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0 reviews for “Snooky’s

  1. harryharry

    I wanted to see “Jumbo’s Clown Room” in the desert with women named Esmeralda shooting firecrackers out of their….However, the “dancers” are from LA, highlighting the economic crisis. No jobs in LA, so they come an hour north to provide $15 lap dances. (allegedly, so I hear) The place is built to modern sensitivities and is wheel chair accessible, since I saw a handicapped man enjoying the night away. I did not try the Teriyaki bowl, but make sure to ask Mia the dancer her life story.Mia’s Sociology degree she received in Tijuana might not transfer to UC credits here. No cover and opens at noon! (allegedly, so I hear!)

  2. fuckery12

    The AV has very few choices for entertainment. This place shouldn’t even be your last resort. The parking lot looks like XXXX with overgrown weeds, dead grass and plants. The concrete is cracked and falling apart. Then the entrance is like going through airport security. They have unsocial and unfriendly staff and bartenders that harass you to buy drinks as soon as you walk in. This place is an overall “F” grade and generally a hostile, dirty and negative place to spend your time. There is a reason why most of the time if you drive-by you will see a practically empty parking lot and with vey few people inside. The girls either come late or not at all -or- when they are there they leave early and go home because they have nobody to “entertain” besides empty chairs…… Jeezzz I wonder why? Clean up the place and hire more friendly staff and bartenders and maybe you would have more customers, just maybe.

  3. larry1

    Snooky’s is the most awesome goddamn place in the AV. If you disagree, I will stab you with a stiletto heel. Snooky’s has everything you would ever want in a bikini bar. Awful, talentless dancers with a combination of more bruises and tattoos than any woman should ever have, sleazy old men, a security door man named “Igor”, cheap booze and pool tables.The place is surprisingly pretty clean. After thinking about it, only one girl can really work the pole and her pectoral muscles. She’s a very nice girl with glasses, tiny boobies and piglet tails. I think her name is Sasha… I don’t remember… Im bad with names. I think she’s my favorite. She can really work the pole. I gave her a couple of ones. I would have given her more, but I wanted to spread out my $10 in singles. There was another girl who had a really nice body and hair down past her butt, but she had these straight-across-her-forehead-drawn-on-eyebrows. We lovingly named her “Sad Girl”. She was pretty good also. I really wish that there were other places in the AV as amazing as Snooky’s…. I’d get out of the house more.

  4. Max

    Cool club. Just wish they had more girls. I was there this past weekend

    November 7, 08 and had a great time.

  5. brandonresh

    First and last time there. Partial strippers look to be approximately 35-45 years old. One stripper had breast implants that caused one nipple to face down and the other to face up. This place is a reminder of where you are, in the desert. And what’s in the desert? Dirt. In my opinion, just keep driving by. On another note, I’ll give it two stars for lackadaisical dress code, armed security and free entry.

  6. andres

    Terrible club! Bartenders were nice but dancers were ugly and not very nice. Security guard at the door thinks he is in the secret service. Has to pat you down to get in and he is carrying a gun.

    Was in the area for work and stopped in for a couple drinks.

    Big mistake. Wish I could get my money back.

  7. XXXbeast

    Rascist place went with a male friend and girlfriend one of wich is mexican one white im half black. Door man gives me a full patdown asks me if i have knives and things and for id then tells both them they can go in doesnt search them or anything we wont be going back or recomending this place to anyone

  8. Harrison69

    Are all Ruskie bouncers named Alex? Lol. Came here for hot girls but nothing. Lap dance is better at zebras. Now if these places could just find some hot girls….

  9. nickstrip

    Place sucks Russian Ak-47 loving doosh bags at front will try to hustle you like they cops. Don’t go here unless you straight on not drinking.

  10. maxxy1

    So… I came here for entertainment and the alleged cheap drinks. Don’t come here before 9:30 expecting to see any dancing! The drinks are not cheap.. $8 for any liquor cocktail and $5 for all beers. I’m new to CA but I still don’t think that’s cheap. The draft beer we had tasted pretty skunky so if I were you I’d stick to the bottles. Other than that… The floors, chairs, and pool tables are pretty gross/torn up. The girls were decently cute and good on the pole.. But most seemed a little socially awkward and did have a surprising about of bruises. They arn’t afraid to put some thick girls on stage though… Refreshing? Good tunes all night. Live DJ. Pool tables are $1 per game (2 tables). The bartender and service girl are attentive.. Though they were wearing weird frilly diaper looking outfits :-/. Good/high profile sports games and fights-score! I think they need some healthy competition in AV. The Russian manager(?) raved about their salsa served with chips.. But we weren’t brave enough to try it so I can’t help you with that one!

  11. Frankie R.

    The dancers here are gross missing teeth etc. Most seem like they are strung out on meth. They also have large chicks with asses with more dents than a rusty automobile. If you like sick shit this is your place.

  12. Courtney H.

    This is where my 2005 High Desert Sleaze Fest ended.. not with a whimper, but with a BANG! (That bang just could have been a gunshot.)When I first walked into this bikini bar, I was so overwhelmed by the sleaze that I could not even focus. This was (and still is) the nastiest place I have EVER set foot in.I don’t know why I was so surprised… my friend who brought me here told me that her meth-addicted cousin used to dance here when she was 6 months pregnant. The bar was full of mulleted men covered in dry-wall dust and horrible, gouged tribal tattoos. More facial tattoos than I have ever seen in my life. People openly doing what I can only imagine was pure bathtub-created High Desert crystal meth. The air stunk like b.o., phermones, acrid sweat, and booze. In fact, the whole place smelled like a fucking slaughterhouse. Someone was sleeping (passed out?) on the dirty floor on the way to the bathroom.The music–oh, the music! Lots of strange combinations like Al B. Sure and Ozzy. I am not gonna hate on the ladies, because they were just doing what they do (just like patrons do what they do!), but I did see some obviously pregnant abdomens, gunshot wounds, and even an abscessed vein in the mix. I didn’t get too stinkin’ drunk here, but the drinks were cheap. The last thing I remember seeing was a bored-looking bikini dancer, grinding her way through a Montell Jordan song… she bent over to touch her toes, and some toothless, greasy man pushed his face right in her ass. Hard enough for his face to sink in a little.That’s Snooky’s for you.

  13. richard95

    Not good caliber of…~girls~drinks~staff~price~etc, etc

  14. mathewater12

    I got to see my friends mom on the pole, so for that I shall give you 4 stars Snookys. Good job for keepin my friends hot moms off the streets haha

  15. yanard12

    pretty shitty place. the beer on tap is the worst. girls are nasty, russian security guards are, well..russian. we need something else in the antelope valley

  16. Leo

    girls look and act strung out. On girl “Brook” is horrible.

  17. rogerrab2

    go else were people, place is a dump. owners an idiot. hes there from open to close, just watches everyone. buys his alcohol at the supermarket for 8.00 a 12 or 16 pack and sells it at his bar for 5.00 or 6.00 a beer, rip off. i know i seen him at winco doing that. the dancers are dogs too. sara the blond bartender is beautiful, i always liked her. years back security also shot and killed a man there, go else were.

  18. Johnson12

    Place is just ok it’s really run down you can tell the owner puts no money into the place for repairs or improvements

  19. Rusl B.

    Not bad for an area that tries to eliminate the saucy. There are friendly girls, in bikinis, and a full bar. The stage is intimate and some of the dancers are as food as anywhere. Service is good with pool table as TVs around. The private area is not big and not real private but the action is hot. Recommended.

  20. fritter17

    Cool place to chile. Nothing fanzy, Its aaighht.

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