Perfect 10



1401 U.S. 6 Business, Jermyn, PA 18433


41.5360148, -75.5254014



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Perfect 10

  1. jno3f

    My spouse andd I stumbled over here diofferent wweb
    address andd thougyht I should chedk things out. I likke what I ssee soo now i’m following you.
    Loook foorward too looking aat your web page
    yet again.

  2. tom

    It’s not a bad club. Just do not go in the vip room cause it’s just not wroth the money.

  3. RE: Wow

    I wonder who wrote that comment, oh well if you cant run with the big dogs than stay on the porch of your trailor! Stupid hillbillie,thought he was going to come here with his folksy charm and make a fortune!!!!!!!! Hahaaaaaa

  4. 2 lover

    your a fag! first if you are going to all those strip clubs, must be tough having to pay to get girls naked in front of you. what a fag!

  5. poop sniffer

    what if I wanted to sniff some of the girls assholes is this allowed I wouldn’t touch just take a nice big whiff of sweet asshole if they farted that would be a bonus!

  6. Ben

    Love the new look

  7. History Buff

    Can’t say enough good things about this club. Had a great time.

  8. Big Fish!

    The VIP is great here. Like all clubs you got to watch out for the greedy ones. They promise everything and give the worst dances. I recommend Tasha if she is there. Tell the dancer how much you can tip and if they demand extra don’t go back!

  9. to the guy with bad comments

    wow whoever is typing these bad comments needs to get a life. all of the shit that you say happened did not happen. i go to this club 5 days a week and nothing bad has gone on. you need to get a life and i also think the only one that is gay and in love is you.

  10. Traveler

    Small town joint is decent value for the money. Girls generally 7’s and 8’s but don’t socialize (which is a shame because something I like about the place is that the music isn’t horribly loud). Entertainers VERY aggressive pushing for private dances after which its a quick bye-bye. Getting better though. Years ago this place was truely a pit. Its been steadily improving and new management states he will continue that trend. I’d recommend with reservations (detailed above)

  11. Bub

    hot girls best in area

  12. longttimelooking

    a nice variety of dancers shapes and sizes.friendly.

  13. jb
  14. Lefty

    Yeah real trailor park, never come back to this pig pen.

  15. lover

    how could you even put that fat crew of wild j’s in the same sentence of mustangs, grandview, endzone or mayfield. did you use all your walmart money to get in. the girls at these clubs don’t like fat smellie people, ever think that’s why the teletubbie crew is no longer there. i love the new girls and the place. great job

  16. Vince

    Have been out of the area, but will be visiting this weekend and will stop in. Will Kayla be dancing Saturday night? She was my favorite dancer and would love to do a few VIP’s with her. So very nice!

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  18. GOODvsEVIL

    This place Suuuuuuuuuuucks with a capitol BLOWS! The owner is an idiot who can’t run a business to save his wife .. oops i mean life.

  19. Clubber

    Cant wait till Saturday, will be there!

  20. okay

    i had fun but I am looking for one of your girls and she wasn’t there which was sad but i will be back.

  21. m

    been there before and very discouraged been there this time and turned on. THANKS FOR THIS TIME

  22. alex

    will be back!!!

  23. Hellboy

    Women are hot and the beer is cold.

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  25. Roy

    i think jester masturbates to much

  26. J

    Some smoking hot girls!

  27. u suck
  28. Hank

    will come back

  29. diggz

    A few nice girls with personalities

  30. RE: ME 3/26

    Are you sure you posted on the right clubs review.. because you must have been in a different club. It dose suck with a capitol BLOWs,,,HARD. Ive been coming here for many years and have NEVER seen it this shitty give it up already you have ruined a once great club loose the drunk behind the counter and the wannabe bouncers and the to big for his own ego DJ. OR just do us all a favor and sell it and let someone who knows what there doing have it so we have a good club to come to, fucking moron…

  31. me

    fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnfuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkinggggggggggggggggggtasticcccccccccccccccc. if there were any “cows” in there I wouldn’t have seen them because i was to busy with the pretty girls

  32. js
  33. Steve

    Best place around!

  34. corey

    nice to see you took out the trash. love this place now

  35. Ed

    This is my new place!

  36. Stringer

    Love the place the new look too.

  37. sean

    had good time saturday night

  38. Thomas
  39. s.s.
  40. attention losers

    All I can say is in comparison to other local clubs this one is on the money….. It’s actually fun for once and the girls weren’t bitches

  41. Dave

    Had a great time!! Thanks ladies!

  42. Wild One

    had a blast!!!!!!!!

  43. Luke

    Is Connie still dancing there or is she back at her old club? She is great!

  44. Nubee

    New to the area and this club. I liked what I saw Saturday night. Had a couple VIP’s with Tasha. Man is she smoking!!!! Wish I had some more $$ to take her back again. I’ll be back.

  45. Allen

    Hot girls not a bad one in the bunch!

  46. Joe

    Have to say not bad. The caomments were so funny I had to check this place out myself. Some nice dancers here not a bunch of fat pigs. The bathroom could be a little cleaner but it’s a strip club and i’m a guy. Wish my bathroom in college was this clean. I’ll come back.

  47. RE RE ME

    First of all, there is no DRUNK behind the counter n from what i’ve seen they’ve gotten rid of most of the skanky girls/mgrs – which hell, is probably YOU!!! LMAO!!! The decent girls that wanted to work there b4 r finally coming in b/c they got rid of the toothless mgr that put his dick on the counter n tried 2 screw all the girls even tho he already had his own fat ass dancer 2 take home every nite

  48. stud

    my wife and i really enjoyed the atmosphere.

  49. Old Customer

    I always like coming here, it’s clean and the girls are friendly.

  50. michael

    getting worse music sucks dj will not take requests girls not all but a few need a bath just dirty

  51. Newton

    This place is crazy. I love it.

  52. The Truth

    Actually, the club is great. It’s clean and the girls are friendly and sexy. The last two comments were written by a fired employee who is pissed because he is nothing but a loser. The new management has been loved by all the old customers who use to come in when it was owned by tom. But, Bill must think by making up all these stories that it really matters. Obviously, not. But now you know the truth.


  53. RE the truth

    Looks like someone is trying to hide the truth and blame the people that arent there anymore. The facts are the Facts. I agree with Carlosei new dj and manager would de this club wonders.

  54. Will

    Will be back hot girls!!!!!!!

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  56. rikki

    i had a great time sat. they play the right music for the right crowd for once.

  57. josh

    I had a great time this last week. All the girls were friendly and parting with the crowd. What more could you ask for?

  58. club goer

    no bitches just a great time

  59. happy to stop in
  60. peanut

    the new looks is great. i loved the sybian show. i’ll be back for the money machine. can we get in the shower with the girls?

  61. RE: (RE RE ME.)..

    HAHAH you call them the decent ones, you must be one of the lucky Guys or should I say MANY lucky guys,To have gone home with them or just payed a little extra for the BJ or HJ. You have a retart a wanna be porn star, a drunk. should I go on,, hahahah yea ok, Im guessing your new around here.I think you need a better hobby or maybe a life,

  62. Buddah

    Definately hot women.

  63. chico

    love maria and india

  64. Ace

    love this place!!!

  65. scott c

    A great time was had by me and my friends this weekend but I do think that they could use more dancers. Still the ones that were there were nice and fun.

  66. x
  67. Horn Dog

    They actually read STL and make changes to the club based upon what they read here. I bitched about a nasty photo set for one of their dancers and they re-did the shoot. I’d say thats pretty fucking cool.

  68. Lou

    Love the new look.

  69. Hype ?

    Bare tities, let’s not overthink this.

  70. Robin

    Very friendly girls.

  71. cliff

    great time

  72. newbie

    Wow! free beer? great lap dances girls very friendly! Staff was helpful will definately be back!

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  74. K-Dog

    I always have a great time here, the girls are great!!!

  75. Greg

    Awesome girls! Friendliest club around!!

  76. jr

    Great place. Had a good time and a couple of dancers were amazing. Even had a female customer get on stage for a dance.

  77. adam

    i love india and maria

  78. not a hater

    It’s great to see that the club is still here and always makes it through.

  79. thank you

    had a great time and will be back

  80. pussyman

    Great place to have a good time. This place was really fun I will be back all the ladies were good and some great ones!

  81. Topanga

    Tuesday night I saw seven women. Are guys blind.

  82. StayAway

    Skanky dancers and shady owner. Much better places to go for much better time. Don’t waste your money on this nasty place.

  83. Mike

    Place is like a frigging carnival.

  84. name

    great time thanks

  85. Jim

    super time!

  86. UNO

    I like the new look. The girls were pretty friendly.

  87. Interested

    Plenty of girls for a Wednesday. Seven all total.

  88. Peter

    This club is really working hard to run a good clean business. They have remodeled the inside of the club, and are exceptionally friendly to their customers. Plus who can beat free beer everyday they are open?

  89. rupert

    what happened to all the other comments and poor ratings

  90. K
  91. re Luke

    Connie is everywhere. She goes around from club to club depending on how busy it is where she’s at.

  92. Bing

    At least somebody is doing something positive for this club

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    get cialis prescription online

  94. Tasha Fan

    Had a blast. Club is great. You gotta check this place out. If you were here before or never before you will enjoy yourself.

  95. t j

    I must say the dancers looked good but didnt get naked. I was their for an hr and there were 5 dancers. they would keep their bottoms on the whole time and collect a dollar by pulling the crotch to the side. new management needed or new dancers not sure which.untill this changes me or my $15 will not be back.

  96. Nick

    Cant stay away from here smoking hot girls

  97. Wanderer

    Went to the club. Had a great time. Whoever posted the negative comments (all in the same day) needs his head examined. Will definately be back.

  98. tony

    Was there last night and the girls were so hot. The girls used to be gross when it was the other place. way to go! we will be back next weekend!

  99. Regular

    I agree with the last person. Nice place with friendly staff and dancers. Someone got caught with a hand in the cookie jar and has a chip on thier shoulder. This place is the best value and has some real hot dancers.

  100. Maverick

    Not bad. Will definately be back.

  101. Rob

    had a good time

  102. Barleycorn

    Nice girls. Fun atmosphere.

  103. todd

    great place! I found it accidentally, but now i’m so glad that I did!!!!

  104. XXX
  105. richard

    had a great time

  106. disgusted

    you must be related to one of the fat, smelly, hairy scumbags that got kicked out from that loser wild j’s clan. fat scumbag fucks.

  107. Remo

    I think the Mardi Gras was one of the most stupid events you tried to pull off. Time to close the doors allready

  108. the legend
  109. jack
  110. jason

    I’m sure you will know who I am by this posting, but I had a great time. I spent all my money, stayed till four saw a cool 2 girl pole dance and well was loud and crazy with everyone else… Thanks will definately be back

  111. Godfather
  112. Ted

    had a good time

  113. cookie

    so so

  114. larry


  115. Big John

    Had fun. See you pretty ladies next month.

  116. Carlosei

    You need new dj.manager not that good.bouncer buchie overall good personailty.girls need to be social.and not demand tips to take their close off.we pay to get in byob all nude.cannot demand a 50$ to 100$ tip for thing i already paid for buying room either of the 4 room options.I get more of a lap dance on the stool by the stage for a 1$

  117. Hammerhead

    Great club. The best in PA>

  118. customer

    thanks had a great time this weekend will be back

  119. Dee

    Super hot girls love the place!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. john

    wow the candle show was greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaat first time not last

  121. Small balls

    I got a hummer……..from a guy

  122. Stan

    For every hot dancer here, there are two others who have no business being on stage– old and overweight. The talent has really gone down hill.

  123. Hanging Ten

    Great time. Will be back.

  124. Jester

    Not enough as to be blind like you.

  125. ???

    Customers must be really bored to start counting the amount of dancers working per night

  126. bob

    had a great time super

  127. hey ma
  128. BK

    We went to Tabu to celebrate one of my best friend bachelor party. The manager was very acommodating and even gave us a deal because of the bachelor party.

    The night that we were there there were at least 12 girls and all but two of the girls were very good looking. Skye and Sierra were the favorites of our group.

    The girls made sure they took good care of our bachelor and Skye and Madison did a great job with our bachelor during a stage show that we got him.

    And, Unlike the previous comment all of the girls got naked while on stage.

  129. Bigballs

    Mardi Gras was great. The dunk tank was a great idea. I will be back.

  130. iilwas

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