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1138 Easton Road, Horsham, PA 19044


40.2014548, -75.1387204




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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109 reviews for “Double Visions

  1. Finster

    Stopped by late in the afternoon a few weeks ago on a recommendation of a friend. Bartender Stephanie was a sweetheart and helpful. Dancers were not pushy when off stage. Most were real pretty and had good pole skills. The overall vibe is a chill laid back club with a bar. I don’t remember the prices for dances, but will definitely be going back more often.

  2. ?

    i agree this place needs to bring back a few of them girls they have tossed away. i dont understand why they get rid of what we love!im not saying any names but you all who have been going there a while know who im talking about when i say DROP DEAD GORGEOUS AND SWEETEST GIRL EVER! but shes gone, i will still be in for my beers but i dont think things are as great as they use to be.

  3. buddy

    Dancers were ok. Bartenders were old and had very nasty attitudes

  4. Suave

    I really like this club; it’s a small neighborhood bar and doesn’t try to be a high-priced, high-pressure downtown Philly club.

    The drinks are relatively cheap, particularly during the 2-4 happy hour.

    The girls are friendly, attractive (occasionally beautiful), and don’t hustle you every time you turn around.

    The few couch dances I’ve had were VERY enjoyable.

    I rate it 8.0 overall and wish it were closer.

  5. Kyle

    Great place actually.

  6. Deandra

    I love this place! Been here a few times with the hubby and the girls always show us a good time. I will be making this a regular spot!

  7. Bruce

    This club has been going downhill for a long time! It’s not worth another visit!

  8. Not

    This club doesnt suck,and the bartenders are GREAT!! What are u thinking saying that this club sux, I would love to know what other strip club u can go to where there isnt drugs and all of the girls get along great. There isnt one! This is the best club I have ever worked at,and the staff of bartenders and girls are great!

  9. Ed Lover

    Have been there 3 times recently (october 2006). There are a couple of decent looking girls. Dances are 15 and they grind pretty good (no touching them, however). My only complaint is that the girls are prohibited from soliciting dances from the customers. So the girls tend to do their dance on stage and then run back upstairs. They don’t mingle much, which kind of sucks.

  10. Kip

    Anne sucks rotten monkey meat

  11. abcdefg
  12. Roger Doger

    This new place SUCKS you have to wait and wait for a drink when there is hardly and customers in the bar and then get a attitude on top of it. The CD room is lame unless your a regular and can get special tratment. Bring back Sharon and the fun of the orginal club. There are to many pudgy wudgys that need to loose some pounds

  13. Lance

    I remember that cunt. I stopped coming to this because of her. She was so fucking rude on the phone when I called one night to see if I lost me wallet there, that I didn’t go back. I even called for Phil to complain about it but he wouldn’t call me back. Asshole.

  14. Wayne

    Welcome to loserville.

  15. stan
  16. Marco Polo

    A Good Time

  17. MATT
  18. troy

    This has always been my favorite club, I’m sorry I stayed away for as long as I did. I’ve got good news for everyone I’m back

  19. TONY
  20. Sally

    Fun Fun Fun

  21. Curley

    I am a regular customer and love every minute there. The people there are fantastic and the girls are amazing. I can’t wait for there new place to open up.

  22. Rick

    Great place!

  23. Tom
  24. mike

    This club sucks

  25. CHUCK
  26. Karl Hungus

    This is a nice, local place which is totally different from the uber-hip places you might find in the city. It’s a place where the girls dance to Creedence Clearwater Revival rather than Korn, or at least they did when I was there. I had the dance of my life with a beautiful young woman (physically and personality-wide), and will be back. Not a lot of pressure from most dancers, which is nice, although there was one who sort of snapped at me when I said “Maybe in a bit” to a dance.

  27. ryan
  28. Art

    This place has the best looking and sweetest dancers and bartenders I have seen in quite some time.

  29. Dan

    Love it here! Even customer women are to die for!! Better than any club around here!!

  30. adamrod

    Not sure why they don’t call this place a Gentleman’s Club because it is the same as all the clubs in Philly. The dancers hound you for lap dances and won’t let you relax and enjoy your drink. The girls are pretty but they’re a pain to listen to. The place is run by mobsters called the Catagnus brothers whose father did federal time for a felony and can’t have the liquor license in his name. The cops wait for you to leave and pull you over to check for DUI. Be careful. There was another shooting there yesterday.

  31. Jake

    I had a hard time with some fucking cunt that claimed to be the manager here. Fuck this place. All I did was knock my beer over and she had me thrown out. Fuck you you fucking smelly, skeevy cunt! I was going to complain because one of the other customers saw it happen and even he agreed it wasn’t right. Now that I see the site though—-I can see the owner doesn’t do shit about her fucking attitude.

  32. Yeah

    I really Had a good time there and would go again, for the price it’s awsome… i dropped 20 here then went to creekside caberet and dropped 100 in about the same time span…

  33. The Boss

    This place sucks beyond belief. It should be a maintencance hanger for the Air Base.

  34. peter north

    i was the only one in there yesterday afternoon and the girl i was getting a lapdance from ripped my pants off and fucked my brains out. then i shot a huge load in her face while the girl bartending held my balls. i highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to bang ho’s and shoot loads on faces

  35. -99
  36. joe
  37. Fred
  38. Justin

    There was a girl here last night and she was so hot,she was sitting with me and it took that bartender a half hour for me to buy the girl a shot and then the bartender was a bitch to me AND the one hot girl I was sitting with said she was leaving and never coming back. What the hell kind of shit is that, I wont ever come here again, place sucks!

  39. Daniel

    Love this place great dancers and prices.

  40. j
  41. hi
  42. D.

    I used to come here years ago. I moved away for a while and just moved back recently. I stopped in during the afternoon. WOW! This place is STILL AWESOME! There were plenty of good looking girls working. Some I remembered and there were new ones too. They were all very friendly and fun. Plus they all looked spectacular. I am glad I moved back to the area! I will definitely make DV a regular stop. Thanks!

  43. Liar

    The Manager? Yeah right. Certain slang, sounds a little too familiar. Don’t blow your cover!

  44. JOHN
  45. Jeff
  46. D

    Bobbbi was the greatest dancer I’ve ever met at a club. If you go, seek her out and enjoy.

  47. VICTOR
  48. Frank
  49. BW

    Day time bar tenders are great and so are the girls later in the week. Thurs, Friday, & Sat nights have smokin girls but the bartenders suck.

  50. Satisfied

    I have been coming to Doubles for a long time and I think that they are better now than ever! The girls are all beautiful, the staff is great, you can go wrong here! I love it, I go now more than I have ever gone!

  51. Mark

    I think this is a good club. I mean its small but they get good business and there are some smokin hot chicks.The bartenders are quick and good with drinks. I would recommend this club to my friends.

  52. Lime

    I’ve been to all the clubs in the area, and this is by far

    consistently the best of the small places. I’ve never had a

    bad time here. The dancers here always put forth a good

    effort up there, unlike some places where they “half ass” it

    on stage. The place always has a friendly neighborhood bar

    atmosphere. I just wish they were open on Sundays. Hunter is


  53. Dancer

    I agree. Anne sucks. I sued to like her until she began to think she was the fucking queen here.

  54. Keith

    Ann (Angie)…whoever. You suck moose cock. Your attitude sucks!

  55. Marc

    This place is on it’s way up!!! I like the girl DJ there!!

  56. Bill

    Where did all the good girls go?

  57. Django

    Stopped by at 4 PM on a Wednesday and was absolutely amazed at how many hot dancers were working. The only problem is that couch dances are only about 2 and 1/2 minutes long – shortest I have ever had anywhere.

  58. Thisplacerocks
  59. Danny1

    This place was horrible. The bartender with really short black hair was on the phone most of the time. The girls are kind of fat and ugly. I waited 10 minutes to get one beer. I would never go back and I don’t suggest anyone go there.

  60. Beanzzz

    What a fun place. Cheap drinks, dances, and girls. Just the kind I like. The dances are only 15 bucks so I didn’t mind tipping. The best was the prety redhead with the martini tattoo. But there were others that were very close seconds.

  61. Sammie

    I thought that it was okay here, not as many pretty girls as expected. There was this really pretty blonde who was awesome on the pole, but she didnt really talk to anyone but I had alot of fun.

  62. Traveller

    Had a lot of fun. Nice dancers, fun DJ and nice bartender. A very friendly place

  63. Ed

    I did that too! She swallowed though!

  64. williamr

    Double Visions is one of my favorite neighborhood hunts. Like every club you are going to have nights where you are not a fan of the line up but over all it is usually very good. The one thing Doubles does better then most clubs is the features they book. A lot of clubs will book someone no one has ever heard of just to save a few bucks. Double Visions always does a good job of booking big names. Another hidden gem is their Golden Tee Machine! Jay and the staff are always very friendly. I highly recommend stopping in sometime!


    Love it here!

  66. Brian
  67. Hank

    Too bad the manager has a nasty attitude and is a nasty cunt as well.

  68. Shaun

    This club is great,love Lala,Sky,Mia,Celeste,and the little cute girl with the red hair,not sure of her name.Good club,check it out.

  69. Wild Willy and the Hand Jive

    Too much Fun!!!!

  70. Pete Graziano

    Fuck you, you nasty cunt Anne! I was working here when you

    were still an infant!

  71. Weedman420

    They have pretty girls but the management sucks and the bartenders can be a tad bitchy. Stage is small and it’s pretty bright in there. Way more of a regulars hangout

  72. Sean the Mick
  73. Mickey

    Great Place…excellent dancers!!

  74. TIM
  75. dick
  76. Gross

    the girls here have rotten teeth

  77. X Customer

    Get bent homo.

  78. nick

    As a female, I highly enjoyed the time spent at Double V’s. I love that they allow female lap dances now! The ladies are fun and gorgeous!

  80. Gary

    That one bartender (Anne I think) is a cunt! What a fucking attitude! Me and my buddies won’t be back.

  81. GREG
  82. Randy

    this club has the best looking dancers of all clubs. Great drink prices:):)

  83. Paul

    Sucks Anymore! what happened to this place?

  84. LOUIS
  85. BRETT
  86. fritter17

    Double Vision had the most genuinely beautiful collection of strippers I’ve seen. All of them were between an 8 and a 10. One slightly Asian-looking girl with short brown hair and a blonde valley girl who looked like she’d been time-warped there from California in the 80’s were both unreal. And while the girls were really beautiful, they weren’t particularly “hot”. It felt like the girls knew they were pretty, and therefore didn’t need to interact with patrons in the way you get at other clubs. They seemed kind of aloof. Their dances were athletic, but not necessarily sexual. There was such a disconnect between dancers and patrons that, after the girls finished their dances, they came around for tips from inside the bar (so there was very little interaction)- And the bar was so wide that the girls had trouble even taking the tips. The dancer and I leaning over the bar to give the tip became an awkward joke each time they came around.Also, I like some variety at strip clubs (in terms of dancers’ sizes and ethnicities), and all the girls were thin and either White or Asian. Also, I personally prefer a little grittiness in a strip club. If you like clean, well-lit, non-raucous clubs, this is your place. Overall, the girls were incredible, and the experience was pretty cheap. Personally though, I felt more like I was sitting at a college-kid bar that just happened to have topless girls dancing than at a normal strip club. This would be a great place to go for a couple who wants to try out going to a strip club together for the first time, but not if you like the weird, fun interactions with dancers that you get at less classy places.

  87. Happy

    This club is in it’s own league. You will not find anything similar!

  88. Vlad

    New club is much nicer than old one. Construction kept me away but happy to be stopping back. Yesterday afternoon, 2 till 4, 5 hottest girls: Cameron, Rae, Celeste, Zoe, and the ever fantastic Lolita. Chelsey, Michelle and veronica were nice too but a little behind those 5.

  89. Mikey

    the club address is wrong its not in warrington, its in Horsham, PA 19044

  90. bob

    sucks wheres chris been? Not the same without her. I heard she got fired?

  91. Drew

    I love this bar!!!

  92. me
  93. Sam
  94. Larry
  95. dc
  96. Okay

    There are hot girls and it is very chill, but this place has a strict no touching policy. No touching boobs or butts. Whats the point…

  97. n/a
  98. Chris
  99. Manager

    Fuck you dickhead! I’m the fucking queen here. You do as I say. I don’t care if you don’t like how I talk to the customers.

  100. Shawn

    SUCKS!! You get 3-seconds to talk to the girls as they come around for tips. Not asking for the world just a few more minutes would be nice. Maybe with the new place you’ll get new rules!

  101. PHIL
  102. Sean (Smiley)
  103. Brad

    I ted to agree, the manager here was quite nasty.

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  105. Jack

    The manager here needs to learn how to be polite. CUNT!

  106. TJ

    This place blows. That old broad Anne is a waste of space too.

  107. TED
  108. One-Eyed

    A great place to hang, especially Happy Hour.

  109. Dave

    Manager = CUNT! Gave us shit because my friend accidentally

    knocked over his beer. I couldn’t stand her fucking attitude

    and left. We WON’T be back!

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