Ballpark Tavern



7201 Bristol Pike, Levittown, PA 19057


40.1294377, -74.8336584




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Ballpark Tavern

  1. P

    Hey Brooklyn, if that’s you…..I agree. Also If you remember I had a 2 CD’s with you on a Monday night. I remember you from S&S. Your really a good dancer, Will be back to see you again…..Hope you remember me.

  2. Dancer
  3. Skunk
  4. local

    not all bartenders atre lazy they are alot of fun the girls are fun to this place is just a local spot to hang with friends. my advice don’t go in on lazy bartender shifts terri and michelle otherwise its a real good time!

  5. Carguy
  6. boobie
  7. Jimi

    The one dancer clover keept asking to do private dances she keep

    tryn to sell her snach look baby dol loose 50lbs get a nose job stop

    caking on the makeup and go work at walmart with the rest of the

    white trash

  8. drifter

    This place is a dump. They should have shut it down after

    the raid.

  9. Whywhywhy

    Dirty, disgusting, hole in the wall. One, maybe two good looking girls but it’s hit or miss whether you will catch them or fat old drug hags. Bartenders are fat, old, rude, cunts. Its $20 per song for private (not including xtras).

  10. Snake

    Cut. The smoking down

  11. Young boy

    I like some of the bigger girls they get here

  12. Long timer

    Continually gets worse. Dancers act bored

  13. SnapDragon

    This is the place to be to satisfy all your vices… any time day or night. I wish there were more dirty babes… can’t get enough of those overtly dirty babes….

  14. Suki Says

    Nice Place. Good CD’s. Will repeat.

  15. Mama


  16. Old Vet

    Best couch in Pennsylvania that I know of. The dancing on stage can be boring but after you’ve been around a few years, watching the stage is a bore anyway. Who gives a shit.

  17. rayland

    Candy/Jersey/Fornanda. Nuff said!

  18. MR.G MAN
  19. Big bopper

    Well then how much is it to fuck Heather?

  20. Closed


  21. rob


  22. traveller

    I stop here whenever I’m passing thru, I always have fun. Most of the dancers are pretty, not silicone barbies. Private dances are a bit more expensive, but quite good. Overall I recommend the place as a fun spot.

  23. Bill

    If you wont a pregnant crack head its the place to be.

  24. Steve

    A casual and fun place with (mostly) beautiful dancers and (often)amazing private dancers. Highly recommended!

  25. HeatherFan

    Heather sighted at Oxford Valley Mall… nope no where near bp. No nothing was available…

  26. RN

    I’ve been visiting for years so i feel I’m qualified to review. Smalish bar, lots of smoke. Bartenders are hit or miss. There is one there that really stands out, makes you feel welcome and takes care of you right away. Mostly white dancers, a few AA girls work here with other ethnicities thrown in .

    This is a club for extras, and if your into that then this club will get you the mileage you seek. Your experiences will vary.

  27. Canadian

    This club needs to be cleaned

  28. Conman of all time...Trump!

    Trump a married man, alleged to have hired porn stars, Russian prostitutes provide golden shower, hundreds of women accusing him of forcibly groping, kissing, reaching up the skirt, became the President of the greatest country in the world!

    This was posted on TT forum for a brothel comment. Worth repeating!

  29. TimC

    Julie the Bartender is awsome always cheerful and always gives great service. I know one guy gave her a terrible review. I think he was way off with his post. I always enjoy going in for a few drinks when I know she is there….

  30. Brooklyn

    I love my job , the place Jus not even bad as people as u all u

    saying .and I’m deff not lazy at my job I work the pole. I

    always look my best , change outfits after each set or every

    other depending on how busy I am so no one has the nerve

    to say lazy ugly fat crackhead gurl work there cuz I’m totally

    opposite from that , I don’t do drugs n not fat I’m not lazy .

    So stop wit the shit talking about my club . I recommend

    ballpark then anywher else

  31. A Reg Customer

    Place has really cleaned up nicely. New floors, new paint. This place is giving alot of other places in the area a run for their $$$$

  32. Brett
  33. Melania

    Stink of cigarette smell is so bad, even a smoker can’t take it! Same story with bath room! No cleaning supplied. Lap dance room has saggy couches, can’t even sit properly!

  34. Overrated

    It is a disgusting dive with a buch of hogs or crackheads.

    Danielle is nice, but there are few and are not talented

    unless you want extras in a disgusting back.

  35. Jews Rule

    The overall quality of girls is good..need to get rid of the drama queens and serious drug addicts in here. Other than that it is a nice club, better than some I have been to in the area

  36. Regular

    nice local bar, no cover, girls are great, fun to hang out at and most of the bartenders are fun to talk to. a no bones about it bar.

  37. John Davenport

    i love ball park girls

  38. Just me

    Getting better all the time. Now no pasties!

  39. franky
  40. Dick Cheney

    LOL, “sad but true” below. First, not likely true. and if it was, it certainly wouldn’t be “sad” but rather great.

    Girls should have entrapeneurial spirit, as this is what our country was founded on!

    And customer sevice should a;ways be first and foremost! that means providing whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. Who gives a fuck about some whining bitch who disapproves.

  41. charlie2

    i read so much bad stuff about this place had to go and check out ..great bartenders and the girls were pretty and friendly , i had a great time and will go back again , very homey

  42. Someone

    Coner bar wi dancers and extras

  43. Tdizzle

    Love this joint. Drinks are definitely overpriced but we’ll worth it for some of the fun and eccentric personalities that I’ve grown to love. Bartenders are all very nice..I usually go just to have some drinks with my favorite dancer Kelly. She’s gorgeous inside and outside, has the vocab

  44. player
  45. Slongger

    Go during 2-5pm. Or late at nite after 9pm. For a reasonable donation, gals take you back sing a nice song and sit on your hard working tool! Now its upto you to figure out whos on what medication and if they use protection or not!

  46. JR

    Julie, the bartender, makes you feel very comfortable. She makes sure that everyone is taken care of. I feel like I’m a guest in her living room when she’s there tending bar.

  47. customer

    place looks better but the dancers are still horrible. the gud news is extras are the norm here if you dont mind ugly addicts, go for it

  48. Anon
  49. Dick Santorum

    Don’t belive the hating bitches (other dancers) bad mouthing a club.

    For instance the LAST comment. No dude would ever comment like that. But a bitch that was fired or hates some people that work here and is the biz herself (competing) can easily be seen as going out of the way to pit a comment like that.

    It’s not rocket science. And when people have “agendas” and hate so much, thet will say anything… the truth is the first casualty of hatred.

    The club is a small dive but has some atmosphere and soul. Sometimes tou can find a gem here and have a much better time than most pennsy clubs.

  50. knightowl7457

    Always friendly there

  51. slicko

    had an awesome time , everyone friendly , laughed , played pool , talked to chicks , loved it!!!

  52. Russ

    Dark, smoky, throwback type neighborhood joint located on US13. Has regular clientele. Girls range from fair to fugly and none are shy (if you can see in the dim light). Bar service when I visited was attentive and quick. If you’re not too discriminating, a good place for some low-grade fun.

  53. never again

    all i have to say it this is the worst club i have ever been too

  54. Quiet Regular

    My favorite place to go. It’s a corner bar with benefits. Have spent tons of money in here and had a blast doing it. Love it.

  55. Ken

    A great local place to drink a definite cheers atmosphere. ok i won’t lie, the girls are hot to look at too

  56. Heather

    Its HEATHER bitches!!! And i love going to the ballpark to see my girls!!! The club definitely got better since i first started working there..all but for the prices of lap dances.. Girls used to make close to a stack in a shift .. Up until like 5 or 6 years ago when a few of these cheap ass girls started fucking for 20$ .. Not cool !!! Take those prices to the ave and leave em’ there!!

  57. Sandeep

    Grand Opening of the Curry House coming soon with all big chested young, friendly, beautiful girls!

  58. slicko2

    went with a bunch of guys and had a great time , looking forward to going back…. lots of fun!!!!!!!!

  59. Long Time Employee

    Wow! The last reviewer REALLY doesn’t know what he/she/it is talking about. Joe has cleaned up the place alot. New floors, new paint, new image. He has gotten rid of the obvious drug addicts and replaced the with new, prettier girls with teeth in their mouths. Place is busier than ever and almost difficult to get a parking spot in the lot anymore.

  60. ChuckyD

    Good mileage for your $$$’s, talent of dancers varies widely.

  61. Good News

    Now that the exterior has been redone, more changes are being done to the inside real soon. Stay tuned for more details!

  62. A Reg

    Place has been really busy lately

  63. Vincent

    Pricey drinks, worn out strippers, neighborhood whorehouse

  64. jack

    did not have fun..just spent alot of $$$ . Lots of very heavy ladies, i mean really heavy they should not be dancing. Just gave pitty dollars ( she wears glasses and flip flops ,,wow that make your ass look good)

  65. robert

    there was no cover charge, gave low value for food and private dance since I did not use them. The place was a little dark but was able to see the dancers and they were friendly

  66. BeaverMan

    This place sucks

  67. a real dancer

    hello all you haters of the ballpark i must say thae place has cleaned up alot since i lasted worked there and the crack head dancers are no longer working there we do have a lot more pretty girls working there that actually dance instead of giving head in the back so before you run your mouth about all us take time to meet all of us before dogging us out on the net or at least let us know who does what that way we know your not talking about the good ones that work there i do my job with out doing extra in the back room and still go home with good money everynight!but for those of you who love our bar keep on coming in we’re always happy to see you its like cheers you wanna go where everybody knows your name and there always glad you came

  68. cheche
  69. Tdriz continued

    Kelly continued…. Has the vocabulary of a trucker, can drink any one of the other dancers under the table and it’s a pretty much 99% chance she’ll have you laughing at least a few times each time she comes around for tips. Wish other girls would focus more on entertaining as opposed to private dances

  70. austin
  71. Tom

    I must say after reading all of the previous statements I was nervous visiting this place but i heard it changed and it seemed promising. The girls are not the hottest in the world but most of them are very nice and will talk to you. Private dances are very enjoyable and worth the high price tag of 30 dollars per song. Drink prices were a little high but the service was nice. When i went there the bartender actually turned into a stripper which was not a very great thing to watch but it was kind of humorous because she was in her 40s i would say. I was drunk by that point so I was throwing 1’s at her haha.

    I say its a cool place and I will be going back once in a while. Kind of pricey if you really want to have a good time but all in all its a good place. Just don’t go in there wanting to see women that are super models!

  72. Levi's Mark

    Can anyone tell me whan Levi / Tracy / Justice is working?

    I gotta’ meet this chick / babe / DRW…

    Thanks – chi_sam

  73. Jeff
  74. World Traveler

    Very good and getting better. Everyone welcome.

  75. club
  76. Mark

    Been there a couple of times. There are some hot dancers, some really fat ones and one crazy chick I couldn’t understand but she danced good. Not a bad place. Whats up with all the bar flies though? Same guys everytime I come in. Don’t they have jobs? Couch dance VERY worth it

  77. NJBarstool

    Never seen a hot dancer here. I have seen a few ok’s. I have recieved two condomless bj’s in the ld room. They were good but I couldnt wash and dissinfect my junk soon enough. Bad idea but I think Im clean ( crossing fingers ). Were most dealing with crack and crank whores and fatties that cant work anywhere nicer. Shit club. But if you want a cheap thrill this is your place

  78. Won't be coming back

    This place sucks! stopped in to check it out, girls were nothing to look at and had bad attitudes.

  79. Snapper

    Place sucks… bartenters are lazy …to busy on the cell phone or talking with their friends

  80. Billy

    The best dancer in there is a petite black girl named mya she does stuff on that pole none of the other girls dare of doing to bad this her last week she going to school boy Iā€™m sure going to miss her

  81. Chuck

    I that this place over that shit hole Tattle Tales Too any day!

  82. Brent M.

    Typical dive of a strip club from outside. Small stage where girls dance and strip. But the girls offer plenty of extras. Most girls are 6 to 7 in looks,but a few like Spice are 9s. If you cannot leave there with a smile you are definitely doing something wrong. The bar is s typical beer and shot atmosphere. I did not see any food being offered. Most services offered are $$ and the menu is just the basics: fs & bj. Do not let the look of the place discourage you. Once you go inside and talk to the girls you will see why this place has been around do long.

  83. First timer
  84. Sandeep

    Sandeep and Big Rick are fictional character that a TROLL uses to bother people on this site. He is a low life scumbag who hides behind a keyboard and is just a asshole. You can ignore the post about all that that strip bullshit and all the disease post. He was belittled by his mom for being gay and takes it out on this site. – EFG, Esq

  85. justme

    Good place to have some fun. There are some very hot dancers and there are some very not hot dancers. All in all a nice place to look at tits and drink some beer

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  87. Wolf300

    Alwats a great time at the Bsallpark…. Friendly Bartendars, Dancers, and Beers

  88. Jose

    Dive whorehouse… always was and always will be…

  89. MJ L.

    The Basics:No CoverBeers for $4-5$20 DancesThis is a smallish “Go-go” bar in Levittown on the southbound side of US-13. Look for the purple building. Single pole stage against one wall and well behind the rectangular bar that surrounds it. A pool table and the single couch couch-dance room are off to the right of the entrance. A bit dim and dingy but, hey, you’re not expecting glitz.The girls seem friendly enough, though it seems that this is a place for regulars. The dollar parade isn’t too heavy as it is one girl at a time dancing a two or three song set. Some will swing by for the quick $1 tip, others will try for the 3-for. I’m guessing the appeal of this place is that the couch-dance+ is practically thrown at you. There is a small booth for dances, semi-private as the couch is tucked in the corner but there is no door or curtain. Doesn’t seem to discourage the girls from pursuing a more lucrative arrangement. $100 will take you far.

  90. dewane

    it was good untill da sistter came in were da scanky white girls at

  91. turnpike mike

    Not a bad stop a real throwback joint!

  92. Nightowl
  93. Michelle

    Great club, a lot of renovations going on. Come in and say hi, place is looking great!

  94. knightowl
  95. adidass

    Good club to hangout if you don’t mind cigarette smoke. In addition to a good ventilation, they could update lighting too!

    Wish owners posted schedule as some days everyone is either old ugly or both. Some days you can find beauties like Fernanda, Brooklyn, Heather, Ashley etc. All these gals get the job done. Dudes into backdoor look for Megan, Candy, Molly, Mayling.

  96. SnagglePuss

    Unclean and sleazy a breeding ground for STD

  97. Flip

    Place is kind of a dated hole in the wall but not a bad overall experience

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