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395 West Benjamin Franklin Highway, Douglassvile, PA 19518


40.270278, -75.767946




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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111 reviews for “Divas Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Bill Maher Bill Maher

    They roofie you at this club and let you drive home.. Several people have died.. Also, the will roofy you at Building 24 and try and bring you here..

  2. dancer

    It’s getting ALOT better here

  3. josh

    girls treat you like a king here

  4. JB

    No dancers here. Just a bunch of chicks playing with themselves.

  5. What a joke

    looks like they have all the management in the club putting flase outstanding ratings on here. 5 almost prefect scores in a row. Anyone who has been inthere knows thats bull crap

  6. Fried Onions

    I peed on the couch. Enough said.

  7. Dave
  8. dickie

    getting better nudes are hotter

  9. grrrl

    So for anyone that wants a fair review, here ya go. In the years I’ve

    been here, this place has turned around in a MAJOR way. The

    construction is done, vip rooms got revamped. They’ve started

    hiring way hotter chicks who can actually dance and use the pole.

    Bartenders are still hot. Lapdances are smokin’. And you’ll find a

    variety of women, so pretty much everyone is satisfied. What’s

    attractive to one guy may not be to another.

  10. Sal

    Whoever said that Vixen is tall has obviously

    had a few too many drinks when they have

    visited. She is only about five foot five in

    reality and looks like a troll. But, she wears

    pretty tall heels which make her appear

    taller. Sky and Isis are well known for their

    herpes. Isis and Precious smell like they

    never ever shower. Two or them are

    obviously on Herion or Meth, walk around all

    twitchy and have nasty infected sores all

    over their ass n legs

  11. Bill

    Not worth the drive. They used to have a hot dancer named Morgan last year. She was the only reason to go to the place. I have been there 3 times this year and none of the dancers are worth the trip

  12. Skipper

    Renamed DIVA’S XO. Clean club and bathrooms. Chair dance $20 topless $40 nude for one song. Not “private” as advertised.

    Athena and Clara are the best dancers here. The rest are tattooed muffin stomachs.

  13. Oppie

    A good place to chill. Mid week is great for one on one with the dancers. I will go back again.

  14. Bryan

    Awesome, girls are great, and open and just an all out good place!!!!! stop by, it’s worth it!!!!

  15. SomeguynamedChris

    Ariel is so hot! Wow. She is so hot and almost all the other girls are sweet too.

  16. hola

    where you get them girls at from glenside projects

  17. Donny

    i love them

  18. joe
  19. DAMM

    Your right there is lots wrong with this place including the scanky girls that still work here

  20. TIFF

    That is so funny Tiff never does coke, did so much coke in the bathroom I lost count. Oh and she was teh manager not a barkeep idiot.

  21. Jason

    Worst Place I have ever been in. Girls all skanks and drup addicts. Place is a shithole. no food and watered down booze. DOn’t waste your money here

  22. Gregory

    Not what it used to be by far!

  23. G

    were’da dark n lovly nibraska go she smoken

  24. To Scott

    You get what you pay for? Do you really think this dump with the ugly bitches and drunk employees has any right to charge a cover at all. When it rains they should waive the cover and give out raincoats. And when it is not raining give out fans since the place is 110 degrees

  25. not that bad

    deserves more than a 4.6 rating

    girls friendlier and give good dances

    prices are also fair for dances but drink a little high

  26. mitch

    a hole in the wall with very hot sweet girls who are ready to please i’d do em’ all even the bartender


    I really cant say sucks enough

  28. repost

    Dudes telling the truth about Rich trying to set up Dave Angstadt.. even though he is a meth dealer and Rich has always done business with him.. he helped you get your ex hooked on heroine from what I saw Richie boy

  29. Onit2

    Bouncers n doormen are little membered pussies…kelly why don’t you hire some real men..not these wanna bes

  30. Rich

    Dump on the inside most girls 7 or 9 with a 2 or 3 thrown in

  31. ClickClickBoom

    This club is VERY hit or miss.

  32. Robert

    i love mel and lany these are real women get over yorselves

  33. AHHHHH

    The girls here are ugly there is no food. Bad DJ Sound system. And it is a dump

  34. woody

    Babes on sundays

  35. ryan123

    Home to Berk’s County’s Finest But-Her-Faces. As my hubby says when the girls come to collect their dollar: “Some you pay to stay and some you pay to GO AWAY.”

  36. Cletus
  37. it's too bad

    there are so many loser customers and ex-dancers trying to bad mouth the club. They have nothing better to do. They should just stay away and get a life.

  38. keith

    good looking girls seem to work friday and saturday early shifts

  39. Jonn

    Great place hot dancers, good dance prices too

    hot bartenders mel and tammy

  40. SOS

    Actually it is more like SOS Save our Strippers

    It’s taking on water and going down fast captin

  41. To Tiff Lover

    How can anyone love Tiff. She is a drunk. She used to just sit at the bar and drink as a customer. Now is just drinks for free from the other side of the bar. They would have done themselves a Favor by not hiring her she was probally one of the best drunk ass customers. Probally lost 4 grand a month in booze just by hiring her

  42. k-girl

    Ok ..this is the first strip joint i have ever been in so I don’t have anything to compare it to but…. I wasnt impressed at all….the drinks seemed to be watered down and on here it says the drinks are $3.50

    well when I was there tonight ..they were $4.50 and there were only a few dancers there .

  43. TODD


  44. jughead
  45. G your blind

    G your bind also. Nebraska weight in at about 240pounds. My guess is you can find her at the buffet at howard Johnsons

  46. DaMan

    I have never been so disrespected like I was by the males working at this place! Such a joke these guys think they’re God cause they work.in some dump. Especially the black DJ who sometimes works the private dance room..this guy is obviously a tool. Typical N****R with a little bit of authority..and that word isn’t nagger!!

  47. Come on

    you must be blinded by love or something, Dean.

  48. David

    theres lots wrong with this place but it aint the girls i now most these coments are wrote by ex dancers. fags like romeo thiefing x manager. bartednders are great and hottest and all these girls they talkin about tare the best there so girls dont let these assholes get to you all yas rock

  49. buck

    second story better

  50. Jimmy

    Really Hot bartenders they should be the dancer,get rid of the dancers.

  51. jim

    Hot nude lap dances

  52. too bad

    May Day!! May Day!!!! May Day!!!! May Day!!!! May Day!!!!

  53. Ghost

    Has been awhile I been here and I have been watching the remodeling of the club as I drove back and forth to work. Went there last night and club looked great but the guy at the door said its 7 bucks to get in? Turned to see the girls and walked right the fuck out. Dont know who took over this place or if it changed owners or not, but I can tell you this, they took a nice club and are trying to turn it into something its not. 7 bucks isnt nothing to me but to have to pay that for what you get in there isnt worth it. This place was a real nice stop on the way home from work and a real cool place to hang out. Better get some real hot dancers to match the upgrades or I see this place going under fast. What a same. This was right close to home, but now Ill just take the little bit extra ride down the road.

  54. Shayne
  55. ted
  56. Steph

    The staff harasses the girls to no end each day. Find somewhere else to dance if you are looking.

  57. BLOWS

    This place blows and not in the good way

  58. quackyjoe

    This club is now called Divas xo and it has been remodeled .

    I have been to alot of strip clubs and during the daytime

    and late afternoon have seen great dances on stage. Maybe

    cause of the slow hours but the girls seem to enjoy themselves and they are always friendly. The nighttime girls

    are just as friendly but not good dancers.also to the guy

    who says having a drink as a dancer is unclassy …i prob

    bought them .

  59. Holloween SUCKED HERE

    Holloween really sucked her same 4 girls no costums, wow this place was bad but it has really hit rock bottom

  60. ArmyGuy

    It was a great place and a wonderful time to relax. The drinks was a nice price, the dancer was OMG sexy, sexy. The prices for lap dancers wasnt bad. I have been to alot of strip club in other countries and i have seen alot worse. So go kick back and let the girls tease and please.

  61. just a girl

    not our fault this place blows

  62. ray

    it aint the girls makin it bad here, it’s the bs owners not fixing anythin

    they beein promised it all get better but it aint yet

  63. Steve

    It’s not that bad here

  64. Eric E

    There are a couple of cuties (Aurora for one) but for the most part the dancers are very standoffish and are ver much just take you money and run. The place is pretty dirty and dark, I guess that doesn’t really matter. Don’t go for a private dance. Way overpriced. $100 for 15 minutes, what a joke.

  65. Randall

    Oh yes it is that bad here and even more. At least they have started ripping the place down. Now it does not even look like it is open anymore. That will really help you get more business. Same 5 girls all the time, damm how many times can you sit there and look at the same 5 scanky girls. There is no girl there right now that is above a 3 or 4

  66. Bob

    friendly girls and sexies bartender mel

  67. Glow Gentlemens Club

    NOW HIRING DANCERS!!! Ladies my name is Mark Mariano i run Glow Gentlemens Club in Bethlehem. We are now hiring DANCERS to work for Glow. We promise you more money than you are making here at Babydolls. Come check us out or call. Ask for Mark or Paul. 3868 rte. 378 Bethlehem PA (610) 866 2110

  68. fool

    u got ripped u got a champain court dance nude is 40 and top off 20 fat ass ripped u off!

  69. ricky

    Great girls, great bartenders, great dance and court prices, lots of friction with almost all dancers, construction is a little slow i am a regular and i believe most bad comments come from former employees, all girls are above average and better than my wife by far!

  70. jack

    not too bad

  71. Dance Fever

    Must be jilted ex-employees posting these horrible comments. One or two girls are nasty, but the majority ROCKS!

  72. Barry Fry

    I don’t know what everybody’s problem is with this club, however, I have been

    treated very well there. Maybe you should go to the place with some MONEY!

    Instead of looking for a quick feel and a fuck for a buck !!!! Strippers are people


  73. phil s

    steer clear

  74. awsome

    This club is at least a 9.9!

  75. jesse

    the biggest piece of shit club-dancers seemed high and they always had a drink in front of them.no class.

  76. Yeah

    Any place is better then BD-you can fix it up but you can’t change that trash that dances inside there.

  77. Marlen

    I love this club. They have redone the whole place. From the bar to the bathrooms, the lap dancing room and the champagne court. The girls are hot and the bartenders are smokin. You should really check it out… Its not your old Baby Dolls.

  78. ralph
  79. jackazz


  80. Kelly

    Xmas party was AWESOME!!! Tons of hot girls and Tammy and Mel dressed up as Santa’s little helpers were some HOT babes! Surprised at the crowd barely fit my car in the lot. This place could make a come back.

  81. Dave

    Friend of mine & I had an absolute blast Saturday evening. We were a little bummed out & U ladies just lifted us up in more ways then U can imagine. To the red head, forget her stage name, I promised to be back for a lap dance we will C U next week. …and 2 that second girl who gave me one mind blowing lap dance…girl this time I hope U have the room to do whatever it was U were going too…and sweetheart U had me and I was not wanting 2 let go!!! That wave good-bye as we walked out the door had me not wanting 2 leave!!

    Ugh!!! I wanna go back right NOW!!!!

  82. SUCKS

    Worst place I have ever been in one dancer and the bartender was hotter than her

  83. Sammy

    Worst Club I have ever been at, no music no girls and a dump

  84. oh please...

    yeah anyone who knows this place or worked here or been here, know it is a fucking dump and most of the girls that work here are fat and ugly skanks. We all know damn well that all of them good comments in a row are from one person, the management, just trying to make this club look better. Well wake the fuck up this club is, was and will always be shit!

  85. Dan

    A dive with hot babes

  86. Tiffany Lover

    Whether she is a drunk or not, and whether the club is losing money because she has a few drinks, I’d still suck her clit until her eyeballs dried out

  87. pistol
  88. Aurora

    This club USED TO BE a real dive. Since they’ve been remodeling it’s been gradually getting better. They really cleaned up on the quality of the Dancers. If you’ve had a bad experience here before, come by again on a Friday or Saturday after 7:00. Theres usually a good variety of hot girls for everyone’s taste, most girls are pretty friendly. Thanks to Eric E. below. For all the bad reviews posted at least one of the nice ones mentions me, I must be a diamond in the rough. Come by soon, I’m leaving in February boys!!!

    XOXOXO, Aurora <3

  89. john

    Hope your xmas party better than scarlets or i’m giving up



    Dam there was nothing good about this dump

  91. Justice

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  92. dean

    love this place

  93. Scott

    Overall just a dunb with over the hill, used and abused girls

  94. Paul

    Sorry dude Tammy is hot and so is Lainey…look around they have some beat ass bitches here that can’t even hold a candle to these two, like the skinny blonde who sucks dick in the parking lot, the fat pig electra, open your eyes last post was right you’re really a jealous girl

  95. Dosent matter

    I heard the place will be closing soon anyway if it does not start making money

  96. Tommy

    Worst Club I have ever been in

  97. Horney

    good place to hang out for a few beers

  98. SUCKY


  99. Regular J

    close to home, oh tif was the best barkeep there, why all the negative comments on her and another favorite of mine Laney, i sense some jealousy. these two women have regular lives and don’t use drugs. utterly lovely, these two gals, don’t worry ladies, these comments mean nothing to most

  100. no way

    theres worse than bd-scarlets in allentown like a trip to the dog pound there

  101. satisfied

    i like it here and yes the dances are great with lots of grinding

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  103. SUCK


  104. dick

    great friday night

  105. Kevin M.

    this is the dirtiest place i’ve ever been. i think i got crabs from the toilet. i was standing.

  106. Valkerie

    Good for the quick night out

  107. Horny wolf
  108. Goth

    Outstanding place. Everything was a blast and i still have a hard from the ladies.

  109. Michael

    Place is under construction, but that didn’t stop them form hiring the hottest girls in the area! Rockelle and Lexus are AMAZING!

  110. Darrell
  111. moo

    i saw so much tonight my dick was hard the whole time i was in there. yum

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