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500 Powhattan Avenue, Essington, PA 19029


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lou Turk

  1. DD

    Great place to go if you are looking to have fun, spend little money, laugh, and be entertained. The girls that dance here actually have personality, unlike the bigger clubs it’s all about the money, not here. Some of the girls are hot, but each of the dancers have something that everyone likes. I haven’t had a couch dance but next time, I will. I’ve been there a couple of times. Yes, the local bar is accepting of new customers also. They are very welcoming. I love this place from the dancers, to the bar maids, to the customers. You have to experience it for yourself. But, Destiny, Foxy, Gi-Gi, are awesome, and there is a coupleof other dancers, but I forgot their names. Sorry! Going back soon!

  2. fritter17

    I have to agree with previous post ladies are hot and friendly the security has just the right amount of presence you have to protect the latest and handle people that come just to make trouble. But there was no trouble a chill friendly environment bring cash it works better than cc but they do have an ATM nothing bad to say I left happy and hard which was the goal sweet dreams you all

  3. Lou Rocks!

    We were here the other night and had an awesome time! You can meet different people also here. Friendly, cool place to chill at and have fun. The more people the better.

  4. john heinez
  5. eddyL

    I think the first thing I should do is provide a disclaimer for that star rating: strictly speaking, my evaluation falls more under the “Yay! I’m a fan” description of four stars than the quality those stars would normally bring to mind… I’ve not been in Lou Turk’s hallowed hall for a few years, but when I was apprenticing, the journeymen would force me to celebrate freaky Friday there with them weekly. As far as quality of performers go, think of this place as a cheesesteak shop in comparison to LeBec Fin; you can get a very satisfying quality meal, but it’s not exactly something you’d be bragging about to everyone you meet. Basic dive bar type setup (generic domestics and well drinks), and pricing is relative to that, so you can get a pretty good load on for a pretty fair price. Some would say that is the end of the prettiness you’ll find there, but all women are beautiful, so you can definitely find some diamonds here, just less on the weekdays at noon (when the butts start shaking) than on Friday or Saturday at 9pm. Bottoms never come off here but areolas are fully flaunted, private dances are allegedly $20 (but I’ve never been there when someone got one) and though the stage is behind the bar, when the ladies come around after dancing to collected private tips, things can get a tad wild… This was the first gentleman’s club I was ever admitted to, and the fellows who brought me there felt it was their duty to educate me in the ways of the perve, so I feel it is only right that I pass on a few moves to those of you not in the “know”. Remember, these are just normal ladies, so try not to be too much of a jerk when enjoying the show, many of them are there supporting families.1. The fish hook: When the dancer is coming around in her bra and panties to get paid post-performance, she will offer you three deposit ports; chesticles, booty, and then front side-down low. When offered the teat, take your dollar with your index and middle finger and slide it between her garment and skin, then, looping your pinky like a J, you hook the nipple on the way out. Strippers are anti-fans of this move, and you’ll likely only have one chance to execute it before word spreads that you are a creeper, so plan your actions accordingly. 2. The Stork: At any point when you wish to reward a good show, fold your bill longways down the center, then moisten your nose on both sides with saliva or beer, and apply said bill. Liquid will adhere the cash to your schnoz, extending your natural length by a good three inches, and give you the semblance of having a stork beak. How you have the lovely lady remove your “bill” is up to you, but she has a few pinch points to work with and will usually oblige. 3. Work the bartender: On many of my sojourns here the hottest employee was actually the ex-dancing cougar of a bartender. Work the conversation right with her and you could be getting flashes (often with the permission to fondle) for whatever price you’ve negotiated: silver tongues may go for free, a-holes could be charged as much as $40 The final bit of advice I offer should almost go without saying. They serve food here, but I cannot bring myself to dine at a venue such as this, so thankfully a Wawa is located directly across the street for scoring all your victuals.

  6. Clem

    Nice job with the swinger party. The best Meet & Greet I have ever been too…Milfs were very cool with the single guys!

  7. fhyjyt


  8. joseph darvin
  9. BeenHereDoneThat

    Girls are low quality, place is low quality. The only thing going is the location (outside philadelphia), the drink prices are reasonable for a stripclub.

  10. john cravchech
  11. Old Faithful

    This is my favorite spot in the area. The owners are good people who know how to treat their regular customers, most of the girls here are really nice and down to earth and aren’t hounding anyone for any more than they can spend. Very laid back, old school. If your a fan of hard music and talented strippers and you want to get drunk off your face and have a good time without going broke, Turks is worth a visit. It’s basically a cool bar with strippers.

  12. daddy turkish
  13. mikey

    cheapest blowjo…i mean lap dances in the area.only 20 bucks.other then that it sucks..although the new owner is making improvements.

  14. Sugar

    Lou Turks Rocks!!

  15. JR

    I’ll cya tom!

  16. bubble gum

    Turks is an older club but still has many good features, the bar maids are sweet and most of the girls work hard for their money. Good place to stop and take a break.

  17. Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. steve

    this club has been changing more and more each time i go cant wait to go again seen the new bars and lighting and sound systems agreat place to go now you have to see it

  19. lou turks


  20. T.O.

    Has Couch Dances for $20. You have to ask some of the girls. Less crowded = more attention for you.

  21. mike


  22. don rayner
  23. Gone Fishing

    I have been to this place twice in my life. Once as a joke on a bachelor party and again when waiting for a flight…just nasty both times. My recent visit was with new ownership. Of the 4 girls I saw dance I wouldn’t pay to watch any of them.

  24. mememe
  25. never again

    stay away! worst spot ever.

  26. joe diggs
  27. That Guy

    F’n Dump. The owner and the bitch bartender make this place awful. They are both pricks w/ attitudes.

  28. Frank Speaks

    This place has a long and checkered past with it now morphed into a local Sports Bar with young girls dancing. The girls were cute, but ranged in age from 19 to 25 with about 25% of them under age with yellow bracelets. The girls are mostly cute (not pretty), young and many of them gay. They seem to work there for spending money from middle aged white men and network to hook up with each other later. The couch and private rooms have cameras to keep the girls from going to far. Main Chouch Dancing Room $20 per song and private, singe sofa room $30 per song. Overall Opinion, more fun than a Sports Bar but not very crazy if you are looking to go crazy with a diverse group of ladies.

  29. john jingles
  30. tate jones
  31. Chris

    This club has new owners and it’s called the new Lou Turk’s. They are redoing it inside. It’s looking nice, and they have alot more girls on all the time. The girl’s are alot better to look at and act alot better. Cool place to check out, especially on the weekend nights. You also save money as opposed to the bigger strip clubs!

  32. john cameo
  33. Arnold

    It’s more of a local bar with 4-5 good dancers, who play their own music and look for $1-2 tips per set. They have $20 couch dances, but they don’t bug you for them. Ask if you really want a dance and are not asked. There really is no cover, since the $7 cover gets you 2 beers or $7 credit towards mixed drinks.

  34. rick johnson

    Very sleazy men frequent this place.

  35. MK

    SWING PARTY 6/21 – Horny couples looking for well hung guys to party with. Come down and mingle with the MILFS! Mention the Swing party and get free admission to the private room! BBC ok!

  36. First Time Female

    I had the best time ever… it was my first time at a strip club ever… i was a lil worried b/c im a chick who went with 2 guys… i had a great time… the girls might not be the best looking but they are so sweet! i had a lot of fun- the drinks are cheap! I am definantly going back!

    I even had my own couch dance… it was great! i highly reccommend this place if you wanna go somewhere and chill and have a good time!

  37. Female Patron

    My husband and I go there from time to time. Almost everyone is so very nice. The dancers are great, and so are the bar maids. The dancers really do dance and many do great pole work. The drinks are fairly priced, and you don’t spend alot of money like you would at the bigger clubs. You can actually have a great time, get either buzzed or drunk, spend money on the girls and actually leave at the end with money still in your pocket. It’s a win, win situation. I’ve also being seeing alot of hot dancers and bar maids that its even hard for me to resist. To sum it up, the dancers are awesome, bar maids also, spend little money, have a awesome time, and leave with money still in the pocket. Oh, also Lou, the owner is very nice, Foxy and Janet is awesome, they are the bar maids, and as for dancers, my god where to start. Gi-Gi, Sierra, Lynne, Crystal, Vanya, Destiny and Foxy again, ( because she also dances) and Devina, well the are awesome from dancing, personality, looks, they just got it all going on. There’s also more dancers that are great but don’t remember there names, sorry. I also agree with the other posting of me and DD. Hope this helps.

  38. Tiger

    New changes are great. Now it’s time to add quality.

  39. jim henson
  40. Curious

    Place is just ok. Too much turnover, and the talent has dwindled in the last two months quite a bit. What happened to Roxy (Roxxy)? She’s not at this club anymore, last saw her in September or August. Anybody know if she’s now working at a different club? She was probably one of the best lap dances, if not the best, at this club.

  41. morgans


  42. terry jingles
  43. chick

    Great Place to go and chill with some cool people!!! With entertainment!

  44. matt ryan
  45. Antny

    The Best !!!

  46. joe trainer
  47. Me
  48. Hooligan!

    The new owner Chris is a good dude. the place is looking really great ,and it’s just a whole lot better of an environment.

    their girls are mostly new but there are still a few old ones there too.a second stage has been added and new stage lights are coming soon.

    Bartenders are social and so are the dancers.The DJ’s play good music and the T.V screens feature sports events.

    overall lou turks has a great staff, and is a always a good time but with no drama like there used to be.

  49. Bobby Boots

    The place is undergoing a major update, and plenty of us have mixed feelings. Personally, I enjoyed it more with fewer girls doing 3 song sets to whatever music they (or the crowd) chose, as opposed to the crap they play now. On a Saturday you’re going to have 2-3 girls dancing at once to one song, then hitting you up. Now I will tip a girl regardless, I guess I’m just accustomed to seeing maybe 5 girls more spread out throughout a night instead of 15 and getting bugged for my money literally every 2 minutes. No more free drinks with the cover, and the drink prices are up too. 7 bucks for about 6 oz of a mixed drink, and I think around 4 bucks for a domestic beer. Fun place, but it will empty your wallet really quick, unless you don’t drink and are a cheapass that doesn’t tip the girls. Chris seems like a good guy though. Cover’s only 5 bucks, that’s not so bad. Definitely a less personal atmosphere now.

  50. Old Lou's Ghost

    A shadoe of it’s former self. They should close this place and turn ito a go-go museum. And serve hot clams on the half shell as they did around 1980 before the fire.

    The fresh seafood was wonderful. It’s a joke now, current owner has no balls.

  51. XXXbeast

    I am sure when the people around the area hear about Lou Turks they kinda cringe. I mean I know I did. The last time I was here was well over 7 years ago. Thats right 7 years ago , this place was like a hole in the wall. Basically Lou was inadequate in all areas of entertainment, venu, pretty much down to the choice of alcohol. Let us fast forward 7+ years , to the present era. Lou did a complete makeover. A 180 we’ll say. It is actually clean inside, the bar is a thousand times better. They stepped up their game in service with a bartender who knows how to make a drink or 2. The selections have improved to where the libation gods would approve if you fancy a cocktail or beer. The stage, or we’ll say the performace area is no longer a piece of plywood with a pole . There is better lighting, more mirrors, more neon and black lights than prior of just 1 or 2 here and there. Their lineup of women has improved ten fold, to the point where it is no longer a 45 year old hack trying to re-live her youth. They added another bar which was smart seeing weekends are crowded. They have better TVs , something called flat screens hanging around with nothing but sports. I noticed they have a kitchen now that serves food, but I leave that up to you to make that call. They actually gave a crap and did something about it. No this is not Scores in NYC. or Delilahs’ in Philly, where that is the top echelon in the “Show me some Boobage” scene. They are better , a thousand times better than Show and Tell and Purple Orchid in my opinion. Those place you’d need to check your shoes for an STD, God only knows what you’d find there. I can’t believe I just reviewed a titty bar, but a man has to do , what a man has to do. Now go in and become a personal mammogram expert for a dollar !

  52. Regular

    The new Lou Turks is GREAT!!!!

  53. old man

    Getting better, but they need to get the dancers in line…

  54. the man

    Nothing special about this club, if you want to waste your money this is the place. At least the clubs in Philly, the girls act as if they are interested.

  55. shalest nady
  56. john morrison
  57. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  58. sause
  59. josh vickers
  60. not going back

    Horrible, don’t waste your time even if you have nothing to do, this place would be better off as a homeless shelter.

  61. paul tomlinson

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