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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Suzy’s Lounge

  1. Horrified

    I read positive reviews of this club, so I figured I would check it out. I felt like I’d entered a black hole that spit me out directly into the ninth circle of hell. I walked in to see this gigantic monster swiveling it’s gargantuan hips on a tiny pseudo stage and smiling provacatively at me. I averted my eyes in shame and embarassment FOR her. After that, I was repeatedly approached by middle aged women tickling my legs in an attempt to be enticing, but it actually felt like some heroin addict’s hardened single mom was dumping her withered sillicone on my chest and essentially pleading for my testosterone infused weakness to take over. It didn’t. I can NOT believe that ANYONE claims to find ANY of these hard old whores attractive. Stacey and Eugina are the ONLY creatures that I’m not horrified to look at, and probably the ONLY ones under 40. I will NEVER go back there. When I want to go to a strip club, I want to go so that I can check out hot girls. NOT watch a freak show from my worst nightmare. HOLY SH*T. I went up the road to Creekside. Now THAT is a top notch establishment.

  2. newvisitor

    I have diven past this club for years and finally stopped in after a decade. I thought this place was a dive. It is much better than that. I would say the girls on a friday night are on par with the creekside cabret in colmar.

  3. casual observer

    Very friendly girls and just a friendly bar in general. I’m a regular and keep coming back for more. It’s never the same. I like this club much better than most.

  4. Regular

    I love this bar especially when the girls do two-girls bit on the stage. Drive me nuts.

  5. richie rich
  6. Adam

    There are a couple girls here that are amazingly gorgous and show me love everytime I come in. They knoW wHo they are 😉 Wish the beer was cheeper but don’t we all ($3.25).

  7. friendly customer

    the girls her are very pretty and nice , the have a lot fun , good place to chill

  8. haterof calics

    me and my friends went to suzys on friday night had a good time so many sexy girls …..i love the tall blonde shes got grrrreat tits and o man that little sweet loong dark haired girl with the bountiful ass…. def will be coming back!

  9. Crissy

    Please stay away!! …so. After work myself and a couple girls From work stopped for a drink and a laugh. And we will definitely never be back again! , we’re sitting after what seemed like 10 minutes of awkwardly waiting for drinks we were approached by an older woman, (bartender I suppose) and the 5 of us were all asked, if we were there for auditions or for our own “clients” that’s what she said. Then told us if we’re there to pick up dates that she’d need a few or that we would need to leave. Is this a bar/ club or an open brothel? She then said she was the manager and her name was joe. We thought she was joking, but then became very demanding and said that we were not welcome “because of what we were there for “ but laughing and taking her comments sarcastically tried to order drinks but we never had any drinks served, then left just as we were embarrassed while the woman announced to the bar( all 2 people sitting there) that she had “fresh meat “ in the bar and said she would be happy to let them get to know us. …. trying to unwind after work quickly turned into this woman trying to “sell” our group of friends to the scuzzy clients of this place. She kept trying and telling us about how much $ there was and how she had no dancers yet and would have us work immediately. No thanks! You couldn’t pay me nearly enough to embarrass myself or my friends to work for her or talking anything off for any amount of money! Like seriously?? WOW! Is all that I can say about that. And glad that I learned to never go back! Went as a joke and then walked into this brothel not thinking some old worn out woman would try and keep trying to pimp us out!

  10. Money Man

    Girls are hot and friendly. Cool bartenders too.

  11. Eh

    Girls were scary looking but nice.

  12. b

    suzys was good this past friday….gorgeous girls ….ones i never really see any other time

  13. honey
  14. New Guy

    Bartender Renee is smokin hot!!!

  15. Hello my name is....

    Some of the girls here are drop dead gorgous, ya can say there’s a girl for every kind of guy here… neverless all of them are so much fun to be around!

  16. jt
  17. Sucks


  18. 1st timer

    Was in the club on Wed night, had a BLAST ! The girls are sexy as hell! I will go there again !

  19. First timer

    Was in for the first time and had a great time. Wasn’t real busy but the girls were still upbeat and smiling. Definitely will be back again. Thanks Page- Nina- and Sam

  20. mhnc
  21. tater

    I will be back. Very laid back but gets crazy on friday nights. Never a bad time. like cheers everyone knows your name

  22. To Horrified

    I am sorry that u felt the need to disrespect women on this site that were at Suzy’s doing their job. Many men like a variety of women and that is what is provided. Thanks for stopping in and then voicing your opinion. We won’t be missing you either. To all of our loyal customers: Thank you. We have many great times at Suzy’s and it is because of you guys!!!! We love you! -Nina

  23. DEE
  24. Skanky Lounge

    This place is filled with ugly ho bags! Can’t believe I wasted my money on these ugly bitches! Their fat, bad-mouthed, nasty, skanky girls. Can’t believe this place stays open. For what, hopefully they make money off the alcohol!!

  25. cha cha
  26. MoneyMakingMachine

    Are their sexy Ebonies working here

  27. chris

    wow, what a night friday will be back

  28. Jen

    Nothing but homewrecking whores in this bar, especially a certain married black bitch. Ladies if you want your husbands to come home to you, don’t let them go to this club. No class at all here. Nothing but drug addict sloppy husband snatchers.

  29. jay
  30. Bill

    I was in yesterday and Wow ! The girl with dark hair big boobs and glasses can be my sexy teacher anytime !

  31. Disappointed
  32. ayyo

    this place is great

  33. LOUANN

    thanks all esp. starr

  34. k

    yes…suzys has a lot of old ladies, some that should just throw in the towel but hey u take the good with the bad there are a lot of hot girls here on friday nights….i will be back on a friday night

  35. Happy Customer

    Had a great time Tuesday. The bartender was hot and the girls workings were even hotter. Will be back again.

  36. crap

    All dancers please come work here….so the owner can take every dollar you make and shit all over you. Mean hard core girls only please. The nice girls just get fired ! Oh and its sooo cool to look at at the owners mother rotting away at the bar. Guess she is really that cheap to care for her properly.

  37. jim
  38. new in town

    i m new in town .just started comming in around lunch. I will be back. Good food and fun girls.

  39. Fuck this

    like i siad before. all the girls at this club look nasty. They are all sluts and need to sotp popping out kids. and the barteners are soooo slow. the place looks like it is crawling with diesess

  40. Dude
  41. adamrod

    It’s a good go go bar, not a sterilized gentleman’s club. A dying breed my favorite strip bar so far.

  42. lue
  43. Mark

    Place is trash! Unless you’re looking for drugs or a very very cheap trashy drug addict hooker who will probably give you aids id stay away! Just poor management or more likely lack there of and it definitely shows! Seems that they find their “talent” in a back alley behind the local crackhouse or from a nursing home! Girls are nasty! Either high and come with track marks, or are 65 What kind of desperate creeps hang there? I’ve seen way better looking girls working at Walmart! But Walmart doesn’t have $3 blowjobs! But if that’s what you’re looking for go check it out and let the bitchy, snobby, troll like “bartender” or worn out old hag who thinks she’s hot stuff behind the bar treat you horribly and give the worst service I’ve ever had to try to go get a way overpriced drink. Good luck if you’re brave enough!

  44. Michael

    Was there last Wednesday earlier afternoon, the ratchet looking and acting bartender was such a bitch! I sat there about 10-maybe 15 mins, place wasn’t busy at all and I could see why! Was in there, waiting for a beer and she definitely saw me but never even said hello, nor offer me a drink. She looked high as a kite, and preoccupied with the 3 other customers in there. So I walked out and definitely will not ever return! Stay away people! It just was not a great experience, maybe just me, but definitely will not waste my money on that shit treatment! . And the one dancer I saw looked pretty rough too! Fair warning for everyone else!

  45. bobby

    I really like this place. Very laid back. Hot dancers and bartenders

  46. Local Yocal

    It’s Suzy’s people same old shit. The dancers are old and fat. How many are grandmas? To many!! If you like average old ass, this is your place.

  47. XXXbeast

    Much better choices than this. Been there once. It is a neighborhood bar with some girls who take their tops off and “dance”. I did not find any of them attractive. Food? The night I was there the board listed the “special” as a ham and cheese sandwich. Will not go back.

  48. Tusk

    The girls here are down to earth. fun place to come.

  49. Tim Curry

    This place is a pit! Bartender is slow. Goes are pushy and gat. BeSt girls went to better clubs. The cunt owner

  50. webber

    to the customers…..especially the ones that work with cows please take a shower before you come here…..that would be swell….thanks alot. i wasnt trying to be mean its only a small % of you that stink….again please shower before you come

  51. JR

    Kylie is back!! Go see her for the happiest ending you ever had here! Feed her habit and she’ll definitely be there for you and you will leave every time with a smile from her happy ending!

  52. steve

    haha looks like the last review person can’t spell.Go back to school. <<<<<< nice bar, friendly girls, good food, clean place, nice tits,and ass. what else could a guy ask for after a hard days work.


    The girls that work here on Friday nights are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so much fun !!! See you all tonight!

  54. chupacabra

    Went to this club after going to Cloud Nine and was expecting more. Small stage and girls were ok. Not anything that would make you get a hard on. Maybe it was the day I went and it was within the last hour of closing. The girls that day were trying to act all gehtto, lots of cursing with a customer and instead of dancing on the stage, they were just standing there letting their cellulite hang out.

  55. sam
  56. Christopher Cross

    The place has really hot girls but the few bad apples really ruin the whole bunch. The drinks are overpriced and it takes forever to get served.

  57. Hunter

    How this place has a score of higher than a 3 or so is a complete mystery to me. This place is a locals BAR. Yes there are “strippers” here, and I would even go so far as to say that they aren’t really even bad looking… the problem is this is a place to get drinks, the dancers don’t seem to be into it AT ALL. I was there for probably 15-20 minutes tonight. I got a beer, sat down, and watched a girl wiggle feebly around on the stage for a few minutes (she was just sitting there when I arrived), about half way through her song she stumbled and hit her arm, then abruptly just got off the stage (it strikes me that she had likely been drinking all evening). No attempt at a stage show, or really dancing, just feeble wiggling for a few minutes, then over to me, expecting a big tip. The girl that followed her,wiggled for two songs, she made waaay more effort than the first, but never actually stripped anything off. In fact half way through her set she stoped to adjust her clothes to ensure that she didn’t actually show anything.

    All I can say is lame. If you want a bar for drinks, go to a bar and save the money. If you want strippers go 50 yards down the road to Creekside… this place is a waste of space.

  58. sean
  59. Lou

    What the fuck? Do ANY of these girls look at themselves IN THE DAYLIGHT? Disgusting,greedy and rude. The bartender girl was nice though.

  60. Jared

    I should have gone to Creekside… It’s the same thing except 20 times bigger.. with waitresses and hot ass girls. I think I’m scarred for life after coming here. Do yourself a favor.. and just don’t

  61. mike

    Wow, Hot girls, Great little place

  62. heather
  63. Horrible!

    Girls were fat and not attractive. Waited a long time for a beverage. How does this bar get such a high rating? Let me guess is it the girls on here rating themselves?

  64. Eric

    hot girls, Nice bartenders, cool place to hang out its like cheers. Everyone is welcomed. very good talent. We’ll be back

  65. jon
  66. hhnm
  67. Harry

    The place is all right but the girls pretty much ignored me and every other guy in the place.

  68. Johnnyboy123

    I’m a local and have been in this place half a dozen times. A few times the wife came with me. It’s more a local bar that happens to have stippers. The girls are friendly and approachable. The food was pretty good ( recommend the cheese steak) and prices were average. 2 pool tables an patrons were friendly. All in all it was good place to have a beer but defiantly not a swanky place. My wife is not a fan, she prefers a more upscale club.

  69. CIB

    Nice place, good prices, great girls….for the most part…..luv it!

  70. rich
  71. billabong

    absolutly great place to come, most are very pretty girls, with great personalities.

  72. Barf

    What a dirty, hole in the wall piece of shit.

  73. brian

    this place is great! excellent atmoshere and wonderful girls

  74. Gross

    Dud if you love cellulite and low swinging titties this is the place to be. Only two hot girls in the whole place the rest were DIRTY and FAT and GROSS.

  75. john

    Went here for lunch on Monday. Had NO idea how hot the girls were ! Pleasently suprised 🙂

  76. tony
  77. larry1

    This is an odd little titty bar off Rt 309. I say titty bar because it has more the quality of a neighborhood bar than a strip club. It’s about the size of your usual bar and better lit than most. A “T” shaped bar sits off to the right side of the room as you walk in. Two pool tables are off to the far left. A small stage is directly to the left of the door. In front of the stage are a bunch of low tables with chairs arranged around them the way you find them at any restaurant, that is to say that they were not all on one side facing the stage. I visited on an off night as seems to be my modus operandi recently. There was all of four other customers and two girls dancing to two songs each that they selected from a computer. I’d say that they were average at best but, hey, maybe for Line Lexington they’re stellar. They were friendly enough though I can’t claim that for the rest of the bar. I grabbed a quick Lager (regular bar prices, not strip club prices) and headed out in short order. If you feel like a few minutes in a strip-ish bar without spending more than $10 by all mean stop in. I don’t have anything against the place but I’m probably not going to make an effort to return. Random notes: It’s a smoking bar and there is take-out beer.Update:I was in the area again so I popped back in. The experience was much improved. It was much more lively as there were 8-10 other customers and about 5 girls dancing. Four younger ladies and one that has been around for a while (her face showed her age but the body was still pretty solid). All natural figures which is my preference. The dollar parade was a bit heavier as most went for at least a two dollar tip this time around. As the talent was more to my liking I elected to try a private dance which occur in a beaded off corner. There are two small wooden benches/booths but there never seemed to be more than one performance occurring at a time. $20/song, the good ol’ standard. Odd thing is that you have to purchase a dance ticket from the bartender. If you decide to go for another the dancer will step out with the cash and grab another ticket from the bartender. I found this to be rather irritating and a waste of a patron’s dance time!

  78. Tim

    Horrible!!I saw this club was rated better than the Creekside so I tried it out…I want my money back.

  79. just a guest
  80. jason
  81. rain

    I would just like to say to the rude boys who need to grow up beauty is in the eyes! who knows what you look like but by the way you judge and speak about women i can be assured that you are not very attractive your damn comes in all shapes and sizes i bet your mom has strech (beauty) marks from your rude ass ass well as carrys a few extra (babyfat) lbs from your imature self. I give all the women credit any age any size color for having enough Confidence and self esteem to get on a stage and take off there clothes and work hard for asses like you. have you ever heard of cougar all women are beatiful,and you dont have to be a super model to be appreciated and admired im sure if you took the time to speak get to know the so called (ugly fat old) women you might just like them and see what other people see in them ! so grow up

  82. dave
  83. alex
  84. yea

    friendly cute girls great atmosphere

  85. todd

    great bar, will always come here.

  86. gf
  87. richie
  88. FUN


  89. DOUG
  90. *Star

    Hey !!!! I’m not a grangma, and neither are any of the girls that I work with, If they are I would never know it…. That’s a really nasty thing to say !!! There are so many HOTTTTTT ASSSSSSS girls here… Please don’t listen to the ramblings of this jerk. Thanks

  91. slink

    Wow!!!! hot girls last night everyone of them. I will be returning. Thanks

  92. Former customer

    Have gone in a bunch over the years. This past week was the first time in a year or so. Wow! It went downhill! The bartender who was a dancer years and years ago was horrible! Joanne was not personable at all nor did she care that a customer walked in. Took a few minutes to get to me and take my drink order then took even longer to bring it to me. (Jack n coke) not extravagant to make. But the last time I will stop there! Place sucks and not to mention no dancers were seen anywhere. Is it still a strip club? But just her being a total bitch turned me off to that place. Hopefully management sees this and makes a change!

  93. bvmxb
  94. kim
  95. * Star

    Jen, I think you might be thinking of a different bar, Ther hasn’t been an African American dancer in Suzy’s for a few months at the very least. I can understand the fact that you may not like one or even a few of the ladies that work at Suzy’s but really you are going to find good and bad nomatter where you go. ( even in a regular bar ) We are certainly not all like that.

    – *Star

  96. Ray

    Great place to come to. Nice girls, will be back again and again

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