncomfortable and dirty. Dances are cut short. There are much better clubs in Pittsburgh.

  222. downtowndan

    Atmosphere: shit hold
    Girls: old
    Prices: very high

  223. NotGood

    3 minute half song dances for $30, rap and hip hop music, ghetto atmosphere, ripped up chairs, smell of ammonia and chlorine, AC dripping on customers, overpriced bad food with small portions, fat dancers. Rick’s turned Blush into a ripoff club.

  224. NO CHEESE!

    Being that we are playing the Packers in the Big Game (Can’t say Super Bowl), I believe that every one should refrain from eating cheese ’till after the ahh.. that game.

    Pickle the Packers

  225. Matt

    Hot girls. Cheap drinks. Every guys dream strip club.

  226. harry
  227. Burt

    Unlike the previous reviewer, I am not familiar with the smell of seminal fluid.

  228. dare to compare

    $30 3 minute dances. Lower price longer songs at cheerleaders

  229. Stanley

    I love Rick’s. I can not wait until it opens again and stays open again. In the mean time I will visit the dancers that I like and hover over them with my advanced technology drone. It has a super sensitive ultrasonic range microphone and a super HD camera on board. I can see through windows and even some walls with it. I can even send ultrasonic suggestions through their inner ear persuading them to assume various sexual positions while I masturbate. And if they don’t do what I want them to do I can bombard them with high frequency ultrasonic sound waves causing them discomfort. But nothing is as good as the real thing. I hope Rick’s reopens soon……Walter

  230. Ripoff club

    $30 for half song

  231. Psycho warning - Tex

    The psycho customer (Tex or Psycho Boy) was spotted at Blush on Friday during happy hour until about 7:00. He was sitting at the side of the bar with his back to the DJ. This psycho broke the car window of a bartender who worked here, he broke the windshield on a car owned by a customer while he was inside a club with dancers.

  232. Nick

    Most nights the stage dancers are all overweight and very unattractive. I like the club itself but they need to do something to get better looking girls in there. VIP rooms aren’t good here. The value is decent compared to single dances but the lighting is weird, the hostess keeps interrupting and expects tips on top of the service charge even if you aren’t drinking.

  233. Jacob

    The Management, staff and dancers are wonderful!

  234. Jeff

    Place was pretty busy. Got a lap dance from a hot blonde, gave a solid dance for my money’s worth and didn’t pressure for a big tip.

  235. Alexander

    If you’re in Pittsburgh, don’t even waste your time anywhere else. This club takes their business seriously. The hottest girls, the best beer at great prices, and amazing environment. From private dances, to on stage, these girls are the best.

  236. Topless club

    Rick’s has been changed into a topless club like Cheerleaders.

  237. Fernando

    Arrieros somos y en el camino andamos.

  238. James

    Don’t pay any mind to reviews from the troll. Rick’s is a nice club with the best dancers around.

  239. Martin

    Will never return!!!!!!!!

  240. Don t Mada

    Yo people want to hype the other clubs on this review board. It don ‘t mada. Rick’s is good. It gets busier than the other places cuz it’s in a good location and the dancers be more n better. I’m down with this place yo.

  241. fck-ricks

    Terrible club

  242. The McRhino with Cheese

    This club is a Pittsburgh Landmark!

  243. Blush was a good club Rick's is not

    Blush was a good club Rick’s is not

  244. Barry

    This Place Was Terrible. Overpriced Drinks, Weak Selection of Girls, Very Small Club. Would not Repeat!

  245. Kevin

    I have been to a handful of Ricks Cabaret’s around the country and this one doesn’t have the same Ricks Cabaret look and vibe. It’s an ok club but wasn’t at a Ricks level.

  246. Johnnyboy123

    Please note in the summertime: Men are not allowed in the club in sleeveless shirts! Went in on a whim with my husband and we were told he’d have to buy a $25 Blush t-shirt or hit the bricks! Whoops!

  247. fakereviews
  248. WTF


  249. Notgood

    Non-talent junkie strippers

  250. Andrew Yang

    With my plan, everybody will receive $1000 a month to spend on strippers if you wish. Isn’t America wonderful. Come, Come everyone from Mexico and Honduras! Get your $1000!

  251. Hot girls
  252. LoveBlackChicks

    Several hot black chicks, especially Vanessa (gorgeous looks and body ,

    great hand and blow job), Courtney (hot body, sexy looks, great hand job

    and probably gives blow job but didn’t experience), Unique (extremely sexy

    and great looks, amazing blow job) there are other hot black chicks but

    haven’t experienced them yet. Jamaica is one of them I want. Very sexy


  253. Terrible

    Who would have thought Albert would have been so much better at running this club than a large corporation. Rick’s is a waste of time and money.

  254. Joe Biden

    Oh this place is like instant hard on with no pills needed.

  255. jen/ chris

    DONT GO HERE!!!! Me and my husband went here. i will never go back. The girls were usgly and smell horrible. i feel sick just thinking about it.

  256. McWicked

    Rick’s is the best place to hide away from mom on Mother’s Day.

  257. Jimmy

    Most comfortable club in Pittsburgh, clean vip dance rooms, great dancers.

  258. Black

    Rick’s has lots of black and Mexican customers.

  259. Bill

    There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.
    Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.

  260. Lea
  261. Bad
  262. John Of Gaunt

    Where words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain. Here, there is a good time for all.

  263. ok

    this place is acceptable

  264. t
  265. Could be better

    Most of the best dancers are gone. Expensive, Blush was better.

  266. Perez

    Crap Club

  267. Shithole

    Shithole enough said.

  268. FatGirls

    More Fat and Ugly Girls than pretty girls

  269. Pete

    I was here for a birthday party and had a good time. Would recommend it.

  270. les

    Had a private booth, 20 minutes with nikki. Great looking, sexy, smart little 19 year old. wow. great time. will be back next week to spend some more time with her.

  271. Ghetto

    Ghetto club with ghetto music

  272. expensive

    highest prices fat dancers

  273. No class

    Lowest class club in Pittsburgh

  274. lritar

    Was here for a couple of hours the other day, and liked the club a lot. I’d rate dancers mostly around 7’s and 8’s, but I really liked the variety of girls here, all types. Club itself is small but seats were mostly available when I was there, left before 11pm though. Cover charge of $10 is annoying but you can print out the $5 off coupon from their website. Three girls dancing at a time, 2 on main stage and one in a small corner stage, all rotate at the same time using a 3-song set, nude in the last song. Some girls were very liberal with close-up views when nude, others kept their modesty a bit more, but overall most were quite good, nice to just sit and watch. No real pressure for private dances or tips, just a couple of dancers asking nicely if I wanted a dance during the 2 or 3 hours I was there. Very pleasant. Lap dances are done in back area and each seat has a seperate room with a curtain drawn when the dance starts, nice and completely private. I only got two, but it seems like what you get for your $25 varies a lot according to the girls themselves. The first girl was great and took off her thong while we waited for the next song to start, a nice bonus. The dance was full contact on my lap, yumm, and completely nude the whole time, I could touch her but not the “private” parts. No details necessary, just a great dance. In contrast, the second dance I got, from another dancer, was very tame, she kept some clothes on and just gave a peek now and then, and didn’t contact my lap nearly as much. So obviously they vary a lot according to how enthusiastic the dancer is. Otherwise club was fine, music a little too loud like most clubs, drinks maybe a tad bit spendy but not out of line with other strip clubs, etc… great place to check out if you’re in town.

  275. Awful

    Fat strippers, dirty, expensive. Don’t waste your time.

  276. Joe
  277. Rick's! Owe My Gawd!

    That means there is 6 people in front of him.

  278. BR1977

    The dancers there have no personality. As soon as you walk in the door you’re hounded for a dance. They don’t take no for an answer(i understand they’re at work but I’m not going to spend hundreds on a woman I do not find attractive or friendly). Now with all of the police activity there, I just have no desire to ever go back. There are other clubs that are close without the drama and drug use.

  279. Ohio

    Short songs for $30 no way

  280. Hate ghetto clubs

    Rick’s is being transformed into a ghetto club. The DJ’s play ghetto music and have a bunch of girls who are fat with huge asses.

  281. Re: Mark

    “First dancer i talked to poured a drink down the front of me for no reason, and thought it was funny.”

    Wow! Just like that? She sounds like a real schizo. You shouldn’t take that shit dude. Look, the next time a dancer does something like that, you need to slap her around a little bit.

  282. not full nude

    Blush was full nude Rick’s Cabaret is not full nude.

  283. chris

    This club sucks so bad. Its a shithole. The girls are ugly, every single one of them. They look like crackheads. I will never go back. EVER!!

  284. 123
  285. America's Downfall-@realDonaldTrump Mafia

    Mourning in America, Thank Trumpf-

  286. Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon

    I came here to avoid the stabbing and gunfire at the Spearmint Rhino. I discovered that the wings are the best there is. I will be back for more.

  287. Sabrina Bortz
  288. Schylore

    Best strip club in the state. I love this place. I will never go to Rhino again. This place is worthy of an award.

  289. S K.

    Great place with very attractive girls. If you are fortunate like me and your wife or gf attends these types of establishments with you, this is the place to go. They treat couples very well here. We got front row seats and had a few beers bought for us!

  290. Fun weekend

    Stopped in after the bars with the guys. Place seemed legit. Pretty girls and reasonably priced drinks. Would come back.

  291. Stripper Fan
  292. rhino
  293. exotice dancer

    i am a dancer and i also went in for the amature contest i dropped out after they asked me to fill out a for asking me what i looked for in a guy my tur-ons and turn-offs and other multiple questions not relivent to dancing then after saying that they werent good enough to make something up the girls were all very rude and they told me i wa reqired to have a lock for a lock so that my stuff dont get stolen i was there for 4 hours and nobody sat at the stage and all the guys wanted was sex PLEASE….. the dressing room was EXTREMELY small and when i was there the contest was also fixed i dont recommend this club to anyone the managment was acting like they were better than everyone else and were also very rude to me. dont waste your money at this club it is SOOOOO not worth it

  294. Mike

    I’ve never had a bad experience here. It’s normally the club I use to compare others to.

  295. Earl

    This place is just a little bar with mediocre girls, nothing special

  296. bottleservice
  297. Jake
  298. Squidward
  299. Genuine Review is fake

    Only the most gullible person would fall for that fake review. It sounds like it was copied from some promotional piece.

  300. Alex
  301. XXX
  302. Love it up there!

    I live Downtown just blocks away from Rick’s. Love the girls here. Oh what they do to me.

  303. Jay

    I had a great time at Blush. I like the fact that you can just kind of randomly stand around. You won’t be harassed to keep buying drinks and you won’t get hit on very much for private dances. And that’s true in spite of the fact that there are almost as many dancers as customers.

    I was impressed by how many dancers had nice (in many cases, big) natural breasts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in one club. There weren’t many who were drop-dead gorgeous,particularly in terms of face, but many had character and a raw sexiness. I found them to be mostly chipper, friendly, and not big money-grubbers. The private dance I got was well worth the money–I was smart and picked the most gorgeous woman there, one who is a 33 on the 1-10 scale. Also, the girl dances in front of you for a long time on stage when you’re sitting at the tip bar (the night I was there, there were usually only 3-4 guys up there). So you get your money’s worth that way, too.

  304. Denise

    Rick’s is great and very couple friendly!

  305. blush
  306. Julius

    Eat shit and bark at the moon!… The dancers that get singled out deserve it. It is the only way to separate the chaff from the grain.

  307. Adolpho

    I love this place. It is so much better than that ghetto place in the North Side hood.

  308. Obbe

    I always have a good time here. This is the top gentlemen’s club in Pittsburgh without a doubt.

  309. Beto O'Rourke

    I masturbated in the 2nd floor restroom. Love it!

  310. Brian

    This place literally smells like cum. No lie, the entire place reeks of semen, GET SOME FEBREEZE!!!

  311. ProstituteCheerleaders

    Jan 28th is the Grand Opening, So far!! They had training on the 5th! My favorite girl Dominique Tomassi will be bartending, I have sooo missed her since she was fired from Stefano’s Restaurant at the Mills. She was caught giving a blow job in the bathroom by the owners wife, who found out from Dominique’s baby’s dad that she was solic. patrons at the bar while on shift….. Which means Cheerleaders will be true to its history, an undercover brothel. Unfortunatly they hired another bartender as well from Miss Kitty that is prego’s…but I guess they will figure that out in a few months. Dominique Tomassi at Cheerleaders!!! I also know that they have hired girls that worked at Score’s NY and even have asked for Tax returns from those girls to prove it!!!!! Scores girls are HOTT!!!

  312. ick

    this club is terrible all the girls are snobby premadonnas who are ALL train wrecks and look like they are going through withdrawals the place is run horribly and you pay too much for bad quality everything, bartending service, dances, even stage performances no wonder the girls all walk around crying about not making any money

  313. F.B.I.
  314. Dave D
  315. Fake

    Most of the reviews are fake written by management. They think customers are stupid.

  316. Hucklebuck's Dog Marvin

    I love this place! I love bacon! I love this place!

  317. Bad service here

    Bad service here

  318. Yankee Bourbon

    This is a great club. Don’t believe anything this fuck head posts.

  319. Ghetto club

    Trying to compete with Controversy? maybe they should relocate to Homewood if that is the customers they are targeting.

  320. CG

    Fun club. The girls are great. The new additional floor space is a great idea.

  321. Gino

    I love this place. It is a mighty, mighty club

  322. dick

    need cheaper drink prices and fire some of those girls

  323. Albert Bortz
  324. fat strippers

    Fat strippers and a fat feature = boring.

  325. King Of Clubs

    Pittsburgh.. the 22nd largest metropolitan area in the United States.

    Blush.. The only adult nightclub, located in Downtown Pittsburgh.

    When the expansion, and renovation of Blsuh is complete, this palce is going to be an oasis, right smack in the middle of this city.

  326. Jake

    Albert pretends to his

    customers that he is a

    good guy but then I see

    him treat his girls like

    shit. He is a joke and I will

    never spend money at

    guys shitty club again.

  327. Jim P.

    Best place in the Burg…

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