Scruples Gentlemens Club



4508 Old Lincoln Highway, Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053


40.1604189, -74.9486125




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Scruples Gentlemens Club

  1. poof

    i love girls to fart in my face

  2. Harold

    Best looking lineup in the area, this is as upscale as it gets in Bucks County. Most of the strippers and bartenders are friendly. Daily lineup is posted on SGC website. , nice Happy Hour.

  3. Daniel

    Love this place, nice dancers.. Good drink specials

  4. Moe Lester

    This is a fun place, most girls are very friendly like Star, Heather and Jezel but there are couple scrubs. This is not you upscale flashy type place, it more of a local corner place where every one knows each other. Its always clean and neat, no smoke stained mirrow’s or dirty floors. Again one exception (the bath room sink has been broke for over a month) spend $20 for a new faucet.

    Bartenders are tops, keeping your drink full and your ashtray empty, drink prices won’t kill you either compared with the other place in the area.

    Most bouncers are friendly and DJ Joe has and knows most any song you can imagin.

  5. blaaaaaaa
  6. dave
  7. jimbo

    the girls here are pretty good, food is awsome

  8. costomer
  9. Flyers Fan.

    I love stopping there after hockey games. Especially when they lose. I always leave feeling much better.

  10. Chris

    Oakford ROCKS! newly renovated on the inside!

  11. kenny

    Stop stealing money from us u CUNT…u think none sees u but 2

    outta 5 do….

  12. Steve

    The place looks like a dive on the outside, but WHOA, what a surprise! I was visiting from Boston and looking for a couple of drinks out so I asked the concierge at my hotel for a cool spot…he recommended this place. Whan I got there, I thought it was a crack house…The front door is in the back of the building…I found out by knocking on the “front” door, and it was some lady’s apartment…she directed me to the main entrance…When I got in there (it was a Tues nite round 1130pm) it was a small place, but the chicks were mostly hot..there were about 10 guys in there drinking, and probably 8 or so girls dancing…not a bad ratio!!!…it was slow, so got good intetraction, but a couple of the chicks were just staring at the walls while there were dancing (very NOT into it…). I went back Wednesday night too with a friend to show him this hidden jewel…By far, Brittany was the cutest and funest of the bunch…The quality of chicks working there was great…These girls could probably mAke a ton of dough at a downtown location…I kinda thought they were above the place…The place needs to beef up a bit on atmosphere and security…It could really be a goldmine if they spent a couple of bucks…There was a guy in the place that was overstepping his boundaries, but the only bouncer there was a scraggly hermit guy who would have gotten whooped if he tried to ask this guy to leave. A couple girls told him about the guy, but he was too afraid to do anything but play his pocket video game or whatever he was doing…The beers were $4 and a Dewar’s and soda was $4.50…not bad at all…no cover charge…it’s topless only, and all the girls wore eraser-tip sized pasties on the nips…there was a tall girl there that was not great looking and was aggressive in taking your money for doing nothing…the way this place wsorks is they dance on an dance floor behind the bar area…after each song, the come around looking for tips…seems pretty harmless, but the douogh will fly out of your pocket if you dont pay attention…there were a few that I gave a tip to and then stood there pulling on their g-string looking for more…very, very uncool. I didnt try the $15 lap dance, but should have….I just wasnt comfortable with the set-up of the place…There’s some back stairway the girls walk you down for this private dance…looked pretty shady and dirty… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Anyhow, in summary, this place in pretty cool and definitely a place I’d revisit for low-key fun…chicks were mostly hot and friendly(I’d give them an “A-“), atmosphere was poor(I’d give it a “D”), security for girls and customers was poor (“F”), vaule was great(“B”)…

  13. Joeseph Allen
  14. Bill

    Slow.. old ugly girls

  15. jimbob

    Girls were great. Bartenders were excellent.

  16. mike

    awseome club

  17. glad
  18. Pomona

    Be sure to see Meadow.

  19. First time

    This club was great. The girls aren’t very pushy, but they’re very nice. Kori is amazing… best couch dance I’ve ever had. For a club with no cover, they have some of the hottest and nicest girls out there.

  20. "all lies"

    Riiiiight. I’ve been coming in here for years and personally could give two shits what you girls do downstairs. I only get a dance here or there on occasion I’m mostly there to see my favorite bartender. But I do notice and hear many things and I can tell you that two of the names listed shouldn’t be. Pheonix and Onyx are no angels downstairs. They are gorgeous women but, little trouble makers too. Just had to put my two cents in because it does seem a little like jealousy. When girls that offer extras are STILL not getting dances, that’s when jealousy kicks in.

  21. u no hoo

    skyler i love you!!!!!!!

  22. ed

    i like the place so much, i almost became a regular…

  23. kk
  24. luncher dude

    the poor oakford is getting bad again. they just hired a bunch of nappy looking girls. some too old, some with bad teeth, some too hefty. what the heck? just few months ago they brought in some young hot girls and now they’ve got new yucky ones. and whatup with bringing back bad girls? first raven, now i see chastity, or ‘lacy’. haha its funny that the owner rehires girls and doesn’t recognize or remember them then kicks himself later for not realizing who they are because of a new dance name!! Chastity/Lacy is straight up FUGLY. She needs to save up and go to a dentist. Her teeth are all different colors, some are missing…yuck! She needs to take Skylar (the dancer from RR) to the dentist with her. WTF i wanna come here for lunch and see new ‘different’ girls not the same ones from other clubs. Also i recognize Summer from RR or Tattletales dont remember which. But she got a big gut on her since i saw her last. Why do these girls stop taking care of themselves? I dont wanna see plain face pig belly girls! And yea Raven WAS hot. But everything about her is nasty anymore, including the skanky tattoo in her legs.

  25. Carguy

    No cigars allowed, low quality whores, over all pass on this one

  26. Steve Long

    Girls are all too young, inmature – mostly small breasts! Barely dance – stand at the Pole and don’t do much dancing. Not sensual at all. Need to get more mature women with more big breasts who know what men are looking for.

  27. Regular

    Good club if you’re not getting dances. Fairly attractive lineup, but getting dances is rough because some girls just don’t do them and those that do stick to their regular customers. If you’re interested in getting a dance, you typically have to invite one of them to see you when they get off stage. On the plus side, if you don’t like a dancer, she probably won’t come around trying to get you to do a dance.

  28. crank yanker

    if you have absolutely NOTHING else to do

  29. josh

    It’s a nice place. I jus don’t understand this one girl….very pretty.

    Nice ass and breast but is so stuck up….Ur job is about interacting

    wit the customers. I use to come in after work Thursday-Sunday but

    I stop cuz its a mystery how my money is constantly disappearing

    and I was the bartender would pay for other ppls drinks without

    asking me. Now I come in sundays-Tuesday its more quiet and the

    drink prices stays the same each time

  30. Walt

    This club is a money pit. I spent about $1/min. Be there an hour and you would be out atleast $60, and that is without a dance. Girls come out like bees around a hive and ask atleast $2 each time.

  31. just fair

    Fair place. Nothing great. Inside appearance matches the outside. Kinda run down. Good bartenders.

  32. hotshot
  33. Bobby

    Fun, great time!

  34. real reg customer

    this goes back to comment from dancer i go in faithfully to see one dancer and get dances from her n her only, and i wouldnt get a dance from anyone else anyway because i just prefer the one girl i come in for that doesnt mean shes doing extras just because i only dance with her.its my money so if i choose to dance with only one particular girl thats my choice so dont say every dancer is doing extras just because they have their own regs coming in for them.

  35. warrior

    was in last night had great time

  36. Local Patron

    The club recently had a makeover and looks much better, the bartenders are always excellent.

    The main problem with this club if your interested in lap dances is that the girls don’t circulate around the bar unlike other clubs. While this may save you a few bucks in tips there are drawbacks. One is you can’t sample the goods & chat a bit before committing to a lap dance, another is you must ask the girl for a dance and many don’t lap dance at all or give a very lame one. Still other girls (usually the best looking ones) will say yes then avoid you by going in the back or downstairs when thier set is done. A hot petite dancer named Emma comes to mind.

    This club is hit or miss and definitely not a hit and run place if time constraints keep you from hanging out.

  37. yea

    I like Turtles

  38. cuddy
  39. Expert!

    This club sucks! Def the worst around!

  40. hung

    the girls are busted with bad boob jobs. a 1 on a scale of 1-10.

  41. rats
  42. Jeff

    Girls were nice but no real good dancing. Only saw one good tease / performance and it was an audition they called her “Jeannie”. Hope I see her there again next time. Otherwise I’ll go looking for more girls like her elsewhere.

  43. happy
  44. Richy

    There’s a scam I saw here a few years ago. It goes like this, a girl asks you if you want a private dance, you say yes, she says, ok $25. You go down the steps to the basement with her. It’s sort of private and she grinds all over you. Normally a girl will expect a tip when that is over, but here she says I did this for two songs so you owe me for two. I’m thinking huh?, and then implies a tip is also in order, too.

    Normally at a strip club, you pay the dj or some gate keeper for the private, and off you go. here that was not how it happened. You pay the girls directly.

    And this happened twice on two different visits. So you got to ask yourself is that was on purpose.

  45. not so bad

    i was at this club on a tuesday in the afternoon. i had a very good time. The were surprisingly a lot of beautiful women for it being the early shift. there were different woman for my tastes. A good looking brunette named gia. a hot blonde named tanny. There was the hottest little blonde girl who ws amazing on the pole named jade. i do not remember the other girls names but the rest were pretty too. The couch dances were great too

  46. 13thHour
  47. gabe

    ill always love the oakford but its not as much fun anymore!

  48. Anon
  49. booboo

    choclate bunnies are great

  50. Jim bob

    Waste of time. This club has always been boring and a waste of money. Girls just keep coming around and around , doing their little parade. Most of them are stuck up or cocky or just dumb as dirt. Dances are a rip off and zero extras. Management is lame as well as the DJ. Looks good from the outside but ince your there trust me you’ll understand. I’ve been going to clubs for over 20 yrs in the area, and there is a reason this place is on the bottom of my list as well as risque. If your an idiot looking for girls to fool you and drain your wallet this is the place for you. If your looking for real people and conversation or whatever better go somewhere else

  51. great


  52. bozo

    love the oakford, scruples, watever u want to call it

  53. GuyFromNewJersey (again)

    I went back on Labor Day, Sept 7th. This time I had a couch dance. It was very good and worth the money. The dancer pointed to an overhead camera in a dark casing on the ceiling of the room of the private dance and said that she had to follow the rules and didn’t want to get into trouble from the eye in the sky. So if you don’t want to be caught on camera having a lap dance then skip the trips downstairs. About the tipping… I have been to many clubs in Ontario and Quebec without any requests for tipping by the dancers. But, in all fairness it seems that in those clubs the girls keep all their money from the $20 dances whereas it seems that here the house takes a cut.

  54. JJ

    It sucks anymore……….kick everyone out, bull doze the place and start the fuck over

  55. Yannie

    I come here almost every week. Nice place to hang.

  56. Johnny

    Me like me some scruples!

  57. Woodman

    This is a great club to just hang out, have a brew and see the entertainment. The girls can be a little pushy but they are there for the entertainment. Overall, a pretty good club.

  58. chase
  59. Da Oak
  60. jay

    girls don’t dance they stand next to a pole for half a song then come around for money. Was not a good time

  61. Chuck E. Cheese

    This place is very comfortable, reasonable prices, and many cuties!

  62. unknown

    recently renovated awesome atmosphere!

  63. goodtymes
  64. that guy

    This club is EXCELLENT!

  65. all lies

    I dont know why you guys keep pretending that this is just a jealousy thing. “OH no” she is gettin gmore couch dances then me, boo hoo lets talk trash on her…… Thats not it an most of you (managment and so called customers) know that. The pissy-ness comes from hard working girls like – Onyx, Kylie, Naiya, Phoenix, Shaun…etc. Who come in to do there job and make there money and go home, but can’t get dances to make the extra buck cause some skanks are there handing out extras. THATS why girls get mad!!!! not cause they are getting dances, but what they are doing in Them.

    As for letting girls go cause they so call talk trash, do drugs, or dont break up fights… Are you serious maybe mangement should really look into things like,…. Bartenders stealing, drug deals going down inside the bar… or even prostitution in the couch dances….

    O wait why wouldn they look into that… cause that gets extra money for jimmy…..

    Talk about being a Hypocrite…. No Drug policy, but pretend to fire a girl just to get rid of another, then bringing her back *when its a known fact she does em* yea thats real smart.

    And for those people putting names out there for shit talking, why dont you confront that person? instead of putting there name out there, it just makes you look like a jealous bitch!!!!!

  66. New Rules Suck

    The new rules are going to drive customers and girls away.You wonder what the management is thinking sometimes. Do they really know how to run a club???

  67. ish

    i like men better anyway

  68. jaw

    I think the dancers are a little heavy handed with coming around every couple of minutes for $2, but the bartenders are super nice and very hot. I go almost for that reason alone. I haven’t been there in a little while, but I can’t keep Jenna out of my mind

  69. sam
  70. foreman
  71. aaqqos


  72. house
  73. Jane Doe


  74. cm
  75. john

    hey i come there often, and i really like the club you have alot of nice girls, and how its been remodeled it looks great.

  76. DnA

    girls where cute, meadow was the bestlooking, dena had and attitude and bitchy,other girls where cool

  77. jr
  78. customer

    This club is so beat now

  79. Jason

    Overpriced, unfriendly atmosphere

  80. heather lover

    i love this place everyone is nice and wonderful. its ashame that one of the girls is getting bashed on like this shes one of my faves. LONG LIVE HEATHER!!!

  81. goober
  82. Semi-regular customer

    Not a hit and run type of place. If your looking for a quick drink & couch dance this is NOT the place. You have to ask the girl for a couch dance then wait for her to finish her set. And the dancers don’t always do couch dances, some don’t do them at all.

  83. pussy

    the older girls really know what there doing these new girls expect to just have money handed to them because they r there. stick with the girls that know what there doing and youll be fine

  84. Jerry

    This club is a great fun bar. Excellant friendly bartenders and dancers. I was very impressed with the security of the girls. The djs are very accomedating and friendly. I will be back.

  85. cameron
  86. The gogo expert

    We all know the last comment was from a dancer that does not work here!!

  87. jack frost


  88. King of Go Go

    THIS PLACE IS GREAT! very clean atmosphere. nice girls good dances, nice company of dancers. The place is nice clean fun.

  89. Stinky

    Kylee needs to wash her feet. Her boots smelled like a three day old dead skunk

  91. Larry

    I work in the area a couple of times a week and really enjoy stopping in here. I’m glad to see that you can still smoke in here. I love chatting with all the girls coming around. I read the last comment and this guy needs to get a clue that dancers get tipped!! that is how they make their money as they do not get paid. If you do not want to look at dancrs and tip them I suggest you head to a regular bar. The dancers and barmaids are nice and friendly. The DJs are great and play good music. I got to speak with a very pleasant dj at the window before getting a couch dance. very clean bar and a great time. I give this place a thumbs up !!10

  92. n/a

    great couch dances

  93. wilson
  94. flapjack

    Not a bad place barmaids are cool especially vee

  95. She told me to

    Love this place! Good beer specials, outside of Fri and Sat

    after 9PM. Kate is an excellent bartender one of the main

    reasons my buddies and I go back. This one girl Apollonia is

    awesome. Really cute and an excellent dancer. Overall fun

    time. Owner should monitor drug use better though, it’s sad

    to see girls dipping every so often.

  96. Highpeaker

    Much better than it appears on the outside.

  97. joe

    there were only about 5 customers here on a friday night. girls here are nothing special. They will demand 2 or 3 dollars from you and not walk away til they get it. I have no plans of going back

  98. woody
  99. GuyFromNewJersey

    On entering on a recent Tuesday I noticed reasonably nice decor and reasonably nice pool tables. The stripper rules were strange though. They strip down to a bikini bottom on two platforms behind the bar. No sooner had I ordered a beer than a dancer immediately appeared in front of me wanting a tip. I’d never seen her before in my life. Poof, she appears wanting a tip. I shook my head, she looked at me in astonishment because it seems that everyone tips upon getting hustled. So two dancers dance and one walks around behind the bar hustling for tips. The way to avoid getting continually hustled for tips is not to sit at the bar. The dancers were generally nice looking with an average of 7 and tightly grouped from 6 to 8. Not too many tatoos. At any one time you can always see at least one set of naked boobs. Drinks were reasonable priced.

    I didn’t go downstairs but according to what I was told by two guys that had just been downstairs is that the private dances are $20 for exactly five minutes. They said that the dances were good. My one distraction was that smoking is allowed and almost everyone seemed to be smoking heavily. The next day my clothes and hair still smelled of smoke. Perhaps my fellow non-smokers should plan on a shorter visit when things aren’t too busy.

  100. cr
  101. SMP

    They no longer do the second walk around for tips so now I can spend more on dances and drinks! Best champagne room!

  102. Ted

    The bartenders talk very poorly of some of the dancers and give to much info about what some are doing in the private rooms. Seems like some of the bartenders are very jealous of any kind of attention given to the dancers. I don’t to be given a attitude from a bartender when I ask a dancer to sit with me and its just not referring to liz..

  103. Jason Jaisle
  104. Massage

    They have this amazing massage girl there. You gotta go check her out if you are into that kind of thing

  105. semi-regular

    I stop in here from time to time. I would rate the dancers looks-wise between 4 to 7. For me a dancer has to be at least a 8 to me to consider a couch dance with or maybe one I would rate a 7 but with great attitude and personality. I have seen better looking girls dance here a few years back and got couch dances with them but not lately.

    This is definitly not a hit and run place if your time is limited and your looking for a quick set of lap dances with a hot girl. Club Risque in Bristol or the Playhouse in Burlington is a much better choice for that. The girls don’t circulate behind the bar and you have to ask them for a couch dance, although sometimes they may ask you from behind the bar. The advantage is it saves you a few bucks if you get the rotation just right and don’t have to wait too long for a girl worthy of spending money for a couch dance.

    If your looking to just down a few beers while looking at and talking to the dancers and not spending a fortune then this may be your place.

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