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826 Island Avenue, McKees Rocks, PA 15136


40.4738958, -80.0632712




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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191 reviews for “Club Erotica

  1. Oldregular

    Does anybody know if tiny Pixie is still on the weekend schedule?

  2. Oldregular

    Anyone know if tiny Pixie is still on the weekend schedule?

  3. Frank
  4. Nate
  5. Management

    You would think nobody runs this place! The Don of Pittsburgh should be ashamed.

  6. Danny
  7. Jason

    Pathetic place of a strip club

  8. richard95

    Let me start off by saying: we went to the male dancers, which were “ladies only”, which I understand is protecting the men…but the female dancers have other females watch them. So what about the gay men? (I pose this question because one of my best friends, who is gay, wanted to join us). Went here for my 18th birthday which was about 2 years ago now. We went to see the male dancers just for fun. Well, I understand not a lot of young girls go to strip clubs, but it would have been nice to have at least one young (20-something) male dancing. There was no smoking (good!) which they do enforce strictly. The male dancers were a bit older (I’d say in their 40’s) and it was still a fun night out for me and my friends, and you can purchase a lap dance from any one of the male dancers you prefer. For the dancers, I would of given four stars. The location and parking, however, aren’t the best. I don’t believe you can “self-park” it’s valet parking. The location is a bit inconvenient as it’s by a busy intersection and it can be hard to leave. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and I might go back if other friends wanted to go.

  9. Immature

    I have been there a few times and its always some young Immature crowd.

  10. Gary Cockroft

    Man, you want to see scags and the most filthy restrooms in the state? This is the place!

    You want a DJ that acts like Al Cappone? This is the place!

    You want music that sounds like a kid playing with volume knobs? This is the place!

    You want your credit card double charged???? THIS IS THE PLACE.

  11. derek

    super hot chicks…..ill definatley cum back!!!!

  12. Corey

    This club is so bad! go to Cheerleaders, Ricks or the Rhino!!!

  13. Shaun

    Cool place…

  14. Tom

    I’m surpirsed the young crowd even drives up to that ghetto

  15. OnBusiness

    Got brought her for the First time, what a trashy place, First of all paying a bigger cover and getting a plastic cup for all rail drinks free is ghetto as shit!!!!

  17. jasmine fan
  18. Trish
  19. kitten

    The atmosphere of this club is fun. Cover is outrageous at $20 -for females too! Half of the girls were hot, half not. There were a few chunky monkey dancers the night I went. They couldn’t dance worth crap, and had nasty tit stretch marks. Girls were friendly. Good crowd there. I like this club the best so far in Pitts.

  20. Akron Fan

    Pittsburg sucks for dancers.

  21. williamr

    Was there second time awesome time very beautiful woman great dancing fairly classy girls free drinks an awesome bathroom attendent had a blast only one that I go to cheap dances

  22. Ray

    Hands down…..the best club in steel city!!!!!

  23. Smalls
  24. Harold

    Perfect 10

  25. vick
  26. JB3
  27. Shane

    Great club. Will go back soon

  28. BillyBob
  29. Isaac

    This Club is absolutely Pathetic!!!

  30. Angus

    Decent facilties – crappy strippers with attitude. How is that with nice managers though? Strange place. Expensive and the girls expect tips they don’t even come close to earning.

  31. chris

    This place is awesome best in pittsburgh you have to go I had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Sux

    It sux anymore

  33. desire

    its cool

  34. Sara
  35. HAHAHA

    The FILTHY coral doesn’t even come close to having shit on Erotica

  36. GoToSilky's

    This place is an overpriced and over dercorated dump! They charged me a buck for a coke! I thought they had free drinks? The bouncers are a bunch of meat heads and the girls are far from friendly. If you like to feel uncomfortable at a strip club go to Erotica!

  37. pathetic
  38. LowClass

    Low Class Dancers, Low class customers in a low class area

  39. memorialWeekend2010

    quite average as far as a city strip club. girls are all about the same type and nothing/no one really stands out. the cover gets you some good drinks but if you want drinks go to a bar. nowhere to really sit and chill, if that’s your thing this place is NOT for you. private rooms r ok. room length seemed on the short side. you really wont have a great time here unless your willing to drop 400$+ even then i still only thought it was ok. some cute girls but most of them look the same. like i said, average for a city club maybe a little on the low end of average.

  40. Oapal
  41. J.K.

    it sucks.

  42. mike

    This club is the nicest in the pittsburgh area.

  43. Ho Ho Ho!!!

    Guess you will never guess what i got for X-mas this year!

    Santa came in big time this year!!!!

    BRIANNA is PREGNENT!!! You heard it having a BABY!!!

    Wow I must of been very good this year this was at the top of my x-mas list second we ar unobtainable like World Peace and a Playstation 3. I think I am going to get a congratulating ad in the up coming paper!

    Briana good luck with the baby we already know it is a girl and she will raise it to her highest standards that she holds us to. WOW is all i can say. Briana good luck and God bless the baby, she is going to need a lot.

  44. wc
  45. Pat
  46. Dan

    Crack head door guys and a little crack head manager that walks around

  47. 000
  48. the man
  49. mic

    CE Sucks!!! Filly Rocks!!!

  51. Larry R. Hunter

    Place rocks if you likd scumbag, sleezie tramps with no class.

  52. Jake

    What will the line up be like this weekend?

  53. Scott
  54. Jim

    Best club in western PA!!!

  55. Worst

    Bottom of the barrel

  56. Sam

    Go to the Filly! Much better quality all around-nicer and better looking girls-and a much more enjoyable atmosphere!

  57. Victor
  58. Jewlz

    Screw this club I worked there and the dancers are a bunch of nasty haters. They are all out of shape and old.

  59. Scott

    Had a great time at Club E. The girls are very sexy!! I will be back very soon

  60. TomyBOY

    The Filly Corral beats the hell out of this joint no doubt in my mind FILLY all the way!!

  61. bum
  62. Nobody

    Nobody cares about your club

  63. Drake
  64. yeah man

    good times at club E!!

  65. FormerDancerThere

    Girls don’t make any money here.

  66. Dan

    #1 club in Pittsburgh!! I really enjoyed my visit!!

  67. John Briney

    Tried this place out again at a buddy’s urging. BAD mistake – still sucks. It is DEFINATELY part of the mob scene and the women are scags who tried to peddle me dope this time. When I refused a bouncer stayed next to me until we left. I truly thought we’d get rolled/robbed but they just followed us down the street for ways. Thank God an Paramedic vehcile pulled over nearby and the bouncers turned around and left. I’d rate the place as DANGEROUS

  68. Amber
  69. Greg
  70. Ghetto

    a straight Hole in the wall!

  71. marc

    Love this place

  72. paul

    Warehouse-style building in a rough part of town … valet parking because street parking is scarce … inside, the main floor was renovated with Roman columns and chandeliers, like a Las Vegas club … largest volume of good-looking, talented dancers in the tri-states area … high cover charge but includes free beer on tap served downstairs in a plastic cup … large male security staff (emphasis on large … do not get out of line here) … not much socialization with the entertainers besides tipping them at stage or taking them upstairs to the lap dance room or champagne room … top-shelf liquor and champagne available for rooms … upscale furnishings including leather couches in spacious rooms … overall, the top club in Pittsburgh.

  74. Rod

    I wouldn’t go for a “private dance,” so they treat you like crap. If it’s chicks with attitude as someone else said, this is the place for you – SOUR attitude! The bouncers are shit too.

  75. ClubDude

    This is the strangest strip club I’ve ever been to. The place was totally packed with guys. Pretty hot girls on the runways though, but no way to actually talk to them or interact with them. The lap dance room upstairs was just bizarre. Lap dances I had, the girls had a chip on their shoulder. If this is the best in PGH, then I feel sorry for PGH. Place was a very bad joke.

  76. Matt R

    Arlington Virgina! THATS where the good clubs are. Club E is a total waste.

  77. Ricks

    Such a shitty club Ricks is better than all the clubs in Pittsburgh

  78. TinyGuy
  79. Walt

    Overall the best strip club in Pittsburgh and I’ve been to them all minus penthouse. For the entrance fee of just 20$ you can get all the free drinks you could want for the night easily the best drink deal especially if you’re an alcoholic like me. The girls here are wonderful (I met my future wife here ) just be a gentleman and treat them with respect and you will have a great time. The atmosphere varies depending on the day and can be for just about anyone. With a typical busy club feel on the weekends and relaxed and laid back for you easy going guys on the slower weekdays. Thanks for the awesome times club E !!

  80. dancer
  81. Butt

    This club is straight ASS!!!!

  82. this place sux
  83. Jeff
  84. Bill
  85. Oz
  86. PM

    Great place……………………..

  87. devin

    goooood times…cannot wait for the weekend!!!

  88. MP

    I agree with everything that was said below. The only thing that I would add is that the staff can be very unfriendly, and the dancers are very persistant in asking for tips in rooms…before, during, and after!

  89. Chane

    best damn club iv ever been to!!!!

  90. Gynx

    Looking for an old issue of the Go Go ,any help

  91. i got jazzed
  92. clubjunkie
  93. Tucker
  94. Jamal

    Valet’s where shit, Dancers weren’t bad. DJ offered sell some info on a good time. Bouncers where total shit never been to a club where the bouncers treated customers like shit, although one did tell which girls to get VIP’s from based on his “experience”. Over all I’ll be back.

  95. Steve

    Had a chance to check out the club over the weekend for a bachlore party. I thought the cover was a little high at $20 then i was told it was FREE BEER AND LIQUOR all night and changed my mind.. By far the best value in town (not too many places you can get drunk for $20 and be sourounded by naked girls). I must say i was impressed by the general atmosphere. The club was completley redone with a type of roman ceasars palace theme. The bar was moved from the basement to across from the main stage making it easy to get a drink. We had a large party and the bouncers were generaly very helpful in accomidating our needs(i recomend the chair dances for a bachlore if you want something to talk about for years) All in all this is one of the best places i have been too and plan on going back. The staff is helpful and laid back as long as you are not out of hand. Will Be Back! Viva Erotica

  96. steven
  97. Dan P

    This COULD be a nice place but for starters, they need to clean the restrooms! FILTHY! YUK!

    The women? Holy shit, I’ve been treated more cordially by Muslims in Baghdad! These women are what men term as “broads,” because of their crap attitudes! If you don’t want a “private” session (yeah, RIGHHHHT!), they treat you like crap! The boucers have attitude and if it wasn’t a mob joint, it would’ve been fun to kick some ass, but then, why waste my time dealing with the cops for such jerks?! REALLY jerks though – no run-in with them, they just REEK attitude!!

    Won’t be many GI’s going to that rathole.

  98. Dylan

    Best strip club in the BURGH by far!!!

  99. Karen
  100. GoawayAlready
  101. dilby

    WATCH OUT! They double run credit cards. This place is a mob RIP OFF.

  102. Jay

    So I am interested in this club as well as couple others. They include Stilettos in New Brighton, Contraversy, and The Filly Coral. So my question is out of these 4 (Club Erotica, Contraversy, Stilettos, and Filly) which one is worth going. Which club has the hottest dancers, best quality of dances (private and lap), and have more high mileage dancers. Also I read all of these clubs are full nude, can anyone confirm this as well as age requirement I am under 21. Thanks

  103. piper

    they need to start over. parking, girls, management all suck about equally

  104. tony

    Club Erotica is a very hot stripclub with beautiful women.

  105. Jon

    This is the best Pitts has to offer,and thats not saying much.

  106. Fred

    Worst Club in the Burgh

  107. pissed

    pittsburgh is a joke…just like their football team

  108. Bob

    Best in the Burg!!!

  109. Josh
  110. Weekends

    You’re not going to get much on a Sunday night not just at Club Erotica but any club in Pittsburgh…unless it’s after a home Steelers Game! Check the place out any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to find the best dancers…. it’s like being in nudity and beauty heaven!!!

  111. Blow Me
  112. Joe
  113. Jenna

    Ugly ass girls for the two that are working everyday

  114. better to look than to VIP

    unfortunate but TRUE STORY: asked and paid for a 30 minute champagne room. actually had to wait a few minutes before the room became available. but had a decent dancer (she had the same name as a European city) to keep me company. she was talkative and had boobs and was half naked, and i’m a guy so i’m not complaining. once we got into the room, she had a captain (taking advantage of the topshelf i guess)i wasn’t drinking. anyways, during the dance she stumbled in her shoes once, tripped over the coffee table hitting her hand, and then also tripped once over my feet onto my lap. that apparently however was her way of checking to see if i would catch her. shortly after that she remarked she needed to look at her hand. now i saw how hard she hit, it wasn’t that hard and i was also hoping the alcohol in her might have helped, and i figured how long would she be gone and maybe they’ll extend the time. anyways, 10 minutes later she returned. before she left, the dance was fine yet a little chatty; i was glad to learn so much about her ex boyfriend who apparently encouraged her to drink too much. but afterwards she mainly was falling asleep on me. if i had a blanket i would have tucked her in. but the bouncer was sure to barge in 8 minutes early with a “times up”. i wasn’t sure if i was rude when i declined to give her a tip after she asked. should i have? any thoughts?

  115. Andy
  116. Tom

    Yes it is the best club in the burg. They could have better DJ’s or play better music but that is a problem in all the clubs in Pgh.

  117. WTF

    Cover way too high, girls wanna be highclass but can’t quite make it, the “dj” is some 50 year old mobster that can’t transition between songs and always fuck with the volume, some really old wash ups in here, few girls dancing lots of repeats, fuck this place

  118. The dogs
  119. Jason
  120. Anonymous
  121. Tim

    Has to be the best club in Pittsburgh.

  122. Fred
  123. Todd

    Never miss Erotica if you are ever in town!

  124. Darry

    The best Strip club in Pittsburgh, use to go to the Filly, but now im relocating to here.

  125. sturmey-Archer.. SHIMANO!

    Yeah this place is alright n’at.

  126. Whistle
  127. t
  128. Dump

    Dumpy club in the ghetto

  129. TC

    kendra wow

  130. Sarah
  131. dave

    this club is the BEST IN PITTSBURGH!!!!!

  132. Nodancers

    Went there last Sunday, there was no girls there at 8pm, they let me in for free and drink for free.

  133. Badger

    Total filth in the mens room and smells. Parts of the place look like a basement but its all the beer you can drink if your tipping. A lot better places in the burgh.

  134. NeverAgain

    Never coming here again. The people talking about the other clubs struggling have never stopped by here.

  135. Butch

    Amazeing and the remodeled!!!

  136. Gone to the Dogs

    Erotica used to be nice. This place has gone to the dogs !!! The remodel downstairs is nice but upstairs still looks like a dirty old whore house. Other than the bartenders………. peoples’ attitudes here stink. Management better tend to the whole club and not just their pet dancers!!!!!

  137. Ben

    If you like coked-up skanks, this is the club for you! If you like being bitched at for not dropping BIG tips, this is the club for you! If you like a bad-ass “bouncer atmosphere,” and seeing guys get tossed, this is your kinda place.

    Club EROTICA? More like club DESPOT-ICA!

  138. Jerome
  139. snatchman

    its not florida, but its awfully good

  140. yes

    I like it but I hate seeing the same girls on stage over and over again. they are good at first then you can tell they get run down…

  141. Cletus
  142. Skip
  143. WhatAJoke
  144. Dbag

    Shitty Girls! Shitty Management! Shitty Staff!!

  145. Martin

    Just an average at best club, with cheap well liqour, and 1 beer on tap. Won’t be returning

  146. Club expert.

    If your white its alright. They don’t welcome or don’t approve for black guys in the club or like it when girl are being friendly. Went too the club twice had girl passing by and skipping over my frinds and I. Had one refuse to give a private dance. We all know what the oppinion is of most Black guys that go to the club they don’t tip. We had $900 dollers between the three of us. I spent $30 and twenty was to get in. I met a girl at another club that had worked at Erotica in the past and she said they Warned her not to give Black guys private dances because “they are not wanted here”. Will never go back save your money and go some place else.

  147. Red

    This place is still tops in the Pittsburgh area

  148. joseph1k

    I went for my brothers bachelor party and one of the dancers pick pocketed my brother !We told the security guards which dancer did it and they threw us out of the club.We had been buying dances, drinks & having a party, so watch your pockets and don’t get too drunk. Management there doesn’t care! Visit another club, this one isn’t it!!!Not a full bar, you pay $20 admission and $1 for a “cup” …all you can drink.No food availableThat should say it all right there…..

  149. CrackHouse
  150. jason

    shitty crowd, shitty drinks and shitty girls. not much else to say.

  151. J C Briney

    Place sucks the big one! Mouthy girls with no class and the odor there was really strange!

  152. dave smith

    great club!!!

  153. Dax

    Love the girls and love Saturday nights!!!!

  154. joshua
  155. sammy

    Ive heard so many good things about this club over the years and finally decided to check it out recently. It was a fairly slow night, i went on a sunday. The girls were decent i guess, but i was expecting much better looking. They seemed bored and uninterested in the customers both on stage and when trying to get you to buy a dance. Also, I thought this was an all nude club. Most of the dancers did not take their bottoms off, just pull it to the side for a few seconds while dancing. I was incredibly annoyed at this and stopped going anywhere near the stage after the first 3 girls all did this. The only good thing about this place is the drinks. I definitely got my $20 worth in alcohol, there wasnt anything else worth paying attention to. I would possibly give it another chance on a friday or saturday, but probably not. There are other clubs that sound a lot better that ive yet to try.

  156. mike b

    best club i have been to drove from morgantown to here got my first dance there from paraside it was great then went with fanstay for two rooms which was amazing

  157. jimmy
  158. apple
  159. cool

    this place kicks ass.

  160. Lou

    This club is raunchy, the girls are raunchy. Some of them smell like old pussy. Only a few attractive ones. This is definately NOT a gentlemens club. All the girls want is your money. Very unfriendly. Get a dance and run.

  161. Jimbo
  162. Andrew
  163. antonio

    is this the best pgh has to offer…wow i feel sorry for pittsburgh

  164. LaughingStock
  165. Greg

    had a blast with my batchlor party….girls were SMOKIN!!!! if i get a divorce and get engaged again….my batchlor party will no dout be here!!!!

  166. Joey

    I love Club Erotica!!!!!

  167. customer
  168. dude
  169. Brandon

    Shit hole, only a few good dancers. Asshole security that are really just looking to fight. Nothing special go to Blush some place with more quality.

  170. Eric

    It SUCKS and if you want to lose money, this is your kind of place! If you want an STD, this is DEFINATELY your kind of place! Whatever you do, DON’T use a credit card here!

  171. DirtyHarry

    Good place to go if you feel like getting yelled at by coked up strippers if you don’t drop 300+. Obnoxious to say the least

  172. Clayton
  173. james

    absolute biggest waste of time and patience. the people are ridiculous here. i hope this place goes away asap

  174. darrel

    ABSOLUTE best club iv ever been to!!!!!

  175. Ray
  176. satan1

    watch out for the pricks that work here..they stole $20 from me at the door i put my money on the counter and got searched then they said i didnt pay yet so i had to pay again..

  177. TheDon


  178. Darrick
  179. Brad
  180. YourClubIsTrash
  181. i am sam
  182. cat

    It was clean and comfortable for me as a first time female in a strip club. Parking sucked but I would return to this club.

  183. in love

    this is the best club i have ever been to in my life and cant wait to go back!!

  184. nick
  185. bobby

    hot girls and just a great time….

  186. Kaylee
  187. MJ

    It is just funny reading some of the reviews and their

    illogical reasons for knocking this place. It is by far the

    best club in Pittsburgh and a very good club all around.

    When other reviewers say “All the girls want is your money”,

    well no shit, that is all any stripper wants at any place.

    The girls at this club are friendly, all you have to do is

    not be a jackass to them. It’s that simple.


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    Tons of you have already applied at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, but in case you’re still on the fence, come down, see what a spectacular establishment you could work for!!! We are taking applications M-F 10am till 6pm . Give us a call & come down today! Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club 3100 Liberty Avenue 412-218-3110

  189. John
  190. 123
  191. Fattys

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