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458 South Main Street, Spring City, PA 19475


40.1724234, -75.5411563




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pumptown Tavern & Showbar

  1. Rainman

    I think the PA laws must have changed, cause this was not a “pastie” bar. Much-Much more (pink) skin. Place has been crowded every Fri and Sat for a few months.

  2. STF1 from NJ

    All the women were really hot, but Sorsha was out of this world hot!

  3. jack

    Jazmen. Hottest woman alive?

  4. robo

    i think the club is unorganized, and i think they should watch who they hire, on body stats

  5. ari

    For a local suburban club the girls are very nice and approachable

  6. Bassyk
  7. Jaybo

    Sound system is shot – speakers crackle and they crank it up way too high. Bartenders are always missing. Bouncers have a god complex and attitude. Some dancers are great, others are rather skanky. Owner doesn’t seem to give a shit.

  8. Cool Hand Luke

    The club is getting better. The dances are less strict and if you come in during the daytime there are no bouncers. the place took a dive when Savanna left for a while but now she is back and she is bringing it! WOW!

  9. Me
  10. wtf

    Some cheapskate replaced the couches with booth benches that must have came from an abandoned diner. Granted the couches were ratty, but to replace them with vinyl upright benches was stupid. Very uncomfortable and makes for a lousy coach dance.

  11. Frequent visitor

    This club is a wonderful, layed back bar. There is the perfect girl for almost anyone. This mix of variety and hospitality truely makes this club a fantasy come true.

  12. Chumley

    I like cheese.

  13. Mex
  14. DILDO
  15. FEMADN

    i have been going to this place 4 or 5 times a year for about 10 years. i’ve seen VAST improvement in quality of girls in that time. one of the 1st times i was in there, there was a heavy-set dancer sitting on the stage eating Chinese food because there was no one in there. not a great 1st impression. it does not matter if you go on a tuesday or a saturday the way i see it. actually, i think the best night is prob a wednesday or thursday. on a given 8 hour night shift, you’d prob see a 9, a couple 8’s, a 7, and a couple 5’s.

    no one really gets lap dances because it is NOT worth it. absolutely no touching, with a camera in the couch room. but the good side of that is that the 9’s and 8’s won’t be tied up all night. almost all the girls are friendly and will give you a little rub on the thigh or shoulders when they stop by for some ones.

    another good thing about this place is that PA is undergoing some changes to the laws regarding strip clubs, and this place has been around so long it got stuck in some weird grandfather clause-thing where it is girl’s choice how much clothing to take off. so some go full nude, others just go topless.

    i’d recommend that you do not go during the day. there are usually only a couple girls, and quality is not there.

    it can be hard to get a drink when it gets busy, even if you tip well. so if you are a drinker, consider ordering 2.

    there’s no food and the place seems dirty, but is still worth a trip. also keep in mind that this place allows smoking somehow (odd because they don’t serve food). so if you plan to go here first, then somewhere else, keep that in mind. you will wreak of smoke when you leave. if you are from out of town, there is nothing else going on in spring city. head to royerford or phoenixville up the road for mid-tier drinks/food.

  16. Fica
  17. Jeff

    Best girls around. Very friendly and attractive. No cover, nude and girls who actually take the time to talk to you. Pumptown is a great find. I haven’t been in, in a while because of a former bad reputation. Decided to check it out and holy shit has it changed. Many 10’s at this place. Can’t wait to go back

  18. Troy

    Savannah is a goddess! This place is a ten when she’s there.

  19. PT CUSTOMER 1#

    This club has some issues to address, however only a few bad items exist. The staff is adequate. The dancers are fair as are the prices and shows offered.

  20. tommy
  21. Ryan Carey

    Ghetto bar

  22. Lay Off My Tits

    Jaybo summed things up very well! I agree!!!!

  23. been around

    You guys need to get out a bit. They shouldn’t even bother having dances if they are going to be so lame. Some of the girls are fun at the bar and somewhat attractive, but nothing special.

  24. newbee

    I thought the girls were bangin’-some of the stuff that they do is incredible!!! Bartender Christina was excellent!!! Overtall, I would definetly go back to see those beautiful girls!!

  25. Robert

    Ive seen better. Not bad for a local joint…

  26. tom donofrio

    I haven’t been there for a couple of months. I’m taking a break. I wish Diamond was back!!! I do like Cherry, she is a great girl. The patrons are good behaved and the bartenders work hard.

  27. GTFU

    This is no gettho bar. If that is what you want try Buck Rubs.

  28. Nick

    City quality in the suburbs!!!! Talented, sexy, friendly girls. Love pumptown. The bartender was slow but, I will be back soon.

  29. shitty club

    this club is nothing but a hole in the wall, the only hot girl that worked there was eva, and i dont even hardly see her there anymore. the rest of the girls are rather nasty and skanky…hire some fresh new faces and youll be set, also some remodeling and maybe just maybe this place would get a little better

  30. in the know

    Pumptown should change things up and FIRE all staff and get a fresh start.To much BS and big heads with the people who work there now. Take the advice a change will do you good

  31. craig

    very nice selection. sissy is smokin

  32. 1984

    bartenders are always away from the bar.

  33. ya

    I agree Pumptown should change things up and FIRE all staff and get a fresh start.To much BS and big heads with the people who work there now. Take the advice a change will do you good

  34. OTG

    This club is boring and needs much improvement. No new ideas are ever presented to keep the customers that venture into this hole!!!

  35. Joe

    Bill is correct. There are several dollar whores that you pay just to get rid of them, however, there are also hot girls who actually talk with you because they are nice. Kitty and Morgan are both really hot, and both are really nice. Both give great lap dances and Kitty is the best dancer in the place.

  36. Mike

    Savanah and Unique are my favorites.

  37. Dave

    Cool club to hang out and have a good time.

  38. goldie
  39. pissed dancer

    Pumptown has the potential to get better. The girls can all dance very good but if the clientele sucks why work your ass off for 5 fuckin bucks. If men tipped more than a dollar we’d work harder for it.

  40. had fun

    had fun

  41. bill

    some weekend girls are hot, but the girls during the week are just dollar bill whores, you give them the dollars just to get them away from you

  42. u wish
  43. Johnnyboy123

    The Basics:No Cover day of visitBeers for $4.50The Pumptown Tavern is one room neighborhood titty bar, about 30×45 feet in size, with a square bar surrounding a smallish one-pole main stage. Towards the back of the club a small, slightly elevated satellite stage abuts the DJ booth (where the girls select their songs). The dressing room and (I assume) couch dance room are adjacent to the DJ booth (just up a few stairs from the main floor). The decor of this club is gray and black with accent coax cable running along the walls to the seven or so TVs as well as several security cameras. For a bit of variety there is a fish tank just to the right of the front door. So it’s a bit divey. I’m ok with divey. I’ve had a good time at divey clubs. This just isn’t one of them.This club struck me as poorly run. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt at first since it was an off night and there were only six to eight customers present, but there were just too many strikes against it. Problem #1- Empty Stage: A dancer was coming off stage just as I walked in. It was more than ten minutes before another one went up. After one song with an empty stage I looked around to see if anyone was walking up to hop on. I decided to start a timer to see how long it took. Just over nine minutes later a girl took to the pole. That’s a long time to sit around without entertainment in a strip club. I thought that I would sit back, relax and enjoy the music only…Problem #2- Dead Air: Several times, SEVERAL TIMES, during the numerous gaps between dancers, a song would end and… nothing. Nothing would come on. No one would move toward the DJ booth to put on some more music. Not the dancers, not the bartender, not the security guy, not even the manager-ish guy walking around in the beat up t-shirt. Have you ever sat in a strip club without music? It’s there for a reason.Now to the girls. There were four on shift. Taken as a group they were below average for dancers. One was thick and a bit shapeless, a 2-3 at best, another thicker girl had a cute face but still rated about a 4. A toned girl rated a 5-6 (maybe she deserves a bonus point for going full nude. A nice surprise.) and one fairly stacked white girl, thicker than the last but with curves in all the right places, was probably a 6-7, at least for me but I do favor girls with her shape. It also didn’t hurt that the girls she was with that evening were a hodgepodge of “meh…”. I would have gone for a dance with her but she was quick to take her tip and move on. They were mildly friendly when they came around for tips but mostly chatted with each other and the barmaid. I decided that listening to the radio while I drove home (No dead air there!) sounded more entertaining so I cut my losses and left. Yeah, not coming back.

  44. Anony
  45. fritter17

    This place rules. I don’t think they ever have a cover. Prices on drinks are average bar prices. Cool staff and great girls. Just a fun neighborhood titty bar.

  46. skeeter

    First time visit Saturday night. Very pleasant surprise to see the variety of girls. They are all very decent dancers. Will definitely go back.

  47. Ben

    Great bachelor party last Saturday. The girls were hot and put on an awesome show. I was surprised to see such high quality talent in Spring City. I will definately be back soon.

  48. Micheal

    Compared to all the clubs in the area, Pumptown is the best. Only nude club in the area that doesn’t charge to get in.

  49. PT Customer

    Pumptown should change things up and FIRE all staff and get a fresh start.To much BS and big heads with the people who work there now. Take the advice a change will do you good

  50. Insomnia

    Nothing special, but the girls are nice and not one of them had fake, scar-ridden tits. All real, all hot, all nice. Nice change of pace from the overpriced, plastic surgery freaks.

  51. Bob

    Stumbled onto this place by accident. Never heard of it before. But I am glad I found it. The girls are hot. A lot of them could be dancing in Philly. I think I found my new hang out.

  52. gary

    Awesome. Needs a little more booty though.

  53. John

    This place is very unique and an acquired taste. This place doesn’t have that hustle and bustle feel of the city and you can certainly spend a few hours and hundreds in there just having fun and relaxing. I hate people bashing a place that is just here having fun.

  54. CoolHandLUK

    This place is getting better every weekend (And weeknights too!!)

  55. Skip
  56. Dr. Phish

    1984 is right. I’m constantly sitting at the bar and thinking to myself, “This would be a great place to open a bar.”

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