Partners Tavern



4712 East Lake Road, Erie, PA 16511


42.1657284, -80.0061378




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Partners Tavern

  1. Fred

    The girls are money hungry because it is their job you morons!! Do you think they are there just for your entertainment?



  3. joe
  4. Lucas
  5. Mr. Lusk

    Very attractive women, but they do spend too much time kibbitzing and the sound system is worse than most 14-year-old boys’ stereos.

  6. RICK

    I think the club is an excellent value for the money. The bartender Fred and the hostess Becke are both very friendly. Even though Becke is not a dancer, I have to say that her personality and smile makes her one of the most exciting women there. The dancers are attractive and there are some very sexy women there. The music sounds alright but it is almost impossible to understand any voice announcements . Overall with everything considered, it would have to be my favourite club. Hi Heidi.

  7. regular/dancer

    i love this club all you girls are the best.

  8. kevin

    What talent, is that what you call it

  9. Boobie


  10. Chris M.

    Had a great time. Get a private dance, it is worth it!!

  11. Rodman

    I don’t care what half tha peoples gots ta say… I have been goin ta partners for almost 2 years…. I have seen dancers come and go… all in all the dancers that have come and gone were all friendly and had unexplainable talent… all the employees are friendly and treat everyone like family… if I thought there was anything wrong with it, you think I would have continued to go there for 2 years? I must tell everyone to go to partners and experience the quality and friendliness for yourselfs…. and for those who do know me as rodman…. I ain’t sayin it cause you know me…. I am saying this cause its true.

  12. eddy
  13. Slurpy Spice

    Thanks for updating the vip couches. I love this place.

  14. Jess

    Had a great time and will definitely be back

  15. wess
  16. Weasel

    This has to be one of the best clubs in Pennsylvania. It rocks!!! Dancers are terrific. Only negative is the sound system.

  17. xxx
  18. Ian

    Elaina is amazing. Thanks for the good time baby. You are the best! Sound system? What sound system? I was too busy to notice.

  19. longtime

    This is the best club in the region (shared with Club 35 in NY). It is BYOB and does admit 18 year olds with no beer. Sunday Nights and Wednesday nights are better if you are 30+ – if you are 30+, avoid Fri and Sat.

    YES, you have to ask a girl for a dance (this is better than having them hound you constantly) or ask Fred the manager. The VIP dances are $90 and pretty good.

    The stage at Partners is not raised (why not?) but the stage show is good; several dancers have tremendous pole skills. I do not understand the previous negative comments – this is a straightforward club where you can bring your own drinks and choose your own dancer.

  20. Jay
  21. moneybelt

    Damn, what a toilet. I got a room dance and when the curtains

    were open the black lights illuminated all the cum stains on

    the floor and walls. Disgusting.

  22. Hugh Jirection

    Place is a dump, dancers good not great, but cheapest and best private rooms.

  23. Skipper

    Awesome place!!!! Elaine rocks!!!! Love ya girl. You no who this is.

  24. tim

    i have been to the club many times, and im actually leaveing to go there in about 15 min….its the best club ive ever been to and the only one where the girls get completely naked…i love it…its an amazing enirnoment and the girls there are amazing

  25. Gmoney
  26. Stripper pole

    I have never been to a place like this. I am amazed. The sound system is horrible though and many dancers sit around waiting for you to contact them. $10 cover and bob…can’t beat those prices anywhere. Get a vip with Katrina…she is amazing and you won’t regret it.

  27. boss man

  28. Dave

    Partners needs to watch out because Kandys is for sure going to give them a run for the money!!!

    Dance Kandy Dance

  29. jeff

    the girls they suppose to provide enterteiment you moron

  30. Plenty of Money

    I’m looking for Wendy. Does anyone know where she works? Is she worth

    looking for?

  31. usedtogo

    Its a whorehouse with a toilet at the door with turds floating in it.

  32. DjScotty

    partners is one of the best clubs, ill keep going back

  33. frequent visitor

    Always have a great time here! It is much better without the rap!!

  34. benny

    the girls are okay, but they don’t appoach you unless you’re a regular. You have to damn near tackle them to get there attention. They give nice BJ’s though

  35. kongone
  36. Chet

    I love this bar!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Money Man

    Wendy works at Monday’s in Jamestown

  38. none

    this is a great place def. one of the best clubs i have been at…has a great atmosphere really cool place to chill

  39. Max

    Free food, friendly crew, girls go nude!

  40. JC

    Of the four area clubs I have been to, this club has the most ladies- and I went on a wednesday. I didn’t care for the way the stage was set up, it was tough to get a good seat up front, however there are usually two ladies on the stage which makes up for it… Ask the bartender who to take to the VIP, he knows his stuff. All in all, a worthwhile trip, I recommend it.

  41. Meadville

    This place rocks. My first time at this club was last Friday. Have been back twice since then. I luv it. As for the dancers, have only seen 1 that wasn’t hot, in 3 nights. Myfavorite? She knows who she is. S luv ya baby.

  42. tOo sHoRt
  43. Winner

    Partners Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. t dub

    are summer tori and nella GOOD dancers? is it worth getting a VIP with any of them?

  45. Brock

    This place is awesome…if you have a couple benjamin franklins you will definately leave VERY satisfied.

  46. cool for everyone

    the vip is supereb the girls are are gud at tat!!!!!!!u know wat i mean

  47. G.E.

    its about time you get rid of the rap and clean up the mens room. rap rymes with crap… and that is the kind of people that will pay to get in the door. by getting rid of the rap hopefully you get rid of the stabbings. we come here for the girls , not the music. you could play jazz , blues ,elevator music what ever .

  48. biggness

    i luv partners

  49. Big O

    The best club in the area.

  50. Customer

    IMO, the best club in the area, not that is saying much.


    There are a lot of dancers, even on off nights. This is one of the few full nude clubs in the area. Lap dances and VIPs are inexpensive compared to other local clubs. Being a BYOB club avoids having an overpriced bar.

    THE BAD:

    Most of the dancers are extremely unfriendly. The sound system is terrible. The lighting is poor and there is an awkward stage design. While its unrealistic to expect the most upstanding citizens as clientele, there is an abundance of shady characters about.


    Acts of questionable legality are known to take place in the VIP room. There are many different tastes in women, but lets just say some of the dancers excel at clearing the stage area of patrons.

  51. The Man

    The best of what’s left in erie.

  52. fuck u
  53. corny
  54. peter

    the place is a shit hole the girls money hungry and the management sucks

  55. mark

    this place is ok but the girls are cheat and trashy.

  56. MIKE


  57. Jack Meoff
  58. Walstib
  59. Simmons

    first time Saturday last time ever OMG it’s a shithole

  60. new in town

    chi chi is a very good dancer especially if u tip her up front. i wish she did extras but her classy personality makes up for it. she makes you feel as if you are the only man in the building.

  61. dude21
  62. Dropped by

    A few cute girls. cheap entertainment. girls don’t socialize when off stage. Will go back thou.


    THIS CLUB IS THE WORST YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. steve(wv.)

    the best!!! being from out of town , it took a couple of times there to feel the place out. WOW!!! becky, is the best waitress i’ve ever seen. she’s always soo helpful. the girls are beautiful. the 15 dollar dances and the 90 dollar vip dances are worth the money. i can say i’ve had some great memories there.

  65. rw

    Does Peaches still work there

  66. downsouth

    the vip was great

  67. MnM

    A nice little club for a nice little town.

  68. george

    I personally like the place the girls are very pretty and friendly for the most part. Its worth a visit if you are in the area

  69. Double D's

    Love My girls lol…..Candy, Summer, and BianKa you’re the greatest! Muah…… other girls just need to let loose and have a good time and SMILE!

  70. Not from NW Penna

    This is the best club in the NW Penna / NE Ohio area. The atmosphere is low-key and the dancers are numerous, interesting, and friendly.

  71. Re: Customer

    The review posted by Customer on 4/17 is very accurate! THE GOOD: I didn’t see one dancer there that I wouldn’t have minded getting a dance from. Almost all he girls there were very attractive. Sodas and stuff are relatively cheap (like $2) if you want to buy them. Otherwise it’s BYOB – saw 1 guy walking around with a case of Bud Light…. THE BAD: Like Customer said, the dancers aren’t very friendly, really won’t even look at you if they don’t already know you. The stage design is definitely is not the best I’ve ever seen. Being that Erie is a complete shithole of a city, the clientele is petty much what you’d expect if you drive through town on the way to the club. Not a scary place per se, but calling the clientele “shady characters” is right on. THE UGLY: This part of Customer’s review got my attention, so I went to Partners to find out for myself if that’s true or not. I will absolutely be going back there again soon….

  72. smack

    way to many drug fights! Girls will do anything for money, so if you want a whore and aren’t afaid of what you’ll catch, and aren’t afaid of getting stabbed this place might be for you

  73. Orlando

    club is the best one in the area within a 2 hour drive. The girls could sit and talk a little more with the patrons to try and sell dances (room or VIP) I know they are hesitant because they dont know whos who but Ive been in there with friends that are well known in there and they walk past me as if I have an airborn disease. whatever, it saves me some cash..

  74. HoZ
  75. Mohak Gupta

    nice club

  76. former regular

    Partners is by far the best club in Erie. The value for your dollar is worth it. The girls are great and want to have fun. Plus you cant beat byob for beer price.

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